Top 5 Best Exercise Balls For Pregnancy – Reviews In 2020

Are you planning to buy an exercise ball? If you do not want to regret your decision, be sure to read the list that we have prepared. Based on a detailed analysis of the opinions of buyers, we have selected noteworthy products of the best exercise balls for pregnancy. 

The model that has received the most favorable reviews is Spokey Fitball III 65cm . This ball is made of strong polyvinyl chloride, which is well suited to daily workouts. You can use it during fitness, general development and rehabilitation exercises.

The maximum load of the accessory is 300 kg, which proves its reliability. A special anti-burst system prevents the air from escaping quickly if we accidentally pierce the ball. Because it has a non-slip surface, it guarantees safe training. Another often recommended product is4FIZJO Air Ball , which is used not only at home, but also in the physiotherapy office and gym.

The set includes a push & pull pump, with the help of which inflating the ball does not take much time. Do you want to check what other models stand out in our ranking? Their descriptions can be found later, we encourage you to read.


Top 5 Best Exercise Balls For Pregnancy

Exercise balls are mainly a product for women, although sometimes men will be interested in the subject.

 Therefore, for those willing, regardless of gender and age, we present the ranking of exercise balls. We will try to describe several products, indicating their features, as well as user reviews.


 For people looking for a solid and universal exercise ball, we recommend the URBNFit Exercise Ball. It works well during fitness or general development training, as well as during rehabilitation classes that allow you to return to full fitness after injury. The material for the described model is polyvinyl chloride.

The diameter of an inflated ball is 65 cm and its maximum load is 300 kg. It is durable, and if it accidentally penetrates, the air will escape slowly. A special security system is responsible for this. The accessory can be used by children and adults (including seniors). A pump was attached to it.

Buyers praise the ball mainly for reliability. You can practice with her every day without worrying about your safety. The surface of the accessory is non-slip, so you will not slide suddenly onto the floor. Many people like the fact that the product is available in several interesting colors: blue, green, red, pink and gray.

Primasole Exercise Ball is an exercise ball with a diameter of 65 cm. It is made of polyvinyl chloride.



Non-slip surface:

The surface of the ball is non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally sliding down to the floor during exercise. Thus, the risk of injury is reduced.


The accessory is durable and can be used every day. Its maximum load is 300 kg, which is why it is also suitable for overweight people.


The model is universal and can be used in various ways. This means that it is suitable for general development and rehabilitation exercises, it also works well during fitness training. Pregnant women are also happy to use the accessory.

Anti-burst system:

The ball is equipped with an anti-burst system. It effectively prevents the air from escaping too quickly if the accessory is punctured, which could be dangerous.

Replaces an armchair:

The model is recommended as a good alternative to an office chair. Sitting on it can relieve your spine and relax.



Troublesome pumping:

Although the set includes a pump, pumping the ball takes a relatively long time. Some people think that this is a tiring activity.


 Product 4FIZJO Air Ball is sold in blue color. It was packaged in an aesthetic-looking box, so it is an interesting gift idea for a physically active person. After inflating, the ball has a diameter of 50 cm. There is no risk that when we accidentally pierce it, the air will run away quickly. The anti-burst system used prevents this.

The set comes with a small pump that allows you to quickly inflate the model. It injects air not only when we press the piston, but also when we lift it up. The ball is made of solid material, so you can practice with it regularly.

The presented model is praised not only for strength, but also practicality. It is recommended for training at home, it is also used in the gym or in the physiotherapy office. The ball has a non-slip surface and, importantly, it can be easily cleaned. Buyers often stress in their reviews that the product is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

The 4FIZJO Air Ball model is available in blue. Its diameter after inflation is 50 cm.



Provides safe training:

With the help of the ball we can conduct a completely safe training. It has a non-slip surface, and in the event of a puncture, the air does not escape from it too quickly (anti-burst system).

