10 Best Crossfit Rowing Machine [2021 Reviews]

Given that they are the most versatile devices for doing sports, today we want to talk about the best rowing machine of how many are currently on sale. 

The wide variety of models and prices complicates the choice a bit according to each user.

Also known as an ergometer or indoor rowing machine, we can simultaneously exercise various parts of the body.

 Still, if you want to know exactly which muscles are worked on a rowing machine, we recommend you follow us to the end.

In this post, we are going to deal with that and many other interesting questions. 

Of course, we will see five also five models of large firms, which will surprise you with their functionality. Let’s row. It has been said! …

Rank #1: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 12 Rowing Machine

A good cover letter is that it is the best-selling rowing machine to use at home for now, which is not surprising since it comes from one of the best firms in this type of exercise equipment.

This model is suitable for both novice and more experienced users. Safe, comfortable, and complete of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 12 Rowing Machine .

 We highlight its quality aluminum construction and the endurance of a maximum weight of 120 kilos.

This Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 12 Rowing Machine differs from the rest of the firm’s rowing benches in that it is more elongated

It measures approximately 83 x 57 x 200 cm, making it ideal for very tall people. 

On your monitor, you can control how your training is going, and at the end of the session, you will know the time used, the number of strokes, and the number of calories lost. 

Ergonomic and silent, it has 16 levels of resistance and is compatible with various mobile devices.

It also includes 12 training programs, five profiles to create, and 4 HRC functions. It comes with assembly tools and a user manual with tips such as using a machine row without injury.

According to some loose complaints out there, the only catch is that the App is not very developed.

Our conclusion:

In summary, it can be said that it is one of the most recommended rowing machines. Not in vain do the majority prefer it.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 12  Rowing Machine


  • Supports up to a weight of 120 kg
  • Very comfortable seat
  • With 12 pre-installed programs
  • Can be paid in 24 months


  • The App is not so developed

Rank #2: Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Left to choose between cheap rowing benches, we settled on the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine  for several reasons.

 First, this machine has a compact design that includes wheels and is easy to fold, making it comfortable to use and transport.

In its modern multifunctional screen, easy to handle, you will see the most important information related to sports activity while you develop it.

 And depending on your physical condition, you can adjust the magnetoresistance to any of its eight levels.

This model allows for noise-free exercise in the home as the ball-mounted chair glides silently and safely on the lightweight aluminum rails. Despite this last detail.

It supports up to a bodyweight of 100 kilos.

To say something less positive, we have investigated users’ opinions, and it seems that its assembly is not as easy as it is painted.

Our conclusion:

It is the most advisable among the many types of machine oars available at low-cost prices.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine


  • It is one of the cheapest ergometers
  • Compact design and easy to transport
  • Supports up to 100 kilos
  • Can be paid in 4 times


  • It is somewhat complicated to assemble

Rank #3: Fitness Reality 4000MR Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

Yes, as you hear it because this sports tool includes 15 training programs, ten are preset, and the other 5 are customizable programs. 

Naturally, the qualities of the Fitness Reality 4000MR don’t end there. 

This machine can support up to 300 pounds of weight and features a chain-driven dual transmission mechanism that gives you the strength you need for intense activity on your arms, shoulders, and chest. 

The grip on this model is rubberized to ensure it does not slip from your hands.

 As for its wide contoured seat, it is extra comfort when carrying out long training sessions. Also noteworthy at this point are the large non-slip pedals with straps.

With dimensions of 182.9 x 63.5 x 130.8 cm, 16 magnetic tension levels, and a 5-inch LCD screen with backlighting where you can see the distance, time, calories consumed, etc., we do not see any fault, the truth.

Our conclusion:

It may not be among the cheapest rowing machines, but it is well worth it because it is an unbeatable sports instrument. Also, you can always pay it in installments by buying it through Amazon.

Fitness Reality 4000MR Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine


  • Great contoured seat
  • With 15 training programs
  • Brings five ​​years warranty
  • Can be paid in 24 months


  • We can’t find any fault

Rank #4: Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

You may not be clear yet which rowing machine to buy after having seen the previous three. 

Well, this other one may make you change your mind because Rowing Concept 2 is a highly demanded model for its performance among high-level athletes.

