10 Best Boxing Gloves- Reviews In 2020

Boxing is a demanding discipline that requires a team with high-quality standards. So it doesn’t matter if you are professional, beginner, or just want to throw some fists to relax or do cardio. The important thing is to find a model of the best boxing gloves that give you protection and endurance against the constant impacts. The recommendation is not to make a hurried purchase and review the proposals of the different manufacturing houses.

One of them is Everlast Pro Style, with a robust, anatomical, and striking design in red. Its exterior in high-end polyurethane offers soft touch and resistance. While the interior is foam coated with antimicrobial textiles, it will allow you a correct grip, an adequate level of freshness, and prevent the proliferation of bad odors typical of sweating. But if you are looking for non-professional boxing gloves, then Leone 1947 Maori is the right model. Its body is light, the cut is simple, and the ergonomic handle.


The Best Boxing Gloves-Reviews In 2020

If you are determined to buy some boxing gloves, you should keep in mind that it is a product with a high level of massification in the market, being necessary then to carry out an exhaustive search based on your needs for use. This is how you can make a successful purchase. Therefore, we leave several models aimed at different targets.


Rank #1: Everlast Pro Style

With the long trajectory and good positioning that the Everlast house has achieved over the years, it is not surprising that this model incorporated into the market is currently considered as the best boxing gloves.

The design is 14 ounces and has been made with flexible sponge polyurethane. This is a polyurethane commonly used in the sports industry, due to its high level of strength and softness.

E l Everfresh equipment incorporates technology, responsible for providing antimicrobial protection, neutralizing odors generated because of accumulated sweating after each workout. Similarly, it offers a ventilation system of several Evercool mesh panels for greater comfort and freshness.

The anatomical grip of these Everlast boxing gloves allows for better grip and greater impact protection, thanks to the foam used for this area. Finally, we have the closing method using a wide velcro that fits correctly.

Some consider this model as the best boxing gloves of the moment because they incorporate raw material of medium-high range; its design is robust, attractive aesthetics, and comfortable interior.




The raw material used to make the gloves was flexible polyurethane or polyurethane sponge, capable of offering great resistance to abrasion and soft touch.


The closure method offered by the manufacturer is using a Velcro adjustment band.


The gloves have a robust design, 14 ounces format, quality finishes, and a striking red aesthetic.


The team incorporates panels composed of Evercool mesh in the palm, in charge of offering you a higher level of perspiration.




The gloves’ level of padding is a bit poor, causing the knuckle to deteriorate after training hours.


Rank #2:Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

 If your search is oriented towards Grant boxing gloves, you should know this model, which is composed of two types of PU, making the structure of them consistent but at the same time elastic, having 70% flexible PU and 30% of conventional PU, in combination with synthetic leather in the area of the back. Thus, we are facing gloves of adequate structure for damping.

On the other hand, they have a design that fits correctly in the wrist area, with a velcro closure system that is easy to open and adjust. Similarly, this model adapts not only to the discipline of boxing but to other practices such as muay Thai and kickboxing.

As for their size, these gloves are 10 ounces, so that they adapt well to the hand and have been recommended as best boxing gloves for women, allowing you to choose between two color options.

The following pros and cons present will allow you to know more fully this model that is among the users’ preferences.




They are 10-ounce gloves, this being a size that adapts to the hand of various users.


The gloves have a good level of resistance since synthetic leather was used in the external structure. For the rest, 70% of flexible polymer and 30% of standard type polymer were used.


The closure of the gloves offers the level of adjustment required, for which it has been fitted with velcro, achieving convenient support.


There are two color combinations to choose from: models stamped in silver with red or white with black.




Comments have been made about the fist area, as some users consider this to be very wide, which is sometimes uncomfortable.


Rank #3:Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

This boxing gloves model belongs to one of the most typical sports brands, such as Adidas. Its design is black, the manufacturer’s logo in white stands out in the front area, and three stripes are added to the adjustment strap. The finishes have been well maintained, and the seams reinforced to provide greater endurance.

