Rowing training plans

Around 85% of the muscles in your body are targeted when you row. A rowing machine is therefore ideally suited for regular fitness training. The fact that the intensity of the workout can be regulated via various parameters is particularly practical, which is important when achieving different training goals. You can turn the following screws to make … Read more

Rowing machine training with a training plan

A rowing machine training plan provides a methodical structure for reaching a milestone. Primarily, all events or training units are logged so that a comparison can be made between the ACTUAL and TARGET status . In this article we cover the most important questions, provide a training plan for beginners as well as advanced users for rowing machine training, and introduce some alternative … Read more

12 exercises you can do with a rowing machine

The rowing machine is ideal for toning your body and losing weight. If you want to get started, here is a list of 12 exercises. Watch out! If you’re looking for an effective aerobic exercise, the rowing machine could be for you. Remember, cardiovascular exercise will keep your heart and lungs healthy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 12 rowing machine exercises . … Read more

Power work-out with the rowing machine

In our fitness series, we introduce you to the best training equipment for at home. Do you want to go all out during your workout? A rowing machine combines endurance training and muscle building. Bend your upper body forward, tense your arms, stomach and back and pull the oars backwards. Water rushes. Break. Exhale and start all over again. You don’t … Read more