This device has an air resistance fan, a non-slip seat, and a self-calibrating electronic performance monitor in Gray color. 

The model D of its range was launched on the market in 2003, since then it is very common in homes, gyms, sports halls, clubs, and training centers around the world.

With good reason, it is one of the most resistant (supports a maximum of 227 kilos ), despite its low weight of 26 kilos and has high-quality manufacturing materials. 

Its ergonomic design features the adjustable monitor arm and nickel-plated steel chain. Can you ask for more? It would be complicated.

Our conclusion:

We love this folding rowing machine for its functionality and amazing finishes. Over time we will understand that the economic effort has been worth it.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine


  • Resists up to 227 kilos
  • With top-quality materials
  • Robust and ergonomic design
  • It is financed for 24 months


  • Nothing unfavorable to mention

Rank #5: Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine

Finally, we could not fail to include in our list the Sport Plus, recommended for both beginners and advanced users. 

This machine is equipped with a silent magnetic braking system with cable and a cozy padded polyurethane seat.

Measuring 190x51x77 centimeters, and made of high-quality aluminum, it has a 5 kHz receiver incorporated into the chest strap to measure heart rate and an 8-level adjustable resistance and an 8-kilo flywheel.

It is a compact and easily folded model, with an LCD screen to control the exercise variables and access the six pre-installed programs. 

The Sport Plus tolerates up to 150 kilos of weight.

It’s only “but” because the support of the feet is completely rigid, so it does not allow flexibility of movement.

Our conclusion:

Silent, resistant, and with a simple folding mechanism, it is indisputable that this is one of the best rowing machines. We fully advise her.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine


  • For people up to 150 kilos
  • With silent magnetic brake
  • Eight resistance levels
  • Quick open and close system


  • The foot support is completely rigid

Buying Guide

The rowing machine is a particularly complete tool because it allows us to train many different muscle groups: here’s how to use it and which one to choose

Training with the rowing machine

The rowing machine is a very effective training tool . If you have ever tried it in the gym you will already have an idea. Ideally, the rower reproduces the movement done by rowers in rowing, obviously without the need for oars, boats and bodies of water.

But why is the rowing machine so interesting as a tool? Quickly said: as you can see in the illustration below this tool allows you to do exercises that involve practically all the muscle groups of the body. In short, it is a complete workout that allows you to burn many calories.

How the rowing machine works

The rowing machine is a gym tool that simulates the typical movement of rowing, training several muscles at the same time : arms and legs first of all, but also abdominals and buttocks.

Its advantages also include strengthening the joints and allowing an aerobic training, particularly suitable for burning calories and therefore for losing weight.

According to experts, it can take 20 to 30 minutes a day of rowing, 3 times a week , to start seeing the results of physical exercise.

Rowing machine: how to choose the right one

The good news? Although it is a common tool in the gym , on the market you can find excellent rowing machines to use at home , so you can train as often as you want.

They range from super simple and economical models , in which the classic handlebar is replaced by an elastic band, to those completely similar to professional tools, and therefore also equipped with a display to monitor the time, the results achieved or the calories burned.

The footprint? In many cases they are foldable and compact so that they can be stored anywhere in the house.

Dcolor spring rowing machine

If before buying a real rowing machine you prefer to evaluate that it is the right tool for you, start by choosing a basic version. Dcolor’s one is in fact made up of a simple elastic band: even if it is not a full-fledged rowing machine, it simulates the classic movement of real rowers, allowing you to train your arms, thighs and abs, and to burn calories. The cost? Less than 30 euros.

Compact rowing machine Rower Compact

If the problem is limited space at home, choose a foldable and compact rowing machine. Rower Compact has a solid construction but is easy to fold and store. In addition, the connected display allows you to monitor the number of strokes and also the calories burned. The plus? By customers Amazon is indicated as one of the best in terms of quality-price.

Homcom professional rowing machine

Are you looking for a rowing machine very similar to those you can find in the gym? Homcom’s has a compact design and is made with quality materials. It also features an ergonomic seat to ensure maximum comfort and pedals with safety straps. In the display you can keep track of your strokes, training time and even calories burned.

