5 tips for more effective training on the rowing machine

Rowing is a highly intense full-body workout. Since rowing uses over 80 percent of the body’s muscles, it offers particularly efficient strength and endurance training. With our five tips an even more effective training on the rowing machine is possible.

More effective training on the rowing machine – you decide how hard the training is!

The higher your effort, the higher the resistance. If you pull harder on the rowing tape, the resistance increases parallel to your effort. If you try harder, you will be rewarded with a greater training effect.

Correct force distribution 60 – 30 – 10

If you are rowing with correct technique, 60 percent of the strength comes from the legs, 30 percent of the strength from the trunk and only 10 percent from the arms. Since you use a lot of muscles when rowing, a training session can sometimes only consist of rowing. When rowing you can train your endurance very intensively.

Correct technique is crucial


You can only get the most out of your rowing training if you row with the correct technique. Try to move legs-torso-arms in the pulling phase. When rolling forward, the order is arms-trunk-legs.
Important: For an intensive rowing workout, you don’t have to row quickly, but rather powerfully.

Take an active sitting position

Take a seated position that is as active and sporty as possible on the rolling seat of the rowing machine. To do this, you should sit directly on the so-called seat humps. You can use the seat humps to move comfortably back and forth with every row.

Increase the intensity of your rowing workout


As soon as you have mastered the correct technique, you should try to increase the intensity of rowing from time to time.
Try the following options for increasing the intensity:

  • Rowing Olympic distance for a time. The Olympic distance in rowing is 2000m. If you row this distance regularly, you should always try to beat the time of the last training session.
  • Longer training sessions: instead of the usual 15 minutes, just row for 30 minutes at a time.
  • Rowing intervals: Row alternating 60 seconds with high and 60 seconds with low intensity until you have reached 20 minutes.

More effective training on the rowing machine – conclusion

Rowing is a highly intense exercise and just as effective with the correct technique. With our five tips you can get the most out of your rowing training.
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