Abdominal Training


That is why abdominal muscle training is so important

Unfortunately, many people always think of the six-packs from films, advertising or social media platforms such as Instagram when training their abdominal muscles. Of course, a defined belly is an ideal of beauty, but of course much more besides. Especially for health reasons, it is important to exercise your abdominal muscles regularly. Because together with the back muscles, the abdominal muscles relieve and stabilize the spine. The abdominal muscles also protect the internal organs and contribute to improved posture and prevention of postural damage. The steadily increasing amount of desk work puts a serious strain on the human musculoskeletal system and unfortunately leads to various muscle and skeletal diseases in the long term. Along with a regular trunk, buttocks, andBack muscle training can counteract one-sided stress and create the best possible basis for long-term freedom from pain and sustainable well-being.

Abdominal training: the right preparation

Before you start abdominal training in your four walls, you should always warm up thoroughly. Light endurance loads such as jumping rope or jumping jacks are best suited. The warm-up increases the muscle’s willingness to perform and prevents possible injuries. In this article , our coach Jochen shows you a good warm-up program.

Abdominal training: the exercises

We are currently preparing the exercises for you in the form of text and videos.

Abdominal training is hard work

You will quickly find that there is a lot of hard work behind a six-pack or flat stomach. It is important to do abdominal training regularly. Ideally, you incorporate your training into everyday life. Many like to start their workout in the morning after getting up, because then they have it behind them and do not have an obligation after work or university on the slip. Others lay their sleeping pads in front of the television in the evening and go through the program after work. Here you have to see for yourself how you can integrate the unit well into your daily rhythm. For most exercisers, 7-10 minutes of workout are enough 3 to 4 times a week to strengthen the muscles and in combination with an adapted diet and endurance sports such as cycling, jogging, Inline skating or swimming to achieve positive results. If you can not motivate yourself or get long slacks from time to time, then please read our article”How do I overcome my inner bastard?” As soon as you have done the abdominal muscle training regularly for a few weeks, it makes sense to modify your training a bit, because without increasing the load level, there can be no increase in performance. Options to increase are an increase in repetitions, sets or a change of exercises, a shortening of breaks or a higher exercise intensity during abdominal muscle training itself.

Nothing beats an adapted diet when it comes to a six-pack

An important aspect of a flat stomach is nutrition. Unfortunately, the abdomen next to the hips and buttocks serves as a fat depot for the body.



+ good idea

+ more variety

+ helps to eat more vegetables

+ price / performance ratio is right


– needs to be stowed away


Exercises at home Rating: great idea

Makes varied “high vegetable, low carb” nutrition easy. Try out! 🙂

In order to be able to recognize the first signs of abdominal muscles, the body fat percentage must usually be below 15%. There are also some athletic and slim people who, due to their genetic makeup, do not get a real six-pack despite hard training. In addition to abdominal muscle training and endurance sports, a low-fat diet is very important to sustainably reduce body fat. In order to melt the belly fat even faster, you could try to omit carbohydrate-containing foods such as rice, bread, potatoes and pasta in the evening. The insulin released after eating carbohydrates is suspected to have a negative impact on fat burning. Therefore, it is better to use lean fish or meat, lettuce or vegetable variations more and more often. You can also use pasta e.g. replace with zucchini noodles or other vegetable noodles. There is with theLurch super spiral cutter is  a cheap and ingenious device with which you can achieve great results. There will soon be a special article with a detailed product test and some recipe suggestions.


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