Rowing Machine: The 10 Benefits To Buy It

The choice of exercise program can often be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. Getting fit doesn’t mean you have to climb mountains or embark on a strenuous run on the sidewalk.

 A rowing machine is a great way to improve health, plus it’s low impact and simple for all ages and fitness levels. A rowing machine is essentially an exerciser that mimics the movement of a rowboat in the water, promoting full body training!

Great for losing weight, toning and building muscle mass and increasing strength, this machine is a fitness revolution. Rowing machines target several important muscle groups and will help you develop both your upper and lower body.

 More importantly, the use of an exercise machine keeps the heart and lungs working, providing a good aerobic workout. Check out our top 10 benefits of using a rowing machine to find out if the rowing machine is really the best way to achieve a perfect physique!

Effective Aerobic Exercise

No matter what your age, a fitness program that includes cardio (or aerobic exercise) is an important contributor to your health.

 The benefits of regular aerobic exercise include weight loss, increased energy, and a stronger immune system.

 Endorphins released while exercising can also help improve your mood and sleep quality.

 Because it requires the effort of so many important muscle groups, a rowing machine is effective for increasing heart rate and increasing oxygen supply for effective cardio training.

 The adjustable resistance on most rowing machines allows you to easily exercise up to your desired heart rate and slow down to your resting pace.


Lose Weight with the Rowing Machine

Regular workouts on a rowing machine can help you burn calories, tone muscles, and give you more energy.

 A single workout burns an average of 600 calories per hour. It is more efficient than many other home gym equipment on the market.

 On a stationary bike without arm involvement, you would need to pedal approximately 78 minutes to reach the level of a 60-minute workout on an exercise bike.

 Combined with a healthy, balanced diet, constant use of a rowing machine is a great way to help you reach your fitness goals.

Rower Benefits on the Upper Body

As you might expect, rowing machines ensure a great upper body workout. Rowers exercise rhomboids on the shoulders, trapezes in the upper back, and lats in the lower back.

 The benefits of a stronger back and shoulders include improved posture and a reduction in back pain. In addition to the glutes, rowers also provide a good workout for biceps, pectorals, and abs.

 Since you have to maintain a strong grip on the oars, you will also be able to develop stronger hands and wrists, which is a big plus for those who enjoy activities like climbing or yoga.

Lower Body Benefits Of The Rowing Machine

Perhaps one of the best benefits of the rowing machine is the training they provide to the lower body.

 In fact, enthusiasts consider it primarily a lower body workout. The main leg muscles involved are the quads in the upper front of the thighs, however also the calves and glutes (buttocks).

 Having strong legs and glutes will help you look great and working out your lower body will make you burn calories at a faster rate.

 In addition to improving strength and muscle tone, resistance training on a rowing machine is a great way to maintain flexibility and balance.


Low Impact Cardio

For those who are overweight or have joint problems, high impact workouts can carry more risks than benefits.

 A rowing machine is a great alternative for those who are unable to perform exercises where body weight has a major impact, such as running, hiking, walking and yoga.

 The movement of the rowing machine is natural and low impact, minimizing stress on the joints.

 Like stationary bikes, rowing machines are great for injury prevention and are also a great way to strengthen and condition your knees after surgery.

 Good posture on the rowing machine allows your legs to take the weight of the exercise, relieving the pressure from your back, making it suitable for back pain sufferers. Take a look at no.


Increased Stamina thanks to the Rower

Rowing workouts may seem exhausting at first, but the long-term benefits of regular exercise will increase your stamina and give you more energy.

 Because the rowing machine exercise is cardiovascular and involves all of your major muscle groups, this machine is a step above many other types of training equipment.

 With repeated use, you will gain greater stamina and speed up your metabolism. More energy means more drive to do the things you love!


Rowers are Practical

Just because you don’t live on the water with a rowboat on the dock doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same physical benefits as rowing.

 It is possible by purchasing an affordable rowing machine to use in the comfort and convenience of home.

 Sometimes motivating yourself to exercise is difficult because you don’t want to do it outside the home, and not for the exercise itself.

 Simple and accessible workouts, such as the one on the ergometer, are much more enticing.

 It’s also nice because you can find the company of a friend to join you, thus becoming an additional encouragement for you.


The Rower is Convenient

While it’s not hard to spend a lot of money on high-end rowing machines, you can find plenty of basic gear that won’t bankrupt you.

 You don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your rowing machine to save money, as there are numerous models with extended functionality for under € 175.

 You could use an exercise machine at the gym, but if that’s the exercise you do the most, you can save money in the long run by buying it.


The Rower is Easy to Use

If you’re just starting out on your journey to get back in shape, the maze of complicated equipment at the gym could make you dizzy.

 Do not worry! The rowing machine exercise is relatively simple to learn and ideal for all ages and abilities. It is important to make sure you use proper technique when exercising.

 It will help maximize training and reduce the risk of injury. The feet must be firmly fixed in the stirrups, with the shins close together at a 90 degree angle to the floor.

 It is best to keep your back straight. You will get carried away in no time!


The Rowing Machine is Fun!

If exercising is scary, it’s much harder to motivate yourself to do it. Organizing a fitness plan you enjoy is the key to success.

 Plus, you can challenge yourself, building up endurance as you become a more experienced rower.

 Turn on the speakers and spin to the beat of your favorite tunes, put your favorite show on TV or involve a workout buddy to entice you further.

 Once you become a pro, you’ll feel so good that jumping on your rowing machine will be a pleasure!


Which Rower Do I Choose

If with this article you have understood that training with the rowing machine can be for you, here is a list of the best rowers selected by us, divided between products for beginners and for professionals.




A rowing machine is such an easy to use , fun and engaging piece of equipment that it hardly seems possible that it can also do incredibly good for your health.

 Putting it indoors will save you the gym money, which is always an excuse to skip.

 Also, having a rowing machine in your home will prevent you from going out when it’s too cold, or when your gym is too far away and you don’t have time for the ride.

 The time has come to choose the one that’s right for you among all the rowers!

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