10 Best Abdominal Bench Machine-Reviews In 2020

The abdominal area is perhaps one of the most difficult to exercise because it requires particular exercises. It may take a little longer to develop visible results compared to other areas. However, the abdominal machine gives us the advantage of performing abdominal exercises correctly and with a much smaller effort requirement than in traditional routines.

 Among the best abdominal machines on the market, we can highlight the Sportstech BRT200, which has five levels of difficulty, the same that you can adapt easily. While at the same time, it is fully foldable, so you can easily store it. Another notable model is the TecTake 402268, with a 100 kg load carrier. This allows the entire upper and middle part of the body to work, adjust in five positions, and incorporate leg support.


What is the best abdominal machine on the market?

An abdominal machine is an ideal investment if we want to start stylizing, toning, and shaping our figure. One of the advantages is that we can do all this from our home’s comfort, taking into account the privacy we will have and the particular use we will give. Considering these benefits, we have prepared this guide to buy the best abdominal machine and find the one that best suits your needs.

When we are preparing to improve our physical conditions in everything that refers to the toning of the body, and abdominal machine contributes to effective work for it. Based on these particular needs, we have prepared this list to know which are the best abdominal machines of 2020 and acquire the most ideal according to our requirements.


Rank #1: Sportstech BRT200

It is a device that, at the same time, can be comfortable, versatile, resistant, and help save space in the home, so we have considered it the best in our comparison.



Nowadays, many people prefer to practice their exercise routines from the comfort of home, since this saves time in transfers, fuel, etc. That is why to create the best abdominal machine at the moment. The requirements are increasingly demanding. For this reason, we often find designs that evolve from the most efficient, to cover all the versatility and durability needs that those who seek to wear a healthy and toned body require.

To be in tune with the most modern, Sportstech launches this interesting proposal, which is based on a solid metal structure, which achieves an apparatus that can support up to 130 kg in weight. While on the other hand, add wide and ergonomic padding, a feature that you will appreciate to achieve greater comfort in your exercises and with this reach your goal without suffering unnecessarily.

As for stability, we want to mention that it is provided with non-slip rubber so that it could be useful both on smooth surfaces and on carpets, and you will not have to worry about moving while using it.


To adapt the device to the different exercises that you might need, the model has been provided with a footrest that can be tilted, as well as it is also possible to choose between 5 angles for its padded base, with which it is possible to give your practices the level of intensity you are looking for, striving to a greater or lesser extent as you decide.

You will also be pleased to know that it is designed for both abdominals and for strengthening the back, with the option of performing lateral flexions of the upper train, avoiding that you have to resort to other complementary devices assuming savings in both money and space.

Knowing how important it is to maintain order in your home, the device can be folded, achieving compact dimensions of 28 x 54.5 x 122 cm. In this way, it is possible to place the machine under your bed or in the closet so that you do not get in the way of doing the rest of your day’s activities.


So you can take advantage of all the advantages of the model and be aware of the correct way you can use it. The set includes a manual offered in several languages, including Spanish. Also, we do not want to stop adding. Users have rated it positively because it is quite simple to carry out the model’s transformations to adapt it to the different exercises.



  • Its design’s versatility will allow you to tone various muscles in your abdominal area and strengthen your back and shoulders. On the other hand, its type of assembly facilitates adaptation for each exercise, not forgetting to mention that it is foldable.


  • It is likely that depending on the height of the person using the device, the padding becomes slightly longer. But this is an isolated observation among the many positive comments from users who have met their needs effectively.

Rank #2: TecTake 402268

This machine for abs can also be used for back training, with a sturdy structure, because it is made of steel, synthetic leather, foam, and plastic, which allows it to offer good performance for a suitable time.

Also, the machine can support a maximum weight of 100 kg, so it adapts to the different body types of users. This is complemented by its ability to adjust in five levels of different height, so it is possible to train in it having a comfortable and personalized posture.

For a better training experience, the team has special padded support for the leg area. Similarly, it is equipped with a handle on each side and can fold to reduce its size, facilitating storage. The total weight of the structure is 8 kg, being a light one.

Here are the pros and cons of this model so you can determine if it corresponds to your purchase expectations.




The equipment allows customizing the position according to each user’s characteristics and requirements, for which it has five levels of height to adjust.


To make the posture even more comfortable, the machine has support in the leg area, facilitating movements’ execution.


This sports equipment is capable of supporting a weight of up to 100 kg, which corresponds to an acceptable average compared to an important group of potential users.


