Having well-defined abdominal muscles and a waist without a pinch of fat is the dream of many people. Therefore, having an abdominal bench to do workouts at home is an excellent option, especially if you don’t have the time to go to the gym every day.


These devices are a classic in most gyms, so they are recognized by many people who frequently perform this type of training. However, the market’s cheap abdominal benches are a good alternative for you to comfortably perform your exercise routine in the comfort of your home.

There are different types of abdominal benches: pulleys, swivels, mattress type, and inclined. Thanks to them, you can comfortably perform a lot of exercises. Thus, it is important that, before betting on a specific model, you establish the use that you will give it. If you are a beginner, with a simple device, it could be enough, while if you are an accomplished athlete, you will need a bank with higher benefits.

In your model comparison, always look for a product that gives you comfort and a correct posture that does not hurt your back. In this sense, you should look for a bench that has padding that offers comfort for the lower back and legs, that is soft to the touch and easy to clean. It must also be stable, resistant, and solid so that it offers a long service life.

It is essential that you can rest your feet on the floor during workouts, so you should look at the height of the bench to choose. For this, look for a model that can fit your height. Another important aspect is that you bet on a product that is easy to assemble, allowing you to store it comfortably and, if possible, that has a folding design.


Rank #1: JUFIT Adjustable weight training bench

Made of steel and multifunctional design, this product has a high score in the network. Many buyers value it and consider it a recommended purchase.


Main Features  


The abdominals are the most difficult part of the body to work, and it is there where more fat accumulates, so if you want a flat and toned belly, you must have the right equipment and maintain a daily training routine. Therefore, today we bring you the Jufit JFF005AB, a multifunctional abdominal bench.

It is a complete device that offers you a wide variety of positions, so you can perform different exercises and work for efficiently different muscle groups. You can improve tonicity, endurance, and gain muscle mass, while burning calories and increasing lung oxygenation capacity.

With this exercise bench, you can not only define your abs but also perform various stretching exercises on the torso. At the same time, you can strengthen the back, shoulders, arms, and legs muscles.


 Folding and sturdy

Contrary to what many buyers think, perhaps due to lack of information and expertise, this abdominal bench can be folded comfortably. This favors storage in any corner or under a bed, especially if you do not have enough space in your house. The folding mechanism does not require great efforts. You have to unscrew each of the screws, raise the bench gently, and lower it. You will get the complete folding.

It is made of high strength steel, which makes it a solid and robust device, capable of offering long service life. Therefore, the manufacturer guarantees that it can withstand a maximum load of up to 120 kilos. It is also stable, safe and its weight only reaches 8 kg, so you can move it with a minimum of effort, if necessary.

 Design and assembly

It is a spacious, light, and elegant bench, designed for a wide variety of users and tested for the efficient performance of various exercises. Its structure allows you to adjust the height, according to your complexion, and the exercise you do. Thus, it can be used comfortably at home and in gyms or training centers for athletes.

Its design integrates two elastic bands made of latex and spring of great resistance for the work of arms, back, and shoulders. It also has comfortable padding and foam-coated rollers for comfort. In the same way and to facilitate the assembly of some parts, you will receive all the necessary tools and a user manual with recommendations for use and easy explanations for this task.



  • It is an exercise bench that enjoys excellent value for money, this quality being its greatest advantage. It offers versatility and comfort for you to perform a wide variety of exercises.


  • Some demanding users miss more tension in the ropes that serve to exercise the arms.

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