Push & pull pump:

A small push & pull pump is included in the set, with which it doesn’t take too long to inflate the accessory. It injects air both when the piston is pressed and when it is lifted up.

Idea for a gift:

The ball can be given to a person who is physically active. She will certainly appreciate such a practical gift. It is worth emphasizing that the product was packaged in an aesthetic-looking box.

Easy cleaning:

The accessory should be cleaned regularly, but this is not troublesome. Just wipe the ball with a damp cloth, it can be soaked in water with a mild detergent, e.g. dishwashing liquid.



Lack of several color versions:

Not all people liked the fact that the model is sold in only one color. They think that there should be several different colors to choose from.


The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball is a gym ball with a diameter of 65 cm designed for people with a height of 170-185 cm. This model was made based on Anti-burst technology, which increases the product’s durability and prevents deformation. Thanks to this system, if the coating accidentally penetrates, the air escapes slowly and does not create a dangerous situation for the person exercising.

In addition, this model has been covered with a double texture, because of which the surface is characterized by greater adhesion. The maximum user weight cannot exceed 110 kg. The manufacturer adds a hand pump to the purchased set, because the purchased ball is not inflated.

It has been proven that ball exercises improve proprioception, i.e. the ability to feel the body in space. In addition, all users of this model report that general development exercises correct posture, strengthen back muscles and allow for increased joint mobility.

Customers also communicate that even the best ball for exercise ñ require cleaning after training. In this case it is extremely easy, just wipe it with a damp cloth and soap. Thanks to such simple care treatments, your ball will keep a double texture surface for a long time.

The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball is a gym ball with a diameter of 65 cm, so it is suitable for people with a height of 170-185 cm. The product withstands a maximum load of 110 kg.



Anti-burst technology :

Thanks to the Anti-burst technology, the air leaks slowly when the coating is accidentally pierced, so the person exercising on the ball is safe.


The product has a double texture, which provides better grip. It is also worth noting that the material from which this equipment was made is very solid.

Exercise efficiency:

Ball exercises improve proprioception, i.e. the ability to feel the body in space. In addition, people using this product confirm that the effects of the exercises are visible quite quickly.

Easy cleaning:

Wipe the product with a wet cloth. Under the influence of water, it does not lose its properties, and we easily care about hygiene.




As consumers note, value for money is not very attractive in this case. Some people get the impression that they only pay for the manufacturer’s stamp on the ball.

Maximum load:

This model can withstand loads of up to 110 kg. This is not much compared to our other proposals.


Rank #4: Trideer Exercise Ball

 The Trideer Exercise Ball is a small ball with an unconventional oval shape. The size of this equipment is 16.6 x 25 cm and is available in the colors: plum, sea, olive, gray. The name of this ball “Ovoball” is a cluster of two words: Latin “ovo”, which means “egg”, and English “ball” – ball. This type of ball is mainly intended for rehabilitation and corrective classes.

They are often used to rehabilitate children or people with orthopedic conditions, because oval shape makes it easier to get ball stability. The advantage of this shape (with larger ball sizes) is also the fact that the instructor can sit at the same time with the person exercising and support his movements.

The ball was also made of durable materials that ensure safe exercise. The most common use of this model is when correcting body position, during stretching, pilates and relaxation exercises.

Training with such a small ball is to keep it in the bends of the legs, or leaning on the ball with one hand when the rest of the body performs the exercise. This requires deeper involvement than with a fixed support. Consumers who bought this product think that it is worth the money, because it is functional and durable.

The Trideer Exercise Ball is a 16.6 x 25 cm product. It is an egg model designed for performing rehabilitation and correction exercises, as well as during Pilates classes.




Due to the shape, the ball supports the spine very well and provides us with stability during physical activity.


The ball is made of durable materials that are resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion. At the same time, it should be noted that the materials used in production are free of harmful substances, and therefore safe for our body.


Among the advantages of the product, consumers mention its attractive price. It cannot be denied that the value for money is very attractive in this case.