The material used for its elaboration is polyurethane, which is well known. It is the nomenclature assigned to name a type of flexible polyurethane. In this way, you will enjoy a cover resistant to abrasion, moisture, or heat, adapting to the various conditions where you decide to do your non-professional practices.

The interior of these Adidas boxing gloves has an FMI foam reinforcement, responsible for absorbing the impacts, taking care of your hands from an injury. Finally, there is the closure formed by a 7.5 cm synthetic leather strap provided with velcro.

If you want some boxing gloves for your non-professional practices with an elegant, resistant, comfortable, and lightweight design, this Adidas model will capture your attention.




The method of closure incorporated into the model uses a synthetic leather strap, provided with velcro for a quick and secure fit.


The manufacturer used polyurethane for its production, which is a flexible, soft-touch, and abrasion-resistant synthetic material.


The gloves are 12 ounces, they have a robust and elegant black format, highlighting in white the logo of the typical brand.


The inside of the gloves incorporates FMI foam, which absorbs the blows against the jacket or the opponent, keeping your hands and knuckles protected.




Because it is non-professional equipment, you should use the gloves in warm-up training to not end its useful life.


Rank #4: Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves

The Metal Boxe house is a good reference for those who want to buy the best boxing gloves of value for money since this time presents a model that critics say is one of the cheapest.

It is 10-ounce equipment for children or women made with high-end raw material such as polyurethane or polyurethane for the outer shell. In the same way, it highlights another material such as the preformed foam, which will protect your hands and knuckles when hitting the training bag.

Closing these women’s boxing gloves is using a velcro strap, which adjusts to the wrist area to keep the glove in place without causing discomfort. We cannot fail to mention its black and white design with the brand logo on the front area, as well as the incorporation of a storage bag.

This model of boxing gloves has been conceived with a non-professional format, which can be used by children or women who begin to enter this world. Also, they are one of the cheapest.




These 10-ounce gloves have a sober design in black and white, having a style suitable for this sport.


The manufacturer used a high-end synthetic polymer and préformé foam for the internal lining to produce the gloves, offering resistance to abrasion and cushioning.


The gloves have been provided with a velcro tape with a wide format at the wrist level, arranged to make the respective adjustment according to the person.


Thanks for incorporating a practical waterproof storage bag, you can store or transport gloves safely.




The finishes of the gloves have been negatively assessed. It is recommended not to use them in high impact workouts to avoid breaking the seams.


Rank #5:Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

With a dozen options to choose from, this model differs by being one of the most colorful possibilities, allowing the user to reflect his personality when training or participating in a fight. Whether you are looking for cheap boxing gloves or the price does not interest you, it is convenient that you know this option.

The model has leather construction that supposes a considerable level of robustness. This adds extra protection for the thumb, thus avoiding injuries, thanks to its interior composed of triple density foam.

Another aspect that makes this model a convenient one is the variety of sizes it offers. It is available in sizes of 10, 12, 14, and up to 16 ounces, according to the size of the user’s hand. This model has a handmade structure with more careful details and allows it to be adjusted using velcro fasteners arranged at wrist height.

To know the advantages and disadvantages of this model, proceed to read below, as we have summarized them in a synthesized list.




They have thorough manufacturing, having hand seams, reinforced, and using high-quality materials such as leather and triple dense foam.


An adequate level of adjustment may be available, as Velcro fasteners have been arranged in the wrist area.


If the user wishes to reflect his personality with a striking model, it is possible to do so, because the model is presented in a dozen different color combinations.


The model is offered in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 10 to 16 ounces, which is a considerable range.




Users have mentioned that the purchase requires incorporating a bag for proper storage and transport.


Rank #6: RDX Boxing Gloves for Training

If you already checked the list with the best boxing gloves of 2020, surely you already found among the first places this model patented by the Leone 1947 house, which due to its high-quality standards, you can not fail to verify. These Leone boxing gloves are 16 ounces and have been conditioned to withstand

High impact workouts such as traditional boxing, kickboxing, muay Thai, sparring, among other contact sports. This is possible because the manufacturer used genuine high-end leather for its elaboration and some robust foam panels in the handle area, together with a breathable coating.

