10 Best Climbing Harness For Children-Reviews In 2020

When choosing the mountains with a child who has the aspirations to climb with us, we should consider buying the right equipment for our child. We compared the best climbing harnesses for children, and also consulted consumers to create a set of features that should include a maximally safe and functional harness.


What climbing harness for children should I buy?

Even the youngest lover of climbing should have equipment that will allow him to travel safely in the mountains. A harness can protect a child from a dangerous fall from a great height. The best solution for our child will be a full enclosure that will protect the entire body and legs. During overhang, the whole body is protected, which significantly reduces the risk of injury. Fastening such equipment should be very solid, and at the same time simple enough to be able to be released from the harness fairly quickly if necessary. The belts should be wide enough so that they do not stick into the body, and at the same time be solid. The more extra belts, the better. It happens that the braces are also equipped with additional pockets, e.g. for water. However, the best climbing harness for children in 2020, apart from being safe, also has an attractive design,

It cannot be denied that climber safety equipment manufacturers use technology to make hiking in the mountains as safe as possible. Most of this type of equipment available on the market has the necessary approvals confirming their safety and reliability of materials used for production. It is good that each belt is adjustable. Then the child will be able to use his climbing equipment for several seasons. In addition, remember that a child can use the harness throughout the year, e.g. on climbing walls. Then the adjustment will be especially useful, because the child is wearing a little less clothing than when hiking in the open air. The full harness is ideal for children up to 11 years old. Then you can successfully replace it with a waist belt or additional belt for shoulders.


Rank #1: HandAcc Kids Full Body Harness

HandAcc Kids Full Body Harness is a harness for children weighing less than 30 kg. It is full because children do not have a clear waistline and their hips are quite narrow. The lap belt would not, therefore, secure the child sufficiently, because the child could just slip out of it.

On the back of the harness there are buckles that the child cannot manipulate by himself. To put on and take off the product, you will need an adult’s help. Two-colored tapes allow you to remember which side is outer and which is inner. The accessory is available in one size – its weight is 350 g, the waist circumference is 51 cm, and the leg strap circumference is adjustable from 45 to 60 cm.

According to buyers, this is one of the best harnesses available on the market. Its price is reasonable, while the quality is really good. Children like the product design – the tapes from the outside look very nice and resemble comics.


Rank #2: PETZL Kids' Simba Climbing Harness

 The PETZL Kids’ Simba Climbing Harness is a climbing harness for children at a good price, which is very solid and fully adjustable. The product will be suitable for children weighing up to 40 kg. Growth is not significant in this case.

The harness connector is finished with red material so that it is easy to find. All tapes are very wide, so they do not stick into the child’s body. The whole is therefore comfortable and also works well in the summer. The four buckles used to adjust the harness are very solid and also allow you to move the strap in one move. This definitely makes it easier for parents to match the right size of the harness to the child.

Parents and guardians really like the harness placed in the harness – sponge braces that increase the comfort of using the harness and do not cause pain to the child when hanging in it. This equipment is definitely recommendable.


Rank #3: Fusion Climb Centaur Kiddo Half Body Children's Climbing Harness

 Fusion Climb Centaur Kiddo Half Body Children’s Climbing Harness is a harness created by one of the most famous American climbing equipment manufacturers. The product is made of high quality materials based on innovative ideas and technologies.

Thanks to the buckles, the harness can be adjusted to suit the child’s weight and height. It will successfully serve the little walker for several seasons. The attachment point placed high allows the child to maintain correct posture when falling or while lowering. Because the product has a soft lining, hanging in the harness does not hurt the baby.

Buyers love that the harness is easy to remove. The equipment is intended for children weighing up to 40 kg and a torso length from 35 cm to 65 cm. Our child will be able to use the equipment for several years. The product will be used by the toddler in climbing halls as well as during mountain trips. Parents will certainly not be disappointed in the safety and reliability of the harness. It’s a good investment in safe child climbing.


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