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Almost everyone gets to know back pain. Back pain is uncomfortable to excruciating and often severely limits mobility – back exercises for home work wonders. Elementary reasons for the appearance of back pain are persistent overloading and incorrect posture of the back at the workplace. Nowadays, it affects not only physically hard working people, but also many desk offenders who spend their 8-10 hours in front of the computer. Many workers are more or less doomed to immobility through their jobs in the office. Our back resents that. Tension and pain in the form of low back or neck pain due to one-sided or incorrect sitting posture are the result.

Exercise and targeted back exercises help

It is important as a preventative measure to start regular back exercises at home, especially if you are exposed to incorrect posture and one-sided stress through your work. Unfortunately, doing back exercises at home once a month for 15 minutes does not work as much, because the back muscles have to be continuously challenged so that they become stronger and remain intact. The best way you can build our back training for your home into your everyday life. You are welcome to do this immediately after getting up or immediately after work so that you are not distracted by other everyday duties. You should definitely do the back training two to three times a week in your own four walls. Do not start with excessive motivation, but initially with low intensity. Gradually increasing,

It is also an advantage if you set up your workplace at the desk in such a way that movements that interrupt your usual sitting position are always necessary. Just get up to make a phone call or go outside for five minutes. Dynamic sittingwith frequent changes of position is another way to relieve his back. If you are already suffering from back pain, ergonomic advice at work is a good thing. In any case, this forms the basis for a sustainable change in behavior. Just talk to your employer about this, since health promotion for working people naturally also benefits companies. Another good opportunity to take action against back pain is the daily commute to work. If the way to work is not too far, it can also be done on foot or by bike. Especially after a long and stressful day in the office, a bike ride or a longer walk can be pure relaxation for body and mind. Also climbing stairs instead of elevator

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Hannes exercises for a stable back

Back exercises # 1: “bridging”

You lie down on your back, your arms lie next to your body and your feet are raised. From this position you lift your buttocks. Shoulders, back, buttocks / hips and knees should form a line if possible. Make sure to give your abdominal muscles enough tension.

Hannes recommends doing the exercise statically (holding) for ~ 3x 1min or dynamically with 3 × 20 repetitions.

Back Exercise # 2: Abdominal Exercise

You lie on your back and raise your legs. The hips and knees form a 90 degree angle. Now you stretch your arms so that your palms are level with the kneecaps. From this position, lift off your upper body and stretch your hands further up.

Hannes recommends 3 × 15 repetitions

Back exercise # 3: side support

You lie on your side and rest on your forearm. In the shoulder you should pay attention to a 90 degree angle. Your body forms a level – so the butt does not go out of the system and the hip is not stretched out. From this position you lift your hips.

Hannes recommends 3×15 seconds for a static version or 3x 10 repetitions for a dynamic version.

Back Exercise # 4: Forearm Support

You lie on your stomach, your feet are drawn up and you support yourself with your arms. Now you lift off your body so that your back forms a line. The forearms should be at a 90 degree angle to the upper body.

Hannes recommends the 3x 15 seconds. You can also easily rock back and forth during the exercise.

Back Exercise # 5: Quadruped Stand

You are in the four-footed position. There is a 90 degree angle in the shoulder and hip. Now raise your knees slightly off the floor.

3x 30 seconds is perfect for a start.

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I can’t motivate myself! What should I do?

Of course it is not easy to always motivate yourself for the back exercises. It is perfectly normal. Everyone has phases in which everyday life gets a bit out of joint. In addition to job, household, family, friends and other obligations, it is really not always easy to keep the goal in mind. If you ever have a motivational hole or generally don’t know how to get yourself right for the back exercises, our article “How can I overcome my inner bastard ?” Might help you . In addition to developing a habit, you can push yourself in the right direction with small rewards or partnership support and do something sustainable for yourself and your health.


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