10 Best Casio Sports Watch-Reviews In 2020

Athletes want to track their results, but it is not possible without the right equipment. However, how to play sports with a separate pedometer, stopwatch, heart rate monitor and many other gadgets? Unfortunately, it is difficult. That is why many people decide to buy a functional sports watch. In this guide and ranking we would like to introduce you to Casio devices. This is a well-known Japanese watch manufacturer, not only sports. His equipment addressed to athletes are characterized by solid performance and have many interesting functions.


Rank #1: Casio G-SHOCK GW-9400-1ER PREMIUM Superior

 Casio G-SHOCK GW-9400-1ER PREMIUM Superior is a sports watch with quartz movement, which is characterized by very accurate time measurement. The presented model has a plastic strap that is comfortable and safe for our skin. The slide is mineral and hardened, so it is resistant to damage and scratches.

The great advantage of the watch is its water resistance up to 200 m. You can swim with the watch without fear and even dive with a tank, although the manufacturer advises against pressing the buttons when we are under water.

Casio G-SHOCK has an extensive date display that adjusts dates by itself, shows us the day of the week, month and year. The device has a built-in alarm. Thanks to the LED backlight reading all information from the watch is easier.

Among the most interesting features of this model we can mention: stopwatch, altimeter and thermometer. The watch has an anti-shock system and a solar panel, therefore it will meet the needs of the most demanding people who practice extreme sports.

Consumers rated the product very positively. They think it is solid, practical, and reliable in every situation.


Rank #2: Casio G-SHOCK G-7700-1ER

 The Casio G-7700-1E is a quartz watch that is highly resistant to shocks, which is why it is irreplaceable when you practice extreme sports. It has a backlit display from which you can easily read the data.

Because the glass of this watch is mineral, it is highly resistant to damage. On the other hand, the case and strap are plastic, which is not susceptible to external factors.

This model has quite a few interesting features, which is why it has gained recognition of many people who like to have gadgets with them. First of all, it has an automatic calendar, gives us the ability to set the time from anywhere in the world, has a stopwatch, timer, alarm clock and variable display mode. The latter function makes reading the results both day and night not difficult for us.

The water resistance of the watch is 100 m. The battery life is about 5 years, so you don’t have to go to the watchmaker for replacement too often. Consumers in their ratings emphasize that this is a product with a great value for money.


Rank #3: Casio Baby-G BLX-100-7ER

 CASIO BLX-100-7ER Baby-G is a Casio sports watch at a good price. This model is targeted at women. Mainly due to the fact that it is available in bright, girlish colors. Many ladies liked it because of their looks.

The presented model is easy to use and although it does not have many advanced features, it will certainly meet the needs of a large number of people. Watch options include: alarm, date, depth gauge, as well as weather checking functions.

This watch has been recognized as very functional, because it can serve sportsmence not only during training, but also on a daily basis, because it fits well with more casual stylizations. Not without significance is the watertightness of the product, which is very well rated by users. The manufacturer ensures that you can swim and even dive without fear.


Which Casio sports watches should you choose?

The best Casio sports watch in 2020 is one that is resistant to mechanical damage, has a strong strap and a slide. It should have a bright and legible display, preferably backlit. So that reading information is possible in all lighting conditions.

Water resistance is important in sports watches so that we can train in various weather conditions. In addition, many people buy a sports watch to be able to swim in it, and only a waterproof product allows it. However, you need to make sure what this parameter looks like. For this type of watch, we recommend that you buy products with a water resistance of 100 m to 200 m.

There is also a matter of function. Here, the choice is an individual matter, because each of us has different needs. For some athletes, basic functions are sufficient, while for others more advanced ones. Among the most popular options that sports watches have, we will find: a stopwatch, a pedometer, a heart rate monitor and a date display. Often, models are also equipped with an altimeter or the ability to check the weather. As the number of functions increases, the price of the product increases. So if you are looking for something inexpensive, you have to reckon with the limited functions of the watch.

It is also worth looking at product design, especially if you are a woman. Such a watch does not have to be unattractive. On the contrary, most of the products on offer are very well presented.

In addition to this short guide, we have also prepared a list that includes the best Casio sports watches. We present very advanced products with many options, but also slightly cheaper ones with fewer functions.


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