Ultrasport rowing machine

The Ultrasport rower is also professional and super tactical. Among its advantages, the sturdy structure but above all the 8 resistance levels to choose according to your level of training. The multifunction computer allows you to monitor calories, time, scan and even number of strokes.

Yl-Life magnetic rowing machine

For your home gym this can be the ad hoc solution: in the Yl-Life rowing machine, in fact, the 8 resistance levels can be easily set with a button, while on the LCD display you can monitor the progress made, the calories burns and even heart rate. The extra advantage? The shelf where you can place your tablet so you can train by watching your favorite content.


The benefits of using the rowing machine, all the mistakes to avoid during exercises and the best model to train at home


The rowing machine is a great fitness tool to train at home and get back in shape, especially because it involves the whole body, improves resistance and elasticity and makes you lose weight quickly. Initially designed to allow rowing athletes to train even in winter, the rowing machine is a cardio training tool that faithfully reproduces rowing , and is one of the best-selling equipment in the world for its many health benefits . 
So let’s find out all the benefits of the rowing machine , which is the best model to buy online fortraining at home and all the mistakes to avoid to use it correctly.

The benefits of training with the rowing machine


Being a tool comprehensive and challenging, the rowing machine is ideal for improving your fitness and, in particular, is the best training tool for:

  • train almost all the muscles of the body;
  • lose weight ;
  • burn fat;
  • improve your cardiovascular capacity.

Training with the rowing machine , in fact, involves the dorsal and back muscles, stimulates the muscles of the legs, buttocks, quadriceps and hamstrings and tones the arms, shoulders and abdomen muscles. In addition, an hour of training with the rowing machine burns an average of 470 calories, and training consistently helps improve physical endurance, motor coordination, lung capacity and the cardiovascular system. The rowing machine is then accessible to everyone, being a low impact machine that does not produce stress or overload on the joints, and is also excellent for those who are overweight.

The best rowing machine to buy online to train at home


The Sportplus rowing machine is ideal for home fitness : in fact, it is very quiet, simple to assemble, can be transported easily, has a sturdy structure and is equipped with an intelligent closure, so that it can be stored even in small spaces. So let’s see in detail all the features of this rower .

What SportPlus is a professional rower Magnetic central drive. Perfect for both professional athletes and beginners , this rowing machine is equipped with a comfortable central and non-slip handle that allows the arms to move freely and allows you to perform smooth and quite realistic rowing movements. Featuring 8 manually adjustable resistance levels and 6 pre-installed training programs, this rowing machinealso has a small reclining console with an LCD display, which shows the number of strokes, approximate energy and calorie consumption, training time, distance and strokes per minute; in addition, if used in conjunction with a chest strap (not included in the package), the console will also show the heart rate, being equipped with a 5 kHz pulse detector to measure the pulse constantly.

With an excellent quality / price ratio and super effective for training the whole body, the SportPlus rowing machine is equipped with a footrest with a non-slip surface and adaptable strings, which prevent the foot from moving, and is also very quiet: the comfortable seat with sphere glides silently on the aluminum rail, so that it is possible to train between the walls of the house without causing unwanted noises and in complete tranquility. In addition, this rowing machine can be folded in a space-saving format and transported thanks to the integrated transport wheels (dimensions when unfolded 190x51x51x77cm, dimensions when folded 95x51x122cm), bears a maximum weight of 150 kg and in the package are included tools for assembly and a manual in Italian.

The mistakes to avoid in training with the rowing machine


The rowing machine is a simple tool to use, but to avoid getting hurt and to enjoy its benefits to the full , it is important to train correctly. Here then are the mistakes to avoid when training at home with the rowing machine .

  • Do not move your arms and legs at the same time – rowing should be done in 2 stages: first push with the legs and then with the arms.
  • Do not open the elbows – the strike ends with the elbows back parallel to the body.
  • Keep your back straight – it is very important that your torso is kept vertical at the end of the pull.
  • Do not stretch your legs too far – in order not to force the knees, it is important not to reach the maximum extension of the legs during the strike.
  • Do not open your knees – remember that your legs must remain parallel during the exercise.
  • Don’t squeeze your shoulders – keep your shoulders down while performing the exercise.



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