10 Best Abdominal Benches For Gym – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

An abdominal bench is a very useful tool to develop a strong middle zone, and thus achieve optimal performance in our sports practice or simply an ideal state of health and physical appearance. However, before choosing a particular model, consider some aspects so that you can acquire a quality model, according to your needs, such as the stability and strength of the structure, a comfortable and resistant filling, adjustment capacity of inclination and a design appropriate to the type of exercise to be performed.

Among the models with the best evaluation by buyers on the web, we can highlight the Physionics HNTLB07, a compact weight bench that allows a wide variety of exercises, has 9 levels of inclination, solid steel structure, adjustable seat and built-in leg bar. We also highlight the Gorilla Sports 10000118 , also a folding weight bar that allows you to perform abdominal and leg exercises, adjustable backrest height and a robust and stable structure.


What is the best abdominal bench in the market?

To maintain a healthy life and achieve a defined and attractive body, it is necessary to maintain a proper exercise routine that allows you to exercise all areas of our body effectively. One of the complements that will help you achieve your goals is a good abdominal bench. If you are making a comparison of abdominal benches and looking for an economical and efficient model, keep reading the following guide to buy the best abdominal bench, which will indicate some aspects to consider to make an ideal choice.

When we focus on toning various parts of our body we emphasize strengthening our abdominal area. After following a rigorous diet, we seek to harden the part of the body in which we generate the greatest strength when doing any exercise. An abdominal bench is appropriate as it helps us achieve this goal. In the market there is a large variety of them, however we offer you this comparative list so you can choose the best abdominal benches of 2020.


Rank #1: Physionics HNTLB07

No matter what your work routine, the hours you dedicate or the achievements you want to achieve with your abdominal bench, the Physionics HNTLB07 can be a good help to achieve all your goals, and this can be achieved comfortably at home with a simple storage device thanks to its folding capacity.


Main Features  

Folding design

Generally, abdominal benches have always been large appliances. When we want to do some sport at home we must allocate a space just for them and this is quite cumbersome. In recent years the manufacturers of these abdominal devices have been innovating with more ergonomic and practical designs to facilitate the things we live in small apartments.

In the case of Physionics, it is a very special abdominal bench that has taken the ergonomic design to practical to another level, improving our experience considerably, especially when saving our bench, since it applies a folding design that guarantees us the possibility to store it in our closet once we have finished with our daily training routine. With this we can assign the machine rotating spaces of the house because then we can save it without major inconveniences.

Another interesting feature that this abdominal bench has in its design is the possibility of regulating the height of the back. Thanks to that, the intensity of the training can be modified according to our interests; We can even select the area in which we will apply greater work intensity by modifying the height of the back. It is a very good quality that manufacturers have applied in the design of this device that has a quite comfortable cushion, enough for us to pass the full abdominal routines.


The materials selected for the manufacture of the abdominal benches are more important than they seem; It depends on our comfort when using it, the resistance to the intensity of our work and especially the durability. The Physionics HNTLB07 has been designed with quite resistant materials that guarantee comfort and confidence, making it quite durable.

Its structure has been made of steel, allowing it to withstand up to 100 kg of cargo. It is important that we take this technical detail into account if we want to keep our abdominal bench for a long time; a higher load is not recommended for reasons of stability, comfort and safety.

Both the seat and the back are covered with synthetic leather, a material that is highly resistant if we take into account that it is a household appliance. As with other machines, its durability will depend on our care; In this case it is advisable to use a towel to avoid excess sweat on artificial leather, as we normally do in a gym.



  • If we don’t have much space, but we still want to play sports at home, then the Physionics HNTLB07 is a very good option. It turns out that this abdominal bench has been designed by its manufacturers in such a way that it not only occupies the smallest possible space, but also that it is easier to store and transport thanks to the folding design that it incorporates.


  • It is curious and uncommon that the greatest advantage of an apparatus is also considered its main disadvantage. In the case of Physionics HNTLB07, despite being a very good abdominal bench with many qualities, some users have reported problems when folding it. It seems that for these users the folding process has been a bit cumbersome and has not been as comfortable as they expected from a folding device.

