10 Best Exercise Mattresses For Athletes-Reviews In 2020

Yoga or Pilates exercises require special equipment in the form of appropriate mattresses. It is thanks to them that we will be able to lay down freely on the ground.

 When looking for the right model, it’s worth considering the best product on the market, the Marbo Sport T90 MC-M004 . This is high-quality equipment that works well in the gym or at the home gym. The mattress is completely safe due to the appropriate filling layer. 

What’s more, it has the right dimensions that will allow you to exercise several people on the mattress at the same time. The manufacturer also took care of the rigidity of the model, which will ensure full safety of users.

 However, if you cannot find this product in your local store, we recommend you a replacement. 


The second on the list of mattresses worth buying is Marbo T40 MC-M007 . This equipment is filled with thick foam, which properly protects the user. The product will be suitable for the gym in the school, where children learn flipping forward, backward or standing on their hands.

10 Best Exercise Mattresses For Athletes-Reviews In 2020


However, as you have probably noticed, some mattress models that are available on the market are of low quality. 

For this reason, we have prepared this exercise mattress ranking to help you choose the best product.

Rank #1: BalanceFrom GoFit Mat

 The BalanceFrom GoFit Mat  model is a high-quality mattress dedicated to gyms for children.

Its dimensions are: length – 200 cm, width – 120 cm, depth – 5 m. Thanks to such parameters, the presented model is suitable for use by several people at the same time. Due to its appropriate height, it is a good cushioning when performing various acrobatics by children. In addition, its high rigidity ensures safety.

Special anti-slip elements guarantee that the mattress will not move. The material used to make the product is PVC reinforced with plawil, which is resistant to abrasions and tearing. The threads are cored, which means that the mattress will serve you for a long time. The foam inside is re-foamed and its stiffness is t90.

Consumers appreciated the high durability of the model and the high quality of the material from which this model was made. This means that children will easily perform gymnastic figures, without fear of injury.

Rank #2: Marcy Fitness Equipment Mat

 If you are looking for a high-quality model that will become an element of equipment in your gym at school or in the gym, we recommend

Marcy Fitness Equipment Mat . Product dimensions are: length – 200 cm, width – 120 cm, depth – 15 cm.

The relatively high height guarantees full safety during exercise. We can be sure that the mattress will cushion the toddler’s fall well. Thanks to this, the equipment is a good help for the youngest children who are just learning acrobatic tricks, such as turns or standing on their hands. The foam inside is very elastic, so we have comfort of use. The whole was solidly made of PVC material, which is famous for its high strength. At each corner there are inserts that were made of mesh. This element guarantees air circulation.

Opinions about mattresses for exercise of this brand are very flattering. In their reviews, customers have indicated that this model is very convenient. In addition, the use of equipment guarantees full safety during exercise. Some users have bought a mattress because it is a soft sleeping surface.

 When going to exercise classes, you should have your own folding mattress with you. The product that we can recommend to you is the SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat
. This equipment works well during exercises such as aerobics, pilates or yoga. It is also suitable for all rehabilitation activities.

The mat has been carefully made and reinforced with materials that protect us against product slipping. This guarantees us full safety. The interior has an elastic sponge that provides softness, so there are no abrasions or bruises on our body. Due to the appropriately selected height, the mattress guarantees adequate shock insulation.

This will allow us to train upsets or jumps, without fear that we disturb our neighbors in the block. The whole is covered with a very durable foil that is resistant to abrasion and material tearing.

This makes the mat serve you for a long time. The top layer itself has a waterproof PVC fabric, which makes cleaning the mattress very easy. The dimensions of the equipment are: length – 180 cm, width – 60 cm, thickness 2.5 cm.

The weight of the product is 880 g, which means that its carrying should not be problematic, which was appreciated by many consumers. In addition, according to users, the presented model is a good and cheap exercise mattress, which is worth recommending to others.

Rank #4: BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat

 If you are looking for a high-quality mattress that will give you great comfort during exercise, we recommend buying the BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat. The presented equipment is a foldable mat that works well at home during stretching exercises. The mattress is very easy to store, because after physical activity, the mat can be hidden under the bed or behind the wardrobe, because it takes up little space.

The whole structure has been made very carefully, which minimizes the risk of choking. In addition, thanks to the Velcro for fastening both ends and special handles, moving the mattress is very easy. As a result, you can easily take him with you for training outside. The dimensions of the presented equipment are: length – 170 cm, width – 65 cm, thickness – 5 cm. Due to such height, we can be sure that the equipment will absorb our body well during exercise.

It is worth adding that the product also works well during rehabilitation. Inside, we find a very flexible foam that is resistant to deformation. In addition, this material does not thin out. All threads that were used to make the mattress are made of polyester, which is very resistant to tearing.

