10 Best Exercise Gloves For Weight Lifting-Reviews In 2020

Olimp Hardcore Competition and Women’s Trec are the two best pairs of gloves we can find on the market right now. How do we know that We analyzed the market, took into account the features of individual models available in sports stores and took into account consumer ratings. In this way, we were able to select the five best products that we described in our list. Olimp Hardcore gloves is a model with adjustable fastening. It was made of high quality leather characterized by high resistance to damage. The presented model has been appropriately strengthened and enriched with a soft outer material. In this way, it provides us with comfort and safety during exercise. Consumers chose the presented model not only because of its properties, but also because it is available at a very attractive price. Gloves are also an interesting propositionTrec , created for women. They have a gel liner and are made of a material that ensures us safety and comfort during intense physical activity.


The best exercise gloves in 2020

Exercises in the gym are repeated weightlifting, operating various equipment. Therefore, you should properly protect your hands against abrasions and injuries. Special gloves ensure that no blisters or bruises appear on your hands. Therefore, in our bag, in addition to a towel and a special outfit, there should be good sports gloves. For everyone interested in this product, we have prepared a ranking of the best models on the market.


Rank #1: Olimp Hardcore Competiton

 The first proposal is professional training gloves Olimp Hardcore Competiton made of the highest quality leather, perfect for training. The model is padded and has additional reinforcements in the palm and thumb, making it even more comfortable. The gloves are made of extremely flexible fabric, which makes them more stretchable.

This ensures comfort during exercise, better fit of the hand to the instruments, and at the same time prevents gloves from falling. Special foam padding and no fingers provide a firm grip and make them the best gloves for exercising at the gym and at home. Lack of fingers makes it easier to handle machines or change the music during exercise.

The product also has an adjustable, self-fastening Velcro strap that ensures a perfect fit, even for people with very small hands. The elastic fabric, on the other hand, guarantees great ventilation. You also can’t forget about many positive reviews about this product.

Its users repeatedly mention the attractive price in relation to the quality of workmanship offered and of course the convenience of use.

Olimp Hardcore is a very good training gloves up to PLN 50. It is a fingerless model, suitable for gym exercises. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL. This product has an adjustable fastening.




Gloves are made of the highest quality leather, which is resistant to damage. Provides comfort during training. In addition, the material does not irritate our skin.


The presented model has reinforcements in the inner part of the hand and on the thumb, which makes it more resistant to damage, and at the same time provides better protection during exercise.


Good material is not everything, it should also be noted that the gloves are properly designed so that holding dumbbells or other equipment that we use in the gym does not cause us a big problem. In addition, the lack of built-in fingers means that we do not have to remove gloves when we want to pick up the phone, for example, and this also affects our comfort during training.


This model has a self-fastening Velcro strap. Thanks to the fact that this model has an adjustable strap, we can easily match gloves to our hands.


Among the advantages of the product are its attractive price and its great value for the quality of gloves.




If you have very delicate skin, the product may sensitize you.


Rank #2: Women’s Trec

 The second suggestion is Trec Women’s leather training gloves. This product is extremely comfortable and very durable, which was noticed by many users. The model is made of a special material membrane, which has been reinforced with Lycra. In addition, on the inside there is a gel liner for even greater user comfort.

The gloves are equipped with special straps between the fingers, thanks to which taking off is much easier, even after intensive training. The model can be bought in three different sizes – S, M, L, XL. As a result, every woman will find a size that perfectly matches her size.

An additional fit to the anatomy of the female hand is also ensured by the product’s structure, which guarantees the exercising person comfort of use. Users also note that the gloves will provide full protection during training in the gym and various fitness classes.

The great advantage of gloves is fashionable and feminine cut, as well as attractive colors. The neoprene wristband with Velcro closure makes the product hold your hand even better. These good and cheap exercise gloves have been recognized by many women.

Trec gloves are an affordable proposition for women. The product is available in sizes S, M, L and XL. It is a fingerless model, suitable for gym exercises or fitness classes.




The gloves are made of a material membrane that is reinforced with Lycra. In addition, there is a gel liner inside. The whole is flexible, resistant to damage and provides adequate protection for our hands.

Strips between the fingers:

Gloves have special straps between the fingers. It is thanks to them that taking them off is easier and they fit better to our hands.


It is a product designed for the anatomy of the female body. Perfectly fits the hand, provides comfort during exercise. Comfort is also provided by a gel liner that minimizes the formation of impressions.


The product is fastened with Velcro, which holds the glove well in place.




Due to the colors, it is a typically feminine product, although it should be noted that the pink color also has its opponents among the ladies.


Rank #3: Power System No Compromise

 Our next proposal is Power System No Compromise gloves with a great air flow control and moisture management system, thanks to which even long hours of training does not have to end with sweaty hands. The back of these gloves is made of the highest quality multicolor and flexible leather. Of course, they have a special fastener with strong Velcro, which makes the attachment even better and more stable.