Rank #2: Gorilla Sports 10000118

 It is an abdominal bench that thanks to its folding condition will not take up much space once we store it again.

The Gorilla Sports 10000118 adapts to make abdominals in an inclined way, so we will force that area more than in the measure of the time with which we use it will harden.

The inclined bench for abs that serves the Gorilla Sports 10000118 model has a length of 125 cm and a width of 57cm with a maximum weight of 200kg when we get on it. It has a bar where we can continue the development of our muscles.

At its highest level it has a support for adjustable dumbbells of 99 cm while for the lowest it is approximately 78 cm. If you are very tall, this may be a problem because of its length, so this aspect should be taken into account.

To make a good comparison of different models, we describe the most important and important aspects of this issue of Gorilla Sports, which for many is the best brand of abdominal benches.




You can adjust the seat to work with your back completely straight or inclined according to what you consider necessary.


It has a dumbbell support that you can adjust according to the size or extension of the arms of those who exercise.


It has been designed in metallic material that gives the bank enough strength and durability.


This abdominal bench is foldable so you can close it easily and take up less space when you store it in your home or car to be mobilized.


With 125 cm in length and 57 cm in width, it has a size that will allow comfortable work on this bench.



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Rank #3: Adidas AD-10230

 It usually happens that when we ask ourselves the question of which is the best abdominal bench, we think that it is the one with a recognized brand, it may well be true. The Adidas AD-10230 gives us the comfort of a cushioned backrest 65 mm thick to make endless repetitions, which will not generate discomfort in our back.

But not only when sitting or lying down will we feel comfort, this will also be evidenced when we start lifting weights at the level of the feet, since it has adjustable ankle pads, ensuring that we will not hurt ourselves when lifting the weight.

With a sturdy iron construction and supporting a capacity of 125kg, the Adidas AD-10230 gives us the practicality of storing weights under the bench between repetitions so as not to have to move from the site and interrupt our training session.

Still asking which abdominal bench to buy ? We have designed this guide to be your great ally in this search, so we describe the pros and cons of this model that can fit your needs.




It is capable of supporting a maximum user weight of 125 Kg that will be sufficient for a large number of users.


You can make the necessary adjustments to the pads designed to cover and care for your ankles during each abdominal session.


It has a very comfortable backrest thanks to its 65 mm thick pad.


It has some tubes in its lower part that will be very useful for storing weights or other equipment that you consider convenient to locate there.




For some users it is a negative aspect of not being able to fold this bank to store it in smaller spaces.


Rank #4: Ultrasport 331100000051

 With this model you can comfortably exercise and then store it without any mishap due to its folding condition. Seeing its characteristics makes us think that it could be the best abdominal bench in its quality and price ratio because we can tone: back, pectorals, abdomen, arms and hips.

If you are looking for a device that only focuses on the abdominal area at first, the Ultrasport 331100000051 is right for you. With a maximum weight of 100kg and dimensions of approximately 136 x 57 x 67 cm, it also gives the possibility of incorporating weights.

The Ultrasport 331100000051 in turn allows you to adjust its height to the extent that we set ourselves the challenge of lowering more to apply greater abdominal strength when climbing and thus increase our steel abs. It has 80% nylon and 20% elastane materials that give it stability when we get on it.

If you have already seen and detailed different designs and brands but would like a product of the cheapest with high quality, we give you a list of the positive and negative aspects of an abdominal bench that will surely cover a large part of your requirements.




The seat surface is padded to provide greater comfort during each workout.


This bench is a folding design so you can easily store it at the end of the exercises or if at any time you need more space at home.


The height of the abdominal bench can be adjusted according to the type of exercises you are doing.


It is capable of supporting a maximum of 150 Kg, which will be quite important for it to be used by everyone at home.




As for the negative of the product it can be noted that the instructions do not come in Spanish, which could be a complication for some users.


Rank #5: Body-One 2047

 It is one of the cheapest they will get in the market, but that is not why its quality is reduced. The Body-One 2047 has non-slip stripes to give greater stability to the exercises performed. It is a particularly masculine abdominal board, since it does not have a padded backrest.