The model has the folding capacity, intending to reduce the space it occupies and thus facilitating storage.




Buyers have mentioned that after assembling the structure, there is some slack in it, and this creates a feeling of instability when using the machine.


Rank #3: TV Das Original Fitmaxx 5

It is a lightweight and compact abdominal machine with a weight of 11.2 kg and dimensions of 116 x 54 x 81 cm, making it easy to transport and exercise indoors and outdoors. It also offers the possibility of folding once the exercises are finished to keep it in any corner of your home.

It has five individual difficulty levels to easily adapt to professional athletes’ routine since it includes quite demanding exercises or simpler exercises for amateurs. In this sense, it allows you to exercise several muscle groups simultaneously, such as buttocks, legs, back, stomach, and arms.

On the other hand, it can support a maximum weight of 100 kg, and its structure includes a screen with a selection button, monitoring the training time, calories burned, and other data.

If you want to perform your training routines from your home’s comfort, it is good to have a good quality abdominal machine. Reason for studying the pros and cons of this model:




It has five levels of difficulty to exercise different muscle groups, such as arms, abdomen, back, legs, and buttocks, so it is suitable for both professionals and amateurs.


It incorporates a monitoring screen that shows the amount of fat burned and the time you have been in the routine.


It is compact and light, with dimensions of 116 x 54 x 81 cm and 11.2 kg. Also, it is fully foldable for easy storage.




This machine for abs is not presented assembled, which can become an inconvenience for those who have no experience in such tasks.


Rank #4: Ultrasport AB Trainer

An efficient abdominal device should not necessarily be bulky or excessively expensive, so brands like Ultrasport continue to bet on this style. It can provide multiple benefits when it comes to strengthening the trunk and upper body.

The model is developed to allow you to strengthen the spine, lateral, and lower abdominals as well, and you can use it in a variety of exercises.

If you are concerned about its practicality, you can store it in a small space until its next use. On the other hand, if you need a mat to perform your exercise routine comfortably, it will be of interest to know that this complement is included in this machine’s set while still being the cheapest in our list.

If you need more information to support your purchase, here is an analysis classified in pros and cons. With it, you can finally decide which machine to buy for abs.




Being a lightweight device that you can easily transport can be an option to take your outdoor exercise sessions.


Its design allows you to strengthen different muscles, so your upper trunk can acquire greater tone and volume.


Compared to other models, this one has an adjusted cost, so you don’t have to invest too much money.




Being a compact machine, there are fewer adjustments offered than other more complex, but it can still meet its objective.


To give the model more solidity, some pieces could be made of metal.


Rank #5: OEM 6XBench

 When we look for the best OEM 6XBench abdominal machine, I could affirm the answer to this question. Without just a lot of effort and a lot of discipline and constant work through this machine, you can perform exercises to strengthen the abs at your own pace.

It is a very comfortable gym apparatus that allows supporting the neck and head to receive a pleasant massage while shaping the waist and other areas of the body, all thanks to its rollers that are structured in the form of a seat to ensure greater comfort at the time of performing the exercise.

Having the 6XBench OEM device is an easy and effective way to exercise and saves us the money we are going to invest in paying for the gym and the time invested while we move to it. Its central handles will also allow bending to work the body in one place.

In addition to presenting some models that could be somewhat expensive for you, we describe the pros and cons of another product that can get your attention, because it is of good quality and is among the cheapest.




It has some rollers in the part of the head and back for comfort and a feeling of massage during each session.


It has some central handles that allow you to perform different exercises keeping your body in one place with little effort.


Its degree of inclination can be adjusted in three different positions so you can better customize your exercises.


It includes some non-slip pieces on its feet to give you adequate support and avoid slipping when performing the exercises.




Some users have commented that this machine is something small to be used by very tall people.


How to use an abdominal machine

The abdominal machines are designed to work in this muscular area easily. Fitness enthusiasts who are less concerned with weight loss and more concerned with achieving good muscle tone in the central area of the body may decide to buy some of this equipment specifically aimed at sculpting abdominal muscles.

Generalities of use

There are various abdominal machines on the market; however, its use is usually easy for people who are starting exercise and physical activity. Those who usually attend the gym often become routine activities.

Toning of the abdominal muscles

Incorporating into your training, the performance of exercises on an abdominal machine – at least three days a week – will begin to tone your abdominal muscles. However, remember to give them a day off between each workout to heal. We recommend you perform each exercise with two to three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions.

