10 Best Chin Up Bar For Apartment – Reviews In 2021

If you hesitate which chin-up bar will meet your expectations, be sure to check out the ranking below. 

It presents several models that are most often chosen by consumers. Marbo MS-D102 was recognized as the best product of this type in 2021.

 It is a rod that is adapted for mounting not only to the wall but also to the ceiling. It has a smooth adjustment of the spacing of the handles, which means that it is useful during various exercises.

 With the help of this model, you can sculpt your arm muscles and even your back. Rubber handles guarantee a completely safe and comfortable workout, so you don’t have to worry about injury. 

Do you want the purchased exercise bar to withstand a very heavy load? 

Then check out the Magnus Power MP1035with a maximum load capacity of 210 kg. 

It was designed in cooperation with physiotherapists and based on knowledge of anatomy. This is a very solid device that is resistant to mechanical damage.


Best Chin Up Bar For Apartment - 2021

Pulling up on the bars strengthens not only the arms and shoulders but also many other parts of our body. 

During this simple exercise, all muscles tighten, which makes the bar a great proposition for anyone who wants to improve their condition and increase muscle mass.

You also can’t forget that this simple device will fit every home, for example, in the transition between rooms. 

Our list will help you choose the best stick adapted to your needs.


Rank #1: Marbo MS-D102

 Our first proposal is Marbo MS-D102 – a great pull up bar, which is a great solution for anyone looking for simple household appliances. Training using the bar is a great option for those who want to develop back muscles and biceps and strengthen the abdomen or mediastinum’s muscles.

Why is this the best chin-up bar? Mainly due to the design that allows mounting to both the wall and the ceiling. You also can’t forget that the installation of the device is also extremely simple. All it takes is a few screws, and the rod is ready for use. If we want to change the position, we only unscrew four screws.

This universal bar has been equipped with a smooth adjustment of the spacing of the handles, which allows you to diversify your training and thus achieve better results in less time. The distance from the ceiling is 65 cm, and the distance from the wall is 60 cm. The minimum width between the door frames must be 100 cm. The device has gained many favorable opinions of professional trainers and satisfied users.

The equipment that will be great for chin-ups is the Marbo MS-D102. This is the best pull up bar in 2020. The distance from the ceiling of this model is 65 cm, while from the wall 60 cm. It is a door frame with a minimum length of 100 cm.




This product is very practical – it can be mounted in the door frame, wall, or ceiling. Thanks to this, you will easily find a place to put the bar in your home.


Consumers emphasize that the installation of the device is very simple. To install the rod, just a few screws and screws are enough. Also, we can always change the position of the device by unscrewing four screws.


The presented model is universal because it is equipped with a smooth adjustment of the handles’ spacing. So if you are looking for equipment that will allow you to expand your training and change position, this is a great suggestion.

Solid construction:

In their assessments, the rod users emphasize that a very solid performance characterizes this equipment.


Because the rod can withstand a load of approx. 250 kg, it can also be used by very obese people.


Rank #2: Magnus Power MP1035

 The MAGNUS MP1035 training bar is our second suggestion. This is great equipment on which you can perform exercises such as pull-ups or grips, boxing, and legs pull-ups. Even people weighing 210 kg can exercise on the equipment, which is proved by load tests.

The weight of the bar is 7.2 kg. Its dimensions are 115 cm wide and 5 cm wall distance and the dimensions of the base are 60 cm x 36 cm. The set includes six rubber grips and six mounting wheels. This model can only be mounted on the wall.

Training on the bar requires the involvement of many body parts, thanks to it. We will increase strength, physical fitness, and sculpt the figure. The big advantage of this model is the variety of grips and hand spacing. Magnus designers have created a bar based on knowledge of anatomy and the advice of physiotherapists.

Thanks to this, the distance between the handles provides us with comfort during training and, at the same time, makes the effects of work visible much faster. One cannot forget that the strong and durable construction of the device has been appreciated by many users.

The MAGNUS MP1035 training bar is another product in our set. It is high-strength equipment that is used to perform various types of exercises. The bar is 115 cm wide.