It has a length of 103 cm and a width of 29 cm for a weight of 7.6kh, being able to support up to 110 kg of the individual who climbs on it. It has a thickness of 4.5cm in its back ideal for users who like to work more consistently and without resting on the abdominal bench.

With two colors, it is appropriate to give on the birthday of a relative or male friend. The Body-One 2047 only has high density foam on the handles of the mobile platform so as not to hurt legs or ankles.

Here are the pros and cons of the best abdominal bank for 75 euros so you can take it into account when selecting the one that you will definitely take home for your workouts.




It has the capacity to support a maximum weight of 110 Kg so that a large number of people can make use of this abdominal bench.


It has several handles with foam to give you greater comfort during the daily abdominal session.


It has non-slip bases so you can work safely without worrying about unexpected overturns.


This design allows you to make adjustments in the back height, in addition to being able to fold the equipment to provide more space in reduced stays.




The back of this bench is covered with good material but is not padded for comfort.


Rank #6: Physionics HNTLB07

 With an approximate length of 133 cm and a width: approximately 33 cm has a capacity of 240 kg both in body weight and weights, as allowed by its materials of steel, plastic and artificial leather. The Physionics HNTLB07 is an abdominal bench for exercises where the body’s muscles will be toned.

In the buyer’s opinion it can be considered the best abdominal bench, since you can perform shoulder exercises with your back straight, with your back tilted, as well as abdominals. Adding weightlifting to lower limbs, your legs will look fabulous.

It is a universal fitness machine that will allow you to train virtually all muscle groups. The Physionics HNTLB07 single folding, is ideal for beginners or advanced users has a comfortable backrest adjustable to 9 positions, with a seat that fits 3 places ideal for toning your body.

You have already made the decision to exercise at home and you want an abdominal bench that allows you to work properly in strengthening your abdomen, because we help you by showing you the characteristics of the best abdominal bench of the moment.




It has been designed to support a maximum of 100 Kg, so you should take this aspect into consideration before finalizing your purchase.


The back of this abdominal bench can be adjusted in 9 different positions according to the exercise routine you want.


You can adjust the seat to three different positions and thus work in the most comfortable way possible.


With its steel structure, foam rollers and upholstered seats you will have great durability and resistance for your abdominal exercises.


It has a folding design that you can store and keep comfortably to extend the life of the equipment.



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How to use an abdominal bench

Today there are many instruments that allow us to exercise certain areas of the body to mold or tone them or simply to maintain a good physical condition as part of a daily routine. To work the middle of the abdomen, abdominal benches provide a demanding, but effective exercise.

Take the correct posture on the abdominal bench

When doing sports using instruments or machines, it is very important that you do it correctly to avoid injuries; especially you must take care of the postures. When you are going to do sit-ups on a bench you should take care of the support you give to your back; Before starting the routine, you must keep it against the bank table.

Hook your feet in the cushions arranged for it and they will help you use your abs to propel you. You should also keep your knees bent. Place your hands near your ears, as if trying to cover them; Never put your hands on the neck. You can also cross them on the chest.

Execute the movements

To execute the movements on the bench you must exert force with your entire abdominal area and slowly lift the upper half of the trunk until reaching an angle of 45 degrees, take two times and return to the original position without getting to rest completely in the table. Repeat until you complete the series of your routine.

Do abdominals with turns

To do abdominals with turns, you must follow the normal procedure of lifting the upper trunk of the body, but instead of being straight, you must turn the body as you move to one side and the other in each flexion.

It is about pointing, for example, the right shoulder towards the left knee, to lower and then raise again, but this time pointing the left shoulder towards the opposite knee.

Keep your back straight

When you are doing the abs on the bench it is very important that you always keep your back straight. With this you will avoid that after the exercises appear discomforts such as pain and tension; In addition, it will remove the lumbar area from the body by having to force it to make the trunk rise.

Routine with which you can start

Doing abs is a fairly demanding type of exercise. Some people even complete a period of abdominal crunches before going to the bank to have a little more strength. But even if you don’t do this, you can start with a routine of between 10 and 12 series; It may be less if your physical condition is not so good. You can increase the number of series as your body strengthens. The most demanding routines reach 20 series in inclined benches.