Due to its shape, the number of exercises we can do with it is limited.

No information about the maximum load:

It is difficult to find out what load the model can withstand.


Rank #5: GalSports Pregnancy Birthing Ball

GalSports Pregnancy Birthing Ball is a manufacturer of innovative balance training devices. The company released the GalSports Pregnancy Birthing Ball to the market in 2000. The equipment almost immediately gained popularity and recognition in the world of fitness. Such exercises, because they have a great impact on improving physical condition and sense of balance. Opinions about Bosu Ballast exercise balls say that thanks to the ballast inside, the ball stays in place.

This prevents her from unwanted movement. The ball is filled with 2.5 kg balls that perform this ballast function. People who have contact with this equipment say that thanks to this solution, the exercises are more effective and safe.

In addition, this load creates opportunities for more exercises to improve balance and coordination. The diameter of this model is 65 cm, and the maximum weight it can lift is 300 kg.

The weight of the ball itself is 3 kg. The surface is made of multi-dimensional material, ensuring durability and safety. The purchased set includes, next to the ball, a foot pump, and a set of exercises on a DVD.

GalSports Pregnancy Birthing Ball is a ball filled with balls. The product weighs 3 kg. It withstands loads up to 300 kg. Its diameter is 65 cm.




Inside there are balls, which weigh 2.5 kg. In this way, we gain a small burden. It is not always advisable, but in many cases it allows to diversify our exercises.


Consumers chose this product because of its strength, resistance to mechanical damage and heavy load, up to 300 kg.




The ball is expensive. It costs over PLN 300, so it is not an offer for those who are looking for something to start with.


The product weighs 3 kg, so it can make it difficult to do exercises, especially for a person who is in poor condition.


Rank #6: Gruper Yoga Ball

The Gruper Yoga Ballcan be used in many different ways. It is useful during gym exercises, fitness training and even rehabilitation classes. The product is made of strong polyvinyl chloride and is distinguished by a high maximum load.

Pumping the exercise accessory for some people has proved troublesome. It is true that the set includes a dedicated pump, but the operation takes a long time.

The product is solid and useful. The ball can withstand loads of up to 300 kg, so you should not be afraid of its rapid destruction. Its surface is non-slip, which increases the safety of exercises. The accessory is equipped with a system to prevent air leakage immediately after a puncture.


Rank #7: PACEARTH Exercise Ball

The PACEARTH Exercise Ball guarantees safe exercises, which results, among others from the use of anti-burst system (prevents too rapid escape of air after puncturing the surface). A pump is attached to the ball, allowing it to be inflated quickly.

Some users believe that the accessory should be available in several colors, not just one (blue).

The diameter of the ball is 50 cm (when inflated). It is suitable for exercises at home, as well as in the gym and in the physiotherapy office. The model is packed in an aesthetic box, so we can give it as a gift to a person trying to exercise regularly. The product is made of durable material.


Rank #8: Tumaz Birth Ball Exercise Ball

The product was made of high quality plastic with high flexibility. Thanks to this, the coating returns to its original shape after exercising. The ball was made in accordance with Anti-burst technology, which minimizes the chance of bursting.

Due to its design, the model is rather dedicated to tall people whose height exceeds 170 cm). Short stature users may experience discomfort during exercise.

The product’s biggest advantage is the double texture, which ensures very good adhesion. In turn, the specially profiled surface of the product guarantees that the skin will not slip. Because the highest quality materials were used to make the model, it is very durable. Thanks to this it can be used by people weighing up to 110 kg.


Shopping guide – What exercise ball should I buy?

Gymnastic ball is a device that is very helpful in performing various types of exercises. It will be useful to the person who works on the figure, but also to all those who focus on relaxation exercises or rehabilitation. In addition, it is irreplaceable for pregnant and postpartum women. It doesn’t matter if you do typical strengthening, loosening, rehabilitation or conditioning exercises, you need a good product. In stores you will find large and small sizes of balls, made of different materials, which differ in shape and texture. So how do you buy the best product? In this tutorial we’ll show you , we choose the exercise ball . We will discuss the types, sizes etc.




