10 Best Dumbbell Set For Home Workout –Reviews In 2020

Are you completing your home gym equipment and have you noticed that you are missing a set of dumbbells? Don’t worry, you will surely find the right set in our ranking. Hop-Sport 2 × 20 received the most positive reviews . 

The kit includes two chrome bars, as well as cast iron plates that weigh 40 kg in total. This universal training equipment is suitable for both men and women. Ladies can use less for exercise, and gentlemen a greater load. It is important that the gripping part of the griffins is corrugated, i.e. specially grooved, which is why the dumbbells lie securely in your hands. 

You don’t have to worry about accidentally letting go of the weights from your hands, which could result in a painful injury, e.g. of the foot. Do you have the impression that the set does not fully meet your expectations? 

In that case, we recommend you a full setHMS ST20 , consisting of two bars and 8 plates (4 of 2.5 kg and 4 of 1.5 kg). The whole was packed in a handy suitcase. The equipment is therefore easy to store.


The best dumbbell sets in 2020

In this article, we have collected useful information to help you decide what set of dumbbells to choose. 

Manufacturers offer various products based on the user’s gender and the material from which they are made.

 The AmazonBasics Hex Hand Dumbbell Weight will be an effective exercise device for everyone, regardless of gender or strength. They can be used in general development exercises and fitness. First of all, they enable training of upper body parts – biceps, triceps, forearms and many back muscles.

This sports equipment attracts attention due to its good workmanship – the bars are made of nickel-plated, reinforced steel. Special cuts on the handles are very functional – they prevent the hand from slipping during exercise. This solution increases both the effectiveness of training and your safety – dumbbells will not fall out of your hand thanks to it.

Perfectly cast clamps will allow rigid mounting of plates on the neck. Of course, it is also possible to reduce the load. The material from which the weights are made (cast iron) belongs to the best in the category of this type of sports equipment.

There is no caking, which leads to a reduction in the weight of the equipment or potential damage. This is a great advantage of metal exercise equipment.

Hop-Sport 2 × 20 is a set in which you will find two chrome bars 40 cm long and iron plates. Their total weight is 40 kg, 20 kg for each dumbbell.



Non-slip grips:

The weight holders are specially grooved and non-slip. This increases the comfort of training and our safety.

Solid plates:

There is no risk that the plates will destroy quickly. They show increased resistance to mechanical damage as well as corrosion.

Precise load pressure:

The set includes four threaded clamps that guarantee precise pressure of the plates and prevent them from sliding on the neck.

Not only for men:

Both men and women can reach for dumbbells. The set includes plates weighing: 1 kg, 2 kg, 2.5 kg and 3.75 kg.

For various exercises:

With the help of the set we can sculpt the muscles of the hands as well as the back. What’s more, the accessory is used during fitness training.



Sliding elastics from the nuts:

Be careful when tightening the load, because safety rubber bands often slide off the clamps. Then they cannot be properly fastened.


Gaiam Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weight is a set that consists of two straight bars, 4 plates weighing 2.5 kg and four plates weighing 1.25 kg. The whole is packed in a practical and handy suitcase. It protects the training equipment against dust settling, as a result we don’t have to clean it before exercising.

The material of the griffins is solid, chromed steel. The handles are grooved, which is why the risk of accidental falling out of the hand is reduced to a minimum. The clamps are responsible for fixing the plates on the neck. It is enough to tighten them firmly so that the load does not shift. This is not too troublesome.

The owners of the set praise it for its durability. Dumbbells are not susceptible to mechanical damage, so even after a long time traces of use are invisible. Considering the attached load, it can be said that it is a universal equipment that can be used by all physically active household members. Each of them can freely exchange plates for lighter or heavier ones, depending on individual needs.

The Gaiam Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weight  weigh 20 kg together with the load. Four plates weighing 2.5 kg and four plates weighing 1.25 kg are included. Their material is cast iron.



Grooved handles:

Because the handles are grooved, you should not be afraid that the dumbbells will suddenly fall out of your hand (even when we sweat heavily).

Practical suitcase:

The elements included in the set have been packed in a practical case. We can store equipment in it to protect it from dust. This means that we do not have to clean the dumbbells before each workout.

Threaded neck ends:

The griffins have threaded ends, which means that placing plates on them is not troublesome. Just put on a load and lock with nuts.


Our dumbbell set test has proven that it is durable training equipment. It will certainly not be destroyed too quickly, even if all household members use it regularly.



Load too low:

Experienced people believe that more plates should be included in the set.