Precautions you should have

The requirement of the abdominals is very strong, so if you have any type of back or lower back injury, it is not recommended that you choose this type of exercise, as it can aggravate that condition. You should also take care of your breathing while doing the routines; exhale when lifting the body and inhale when lowering so you stay well oxygenated.


The most popular brands

The abdominal area is one of the most difficult to tone, however there are products that help us to do it like inclined benches, these use the force of gravity to increase abdominal work and thus define them faster. We will talk about the sports brands Ultrasport, Physionics and Tectake as copies of this product to help you choose the right one for your exercise routines.

Located in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, this brand has been dedicated for 20 years to the manufacture of clothing and sports equipment for a large number of disciplines such as athletics, football, tennis, basketball, swimming, etc.

This brand has more than 150 products to perform sports disciplines and personal physical exercises. The company also distributes its items to furnish gyms and personal training rooms; Among its products we can find weight bars, punching bags, training cones, resistance leagues, varied balls, abdominal wheels, among others.

If you want to strengthen your abdominal area you can do it comfortably with the Ultrasport abdominal bench as it is covered with a padded nylon surface. This bench has a maximum support of 100 kg and has dimensions of 136 cm long and 57 cm wide, its height is adjustable according to the type and intensity of the exercise to be performed.

This bench has a metal structure that can be folded for storage once the training session is finished, you can store it under your bed or in the closet. It also includes extra handles to strengthen lower abs and a weight support not included located under the bench.

Physionics is a brand of sports equipment and equipment present in the market since 2006, it designs, builds and equips training studios with the most avant-garde and outstanding sports training equipment.

Its products comprise almost all existing forms of body training, from Yoga, Pilates, to weightlifting, Physionics products promise to create a comfortable and safe environment to perform your exercise routine.

In Physionics you can find everything you need to exercise your muscles thanks to its more than 160 products distributed by Jago and sold through the Amazon page. Abdominal benches are an option available in Physionics to strengthen your abs, with this product you can strengthen different areas such as dorsals, buttocks, shoulders, abs and arms.

This machine is foldable and takes up little space, with dimensions of 128 cm long and 26 cm wide, with an adjustable height between 40cm and 60 cm. Its bench resists up to 160 kg and is comfortably padded to reduce the impact on the spine and has non-slip foam rolls to support the feet and perform the exercises optimally.

Tectake is a German company that distributes a large number of different products focused on personal customer satisfaction. This company offers solutions for the needs of the home, leisure, pets and physical exercise; all present in one place and global reach thanks to its international sales led by Amazon.

This company ranges from tools and accessories for cars and motorcycles; baby implements such as toys, cribs, car and car furniture; leisure elements such as massage chairs, camping tents and rest furniture; gardening elements and DIY equipment; kitchen appliances and equipment; pet products and finally decorative and organizational elements for the home.

TecTake abdominal benches offer a robust steel structure that supports up to 100 kg of weight, which adjusts its height for exercises at different degrees of intensity. There are also benches for set type abs that include 2Kg weights and resistance ropes for back, hip and buttock exercises.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to do sit-ups on a bench?

To do sit-ups on a bench, you must consider the level of training you have and the results you hope to achieve. To begin, you must place the backboard in the position that suits you, whether straight, slightly inclined or at a higher level. Sit down and place your feet behind the support, so that the ankles are at the same height as this. Try that, when you lie down, the trunk is outside the backrest. With your hands behind your head, start lowering and raising your body from the waist up and repeat this movement as many times as necessary or as indicated by the training routine.

Q2: How to make a home abdominal bench?

Making a home abs bench that provides you with similar utilities to a branded one can be very simple. You must have a support with bases at each end, strong enough to provide firmness, with a height and length according to the size, on which you can place a thick plank, preferably coated and padded, of the same length of the base and with an appropriate width In case you do not have a plank with these characteristics, you can choose to use a mat that provides you with more comfort, so that you do not suffer any type of injury. Then, fix it correctly to the table and place it on the base, making sure that it does not move when performing the exercise. Also, you can choose to use this slightly inclined board,

Q3: What exercises can be done in an abdominal bench?

