Aerial Yoga – Experience Weightlessness In Yoga In A Cloth

Aerial Yoga conveys a unique feeling of lightness and weightlessness.


In this aerial form, exercises are carried out in the aerial yoga cloth attached to the ceiling.

Are you looking for a balance to your stressful everyday life and at the same time want to improve your muscles and your balance? Then aerial yoga may be just the thing for you. In this text you will find out what makes aerial yoga so special and how it differs from other types of yoga. Practicing from home is also possible. In the following, we have put together what you should consider and what you should pay attention to when buying a cloth.

What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga, also known as air yoga or yoga in a cloth, comes from the USA and is a special type of yoga. As the name suggests, the yoga exercises are carried out in the air with the help of a cloth. This type of yoga offers several advantages and differences from conventional yoga. You can read about what makes Arial Yoga so special below.

What is special about aerial yoga and what is the difference to normal yoga?

Obviously, there is obviously a difference in the use of the cloth in aerial yoga. This is not used for other types of yoga. The support of the cloth creates some other special features, such as the unique feeling of lightness, weightlessness and the associated feeling of freedom. Another great advantage that results from the use of the cloth is the possibility of gentle training.

Because the body weight is carried by the cloth, the joints but also the back and spine are spared.

The improvements that you can achieve with this special yoga training are many. You not only train your deep muscles and strength, your coordination and sense of balance also improve by floating in the air. A feeling of lightness, light-heartedness and letting go await you, while at the same time you feel safe and secure through the cloth.

Aerial yoga cloth

The scarves that can be used for Arial Yoga are available in different colors. As a rule, the towels are between 4 and 6 meters long and they should have a minimum width of 2.8 meters. It should also consist of 100% nylon or polyamide so that it is stable and elastic. Most wipes have a load limit of at least 170 kg.

The cloth is attached to a stable ceiling. The attachment is usually included.

However, there are different variants of the fastening options, which depend on preference and ceiling height. Some possibilities are, for example, carabiners, express slings or round slings. Some manufacturers also offer a special frame for attaching the cloth so that it can also be used outdoors. Another way to practice aerial yoga outdoors is through a fastening that can be gently attached to a tree.

You can always find precise information on the respective mounting options from the respective manufacturer. Depending on the exercise, the cloth is wrapped around your arms, legs or waist during your yoga training and carries you safely in the air. With Arial Yin Yoga, longer towels over 4 meters should be used, since the exercises are only carried out very briefly above the floor.

Aerial yoga towel for home?

If you practice aerial yoga from home and want to buy a cloth for it, we can recommend the following cloth:

AerialX Aerial Yoga Fitness Clth Set – GS approved



+ TÜV GS certified

+ 4.2m x 2.8m large

+ material 100% polyamide

+ for ceiling height up to 3m (approx.2.5m two-point

suspension up to 3m single-point suspension)

+ set made of cloth, daisy chain, carabiner , Sling,

assembly and aerial yoga instructions

+ many different colors available


Exercises at home Test verdict: excellent yoga cloth set with very good assembly and yoga instructions.

Product description:

This cloth is also available in different colors and is of high quality. It is TÜV GS certified and suitable for two people. As a result, it is also designed for a higher maximum weight of 220 kg. This cloth is suitable for training at home as well as for training in yoga studios. The ceiling height should be approximately 2.5 meters for attachment. A two-point and one-point suspension of the cloth is possible. The cloth is available in different set variants.

Training from home is possible, but it is advisable to take a course beforehand to get to know the correct execution of the exercises.


Aerial Yoga courses and Aerial Yoga training

Aerial yoga classes are usually offered in yoga studios. You can enter the search term “Aerial Yoga courses” and your city behind it. As a rule, you will then be shown the possible providers.

It is important that the trainers of aerial yoga have the appropriate training, because they are taught the safety rules, for example, and are shown how exactly the exercises have to be carried out correctly without risk of injury.

FAQ Aerial Yoga

In the following we have put together some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

Is Aerial Yoga Difficult?

Aerial yoga can be difficult with appropriate exercises, but there are also numerous exercises that are easier to perform. Good instructions are not particularly important here in order to train safely with the yoga cloth. It is best to take a few lessons here, even if you later want to train at home.

Is aerial yoga suitable for beginners?

There are many exercises that are well suited and doable for beginners. If you generally have problems with your circulatory system or blood pressure, it is advisable to see a doctor for clarification before starting the training, otherwise some of the exercises can cause health problems.

Is aerial yoga dangerous?

Basically, aerial yoga is not dangerous. The cloth wears safely when used correctly. However, not everyone can tolerate this special type of yoga. Especially when doing exercises with the head hanging down, the blood rises to the head, which can lead to circulatory problems for some. Even those with high blood pressure should be very careful.

There are special aerial yoga exercises

The exercises in aerial yoga are usually common asanas from the conventional types of yoga, but differ in the support of the cloth. Both static and dynamic exercises in aerial yoga are practiced and simple stretching exercises can also be used.

Pregnant women or people with high blood pressure should only practice an appropriate selection of exercises that are close to the floor.


With the support of the cloth, the aerial yoga training offers a variety of advantages:

             Training that is easy on the joints and back

             Strength training and training of the deep muscles

             Relaxation of the body and mind

             Let go on a physical and mental level

             Improve body awareness

             Improve sense of balance and coordination

In addition, a feeling of lightness, weightlessness and freedom can arise through the training. Practicing aerial yoga is a very versatile training that can contribute to your well-being on several levels.


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