Acquire Some Sporting Elements And Enable A Home Gym

Exercising is a healthy way of leading life. With regular training, you get a series of benefits that directly impact physical and mental status. You also gain strength, toning, and muscle development. Therefore, many people sign up for a gym.

Despite paying the monthly fee, you may not have the time or the mood to leave the house, so having the devices, equipment, and items at hand would be of great help to obtain the expected results.

The idea of enabling a home gym may sound complex, but adequate investment and the selection of specific equipment can be achieved, as long as there is a suitable space.


Let’s do it

Many users are attracted to the number of machines and options that can be obtained in a gym, but only a couple of them are commonly used. There are many options in a gym because the clients are varied, and the establishment must adjust its services to their demand. So, at home, the setting will be customized.

No home gym will be complete if a mat or mat is not included in the elements. This piece is necessary and basic since it serves to perform stretching, practice disciplines such as pilates, and yoga. It is also an appropriate option to do abs because it is a comfortable base between the body and the floor.

According to the type of physical activity that you want to develop, it is possible to get a mat model accordingly. For example, for pilates, irons, and abs, the mat should be thin, about 4 mm, and with non-slip properties. In this category, brands such as Adidas and Reehu are among the most recommended by buyers.


Training balls

Also known as fitball, these balls are a classic implement for training. They take up a lot of space but are suitable for strengthening the core area through abs. Also, they serve to stimulate the muscles of the buttocks and arms.

About sizes, fitballs come from 55 cm to 85 cm. The selection of size will depend on the user’s height. Several brands offer quality models, such as Movit.


If a fitball does not meet expectations, then it is convenient to consider a similar option, but more compact. The bosu conditioning is a kind of ball in half that incorporates a hard base, being its use on both sides.

In addition to training, with this sports piece, you can improve posture, balance, and cardiovascular work. It tends to be an element used in disciplines such as Crossfit, pilates, and injury recovery. An original bosu can cost more than 150 euros.

Sliding discs

Not all conventional gyms have sliding discs, but they are a low-cost option that helps improve balance and coordination. To do the exercises, you must rest your hands on the non-sliding surface. The price of these albums ranges from 7 to 13 euros.


Bulgarian sack

To gain muscular strength, endurance, and even speed, a Bulgarian bag must be included within the gym elements. The essence of this element is to hold it when doing exercises such as squats, rowing, pullover, lifting, among others.

Some models are covered with synthetic leather. There are different weights, from 3 to 80 kilos, and are usually identified by a color. Prices vary according to the brand and properties.


Jump rope

To burn fat and do cardio, there is nothing better than a jump rope. It is a necessary element because of the high intensity it implies and its low cost. In addition to the advantages of the body, it is a small element. Prices vary according to the model and brand, but the best designs are made of coated steel.


Kettlebell Or Dumbbells

To define and tone, it is necessary to have dumbbells, with kettlebells being one of the best alternatives for their versatility. Elements are made of cast iron and are usually covered with a layer of vinyl or neoprene to facilitate their grip, avoid noise, and protect the floor.

These models are available in different weights, and their color varies accordingly. Also, they have a grip handle that facilitates clamping.


Elastic bands

Although they are a simple element, elastic bands should not be missing in a gym. There are three types: those open to working limbs, those closed for strength work, and the mini bands, which serve to tone the lower train.



TRX is a modality that is based on suspension through the strength and elasticity of the elements. Enabling a TRX system at home is not easy because the resistance of the walls and others must be verified, but it can be achieved since the kits include anchoring system and screws. The prices of some models are around 130 euros.


Chin-up bar

To work the upper train through body weight, it is necessary to have a pull-up bar. When choosing one of these, we must look to support a high weight capacity and that its level of adjustment is safe enough. Similarly, the bar must have different grip options, which allows you to exercise with different positions or movements. There are even models that can work as support for other sports equipment such as TRX tapes or punching bags.

Additionally, it is advisable to have other more specific implements to diversify your training, such as a reclining bench, punching bag, spinning bike, elliptical, among other implements. If in doubt, you can request the advice of a professional coach.

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