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10 Best Cheap Rowing Machine {2020 Reviews}

As many know, a rowing machine is an exercise machine that helps tone your body and makes your heart healthier. With a rowing machine, you can work forearms, shoulders, abs, thighs, hips, etc.

That’s right. With one of these machines, you can have your whole body in shape. Also, obese people and want to reduce can use this type of device, since you burn around 800 calories per hour of training, depending on the pace at which you exercise. However, if you are obese, you should eat a good diet; exercise alone may not give you the desired results.

The human body must be taken care of, and a sedentary life does not help. Therefore, it is essential to exercise constantly to keep fit. Of course, not everyone can go to the gym or train in a special sport away from home. We can buy this type of sports tool since we can have a rowing machine in our room. Even some that are quite comfortable to store when you are not using it to place them under the bed, and nobody will notice that you have one.

A rowing machine can be used for adults, young people, and children, even for the elderly, since its mechanical system does not require strong muscle movements. If you want your grandfather to stay healthy by exercising, you can start thinking about buying one of them. But of course, as there are so many on the market. In this article, we will present the main features of a cheap V-Fit brand rowing machine.

Our primary intention is not to buy the first rowing machine you see in the current market, but you learn to distinguish which one offers the best performance. Above all, you must include this one on the list if you compare cheap rowing machines. But which one is best for me? That is easy to answer: the best suits your needs will be the best for you. From there to you to read what comes next to know the main details of a rowing machine.

10 Best Cheap Rowing Machine

The rowing machines are one of the complete fitness equipment there. With it, we can work on different muscles that are essential for our day to day. Having this rowing machine in our routine will provide us with the physical movements necessary to improve our health and fitness.

There are many reasons for having a rowing machine in our home or gym. If you have already decided to buy it, we will present the best models today.


Below we show you a list of rowing machines at an economical price. Click on one of them to learn more:

Rank #1: EFITMENT Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower

If you are a fan of exercising at home, this model is perfect for you. Its main feature is that it is foldable to assemble and disassemble it at will without any problem.

You can also carry it anywhere you go since its weight and size are ideal for this.

As if that were not enough, if you are new to using this device, bring several DVD packages where you will be explained from the most basic to the most advanced to complement your training.



  • Folding Rower & Gym
  • Full instructional DVD included
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Gym function works the arms, chest, back, shoulders, lats, and abs
  • Onboard Computer Monitors: Time, Stroke, Total Count, Calories, Scan

Rank #2: Sunny Health & Fitness Incline Full Motion Rowing Machine

If you are a lover of high-end products, this model you have to try.

It is designed for people who already have some training experience as it has only one resistance level. So you will not be able to play as much with the difficulties that other models have.

An LCD monitor shows the athlete the most relevant indicators that they need to know during their routine execution. From the time of use to each exercise’s repetitions, you can observe some of the data.

It has a comfortable and large size, so you can lie down your way to train.


  • Steel mainframe
  • Rail aluminum rowing
  • Frame folds for storage
  • Single rowing action gym-style chain
  • Fan wheel resistance system

Rank #3: JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

Without a doubt, it is one of the highest category paddles on the market. This is reflected in the numbers of amazon, which lists it as one of the best-selling products of the moment in the area of ​​fitness.

It has an elegant and modern design that will catch you with just the first glance.

It comes bundled with five resistance levels and a braking system that increases the difficulty and simulates the rowing process in real life.

In addition to this, it has a training program that will guide you until you reach your final goals.

It has a maximum capacity of 120 kg. So if you are a little heavy, this team will support you without problems.

  • Improves the lung, heart, and circulation systems and allows you to control your performance and adjust your training pace
  • Provides a great caloric burn and is an excellent addition to a weight loss program
  • It involves a large part of the body: shoulders, arms, legs, buttocks, abs, and back
  • Provides relevant information such as exercise duration, pace, strokes, and number of calories

Rank #4: ShareVgo Smart Rower Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine

If you are looking to tone some specific body areas, this is the model with magnetic braking you were looking for. With it, you will train the legs, abdomen, biceps, triceps, and shoulders without any problem.

Like other models, it has an LCD screen where you will see all the information you need to know about your training.

And as if that were not enough, it has several levels of difficulty that adapt to any person’s fitness state, no matter how backward or advanced they are.



  • Magnetic brake system
  • 10-gears manual resistance.
  • Comfortable seat with rolling rollers
  • Computer with six functions and a large LCD screen
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg

Rank #5: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

This is the ideal product for those looking for high-performance equipment to complement their training.