The device withstands loads up to 210 kg. So you can be sure that you are investing in solid equipment. It can also be used by very obese people or weightlifting bodybuilders.

Mounting system:

Mounting the rod is not too difficult, and we can do it immediately after purchasing the product because the set includes rubber grips and mounting wheels.

Comfort and safety:

The product was created based on knowledge of anatomy and the advice of physiotherapists. We can be sure that it is completely safe. Also, the grip spacing is designed to give us maximum comfort and better exercise efficiency.

Strong construction:

This product has a very solid construction. The equipment withstands heavy loads and is resistant to damage.


The device allows us to perform many exercises. This is possible thanks to the handles of different lengths.


Rank #3: Marbo MH-D002

 The MH-D002 rod is a novelty from 2014 that has gained many satisfied users in just a few months. It is a universal proposition that can be mounted both to the wall and the ceiling. Only four weddings separate us from changing positions and thus performing more exercises. The rod’s strength is up to 150 kg.

The European Quality Center has tested the equipment in terms of safety and compliance with applicable standards. The device has been awarded the Safety Certificate. Do you like Polish products? If so, you will be interested in the fact that the device is a proposition from the first Polish company producing home exercise equipment with a Safety Certificate.

The bar is 120 cm wide, the distance from the wall is 42 cm, and the distance from the ceiling is 47.7 cm. It is also worth mentioning that the reviews about the chin-up bars of this manufacturer are very positive. The device was appreciated for the high quality of materials, excellent load capacity, and stable assembly.

The next place in the ranking was taken by the MH-D002 model. It is solidly made equipment that will work in the home of every person who wants to improve their physical fitness. It is worth emphasizing that this is a product of a Polish company.



Quick montage:

This model is very versatile and easy to install. It can be mounted to the ceiling or wall. If you want to change the position, just unscrew just four screws.


It is a safe product with a Safety Certificate. So you can be sure that you invest in equipment that will provide you protection during exercise.

Production quality:

Consumers highly rated the quality of the product. In their assessments, they emphasize that it is high-quality equipment.



Maximum weight of the exerciser:

For obese people and a lot of weight, the disadvantage of the equipment is that its maximum load is 150 kg. So if you weigh a little more or want to exercise with extra weight, the bar may not be enough.


Rank #4: Spokey 81462

 Our ranking of chin-up bars closes the unique Spokey 81462 made of chrome steel. The foam handle prevents slipping off your hands while exercising, which ensures full safety. This unique spreader bar is suitable for most door frames, as the adjustment range is 70-110 cm. The fine thread ensures stability, and the product itself is durable and easy to install.

The weight of the device is only 1.44 kg, and the maximum load is 100 kg. Because the fastening is strengthened with screws, we do not have to worry about our safety even with frequent use. The set also includes sleeves and screws that will facilitate assembly. This good and cheap chin-up bar has many positive user reviews.

Mainly because it spreads out, perfectly matching the frame. At the same time, we must note that the rubber ends to protect the door frame, so after removing the device, we do not need to repair anything. The low price of the equipment is also an important aspect.

N CB ranking closes Spokey 81462 rod made of chromium steel. It is an inexpensive proposition for people who are just starting their adventure with lifting.



Foam handle:

The rod is equipped with a foam handle that effectively prevents hand slipping. Thanks to this, you have full protection during exercise.


It is a strut model, which is adjustable in the range of 70 cm to 110 cm.


This is one of the cheapest proposals on the market and, at the same time, the cheapest in our ranking. The presented rod costs about PLN 40.




The machine has a maximum load of 100 kg. So this is not heavy-weight exercise equipment.

Lack of stability:

As the consumers emphasize, this model is characterized by quite high mobility. It is not very stable, so people with a weight of close to 100 kg may experience some discomfort.


Shopping guide

Pull-up bar, it would seem that there is nothing simpler. And yet, when it comes to choosing the model to buy, it turns out that the matter gets complicated. What is the best chin-up bar? What to look for when buying? Why exactly is a rod not just a “rod” but a rather complicated set of pipes? In this guide, we will describe types of rods and what to focus on when choosing the right one.

