Belly Legs Butt Exercises – Get A Top Figure At Home!

The perfect belly legs butt exercises for at home and everywhere else. Get the beach figure for the next summer in no time.

Instructions belly legs butt exercises for everywhere

Our abdominal legs butt exercises workout consists of three blocks, each with three exercises and 12 repetitions.

It starts with the large muscle groups. That means you start with the legs, then the stomach is trained and then the bottom is targeted.

You do all three exercises one block at a time without a break. After each block you have a 45 second break before the next block comes.


The sumosquat for the legs

In the starting position, the feet are put on more than shoulder width. The feet are rotated on the outside and the hands are folded under the chin.

Make sure that you keep your upper body as upright as possible and that your ankle, knees and hips work in a line.

From this starting position you bend your knees up to 90 degrees and then back to the upright starting position.


Block No. 1: Diagonal abdominal muscles in supine position

You lie on your back on the floor. The legs are relaxed shoulder width. One hand lies next to the hip, the other lies behind the head on the outstretched arm. The eyes always go to the tips of the feet, which means the head is slightly raised. The long outstretched arm now goes towards the opposite toe. The leg remains stretched out. Make sure you have enough core tension and that you also lift your torso.



Block No. 1: Kickbacks, great exercise for the buttocks

The starting position is the four-footed position. Now you lift one leg slightly off the floor and pull your right knee to your right elbow. Then you stretch your leg completely again. The toe is slightly tightened. Make sure you have good core tension so that you don’t fall too much into the hollow back and work nicely in one axis.


Block No. 2: Kickbacks in the heavy version

You need a partner for this. Your leg is now bent by 90 degrees and moves four-footed upwards from the starting position. Your partner presses on your foot, so you have to work against increased resistance.


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