Thanks to its braking system, you will feel as if you were rowing in real life, where each stroke will cost you more effort.

Its different rubbers allow you to adapt your training to work different muscles and areas of your body.

If you are starting your training routine, its five resistance levels will help you progress gradually without any rush.


  • Robust folding rowing machine for effective upper body training and smooth rowing movements
  • Compact design and silent rowing system with cable, 4 kg steering wheel, and high-quality folding rail
  • Eight different resistance levels for individual training
  • Console with multiple functions: Calories, time, scan, heartbeats, total beats, beats per minute
  • Maximum user weight: up to 120 kg; assembled dimensions: 192 x 50.5 x 45 cm approx.

This rowing machine requires assembly, but it is a quick and simple process. The structure is ergonomic, robust, and its format is spacious. With it, you will exercise arms, abdomen, and legs.

Main Features  


With this fabulous rowing machine, you can exercise every day if you want and from the comfort of your home. It is very resistant, and you can graduate to make the exercise more or less complicated. With it, you can exercise not only your arms but also your legs, abs, etc.

The tension of the V-Fit Improver is constant. Also, the seat can slide very well. The electronic device serves to keep track of the exercise but emits a sound that some users on the Internet define as annoying. However, other people are very comfortable with it and use it in their exercise routine to keep track of the exercise.

Installation and mode of use

It is very easy to install. Its instructions are very clear and precise. You can graduate according to the difficulty you want. If this is the first time you are going to use it, we recommend placing the machine as smoothly as possible so that your body does not suffer complications. Then you can increase its hardness to increase your level gradually. It should be noted that mounted has dimensions of 115 cm x 60 cm x 15 cm.

To use it, it is easy, similar to almost any rowing machine. You sit, place your feet on the footrests that are located at the opposite end of the seat, held with both hands, and pushed back until the legs are extended. In short, it is simple to use. As if that were not enough, it comes with a fairly useful fitness manual for beginners.

Other features

The package generally measures 115 x 29 x 14 cm and weighs 15 Kilograms. It seems to be very heavy, but it can be accommodated well in the attic, or you can leave it fixed in your training place. It is not recommended to uninstall each time it is used so that the quality of the machine lasts long years. By uninstalling daily, you would be consuming your valuable time, and at the same time, the product is losing its accuracy.

This machine is recommended for personal use, basic use. But for the low price and the benefits it offers, it’s great. The V-Fit Improver can be included among the best cheap rowing machines of 2020.


  • According to the comments on the Internet of users who have already acquired it, the main advantage of this rowing machine is its solid and resistant material. With this machine, you will have long years of training. If what you want is a good machine, this could be an excellent purchase option.


  • Although most people who have bought it are satisfied, it is very difficult to adjust, since the hydraulic brakes are very hard. But this is obvious in a certain sense, since being hard, we will have the guarantee that the product will last long years without the brakes losing their precision.

What are the advantages of using a cheap rowing machine?

The physical activity  gives people a number of benefits that are important for a healthy and full life . Rowing machines are fitness tools that provide quite interesting advantages:

Lose weight

Being a cardiovascular exercise you can lose all the calories  that you do not lose throughout the day. Just use it for 15 to 20 minutes on three to four days a week to start seeing results.

If you want to start shedding those extra kilos, this device will become your best friend.

An ally for your heart

Sport  has the peculiarity that it gives people an unmatched dose of vitality. In this sense, when you use a rowing machine you will help your heart, arteries and circulatory system  to work more calmly, since these are aerobic exercises and they are the most recommended for patients who have these conditions.

Zero stress

There is nothing more harmful than stress . More than 90% of people suffer in their day to day with moments of uncontrollable stress that cause enormous damage to their health.

Although we may not realize it, most chronic diseases  are generated by excess stress in our lives. So the first thing to do is lead a calmer life, not worry about variables that do not depend on us. Nothing is more important than health.

If we add to this a good dose of sport for 3 days a week, we will provide our bodies with the necessary elements to lead a full life.

Define your muscles

Last but not least is developing our body.

The rowing machine is designed either to maintain your ideal weight  or to increase the size and definition of the main muscles.

With good advice, good training and nutrition, it is impossible not to achieve your goals with a rowing machine.

There are many reasons and advantages that sport has for our lives . Don’t wait any longer and buy your cheap rowing machine and see them for yourself.

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