10 Best Exercise Mats For Home Gym –Reviews In 2020

Mat Spokey Flaxmat IV  is a product that has gained great recognition from Internet users. The material used for the production is neoprene, it is comfortable, provides adequate cushioning, does not absorb moisture and is easy to care for. In addition, it is highly resistant to damage. The surface of the product is non-slip, so you are safe during exercise. Appropriate reinforcement of the mat is a guarantee that it will serve us for a long time. It is also worth emphasizing that this model has a carrying handle, so it is suitable for people who are looking for equipment that will be able to take with them to yoga or Pilates classes. Another, equally interesting proposition is the Adidas 122235 matIt is made of high quality NBR foam, which is highly resistant to damage. The product is easy to care for. Like the Spokey model, this equipment is mobile because it has a carrying strap. In our list you will also find three other equally interesting products.


The best exercise mats in 2020

You need an exercise mat for yoga, fitness or Pilates. Comfortable, soft enough, well cushioning, large enough to make it comfortable to exercise. The material itself is also important, which should not be destroyed even after many yoga sessions. Our ranking of exercise mats is an ideal source of knowledge on this subject.


Rank #1: Spokey Flexmat IV

 S pokey Flexmat is a comfortable exercise mat made of neoprene. The material used for production is primarily safe for our skin. In addition, it does not absorb moisture, which limits the growth of bacteria and viruses, and product care is not a major problem.

Because the surface of the mat is non-slip, the person exercising on this model is provided with adequate protection and comfort when exercising on different floors. It is also worth emphasizing that the equipment provides the user with adequate cushioning during training.

Due to the fact that the edges of the mat have been reinforced with tape, it is durable. It is a suitable proposition for those who are looking for a mobile product, accompanying them at the gym and other fitness classes. The straps and handles make moving the mat easier.

The presented model has dimensions: length – 180 cm, width – 60 cm and thickness – 6 mm. This size is suitable for short and tall people. Consumers chose this product not only because of its solid performance, but also a very attractive design.

Spokey Flexmat IV mat is a product with dimensions: length – 180 cm, width – 60 cm and thickness – 6 mm. It is made of neoprene. It has special straps and handles for easy carrying.




This is a fairly large mat, because its length is 180 cm and width is 60 cm. As a result, it is suitable not only for people with a small stature, but also for those slightly taller and wider.


The presented equipment provides us with good cushioning during exercise. Undoubtedly, this is its great advantage, because during training a collision with a hard floor could be painful.

Non-slip surface:

It is a product that allows us to exercise in all conditions. Due to the fact that it has a non-slip surface, we do not have to worry about training, even on slippery tiles.


Many people have chosen this equipment because it is very attractive. It is a great gadget for every active person.


An attractive advantage of the product is its attractive price. As consumers note, this is a very good exercise mat up to PLN 50. It is difficult to find an equally solid model at such an attractive price.



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Rank #2: Adidas 122235

 The second suggestion is the Adidas 122235 mat made of high quality NBR foam. Adidas is a well-known brand that offers sports equipment, and its products are valued by customers around the world. It is a mat carefully finished with strong hems. Its only downside is the high price, which does not discourage at all. Many people decided on this model, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of satisfied users.

They notice that it is a high quality product and the material from which it was made provides excellent cushioning, comfort of exercise and protects the body. Many mats are shifted during exercise, and there are creases and abrasions.

Fortunately, the manufacturer made sure that the mat did not slide over the floor and that no abrasions formed on the material. This model can be comfortably rolled up and hidden when it is not needed, and the strap allows convenient carrying. The product is easy to clean and is also resistant to moisture.

The dimensions of the mat are 183 cm x 61 cm x 1 cm. An additional advantage of this model is the modern look – black with red elements is an unusual combination. The mat allows for safe and extremely comfortable exercise. It is also great for yoga and Pilates classes.