Which chin-up bar to choose?

Some practical advice before buying a stick will come in handy. First of all, you need to check the thickness of the rod tube that suits you. It must not be larger than our hand allows. When you close the stick in your hand, it must surround the stick. On the other hand, practitioners have long said in this way that having a thicker tube, such as where the user cannot close it in his hand, the exerciser is forced to squeeze the device harder and thus further strengthens the forearms and fingers. Nevertheless, being a beginner adept, it is better to choose a narrower tube.

It is equally important to determine what width the grip suits us. It is good to check it in the gym before buying to choose a model that allows such hand spacing. Also, modern bars are not always devices that contain one simple bar. Currently, the exerciser has straight, bent bars at his disposal, with additional handles that allow him to pull up using the so-called hammer grip.

It is also worth checking the grip part of the rod. When the place where the practitioner places his hands is provided with soft foam or rubber, this guarantees a more secure grip, because sweaty hands do not slide on the surface of the bar. Also, such soft equipment prevents the formation of imprints during exercise, and thus increases their comfort.

What fixing

We can extract rods with various mounting methods. So, they are cantilever-mounted, ceiling-mounted, multi-functional, without permanent installation, as well as spreader bars. 

The first type – rods cantilever mounted to the wall – is simple, bent constructions, with a multitude of handles and varying degrees of complexity. This variety allows you to exercise with different shoulder widths and hand positions. These rods are attached to the wall with a minimum of six screws, three for each bracket. The number of screws depends on the type of wall on which the rod is mounted. This is important because, during exercise, the lower screws are pressed into the wall, and the upper screws are pulled out. If the attachment is too weak and the wall is not strong enough, the attachment may become dangerously loose. Before buying this type of bar, check the length of the bracket. Optimally it should be 50-60 cm because it is the distance we will practice from the wall.

Rods attached to the ceiling can also be diverse, but not as much as the described predecessor. Their main advantage is that with a modest amount of space, such a stick does not interfere with the room’s normal use. With this fastening type, we have devices with a load capacity of 100 to 200 kg, so some people with considerable weight should be particularly interested in this parameter. We also attach such a rod with the use of wall plugs, and also great importance should be attached to the correct installation of the equipment.

Multifunction rods that are not permanently installed are also available. You only need to mount a safety wedge, which is placed on the door frame. It prevents the stick from sliding down, blocked on the door frame. A necessary condition for this type of device is to have a solid door frame. Thanks to this device, you can practice not only pull-ups but also push-ups and bellies.

In the end, the spreader bar, recommended for people with a smaller weight, because it is the least durable fastening. The rod, in this case, is a simple tube, without any additions. Such rods can only have space for hands with rubber elements and a sponge lining. The rod is mounted on the door frame (and again, you need a solid door frame). The rod is held on the door frame thanks to the fastening it between the sides of the door frame. There are also pull up bars at good prices because prices start from 20-30 zlotys.

A variety of bars and exercises

To plan your training, it is also good to familiarize yourself with the exercises that we will be doing on the stick. Not all types of exercises can be done on the basic model. But for sure, it will be possible to perform pull-ups on it. It is such a grip that the practitioner turns open hands towards the face and grabs the stick in this position. This gripping of the bar most intensively trains the biceps (biceps) and shoulder muscles. The whole back also works here, and the widest dorsal muscle and the greater round muscle.

Pulling up with a handle is also done on a standard stick. This is exactly the opposite position of the hand than in the grip. Here you can adjust the exercises depending on the arm spacing that the practitioner wants to take. Very wide spacing is only available in more extensive models of exercise bars, where the tips are often tilted, which facilitates making a wide grip. Shoulders and back – middle and lower dorsal muscle work with this wide arm spacing. With a narrow spacing, the back works the most – the middle and lower sections of the widest dorsal muscle.

Equally important, especially for mountaineers, is the pull-up exercise with an open grip. This simulates keeping on rock shelves. The elaborate device can also be used for relics (lifelong lines) or dziabki (ice ax) during exercises.

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