Flattened stomach

If you are interested in flattening your abdominal area, you probably have excess fat in the stomach area. Therefore, in addition to being consistent with your workouts on the abdominal machine, additional efforts are also needed to reduce body fat.

The abdominal machine works the muscles, but it has no direct impact on the stomach’s fatty tissue. A comprehensive program to flatten the stomach should include healthy eating, frequent sessions of calorie-burning exercise, and abdominal strength training exercises performed on the abdominal machine.

How to reduce the amount of fat at the abdominal level

Eating healthy and exercising to help you burn calories is important for fat loss because together, they create a caloric deficit in your body. This means that you burn more calories than you consume, and by doing so, forces your body to break the excess fat it has stored.

Every time you produce a 3,500-calorie deficit, you will lose half a kilogram of fat. The fat you lose does not necessarily come from your stomach since your body decides where the fat is going to take, but as your body lowers overall fat levels, you will notice improvements in your abs and stomach.

The abdominal machines help you train and tone your core or core. Still, if you also want to reduce the amount of fat at the abdominal level, you should help yourself by performing cardiovascular exercises and eating a nutritious and balanced diet.

Regular cardiovascular activity and strength training at the general body level help increase metabolism to burn more calories. Reducing the portion sizes of meals and eating more unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains will also help you keep your calorie intake under control and encourage fat loss.

Even if you still can’t see your toned abs, we recommend using your abdominal machine since most movements you make in your daily life originate from this region of the body, so a strong core and abdomen means better functioning. in the life.


The most popular brands

One of the main products for those who want to exercise at home is the abdominal machines. These machines help you exercise one of the most desired body parts, such as the famous six-pack, to do it with simplicity and comfort. So that you also have products that help you to work your body, even more, we offer you three of the most renowned and well-known brands so that your work and your effort take advantage of much more.

The best for your training. This is the main approach that this German brand has for its products, of course, for its customers. And although it sounds topical, the truth is that this company has a wide range of products that, in many cases, have been designed and improved precisely by the experience of both its employees and its customers.

Clients with whom a direct line of work is kept open as references to which to turn when designing a new product or simply when you want to improve an existing one.

That is why it is not strange that products such as abdominal machines, weight benches, or even sportswear that this brand sells have a special comfort and high resistance that allows the user to focus on what matters: getting farther and farther. Therefore, if you want to have a quality abdominal bench and help you in your training, this brand has just what you were looking for.

The Klarfit brand is the section dedicated to the sports equipment of the Electronic-Star group. This German group that emerged in 2005 is one of the many conglomerates of companies that have dedicated themselves to the sale of all types of consumer products, with the main objective of Offer affordable prices and products capable of offering adequate quality to its users.

An objective that the company has been achieving in the time in which it has been operating in channels such as eBay, among others, with a positive assessment by users. Something that has led the group to intensify its presence in the market, including more and more products of all kinds, among which its range of sports products are expanded, such as those offered by Klarfit.

In this case, the brand has products of all kinds, among which we find both garden and field products and gym products that are part of the study of this article. High-quality products that continue to allow its users to exercise properly and without worrying about anything else. Therefore, if you end up betting on a bank of this company, you will not have to dedicate yourself to doing good training and improving your physical condition every day, simply and pleasantly.

Following its article partners’ line, the Body Sculpture company offers its customers quality products to work simply and pleasantly. Something that has been doing since 1965 in which it was founded in the United Kingdom. An offer designed for all types of users, from newcomers to the most expert, offering an adequate level of effort and performance for all of them.

On the other hand, the offer also has a range of all kinds of products designed for fitness, exercise, and sports performance. These products are designed to offer the best to its customers, at really interesting and attractive prices. For this, the company has a research department that works with users and professionals to have the best results in all its products.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: Do sit-ups on the machine or the floor

Exercises to work the abdominal muscles in the best way is a subject that does not stop causing controversy. Many followers and detractors do not agree on the best way to exercise this muscle group, whether on the ground or with machines.

With the use of the machines to exercise the abdominals, you will be able to make controlled movements and redirect the work towards the area of the abdomen that you most need to improve. Also, there is the possibility of easily adding or removing loads to perform more or less intense work. However, it is important to know and control the muscular area to be treated, since otherwise, serious back injuries could occur.

Performing sit-ups on the floor allows you more variation, directionality, and intensity of movements. It also offers greater protection to the spine and back, since these exercises are performed with the back resting on the floor surface; while with the machines, the movements that are made, sometimes could be uncomfortable. Therefore, choosing one technique or another will depend on your training and your resistance level.