SPRI Dumbbells Deluxe Vinyl has prepared a cheap and good set of dumbbells in a suitcase. The main advantage of this solution is the mobility of the equipment, the ability to conveniently move it. The suitcase is constructed in such a way that one of the dumbbells do not need to be dismantled, which significantly reduces the time to prepare the equipment for the next training. The total mass of all loads is small – it is only 15 kg.

Thanks to this, the set is perfect for additional and home exercises. Low weight makes the product perfectly suited to the needs of women who are just starting their adventure with strength sport.

The weight has been divided into as many as 12 plates of varying weight, thanks to which everyone can precisely match the training load to their capabilities. The weights for this product are also made of cast iron, which guarantees their longevity.

The quite typical bar diameter – 25.4 mm – means that newly purchased, heavier plates can be easily adapted to the dumbbell. 4 fixing nuts in the set perfectly protect loads against falling out.

The SPRI Dumbbells Deluxe Vinyl set includes two griffins and 12 plates: 8 for 1 kg and 4 for 1.5 kg. The total weight of the load is 15 kg.



Convenient storage:

We should not complain about uncomfortable storage or carrying the set. All items are in the suitcase. We can arrange them properly and protect against dust. What’s more, thanks to this solution, we reduce the risk of losing nuts.


The griffins are made of steel and the plates are made of cast iron. This means that the set is durable and well suited for intensive use.

Large neck diameter:

The diameter of the neck is 25.4 mm. We can confidently grab it and practice it comfortably, which is confirmed by people with large hands.



The need to install a large number of plates:

The plates weigh 1 kg and 1.5 kg. To exercise with a heavy load we have to put on most of them on the neck.


Rank #4: Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Dumbbells

Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Dumbbells are basically cast iron dumbbells with a smooth, shiny finish. Thanks to this, they become much more pleasant to touch and less expose your hands to times. Therefore, the equipment proposed by Fitness Republic  will be perfect for women. Dumbbell colors – turquoise and purple, as well as their low weight (2 x 1.5 kg) also support this.

These are additional loads applied, for example, while dancing to increase the effects of training and make greater effort in one go. The purchase of these dumbbells (the load is not regulated) will also benefit every person practicing aerobics, fitness and exercising at home.

These types of loads do not, in principle, lead to muscle development, but keep them in a very good condition. It is also good information for women who are afraid of too much muscle growth.

Due to the low weight and smooth surface of the dumbbell, there is virtually no risk of injury, even when the device falls on the exerciser’s foot. No special gloves are required for training with this product.

Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Dumbbell  is a good set of dumbbells up to PLN 50. The set includes two dumbbells, each weighing 1.5 kg. They are covered with vinyl.



For light exercises:

Because dumbbells are not heavy, they are suitable for beginners. They allow you to make fitness training or even rehabilitation exercises more attractive.

Non-slip surface:

The vinyl surface means that we can firmly grasp the weights and certainly do not accidentally let them out of our hands.

Easy cleaning:

If dirty, the dumbbells can be quickly cleaned. All you need is a damp cloth.



They do not affect muscle growth:

This is not a good choice for people who want to gain muscle mass. Exercises with the kit will not provide this effect because it is too light.

Mainly for women:

The product is suitable primarily for women. For men, it will probably offer too little load, and the dumbbells have relatively small handles.


Rank #5: AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell

 The list could not miss AmazonBasics Case 15Kg. It is a set consisting of: 4 0.5 kg plates, 8 1 kg plates and two chrome bars 3 cm in diameter and 35 cm in length. All items were packed in a suitcase. With the help of the set we can carve the upper body, in particular the arms and chest.

Dumbbells ensure safety during exercise. You don’t have to worry about suddenly sliding the plates off the neck. Four load-stop nuts prevent this from happening. Importantly, the gripping part of the dumbbell is covered with non-slip rubber.

According to buyers, the set is suitable as a gift for a physically active person. He can encourage further fight for a beautiful and slim figure. Because there are a large number of plates in the set, there is no risk that it will quickly become too light and thus not very useful. The suitcase used for storing dumbbells is solid and handy.

The AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell  consists of: two chrome bars, 4 plates of 0.5 kg and 8 plates of 1 kg. Four nuts complete the set.



Provides safe training:

The grip part of the neck is covered with black non-slip rubber. For this reason, the risk of a dumbbell falling out of your hand is minimized. In addition, the nuts prevent the load from constantly moving.