In this way, it offers an adequate level of protection in the knuckles and absorption of the impact when hitting. Among other specifications, we have its aesthetic in turquoise with white, suitable for men or women. It also highlights its closure on the wrist by a robust velcro strap.

To take with you the best brand of boxing gloves, you will need to take a few minutes to get to know the Shock model developed by the Leone 1947 house, which has an attractive design and great resistance.




The gloves have a striking design in turquoise blue and are 16 ounces, a size sufficient to achieve accurate blows.


For proper adjustment to the wrist area, a velcro closure band has been incorporated.


These gloves have been made for professional use, suitable for traditional boxing practices or high impact training such as kickboxing, muay Thai, sparring, etc.


The leather selected by the manufacturer for the manufacture of gloves is genuine, so you will not have to worry about its rapid deterioration.




The white area of the gloves tends to crack a bit after the constant impact generated when hitting. However, only the superficial wear of the paint does not lead to the breakage of the leather.


Rank #7: Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Muay

If you still cannot define the best boxing gloves, you have not reviewed the specifications of a model for women developed by RDX, suitable for training with a sack, sparring, kickboxing, and muay Thai, among others.

The design is 12 ounces, the seams have been reinforced, and the finishes are quality. The material used for its elaboration is Maya Hide leather painted in white, pink, and some black details. It is a robust raw material, with great resistance to abrasion and soft touch.

Also, a padding system consisting of three layers of Shell Shock gel is incorporated, responsible for absorbing the impact when hitting the bag or the opponent. The palm has mesh for proper perspiration. The interior offers an anatomical fit through a loop and hook band that protects the wrist area and outer velcro closure.

If it is hard for you to select which boxing gloves to buy, the invitation is to immediately review the pros and cons of a model with an attractive, anatomical, and feminine design.




The team has a robust 12-ounce format, aimed at the female target and a nice aesthetic in pink and white.


The elaboration of the gloves was made with Maya Hide leather, characterized by its high abrasion power, thus offering a long service life.


You can enjoy an anatomical adjustment at the wrist level since the glove has been provided with an elastic band with a loop and hook that also provides great protection.


With these gloves, you will enjoy a correct level of perspiration, since they incorporate mesh textile in the palm of your hand.




The last of the gloves are a bit large, being necessary to use a thicker bandage to solve the situation, as found on the web.


Guide to buying boxing gloves

To choose some boxing gloves, you must take some advice into account, especially regarding the evaluation of certain aspects that allow you to deduce that one model represents a better option than another. Therefore, we made the following guide to buy the best boxing gloves for you.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: How are handmade boxing gloves made?

The manufacture of boxing gloves is similar to that of a garment. The skin to be used for the outer coating is extended, and the corresponding size mold is marked on it. On the other hand, the same brand is made on another table, but on the filling material.

Then we proceed to cut each of the pieces that will make up the glove and join them together with the help of a sewing machine. In models that have laces, it is time to add them to the structure, while for those with velcro, the respective closures are joined.

The seams and finishes are exposed to the fire to perform a sealing process, while at the end of the process, a layer of lacquer is applied to the leather that provides shine and protects the structure.

Q2: How to clean boxing gloves?

The most recommended is to remove moisture with an absorbent towel, both outside and inside. If the gloves are already dry, you can proceed to apply a solution of vinegar and water for the disinfection and reduction of bacteria. There are also special solutions that you can use for cleaning gloves.

Also, on the outside, after removing sweat and dirt, it is convenient to apply some product to condition, taking into account that the material is a type of skin that eventually wears out. Whenever possible, leave the gloves outside the storage bag to contact the outdoors, avoiding the appearance of unpleasant odors inside.

Q3: What boxing gloves to use to train?