The most common exercises that can be performed in an abdominal bench are those that work the different parts of the middle area of the body, such as obliques and high and low abs, in different modalities such as leg lifts, crunch, bicycles, scissors, Russian twist, among other. However, other movements may be included to intensify the exercise in the parts that most require it, such as the waist. Also, some of these benches could be used as support to work other areas of the body, since using the completely straight backrest would be useful for weightlifting.

Q4: How to do crunches on a weight bench?

You can use a weight bench to do abs, placing the backrest at the desired level, lying on it in the same position, trying to hold your feet without lifting them and perform the usual movements. Also, you can do crunches lying on the bench, raising your legs and holding on to the weight bar.

Q5: How to set up an abdominal bench?

To properly assemble an abdominal bench, it is advisable to follow the instructions offered by each brand with its respective model. However, the vast majority usually have a similar way of doing so, as their parts do not vary much. To begin, it is necessary to correctly join the base pieces that need to be coupled with nuts and bolts, so that it is firm enough. Then, the support surface must be placed on the structure, check the adjustments and add the rubber studs on the bases, if the model merits it.


Shopping guide

What type of abdominal bench is better?

When we make a comparison of abdominal banks we find that there is a diversity of brands, prices and types of banks, and we may not be very clear which of them best suits our requirements and needs. To help you make the right choice, we have made the following classification:


It could be considered the simplest type of bench, due to its position and usefulness, a simple mat, which allows you to perform abdominal exercises on any rigid surface, such as the floor or the bed. It is recommended that it be at least 2 or 3 centimeters thick to avoid a negative impact on the back.

Inclined abdominal bench

It is a table inclined at an angle around 45 degrees, generally adjustable, and that allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises, both in standard position and in inverted position, they have support for the feet. They are usually foldable.

Abdominal bench with rotation

They are benches that have rotation mechanisms that facilitate rotating movements, which also allows working the obliques and lateral abdominal muscles.

Abdominal bench with mat

It consists of a mat that is placed on the floor, which incorporates padded side hand grips, whose purpose is to guide the exercise. They usually have a cushion to support the cervical area.

Integrated abdominal bench

Many devices, such as multi-stations, incorporate a bench in which abdominal exercises can be performed with the help of strings or pulleys with ropes to add resistance to movement.


Abdominal benches are generally metal structures, which incorporate a padded flat seat to support the body while performing the exercise. It provides an ideal support for abdominal exercises, and weightlifting and dumbbells. Most of these equipment incorporates padded foot support, which keeps them firm, and they have a height adjustment system, so you can perform inclined bench and even rotation exercises. Some also incorporate arm supports and extensions for leg work.

Of course, when choosing the best abdominal bench, it is not only important to consider the type of bank or how much it costs, but also some aspects such as the ones presented below.


An important aspect to consider when making a comparison of abdominal benches is that it has a good filling material, since comfort is key at the time of performing the exercises, and also protect the back and neck of hardness and Impact of contact with the bank table is indispensable. Ideally, the padding should be made of a soft but resistant material that has a good thickness and allows a good support for the body without drastically deforming.


A good abdominal bench should offer the possibility to adjust the position according to the user’s needs. Nowadays, most of the benches have mechanisms to regulate the angle of the table, so it can be kept flat as to adjust at different angles, which allows to perform a greater variety of exercises of different intensity, and thus optimize the results of the routine, avoiding incorrect and harmful movements. Many benches also offer the possibility of regulating the height of the table to the user’s height, so that he can firmly support the feet on the ground, and thus ensure greater stability and avoid injuries.


It is important to choose a bank that suits your weight, size and capacities. Although many models are highly adjustable, the ideal is to choose a size that provides comfort and stability. It must have a strong structure, preferably in a solid and light metal that guarantees maximum stability and support, in addition to providing greater durability.

The level of resistance and solidity should always respond to your needs, both in experience and in level and frequency of practice. The extensions and accessories that incorporate some models, such as leg and arm supports, are very useful to improve the stability of the exercise, and train a greater variety of muscle groups.


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