Aerobics – Now Back In Fashion!

The popular sport from the 80s, aerobics, is once again very popular in the sports world. Not only are the flashy outfits of the time and the presentation of these trendy again, but also moving music that is to be motivated is very trendy.

But where does the form of training come from and why was it suddenly so popular? The following text will answer these questions for you. We will also show you how versatile the aerobic workout is and what there is to consider when training. In the end, we recommend a video and some DVDs so that you can also do your training at home.

Aerobics – the workout of the 80s

Aerobics is an endurance sport and has its roots in America. The first training course was already completed in the 1960s . The training was originally developed by a doctor named Kenneth H. Cooper, but aerobics and step aerobics were only really successful and hyped about 20 years later by Jane Fonda .

Jane Fonda was a very popular actress in America at the time and was considered a sex symbol at the time. What made her have such a shapely body ? According to them, through aerobic training. So aerobics became even better known and especially popular with the younger generation.

Even then, the special form of training, also in Germany, was broadcast on television so that viewers could take part in the training from home. And of course there was also a training video by Jane Fonda , which did not lose popularity for several years. Only a new aerobics workout video by Jane Fonda made the first step into the background.

Aerobics was practiced and intensely propagated by stars such as Jane Fonda and also Sydney Rome, who was also an actress. That hasn’t changed today. Jane Fonda has already released new aerobics videos and today’s stars, such as Eva Longoria , who is known for Desperate Housewifes, swear by aerobics to keep fit.

Aerobic music

With an aerobic workout, of course, the right aerobic music should not be missing, since it is the basis of aerobics . Basically, it doesn’t matter which style of music is used for the training, it is important, of course, that it is not too slow. A number of 125-135 beats per minute (bpm ) is recommended.

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During aerobic training it is also advisable to start with a slightly slower music , which then increases in the course of the training and then slows down again in the “cool down” phase.

There are CDs to buy that are specially designed for aerobic training, so that the changing speed when choosing songs was taken into account. If you don’t want to buy a CD, you can also purchase an aerobic music mix.

Aerobic clothing

In the 80s , when aerobics dominated the sports scene, shrill, neon-colored outfits were all the rage . Tight leggings but also bodysuits were shown in the flashiest colors during sports. Of course, the gauntlets and the fitness band were not missing during aerobics .

Even today, the shrill clothes are hip again and the motivating training is a good opportunity to present the colorful outfits. There are special aerobic shoes, which are characterized by a specific sole with good cushioning and protect the joints and spine. In addition, the shoes have good lateral stability, which leads to a better grip overall, which is important in aerobic training.

Aerobic workout

The aerobic workout strengthens the cardiovascular system and your lungs, improves your endurance and strengthens the entire muscles of the body.

The structure of the training is important for the aerobic workout. A warm-up phase should always be started. During the warm-up phase, the entire muscles of the body should be warmed up slowly. This means that you start with some slower full-body exercises that increase in the warm-up phase. It is also important that stretching exercises are integrated during the warm-up phase .

During the entire training, it is important to ensure that you always come up with the whole foot and not just with the tips of your toes. You can achieve this by making sure that your foot rolls properly .

The training should then always be ended with a cool-down so that the cardiovascular system slowly shuts down again. In addition, stretching the entire body should not be missing at the end of the workout.

The aerobic workout offers many advantages

             Fit through aerobics – With aerobics you can keep yourself fit and healthy all around, as both the cardiovascular system and endurance are improved

             Lean and Defined by Aerobics – Aerobics boosts fat burning and you can build muscle mass

             Improved coordination – The easy step sequences during aerobics improve coordination and sense of rhythm

             An upright posture thanks to aerobics – Various exercises during training can help you achieve a healthy, upright posture that prevents back pain

             Movement to groovy music – the fun factor is not neglected in aerobics

             Aerobics is a cheap sport – you don’t need any special equipment for your workout

             Good for mental wellbeing – Regular training can contribute to your mental and physical wellbeing

In the following video you can watch an aerobic training for beginners to get an idea of the course of a training:


Of course, a training can vary a lot and can be designed with a variety of exercises.

Exercise aerobics at home

Aerobics are also great for doing at home. You don’t need much for that. A suitable place where you have enough space to stretch out and to be able to take a few steps back and forth.

Naturally motivating music at the right pace and suitable sports clothing .

For starters, we recommend that you do your workout after a video or DVD so that you can get to know the steps and take another look at what you should pay attention to. In addition, the music is already given here, which can also be very helpful at the beginning.

We have put together two DVD suggestions for you below.

Aerobic DVDs

Here are two popular aerobics DVDs

Aerobic workout – the way to the perfect bikini figure


Also recommended is the DVD “Aerobic Workout – The way to the perfect bikini figure” with Nadine Kortenbruck. Here you will be presented with a tight fitness program of 50 minutes, which you can do well from home.


Fat Burner & Aerobic Work Out 2 DVD Set


The DVD with VerenaBrauwers is very popular. This DVD set contains 2 DVDs, on which VerenaBrauwers presents a fitness program to imitate for 1 hour and 50 minutes.


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