10 Best Exercise Bench With A Load-Reviews In 2020

The exercise bench is part of the basic equipment of every gym, including home gym. Finding a good model is relatively difficult, mainly because it must be adapted to the type of exercise performed. Consumers who want to buy a weighted product usually have the biggest problem with making a choice.

If you also belong to a group of such people, check the guide below. We present some tips on choosing the right bench, as well as a ranking of three models at great prices.


Rank #1: Magnus Extreme MX-Z005

 Magnus Extreme MX-Z005 is a product equipped with many accessories useful for carrying out exercises that increase muscle mass. The set includes: lift, load rack, professional gryphons, prayer book and leg press. The bench has a stable and strong construction, which guarantees safe training.

The Magnus Extreme MX-Z005 is extremely easy to assemble. Contrary to appearances, it does not take up much space in the room, even after unfolding all the additional accessories. The back of the bench has a thickness of 5 cm, so we can exercise in extremely comfortable conditions, as in a professional gym.

Consumers appreciated the product described above mainly for very high durability. Because its individual parts can be set to the desired angle of inclination, we have the chance to conduct effective training in home conditions. What’s more, the said model has stable racks made of damage-resistant materials. That is why, even during intensive exercises, we are not in danger of having a dangerous accident.


Rank #2: Magnus Extreme MX-Z003

 Magnus Extreme MX-Z003 bench is distinguished by its durability and solidity. Its strong construction guarantees stability and a high level of safety during exercise. The set includes accessories necessary for strength training, such as thigh blocking, lift, neck and bituminous load set.

When unfolded, the product dimensions are: 144 cm x 56 cm x 102 cm. If necessary, we can adjust the seat angle, which is a great convenience. In this way we avoid the wrong way of doing exercises, which can be a source of painful injury. The maximum load of the above model is 360 kg.

The advantages of the bench include: resistance to damage, extensive accessories, as well as ease of installation. Many consumers believe that this is an ideal product not only for experienced athletes, but also for those who are just starting their adventure with strength exercises.


Rank #3: Magnus 126 kg

 We present the Magnus 126 kg model, whose maximum load is 360 kg. The manufacturer has included several practical accessories, including professional bars with bitumen load and thigh block with adjustable foams and TS system. The presence of these additives allows you to increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of training. Thanks to them, we can freely exercise not only the selected part of the muscles of the hands, but also the legs or back.

The distinguishing feature of the bench is care for every, even the smallest detail. The product has an extremely strong and stable construction, which is why we can safely conduct independent training. Dimensions of the Magnus 126 kg model when unfolded are: 144 cm x 56 cm x 102 cm. It does not take up much space in the room and does not disturb other household members.

After reviewing the opinions of consumers, it can be concluded that this is a bench for weight training at a good price. It is durable and we can adapt it to your needs and preferences. This is primarily influenced by the ability to adjust the angle of inclination of individual parts of the product.


Rank #4: What weight bench should you choose?

Exercises with a load allow you to increase muscle strength and endurance. Thanks to them we can sculpt our figure and emphasize arms, stomach or legs. However, without the right equipment, it’s difficult to do this training properly. That is why it is worth buying a bench adapted for this. Contrary to appearances, it is easy to install, and also very practical.

This type of product should have compact dimensions so that it does not take up too much space in the room. Before buying, it is worth measuring the space where you plan to set up the bench. Then it will be much easier for us to make the final choice. Deciding on a too large model will limit the free space in the room. This can disturb not only us, but also other household members.

The best bench for exercise with a load in 2020 has an angle adjustment. Thanks to this, we can do not only the training of arms, but also legs or stomach. The ability to adjust individual elements of the product makes it convenient to use. That is why we can shape individual muscle groups without hindrance and at the same time make the relatively monotonous exercises more attractive. Some models available in stores have a wealth of additional accessories in the form of practical accessories. They can be, for example, a prayer book, an extractor or a butterfly to develop chest muscles. However, it is worth considering whether we need all the gadgets listed above. If we do not use them often, we do not have to invest in such an extensive product.

The best exercise benches with weights provide us with a high level of safety during training. That is why it is so important to check the stability and strength of the selected model. The stand, which is one of the most important elements of the structure, should have adequate protection and blocking against sliding on the ground. Remember that the more often and intensively we exercise, the more our bench is exposed to damage.


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