This provides the user with greater comfort during exercise. The padding on the bottom of the SuperMesh gloves and a special insert for better air circulation are also responsible for the fit. These unique gloves designed for hard training and intense exercise have perforated fingers with flexible inserts. They are made of two-layer leather, so you should not be afraid of any skin abrasions.

In contrast, the long, cotton strap, properly stabilizes the wrist joint, protecting against injuries, which are a common problem for people exercising in gyms without adequate protection. Gloves are available in several sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

So everyone will find the perfect size for themselves. Users of this model appreciated its durability and wearing comfort, thanks to which abrasions have become a thing of the past.

Power System No Compromise gloves are available in sizes from XS to XXL, so everyone will find the size for themselves. The product is made of two-layer leather.



Air permeability:

Power System No Compromise gloves have been enriched with a reliable air flow control system. It means that moisture is not retained under the material, so even after hours of training, our hands will not be sweaty and wet.


The back of the gloves presented is made of flexible leather, which provides us with comfort and is also resistant to abrasion.

Hand safety:

The product provides us with adequate protection against damage. Even when we train with large equipment, we don’t have to worry about the appearance of prints.

Cotton strap:

The product is equipped with a fairly long, cotton strap that stabilizes the wrist joint. This is a guarantee of protecting our hands against injuries.



Fast shredding:

Gloves deteriorate quickly during intensive training.


Rank #4: Under Armor Resistor 1253690-001

 Under Armor Resistor Half-Finger Training Gloves 1253690-001 training gloves are suitable for training in the gym. Because it is solidly made, it provides our hands with adequate protection. At the same time, it should be noted that the gloves are resistant to damage. The model is made of the following materials: 36% nylon,  31% polyester, 24% cotton and 9% spandex.

ArmourMesh ventilation ensures proper dryness and comfort during exercise. Hands during training sweat and, unfortunately, can slip in gloves, which is why the manufacturer decided to use this solution.

To provide the user with maximum comfort, the equipment has an interior lined with a soft material that does not irritate the skin. In addition, padded wrists with Velcro closure guarantee safety.

Because the gloves have special handles, removing them is not problematic. Product care will also not be a problem for us. Consumers confirm the solidity of this model.

Gloves Under Armor Resistor Half-Finger Training Gloves 1253690-001 is a product made of nylon, cotton, polyester and spandex. As a result, it is solid and pleasant to the touch.




The product is made of a mixture of materials. Thanks to this, it is strong and quite flexible. Importantly, it does not irritate our skin. It is also important that the material is highly resistant to abrasion, which can appear quite quickly after intense training.

ArmorMesh ventilation:

Due to ventilation, moisture escapes from the gloves. At the end of training, we do not have to dry our hands and wash gloves, and during training we do not have to worry about slipping hands.


Due to the special handles, removing and putting on gloves will not be a problem for us.




This is an expensive product. Some glove users note that value for money is not attractive.


Not all users like the design of the presented model.


Rank #5: Spokey Toro 81796

 Our ranking of training gloves closes the proposals for women – Fitness Spoke Toto 81796. This is another product that provides the user with full convenience and comfort during exercise. Users of this model note that they are comfortable training gloves that ensure maximum fit to the hand. In addition, they are distinguished by their extraordinary durability and remain in perfect condition for many seasons.

Thanks to this, even during longer exercises, we have full comfort and safety. The special gel insert not only protects the hand against injuries, but also abrasions. Gloves are also highly valued for fashionable and feminine cut and attractive colors.

The high quality material from which the product is made provides hand protection and at the same time prevents slipping of sports equipment. The manufacturer also took care of securing the wrist – the gloves have a wide and elastic welt, so you no longer have to worry about injuries.

In addition, this product has special handles that facilitate quick download, even after a very tiring workout. Gloves are machine washable.

Fitness Spoke Toto 81796 are women’s fingerless gloves. They have a gel insert. This model is distinguished by an attractive, feminine cut. The product is available in sizes S, M, L and XL.



Comfort and safety:

Gloves have a gel insert. It is thanks to her that during intensive training we have adequate protection and comfort. We do not have to worry about the formation of painful skin abrasions that can exclude us from physical activity for some time.


The presented model has special handles that facilitate quick removal of gloves.

Machine wash:

You cannot forget that this product can be washed in the washing machine without any worries.




After some time, the gloves begin to crack at the seams.

Too thick sponge:

Because the gloves have a thick sponge, the grip is less precise and in some exercises using this protection is pointless.


Nike Fundamental

 Nike Fundamental training gloves are the fourth item to look out for. It is a model of a well-known manufacturer, which guarantees the highest quality. The product was created in such a way as to ensure excellent ventilation and enable training in the most extreme weather conditions. This practical accessory for athletes adapts perfectly to the hand.

Thanks to the soft lining, the user has full comfort and control during exercise. Many users of this product notice that the gloves wick moisture away and have great ventilation. Comfortable use is also ensured by an adjustable wrist strap and special inserts between fingers made of suede.

In addition, the flexible structure makes putting on and taking off gloves even easier. The model adapts perfectly to the hand, and the well-finished edge reduces the risk of chafing. It is also worth mentioning that the reviews about the exercise gloves of this manufacturer are very positive.