Possibility to buy additional plates:

If after some time it turns out that we need to exercise with a greater load, we can use additional plates. We can buy them or choose from another set, provided that their diameter is equal to 3 cm.



Need to remove the plates before packing:

Before we put the dumbbells in a suitcase, we must first remove all weights and arrange them properly.

Squeaking when putting on the nuts:

Putting nuts on the neck is accompanied by loud squeaking, which, according to most users, is not very pleasant.


Shopping guide

Dumbbells are the most basic exercise equipment. You can train with them at the gym as well as at home. They take up little space, and the effects they allow to achieve can surprise. They don’t have to be used only to train your arms and shoulders, you can strengthen your calf, breast and buttock muscles with them. There are many different training plans that include the use of dumbbells. Therefore, in this guide you will find useful tips on what set of dumbbells to choose .

Level of advancement and purpose

Much depends on whether you are just starting the adventure with dumbbells and what exercises they are intended for. Persons who are taking their first steps should not use instruments heavier than 0.5 kg. Although it would seem that this is a very small load, in fact, at the first attempts it can cause a lot of sourdough. Over time, however, when our muscles are already accustomed to such a load, 0.5 kg is not enough. However, remember that a lot depends on the type of exercise you want to do. If it is to be only aerobic and strengthening exercises, it is better to opt for a maximum load of 2 kg per hand. On the other hand, when exercising to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, arms or buttocks, heavier equipment will be useful. Therefore, it is worth reaching for a set that includes 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg dumbbells.

This set is enough when you plan to perform only aerobic and strengthening training. However, if you plan to do strength training – 5 kg dumbbells are the lightest, which should be reached. Much depends on the stage and intensity of the exercise. In this case, it’s worth buying a set of several dumbbells – 10 kg, 15 kg and, for example, 30 kg.

Types of dumbbells – what set of dumbbells is best for you?

Weight is not everything to look for when choosing a dumbbell. Since models of different materials are available on the market, we would like to introduce the features of each of them:

Neoprene – they have a cast iron filling and are covered with neoprene from the outside. This material is pleasant to the touch and does not absorb moisture, so the dumbbells do not slip in your hand. They are available in a weight range from 0.5 kg to 5 kg. They are a suitable proposition for beginners and advanced to perform aerobic training. They are also available in a version with a Velcro fastener.

Vinyl – the inner part is made of concrete, which is additionally covered with a layer of vinyl. Such dumbbells have round ends with special grooves to prevent rolling on the floor. This type of equipment is recommended for people with large hands. The product is available in a weight range from 1.5 kg to 5 kg.

Rubber – equipment available in the weight range from 0.5 kg to even 50 kg. There are three types of such dumbbells – all covered with rubber weighing 0.5 kg to 5 kg, covered with rubber at the ends – up to 50 kg and those that only have rubber pads. Thanks to the rubber, the dumbbells do not slip, providing comfort during training.

Steel – available in the range of 1 kg to even 50 kg. For intensive training, they require gloves.


Bet on safety

Dumbells can have different endings. Most often rounded, which on the one hand minimizes the likelihood of cuts and injuries, but on the other hand makes the equipment roll over the floor. That is why a growing number of manufacturers offer square and triangular dumbbells. This is a great solution when we often change the load during exercises and do not want the equipment to be rolled on the floor.

Another issue concerning not only our safety, but also the environment are solutions that make the dumbbells depreciated when they fall. Neoprene and rubber models have such cushioning properties. When the device falls to the floor, it will not be as audible as in the case of devices from other materials. At the same time, we don’t have to worry about damage. When choosing other equipment, it is worth checking whether they have at least rubber inserts so that they do not damage the floor when they fall

Additional equipment

When choosing a more advanced set of dumbbells, it is worth reaching for one with a stand. Non-rounded models will not roll around the room, although it is better to store them in a safe place. When buying, choose a solid rack with protections. This is especially important when you have children. Of course, it is safest to store a dumbbell in a place where the child does not have access, but sometimes we do not have such a possibility. Another issue is the floor mat, which not only protects it from damage when we accidentally drop the handle from a great height, but also absorbs fall without causing noise. This is especially recommended when we live in a block of flats.

Dumbbell sets at good prices

Dumbbell prices start from a dozen or so zlotys and end at a few hundred. Rubber and neoprene models weighing 0.5 kg are the cheapest. The larger the dumbbells you choose, the more they cost. The purchase of individual pairs of dumbbells seems to us a great saving. However, it is worth considering choosing a product in the set, which will ultimately be cheaper.


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