Q2: Abdominal machine or leg machine

The abdominal machines offered by the fitness rooms are devices that provide movements based on flexions and turns of the trunk, thanks to which the abdomen’s muscles can be worked efficiently. However, its design often makes it not so easy to use them correctly, especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, some machines allow you to do the job while you are sitting, favoring comfort and ergonomics.

However, if you are not just flattening your stomach and abs, it is important that you also use other machines. There are devices designed to efficiently exercise various muscle groups, such as legs, buttocks, calves, and even some machines allow you to work more than one group at the same time.

The legs are part of the body that has the largest muscles. For this reason, you can get the most out of the femoral, twins, quadriceps, or adductors, working intensely with any of the machines specially designed for this purpose.

Therefore, depending on the part of the body you want to exercise and the particular conditions of each person, you can always find the most appropriate exercise machine for your needs.

Q3: Relationship between an abdominal and lumbar machine

The most common causes of abdominal pain, according to studies, are sedentary and static postures for long hours; But also, low back pain can be caused by improper training. In this sense, classically performing abdominal exercises can be harmful when it comes to a sore or injured back.

The lower back and the abdominal area are closely related, thanks to the psoas-iliac muscle responsible for joining the sacrum, the lumbar, and the diaphragm. That is why there must be a balance that allows a healthy back and a strong abdomen. It is best to avoid the abdominals in which a series of repetitive movements are performed, where the trunk is raised and lowered many times since, with this exercise, the lumbar vertebrae are pressed. While with machines, you can keep your back virtually static, without exerting any pressure and without damaging the discs.

For this reason, you must keep in mind that if you want to have a healthy and strong back and improve the condition of your lumbar muscles, you must work your abs correctly; except for cases of people suffering from chronic low back pain, caused by herniated discs or inflammation of the sciatic nerve.


Shopping guide


Why buy an abdominal machine?

Mainly if we go to that search for the perfect figure and marked by that “chocolate tablet” or the hardness of a solid torso, an abdominal machine would do us very well. We would no longer be sad to show off our body in the pool or on the beach, as progressive toning will be reflected in each body line as a sign that discipline has paid off.

In a slow but safe way, working on an abdominal machine will show that the body’s resistance levels will increase as rigid training is established, which, although it will not be at the same time, can be done every day in the spaces of time that we have free. All willing to our needs and for the benefit of a strengthened body.


When we establish a comparison of machines for abs, we are very guided in the various exercise options offered. Some focus on working, in addition to the abdominal area, the upper, middle, and lower muscles of the body, so as not only to give an attractive image of our abdomen but of the areas near it.

In this case, there are machines with elastic ropes in the middle area of the device to tone the biceps and triceps and concentrate the force in a distributed way and not only in the abdominal area. This modeling of the body can be done under strict discipline and carrying a good rhythm of food and exercise, according to the time available for it.


The ability of a machine to do sit-ups focuses on supporting your weight. Although some machines support up to 160kg, the capacity lies in the materials they composed. The most advisable thing is to locate artifacts to mold the body that is made in its foundations with steel so that they can not only support the weight of the moment but that in the future they continue supporting it with the same resistance as in the beginning and that they do the machine a lot more durable

And it is not only about the materials with which it is composed in its bases but also about the other materials by which it is made. It is necessary that the other elements that compose it can guarantee usability that is projected over time, and that can satisfy the investment we have made.

Difficulty levels

Although a machine must have more training options, we mainly look for it to perform and maintain an abdominal routine that improves our appearance. Eliminating annoying Micheline or belly is a goal in which we focus all our energy. An abdominal machine should provide us with difficulty levels to increase work in that area.

Exceeding the strength levels of our own body implies giving strength to our middle and surrounding areas. This allows us to concentrate all our energy in the abdominal part when making some kind of force when lifting or moving a heavy object. A constant work through the abdominal machine will help our body strengthen our physique’s middle area at all times.


When using the machine for abs, the comfort that we have when using the machine is important; for this reason, most come with padded materials on their rollers or the bench, so that the experience and work on this device are comfortable. This condition is also observed in that we can use this machine from our home and depending on our availability, which represents an advantage since we will not have to move from our space.

The comfort is also evident in the price and that knowing how much it costs is a question that we ask ourselves in the foreground. After knowing what is good and economical, we choose to make an investment that saves us the fact of paying a monthly payment in a gym when the exercise could be done from the comfort of home. We save time, money, and space because they are also characterized by being compact and foldable.

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