They were appreciated for comfort of use and durability, as well as extremely interesting design and of course soft material and a great protective gel layer.


Shopping guide

When playing sports, we often don’t realize that with this kind of effort, our hands are exposed to abrasions. During intensive training it is worth protecting your hands against injury and injury. In sports stores you will find many different gloves for various purposes. Some of them are of high quality, others are not worth paying attention to. To help you purchase the right model, we have prepared this guide that will tell you which exercise gloves to choose and what to consider when making decisions.




Why should you buy exercise gloves?

During the exercises we are exposed to microdamages. For example, imprints and abrasions form on the hands. When we systematically perform a given sport (e.g. cycling), abrasions form each time in the same place. After initial pain, the skin on the hands becomes hardened and does not look attractive. Gloves can prevent this.

Many people think that this protection is only for women. In addition, they say that a real man should bear pain and not worry about prints. In fact, hands are a business card of a man and it is worth taking care of them. Also, with age, the prints become more painful and can lead to degeneration .


Ensure yourself comfort and safety

When prints appear on the fingers, it forces us to stop exercising. Gloves provide comfort during training. Also remember that during intense exercise, your hands sweat. This makes it difficult to grip machines when, for example, pulling up. Gloves also reduce the risk of slipping loads. It is more convenient to paddle or do a deadlift. They are also useful in all exercises where body weight rests on the fingers. Thanks to them, training can be much safer.


For one’s health

Keeping it clean is an important issue. You have to remember that in the gym you use the machine after someone. This makes them a lot of germs. Gloves can protect you against bacteria and viruses. By touching the same items that were previously used by people with warts and other skin diseases, we can get these problems ourselves. Unfortunately, they are painful, difficult to remove, and also very unsightly. In addition, they can protect you against allergies. Some may be allergic to the mixture that is formed by combining sweat with metal.


Types of exercise gloves

When choosing the right pair of gloves, it is worth paying attention to the type of training you want to perform in them, as well as its intensity. There are many different models on the market. There are special bicycle gloves that have reinforcements in places where the handlebar is held. You will also find those designed for lifting weights. You can also buy gloves that are suitable for your aerobic exercise. There are also gloves for crossfit training. This type is very universal and works well with all kinds of sports.


Built-up or with bare fingers?

In the case of exercise gloves, we can find models that have the whole hand built in and those that have no finger guards. The former are mainly used for crossfit training. Thanks to this, all hands are secured during physical exertion. You can easily lift weights or pull up on the rod. Some built-in models, with special finger pads, allow us to operate a touch phone in them. This type is also irreplaceable in winter, when you want to ensure complete protection against low temperatures.

However, the second type allows free movement of the fingers without blocking them. You will provide them with protection of the most sensitive places, as well as check your phone conveniently and easily move devices to the gym.


With or without cuffs?

The contentious issue is the choice of gloves with or without cuffs on the wrists. Stiffened models will be better for people who have had an injury before. In addition, they provide additional protection against ankle twisting. In addition, they are ideal for lifting heavier weights. However, by stiffening, the hands get used to the support. Then training without gloves or in short models can turn out to be painful and also lead to injury. Versions without a welt are best for lighter exercises.



It is very important to pay attention to the size. Buying gloves without trying them on is not a good idea. If they turn out to be too small, then you will not wear them, and if they are too large, they will fall from your hands and will not provide you with adequate protection. However, remember that this is a fairly flexible product, especially for models where you can adjust the grip around the wrist.

In addition, each manufacturer uses a different size and if you buy such gloves online it is worth measuring your hand and checking the size chart of the brand.


Material – which exercise gloves are the best?

The consumer has a choice of textile or leather models. These products vary greatly in price. The ones made of leather are several times more expensive. They are also characterized by greater reliability and durability. We have to take into account a little lower quality in textile products. It is worth noting, however, that they slide less on some equipment. Their advantage is the possibility of washing in a washing machine without compromising on quality. The skin is stronger and harder to care for. It is also worth remembering that animal skin is thicker and works better than artificial skin.

In addition, pay attention to the stitching. It is important that the gloves have sewn sponges or gel inserts. They also protect your hands against corns.



The appearance of the product is the least important issue, but many people pay attention to it, especially women. Companies producing sports gloves meet our needs and offer more interesting, more colorful models. This mainly applies to products targeted at women who, more than men, pay attention to their appearance, also during exercise. In addition, the clothing in which we exercise and all accessories are a strong motivator for us to exercise, and people with better equipment are more likely to play sport.


Exercise gloves at good prices

You can find products in the price range on the market. The cost of this accessory depends on the materials used for sewing or the use of a wrist support tape. The cheapest models can be found for just PLN 11. However, they are low quality gloves that will not last long. In addition, they may not provide the professional hand protection we expect from them. The most expensive ones cost up to PLN 190. Nevertheless, models for around PLN 100 are ideal for training. To choose the perfect product for you, check the user reviews.


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