The Adidas 122235 mat is made of high quality NBR foam. The product has dimensions of 183 cm x 61 cm x 1 cm. It is available in black and additionally has colored inserts.




The product is carefully made. It has solid hems so that the mat can be used for a long time and is not susceptible to damage.

Does not slide:

The mat was made of a material that does not slip. This provides the user with adequate protection during exercise.


This is a light proposition. When rolled up, it takes up little space and has a very practical carrying strap.


Consumers appreciated the fact that cleaning the presented mat is not a problem. Wiping it with a damp cloth will remove all dirt. It is also worth emphasizing that the product is resistant to moisture.


Many people have chosen the presented model because of its attractive design. The color scheme suits both men and women. Suitable for any sports outfit.




For an ordinary exercise mat, the price of almost PLN 200 seems quite high.


Rank #3: Kettler 07350-252

 The third suggestion is the purple Kettler mat 07350-252. This is another product in our ranking that is perfect for exercising. Yoga, fitness, pilates or ordinary stretching to support muscles – these exercises should not be performed on the floor or even on the carpet, because they will not provide adequate cushioning. Another issue is dirt from the floor, which remains after clothing and body clothing.

The coolness of the floor is also not the most pleasant during exercise. This model has a quilted construction, thanks to which we have cushioning during classes. Another issue is protection against injury and slipping.

High quality of workmanship and the best materials appreciated by users guarantee resistance to deformation, scratches or defects, which are a common problem in the case of inferior quality mats.

The mat will allow us to create a great place to exercise at home. In addition, thanks to safety elastics and a special handle, it can be moved to any place, so we can have our own mat with each class, which is comfortable, durable and large enough to perform various exercises on it.

Kettler purple mat 07350-252 is a product often chosen by women. It has elastic bands, making it a mobile model, ideal for people attending pilates or yoga classes. The product has dimensions of 140 cm x 80 cm.




The presented mat will be suitable during yoga and Pilates classes, as well as fitness. It provides adequate cushioning and does not slide on the floor, even when the exercises are intense.


The coldness of the floor can be unpleasant, which is why the manufacturer made sure that the mat is a great thermal insulation. 


The product does not slip, so it provides us with safe training. At the same time, it should be noted that it is made of very good materials, free of hazardous substances.


Many people have chosen this model because it has very good workmanship. It does not wear out too quickly, does not wipe and does not perforate at the same time.




The presented model is only 140 cm long. So if you are a tall person, this product is unlikely to meet your needs.


Rank #4: Reebok RAMT-11024BLL

 The fourth suggestion is the mat of the well-known sports equipment manufacturer Reebok – the RAMT-11024BLL model, which will be great during fitness exercises, and above all yoga or Pilates classes. This product is characterized by remarkable durability, because it was made of highly abrasion-resistant material, which at the same time makes the mat very comfortable.

This model does not move on the floor, so the person exercising does not have to worry about any inconvenience during exercise. Of course, the mat can be rolled up and moved to any place. It also has a very aesthetic appearance, and when it gets dirty, you can clean it without fear with a cloth or sponge with liquid.

Due to the fact that the mat is blue and the print “love fitness” will definitely appeal to women. You also can’t forget that the reviews about Addidas mats are very positive, and in this model we also have very comfortable dimensions of 173 cm x 61 cm and a thickness of 4 mm, appreciated by users.

The only drawback may be the price. Our ranking includes much cheaper proposals with equally good specifications.

Reebok RAMT-11024BLL is a mat in bright, feminine colors. The upper part of the product has the inscription: Love fitness. The mat has dimensions of 173 cm x 61 cm x 4 mm.



Non-slip surface:

Due to the non-slip surface, the mat does not slide over the floor during activity. This provides us with comfort during exercise, as well as adequate protection.

Damage Resistance:

The material from which the presented mat is made is highly resistant to abrasion, so it will serve you for a very long time.

Easy cleaning:

Many people appreciated that the mat is easy to care for. Just wipe it with a moist cloth or sponge. Cleaning does not adversely affect the material.