A feature that has been appreciated by many consumers is a special medical certificate that emphasizes that the model is completely safe. Thanks to this, it is suitable for contact with children.

Rank #5: Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

 To ensure your safety during exercise, choose a durable product. The Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat is a model worth recommending. This is a high-class gymnastic mattress, 5 cm thick.

The presented mat was made of skaden and poroflex, which imitate the appearance of the skin. This makes the model not only looks good, but is also very durable. For this reason, the mattress is suitable for use by children who learn to roll over or stand on their hands. The foam inside does not thin or deform, because it has adequate hardness. Thanks to this, it properly absorbs our body during exercise. Small pieces of mesh material were placed at the corners for ventilation.

Satisfied consumers appreciated that the mattress was made of materials that are health-friendly and should not cause skin allergies. This means that the composition will not find phthalates that are the cause of diabetes, hypertension and allergies.

Shopping guide

Sports mattresses are obligatory equipment for gyms, gyms and flats, in which various types of gym exercises are practiced. Making individual figures on a hard floor is not the most pleasant task. In addition, the mat largely absorbs any falls, protecting our body from injuries. Purchase is especially important when its users are children. Small and brittle bones are more prone to fractures, which can lead to serious consequences for life. For this reason, you should think about which sports mattress to choose so that it is 100% safe. In this article, we’ll show you what you should suggest when making decisions.

Material – which exercise mattress is the best?

Exercise mattresses usually consist of two parts: external and internal. The first one is a pillowcase for the proper layer and directly contacts the human body. For this reason, it is worth looking closely at what it was made of. The most popular material is leather. Its properties have been known for years to people who often use it to produce various types of gadgets for everyday use. First of all, the skin is not slippery. This is a very important factor that very often causes many injuries. Moist hands, feet or other body parts are not as stable as dry ones. Unfortunately, it often happens that there is no powdered chalk or detergent nearby that will clean our hands of sweat. Then we have to focus very much, so that you don’t accidentally slip or slide down the slippery surface. The skin absorbs moisture very well, thanks to which its outside quickly becomes dry. Of course, these types of gadgets are much more expensive, which affects the decision of school or gym directors to buy cheaper versions.

So if we want to reduce our costs as much as possible, we can consider buying mattresses whose top layer is made of synthetic leather. Nowadays, plastics are a true counterpart of natural materials. They have a slightly changed structure and the comfort of use is lower, but they fulfill their function well and absorb any falls. Unfortunately, sweat absorption is much lower, so make sure you always have a cleaning fluid and cloth next to the mat. Otherwise, using it with great effort will be impossible.

When choosing a sports mattress, make sure that its outer part can be removed. This is a great solution used by good manufacturers of sports accessories. First of all, after training, or if necessary, the cover can be easily removed and feathered. In addition, the internal foam can be thoroughly dried and ventilated, which significantly increases the feeling of freshness while exercising.



Currently, polyethylene is the most commonly used material for filling sports mattresses. First of all, the material is very susceptible to compression, so that, depending on the needs, manufacturers can cure them to almost any level. In addition, it does not clump, it protects the body well against injuries and is relatively cheap. It is also worth adding that it does not accumulate as many microorganisms and mites as its natural counterparts, which makes the gadget safe for people suffering from allergies.

Of course, in the stores you will also find models that have been filled with cotton wool or poor-quality plastic fibers. These types of products are a short-term solution that consumers recommend to avoid. Delicate mattresses can be used by lovers of calm, relaxing sports.


The best exercise mattress is one that is primarily comfortable to use. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the size of the accessory.

On the market you will find mainly 3 shapes of mats: rectangular, square and round.

Depending on who will use the gadget, think about what surface allows the user to perform safe exercises. Nevertheless, the larger the mattress, the higher the comfort.

When buying a mat, measure the surface exactly where you intend to lay it so that it does not turn out to fit into your room. The same applies to gyms or halls. Divide the number of expected mat pieces by the total area of the room. This way you can check which dimensions will be the most suitable for you.


When buying a sports mattress, think about how you will want to use it. For those who practice pole dance, the perfect option will be a round mat. If you’re looking for an item to train martial arts, it’s worth looking around for a thicker gadget with a large surface area. Soft models are suitable for athletes who practice tightrope climbing or climbing. The range of mattresses is really big, so you will definitely choose something that will meet your expectations.

Exercise mattresses at good prices

Mattresses are available to consumers in a very wide price range. The simplest products made of artificial and thin materials cost around $ 300. If you are looking for a professional solution that will be 100% safe for you, you need to prepare for a much larger expense. The price of a good quality mat can reach up to $500.

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