Boxing gloves for training must comply with the characteristic of offering the highest level of protection possible, having dense padding to cushion bumps and avoid greater wear at hand.

They can also be of a size larger than the standard so that the boxer gets used to the domain of heavy gloves since if they are very light, some realism will be lost concerning those used for a fight. If the person is not going to compete, the options to choose from can be more flexible.

Q4: What is the difference between boxing gloves and muay Thai?

The difference between both disciplines is a little diffuse, since there are models that protect the whole hand and still serve for boxing and muay Thai, so they are the most recommended. Some claim that Muay Thai gloves should leave their fingers free and partially cover their hands.

Thus, this could be a notable difference. However, as we have said, muay Thai also contemplates the use of gloves that cover the entire hand completely. In any case, when choosing, consult with the instructor to determine which is the best option.

Q5: What characteristics should approved boxing gloves have?

The concept of approved boxing gloves refers to those gloves that have been tested by an institution or authority related to the discipline. When gloves are approved, they are considered to meet a series of quality requirements in different aspects, such as manufacturing materials, exterior and interior structure, size, weight, etc. These variables can change from one country to another, as well as from one institution to another.

Q6: How to adjust boxing gloves with laces?

The adjustment of boxing gloves with laces can have a higher level of difficulty since the laces must be sandwiched between them and finally make an adjustment knot. So, if you have help from someone, it will be easier to complete the process.

But if you are alone, it is recommended to place the first glove and, to place the second one, proceed to leave the laces intertwined so that you only have to enter the hand and adjust a little by pulling them.

Q7: What is the difference between boxing gloves and kickboxing?

The difference between the discipline of boxing and kickboxing is that in the first one, only the hands are used to hit, while in the second, the legs, knees, and sometimes the elbows can be used. Therefore, boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves are practically the same, since what separates the disciplines is the use of the lower extremities.

Q8: What advantages do gel boxing gloves have?

Boxing gloves sometimes incorporate some layers of gel into the inner padding, in addition to the foam. These contribute to better damping of the blow, preventing the point of force from concentrating on a single area and distributing it throughout the structure. Thus, its main advantage is the greater damping power it grants.

As another positive aspect, we can mention that this type of gloves manages to develop greater resistance in the user. Being heavier, they add difficulty to training and make the boxer get used to focusing the force when making blows.

Q9: What are the boxing gloves that Mayweather uses?

Each athlete is characterized by using high-quality sports equipment because they allow better performance. In the case of the boxer Floyd Mayweather, we find that his favorite gloves are the Grants. They are manufactured with high-quality materials, a high level of fit, and professional finishes.

Q10: How to take care of some old boxing gloves?

To care for old boxing gloves, it is important to know what they are made of and how often they are used. It is recommended to apply a layer of cream for leather, which will help the gloves not lose hydration. On the other hand, it is advisable to place newspaper in the interior, to contribute to the absorption of moisture. Also, the use of talcum powder should be avoided because it causes the formation of lumps.


How to wear boxing gloves

If you have doubts about how to use boxing gloves, we invite you to read several tips that we have summarized below to get the best possible benefit from this product.

Check to have the correct size.

Initially, verify that you have the correct size and that the gloves adapt properly to your hand. Keep in mind that sometimes it is advisable to wear gloves that are wider so that you get used to support the weight. However, if the glove is too loose, it will be difficult to perform the blows.

Add protective bandages

One of the main recommendations when using gloves is the placement of protective bandages, to gain a higher level of firmness in the hands, as well as having a resource for sweat absorption. When placing them, make sure they are not too tight, but not loose, thus allowing a good position and movement of the hands.

Put on gloves

Now proceed to place the gloves. Enter your hands slowly and proceed to adopt the appropriate position according to the shape of the glove. Pay special attention to the position of the thumb, which should be properly protected.

Make the corresponding adjustment.