Bright colors:

Due to the bright colors, all dirt is quickly visible on the mat.

Product for women:

The male customer group notes that the product is targeted more at women.


Rank #5: Axer Puzzle A2615

 The last product in the ranking is Axer Puzzle A2615. It is a puzzle-shaped mat that has many uses. First of all, it works great during fitness and pilates exercises, and at the same time can be used as cushioning when we do exercises using heavier equipment. Fully free training, without fear of back pain and disturbing the silence of other residents of the block finally becomes possible.

The mat is made of high quality material, which guarantees no deformation or dents, also in the floor. Great reduces vibration that occurs during exercise. The mat also has a special surface that regulates sliding on the floor. The puzzle structure is an extremely convenient solution. It can be easily folded in any way.

Despite the fact that this is a folding mat, you should not be afraid that the elements will disconnect during training. The whole meshes and creates a stable surface all the time.

The set consists of four elements, one of which has dimensions of 60 cm x 60 cm x 1.2 cm, so after folding we get a really large exercise area, which is thick enough to suppress the noise. As noted by satisfied users, this is a well-made mat that perfectly suppresses noise.

Axer Puzzle A2615 is a puzzle-shaped mat that primarily serves as the basis for exercise equipment. The presented model has dimensions of 60 cm x 60 cm and 1.2 cm.



Suppresses vibrations:

The presented mat perfectly suppresses vibrations that occur during physical exercises with the use of portable equipment as well as those that we perform on devices such as an elliptical cross trainer or a bike. That is why it is a recommended model for people who want to organize a small gym in the block.


Consumers agree that the mat is made of high quality materials that are resistant to mechanical damage.



Under the machine:

This is not a typical exercise mat, but rather a shock protection under the machine.


Although the seemingly product seems cheap, if we have a lot of equipment at home, such an investment can be quite expensive.


How do you clean the exercise mat?

More and more people take care of their condition. As you know, regular physical activity can effectively improve the well-being and appearance of the body, as well as affect our health. If we decide to do exercises at home, we must equip ourselves with appropriate accessories, including mat. If you want to know how you should care for her, this part of the article is for you. We will indicate in it what to use to clean the mat and how often it should be done.




Why should I clean the exercise mat?

Proper care of exercise accessories is very important. As you know, such products have direct contact with our skin. Therefore they must be hygienic. If we do not regularly clean exercise mats or other equipment, we can be sure that bacteria will develop on their surface. They can threaten our health. It is worth taking care of the exercise mat not only for health reasons. Comfort is another important issue. It is worth ensuring that we associate training with something nice. If our accessories emit an unpleasant smell, it can effectively discourage us from regular physical activity.


What to use for exercise mat care?

The fitness market is still developing. This leads to the fact that there are many useful products available in stores that no one would have thought of before. One of them is a special mat cleaning agent. This type of detergent has a properly developed composition, which ensures that it not only effectively removes dirt, but also is safe for the surface being cleaned. In other words, we don’t have to worry about cleaning the mat surface. If we decide to buy such a preparation, we only need to follow the instructions on the packaging. It is worth noting that you can also use a self-prepared product to clean the product. This is a mixture of lukewarm water and a mild dishwashing liquid. The mat surface should be wiped thoroughly using a soft sponge. A good way to ensure maximum hygiene is also to prepare a disinfectant. We use it after removing all dirt. For the preparation of such a preparation, we need water with apple cider vinegar. To ensure greater pleasure during training, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.




How often should you clean the exercise mat?

The mat should be cleaned as often as needed. It certainly depends on the regularity of the exercises as well as their intensity. If you notice that the product emits an unpleasant smell or if dirt appears on its surface, it is worth starting to care for it immediately. A quick response increases the chance that it will be able to get rid of any stains.


How to care for the exercise mat?