Why is it worth

Gymnastic ball was invented in the 1960s. Initially, it served only as a device for rehabilitation and correction of posture. However, over time, it began to be used to perform other workouts, including Pilates, yoga, TBC, ABS and fat burning. Such a round device primarily makes it difficult to maintain balance, and this forces us to increase muscle tone. In addition, exercising with the ball strengthen the spine and deep muscles. Additionally, thanks to football we can improve our balance and increase strength. With intense exercise, it speeds up our metabolism, and as you know, we lose weight faster. In addition, many people experience ball-joint pain reduction after exercising with the ball.

Such an instrument can also be used to play with children. People dealing with rehabilitation and spine health also recommend sitting on the ball while working in front of the computer. Of course, it is difficult to imagine 8 hours spent on football, but a few minutes can positively affect our attitude. In addition, we improve our endurance and balance in this way.


Types – which exercise ball is the best?

Entering the sports store, we stand in front of a shelf with various types of balls. So the question arises which model to choose. Here are the most popular types of balls and their purpose:

*  gymnastic “bean” with an oblong, oval shape intended for rehabilitation and correction exercises. Often has massage tabs,

*  gymnastic ABS is made of a special ABS foam (antiburst). This material is more resistant to puncture. However, if there is a violation of the structure of the material, the ball will not burst, only air will begin to escape from it. It is available in various sizes, usually from approx. 55 cm to 85 cm,

*  gymnastic with grips is designed for jumping,

* gymnastic with protrusions has fairly small spike-like protrusions that massage the body during exercise. Perfect for pilates, yoga or rehabilitation,

*  classic gymnastic made of PVC rubber with anti-slip properties. It is suitable for any form of activity – from loosening exercises to training aimed at burning fat. It can have a diameter of 55 cm to 85 cm,

* The mini version has a diameter of 15 to 25 cm. It is suitable for various types of training, ideal when exercising deep muscles.



Most balls, except the mini version, are available with a diameter of about 55 cm to 85 cm. A larger model does not mean better. To ensure effective training without exposing your body to injury, match the size of the ball to your height. If you are a short person and your height does not exceed 165 cm, we recommend the smallest models with a diameter of 55 cm.

For people from 166 cm to 175 cm tall, balls with a diameter of 65 cm are best, for taller 176-185 cm – 75 cm, and for those who weigh more than 185 cm, models with a diameter of 85 cm are best. However, this is not all, it is worth making the angle between the thigh and the lower leg look like when we are sitting on it. It should be 90 degrees. Also the angle between the thighs and the torso should be at least 90 degrees.



These types of products are made of plastic. For the user, the most important is the thickness of the material. If the ball is too thin and light, it will quickly damage. Particular attention should be given to the thickness of the material for people who weigh more, so that the device does not break during exercise. For obese people we recommend ABS gymnastic models that do not break.





Good gym balls can withstand loads up to 200 kg, so if you are not very obese, you can choose any product. However, if you are heavier, you need to look for specialized equipment. It is also worth noting that some equipment has a load of 100 kg, which may not be sufficient even for people with a normal body build. The user’s weight is important, but you also need to remember about the pressure that arises during exercise, which can damage exercise equipment.



We recommend buying products from proven brands that have all the necessary certificates. The best are balls with CE, TUV or GS certificates. It is also worth choosing those that are recommended by trainers and physiotherapists, especially if you are looking for a product for rehabilitation at home.


Exercise balls at good prices

Ball prices start from a few zlotys, but if you want to buy a good product from a well-known and respected company, it’s worth choosing slightly more expensive models. Size has a huge impact on the price, which can start from PLN 20 and end up with several hundred. A very interesting proposal is to buy products in the set.


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