Once you have put on the glove, it is time to make the respective adjustment. To do this, you must attach the velcro closure, in case your model adds it. On the other hand, if the model has laces, you must proceed to adjust them and make a knot. In this case, the idea is to have the help of another person, but if not, put the first glove and leave the second ready to enter your hand.

Do your training

What follows is to carry out your training day. You must have the support of a coach to advise you on the movements you must perform, the intensity of the blows, the most appropriate position, and the technique to follow to have the best possible performance.

Avoid using talc

Some boxers and athletes usually place a certain amount of talcum powder inside the glove. This is not as advisable as lumps can be formed that hinder the position of the hand. Instead, he prefers the use of the bandage and a dry cloth to remove excess moisture that accumulates in the glove.

Keep gloves outdoors

To maintain hygiene and cleanliness, it is not only enough to remove excess sweat with a cloth, but it is also necessary to remove the gloves from the bag and leave them exposed in the open air so that the air circulation helps prevent the accumulation of moisture, bacteria and bad smells.

Apply cream to leather

To maintain a good appearance and maintain or extend the gloves’ life, the use of a leather moisturizer is recommended. In addition to providing a higher level of brightness, this will keep the glove’s skin hydrated and with the level of flexibility suitable for shock absorption.

Shopping guide

Materials and manufacturing

This is the first aspect you should evaluate to know if a model is suitable or not. These are the materials that have been used in the structure and the manufacturing itself. The idea is to choose gloves that are as robust as possible so that the shock absorption is higher. However, it can happen that many models are committed to resistance but lose flexibility. Hence there must be a balance between these two factors.

Therefore, there is a wide range of materials for making gloves, among them the one known as PU, which is a polymer and can be found on a more rigid or more flexible level, is suitable for this type of sports equipment. On the other hand, we should mention the outer coatings, in which skins such as leather are generally used, whether synthetic or genuine.

Also, the filling of the gloves must have a good level of density, knowing that the foam is one of the best options for this because it allows us to have precision when hitting, without the user being injured.

Regarding manufacturing, many models have handmade external seams, which means a high level of care and suggest that the structure will be more robust compared to other models. However, the important thing in this aspect is that the glove has good finishes, regardless of whether they have been achieved by hand or machine.


Size is another fundamental element to evaluate in the comparison of boxing gloves, which influences how many model costs. For its analysis, it is required to know who or who will use these implements, because according to the weight and height of the person, you can determine the size of the hand and, therefore, choose a glove accordingly.

In this sense, in the market, there are models under the nomenclature of sizes identified by ounces, knowing that they exist from 8 to 18 ounces. Likewise, the type of activity to be carried out is also taken into account, since hitting a punching bag is not the same as participating in a professional fight.

Thus, it is recommended to go to the manufacturer’s table and determine what is the right size for the user, depending on their height, weight, and purpose of use that the product will have.


Although the design does not necessarily influence performance, it is a visual element that becomes very important when facing a fight. It is one of the implements that easily identify the boxer. Therefore, many choose to choose a neutral color such as white or black, while others prefer a blue or red tone, although there are also patterned tones.

Again, the choice should be made, taking into account the use the gloves will receive.


Although a model is good and economical, it is necessary that it offers an adequate level of adjustment at hand, so you should inquire about this factor. Most models fit the wrist height, adding a closure mechanism, which can be velcro, braids or even the combination of both.

These mechanisms are convenient, with the particularity that the velcro is easier to remove and put on. Simultaneously, for the models of cords, eventually, the help of another person is needed.



Some users value that their gloves offer a good ventilation range. This is not easy to achieve, but some manufacturers incorporate materials in the filler designed to allow air circulation and especially reduce the moisture that can cause sweat. Hence, check if the model you are interested in incorporates some special treatment regarding this factor.


Sometimes, gloves not only allow to be used for boxing but other sports disciplines such as kickboxing, muay Thai, etc. If it is of your interest, ask if you can use your gloves in other similar activities to increase your training possibilities.

This is of great convenience for those who do not engage exclusively in boxing and are open to experiencing other related sports.


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