Consumers are looking for answers not only to the question of which exercise mat is recommended by physically active people, but also want to know how to make the product serve them for a long time. The answer to this question is proper care. It is also important to use the mat only for what it was intended for. Walking on it we should wear sports shoes. After the training, you should immediately fold the mat, which will minimize the risk that, for example, our pet will damage it.


Shopping guide

Contrary to appearances, the exercise mat is an essential element to perform a workout at home. Even the softest rug will not give us comfort during exercise and safety, as in the case of a mat. Importantly, it is useful not only during pilates, yoga or stable training, but also when exercising with weights or during vigorous fitness classes. A well-chosen mat will provide us with comfort and simultaneously protect the floor. To help you purchase the right product, we have prepared this guide that will show you which exercise mat to choose .


Types – what exercise mat is best for you?

Before buying a mat, you must know that we distinguish several basic types for different purposes. Unfortunately, not all models will be suitable for the type of exercise you are doing. Usually information about the purpose of the product is placed on the packaging. Among the most popular mats you will find:

Gymnastic – very large and thick mattresses, used rather in schools and professional fitness clubs. If you have back problems and want to do rehabilitation exercises at home, this mat is definitely the best. However, remember that these types of products are quite large and heavy. In addition, they cannot be rolled up and put into the wardrobe.

Yoga and pilates mats – their thickness varies from 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm. Although such exercises can be performed on universal mats, buying professional equipment will be a better move. Such products better protect against slipping during exercise. In addition, they allow us to better contact with the ground, and this in yoga and pilates is very important.

Protective – for sports equipment. Before you put an elliptical cross trainer, treadmill, bench or other equipment at home, it is worth placing a mat on the floor and only the device on it. Why? Mainly due to the fact that such mats are non-slip, so the equipment will not move. In addition, they protect floors from scratches. In addition, they suppress sounds. Such models are also irreplaceable when you use heavier weights.

Universal – training – is the most classic proposition, suitable for any type of exercise. So if you jump between disciplines – on Monday you feel like yoga, on Wednesday pilates, and on weekend aerobics, such a mat will be the best solution. It is usually made of synthetic foam, i.e. neoprene. The material does not slide on the ground, protects against bruises and insulates from a cold surface.



Training or yoga mats usually come in three sizes, approx. 180 cm x 60 cm, 200 cm x 100 cm and 200 x 120 cm, but smaller and larger mats are also available. When it comes to thickness, it is 5-6 mm for universal models, and 3.5 mm for yoga and pilates. If you are looking for a model for equipment, we recommend block-shaped mats that can be combined to form one, very large surface. You can easily set up exercise equipment on it.

The thickness of the models is selected taking into account the exercises we will perform on it. If we need more cushioning, a thick mat will be the better choice. 



The most important issue is the strength of the material. It must be resistant to tearing. It is also important that the mat is not damaged during exercise, especially when under load. Also remember that such equipment gets dirty with time, so it is important to clean it regularly. That is why we recommend choosing smooth models that are easy to care for. In addition, the material must be resistant to moisture and odors. Also check its approvals carefully. The mat has direct contact with our skin. This means that all substances that are in the material can get into our skin. That is why it is so important that the material from which the mat is made does not contain any dangerous, carcinogenic substances.


Flexibility and ease of transport

Before buying, we recommend checking that the mat rolls easily. This affects our comfort of use and its transport. Even if you will only use the mat at home, choose a roll-up mat that has elastic bands to make it easy to carry around. On the other hand, it is important that the mat does not curl when we practice it. If you are organizing a real gym, we recommend buying mats that have holes for hanging them on the wall. This solution is very practical in storage.



When it comes to exercise mats, the color scheme is less important, but to some extent affects the practicality of the device. It is best to choose products in dark colors so that all dirt is less visible.


Exercise mats at good prices

The cost of buying a mat is not great. On the market you will find interesting offers for around 30 PLN, but also for 200 PLN. Much depends on the purpose, size, but also the manufacturer. The most well-known sports companies on the market offer mats for around PLN 150-200.


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