Reversal Tables: A Safe Element To Treat Muscle Ailments

The inversion tables are little known equipment with which different muscular ailments can be alleviated and used for rehabilitation and muscle therapy. By its method, which goes against gravity, it is a team that causes fear. However, if its use is correct and controlled, there are many advantages it can offer.

Sometimes, the lack of knowledge about the operation and method of a device causes it to be discarded and not considered relevant. This is something that commonly occurs with investment tables, a team that stands out for being multifunctional and versatile. 

The investment tables are usually considered fitness machines, so that they serve both to perform gravitational therapy or as an element to develop an exercise routine. These teams are not popular among the community. Even the fact of being relatively little known leads users to think that they may be unhelpful and insecure.

However, it is a therapy that has been implemented for decades, as an element for muscle rehabilitation and treatment of physical ailments. However, currently, the investment tables are beginning to have notoriety and are available to anyone interested. The myths that surround these implements have created a bad reputation that ends up creating doubts and do many wonders if they are safe or not.

The history of investment tables

For this question, there is no conclusive answer. Investment tables are useful equipment for therapies that lead the body to reverse its usual position, allowing poor postures to improve. The therapy uses gravity in its favor to cause changes in the body and is used in case of over-exercise or bone diseases. 

However, these teams are not new and, although in recent decades there has been a boom in their use, there are records that point to their appearance during classical Greece and were later used by different cultures throughout history.

The regular use of the investment table originated in the 60s in fitness centers and among doctors. Its popularity grew thanks to the fact that Dr. Robert Manatt Martín promoted it. This pioneer enabled it in its center and wrote some considerations made public through books about the positions of the human being under gravity, ensuring that six positions should be adopted to deal with gravity through investment decompression. One of these six positions is the one that is adopted when making use of investment tables.


Are they safe or not?

According to some research, inversion therapy is suitable for treating muscle ailments and serves to generate relief in back pain, among other benefits for the body. However, the reality is that it may not be a safe element for all cases or people.

Inversion therapy, as the name implies, is that the person must adopt an inverted position on a table, that is, in doing so, the person should be more or less hung upside down.

This posture can be risky for those who suffer from high blood pressure, glaucoma, or heart disease, so its use must be monitored and controlled. Regardless if you have the best investment table in the market, if you do not know how to use or have a certain pathology, it is better to do without it to avoid complications.

Being in an inverted position for a prolonged time, specifically greater than two minutes, the heartbeat decreases, increasing blood pressure and the eyeballs’ internal pressure, being a contraindicated element for those suffering from glaucoma, heart disease or high blood pressure. 

However, if you do not have any pathology, the inversion table will be an ally in muscle rehabilitation and exercise issues. It is only necessary to follow some tips so that the investment is safe and accidents are avoided. For example, when purchasing an investment table, some aspects of its structure and carrying capacity must be considered.

In this sense, the safety of its use will also depend on the investment table having a stable and resistant structure, while incorporating straps and hooks, which allow the user to be properly attached to the structure. Also, it would be best if you had an easily operated mechanism, with inverter control, to reverse the posture. Also, it must have a height adjustment to adapt to the person and move the center of gravity according to the needs. 

Weight and load capacity must also be considered, as this will prevent the structure from yielding and an accident occurring. For example, if the person’s weight is greater than 100 kilos, acquiring a table with capacity for 80 kilos could be unsafe and dangerous.


Benefits of investment tables

On the one hand, its use can relieve the gravitational pressure that originates in nerve roots and spinal discs, creating additional space between the vertebrae. Some experts believe that it serves to relieve back pain through stretching. However, this is not permanent.

Similarly, the inversion table is also suitable to increase blood circulation and correct the position of the spine, so it is recommended for use by people with spinal problems, whether mild or moderate pathologies. 

Due to their multiple uses and benefits, investment tables tend to be commonly used in rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Also, they can be an element that serves the abdominal area’s sports training and relieves stress and improves posture, recovering the mobility and elasticity of the muscles.

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