10 Best Exercise Tapes For Seniors-Reviews In 2020

Do you have the impression that your trainings have become too monotonous and do not bring the expected results? You can diversify the exercises, just buy a special tape. The most recommended product is Flexfit Band . It is a set of three rubbers, each of them has a different thickness and maximum resistance. They work well during crossfit training, general development, fitness and rehabilitation. The tapes are made of strong latex, so you do not have to be afraid that they will break due to strong tension. In addition, they do not slip from your hand and are easy to keep clean. The Jumpfit Crossfit set is also noteworthy, which consists of three rubbers. The resistance posed by the narrowest is a maximum of 15.9 kg, and by the widest – almost 39 kg. Folded accessories are small, they can be hidden in a training bag or even in your pants pocket. Exercises with straps have a positive effect on muscle development, and also allow you to increase joint flexibility. Do you not like both products? The set includes several other exercise accessories.


The best exercise bands in 2020

Are you looking for solid training accessories? If so, be sure to check out the ranking of exercise bands, in which we’ve described some interesting products. They are recommended not only to experienced but also to beginner athletes.


Rank #1: Flexfit Band

 Flexfit Band is a set of four tapes made of good quality latex. Each of them has a different resistance and thickness, which is why they are used not only during strength and general development training, but also during rehabilitation exercises. Yellow rubber is 0.5 mm thick, its maximum resistance is 5 kg, green – 0.7 mm and resistance up to 10 kg, blue – 0.9 mm and resistance up to 15 kg, and green – 1.1 mm, its resistance is a maximum of 20 kg. The width of each tape is 5 cm.

Accessories are resistant to mechanical damage and deformation, they can be used for any workout. The elastics are perfect for exercising the arms, hips, waist and buttocks.

Tapes are very popular especially among physically active women. According to them, accessories are useful because they allow you to maintain the correct posture when doing squats or learning new yoga positions. The rubbers are easy to keep clean, in the event of dirt just wipe them with a damp cloth. The set will certainly fit in a gym bag.

Flexfit Band is a set of 4 exercise bands with varying degrees of resistance. They are made of good quality latex.




The purchase of accessories is encouraged by the fact that they can be used for various types of exercises, including hips, arms, buttocks or waist. The tapes will also be used during yoga or endurance and rehabilitation training.

They are easy to keep clean:

Keeping the rubbers perfectly clean is not difficult, so the user can easily guarantee hygienic conditions during training. Dirt that appears on the surface of the accessories can be removed with a slightly damp cloth.

Production quality:

Exercise bands are made of durable latex. This material is resistant to mechanical damage and does not lose its initial elasticity.

Different degrees of resistance:

The set includes rubbers with varying degrees of resistance: 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 20 kg. Everyone, regardless of their level of sophistication, can find the perfect accessory for themselves.

Storage case:

The kit includes a practical case for storing products.




According to some people who practice using Flexfit Band, the rubber should have a slightly shorter length.


Rank #2: Jumpfit Crossfit

 The Jumpfit Crossfit product is recommended for people who train crossfit. The set includes three tapes: red (dimensions: 208 cm x 1.3 cm x 0.45 cm), black (dimensions: 208 cm x 2.1 cm x 0.45 cm) and purple (dimensions: 208 cm x 3 , 2 cm x 0.45 cm). The accessory can be used by less experienced people, because it significantly facilitates doing exercises correctly.

The resistance posed by the narrowest band covers the range from 6.8 to 15.9 kg, and by the widest – from 15.9 to 38.6 kg. After folding, the accessory has small dimensions, fits in a purse or backpack. Regular workouts with the product strengthen muscles and increase joint flexibility.

The tapes are praised for their solidity and tear resistance. They can be used during aerobic, general and even rehabilitation exercises. There are three rubbers in the set, so we can gradually increase the intensity of training and watch your progress.

The Jumpfit Crossfit set consists of 3 straps with varying degrees of resistance (from 6.8 to 38.6 kg). The material used to make them is latex rubber.



Wide application possibilities:

Tapes can be used for various types of exercises, including aerobic, general development, strength or even stretching. People who train crossfit often decide to buy the presented set.

Exercise effectiveness:

Training with the use of rubber brings very good results. By exercising regularly, we can effectively strengthen muscles, increase endurance and improve joint flexibility.

Easy to carry:

Due to the fact that the accessories are compact and lightweight when folded, carrying them is not a problem.

Different levels of difficulty:

The set includes rubbers designed for users of various levels of sophistication. The least resistance has a red accessory, and the largest – purple.



Exercise comfort:

Due to the fact that the red tape is slightly narrow, it can stick to the skin. This reduces comfort during exercise.


Rank #3: MSD-BAND Rehabilitation

 MSD-BAND Rehabilitation tape is used during cardio, interval, ABS, and post-traumatic rehabilitation. The accessory can reach people who want to accelerate the return to full fitness after injuries. The presented model has a yellow color and puts little resistance, therefore it is suitable for beginner athletes.

Product material is latex-free rubber, which is resistant to deformation and tearing. You do not have to worry that as a result of strong stretching, the accessory will break and will no longer be usable. This is a good and cheap exercise tape that allows you to strengthen your muscles.

Many people think that the accessory is not only durable, but also soft to the touch, which positively affects the comfort of training. The tape does not slip from your hand. It is important that we can decide on the length of the product ourselves. Thanks to this, there is no risk that it will not be fully adapted to our needs.

MSD-BAND is a good exercise tape up to 10 PLN. This is a rehabilitation model. The product was made of latex-free rubber.



Pleasant to the skin:

Users confirm that the accessory is made of skin-friendly material. Therefore, you can be sure that exercises using MSD-BAND tape will be comfortable.

Possibility of choosing the tape length:

The buyer has the option of choosing the length of the tape, and the price in stores includes 1 m of the product. It is therefore possible to perfectly match the accessory depending on individual needs.

For exercise and rehabilitation:

The MSD-BAND exercise tape test confirmed that they are suitable for both rehabilitation and intensive training. The accessory we recommend is universal.



Unpleasant smell:

Sometimes comments appear on the Internet suggesting that the exercise gum smells bad. The unpleasant odor lasts up to several days after opening the product.


Rank #4: Thera-Band 20233

 Thera-Band 20233 accessory is recommended by trainers and physiotherapists. It has a red color and puts medium resistance. The tape is 1.5 m long. It is made of durable material that is not slippery. For this reason, we can firmly grab the rubber and stretch it firmly.

With the help of tape, we can conduct effective training at home. It will also be useful in the gym, fitness club or physiotherapy room. The accessory strengthens the muscles, they can be used to sculpt arms, legs, stomach and other parts of the body. Due to the average resistance, it is a good choice for less experienced people.

We decided to analyze the reviews of Thera-Band exercise tapes to see what buyers think about this brand’s products. It turned out that they are considered solid and practical. This also applies to the model that was included in our statement. People in the course of rehabilitation argue that thanks to the tape doing exercises is much easier and can get back into shape faster.

Thera-Band 20233 is a 1.5 m exercise tape in red. Rubber offers medium resistance.



Durable material:

Solid material was used to make the accessory. It is not susceptible to damage and does not stretch too quickly. The tape remains flexible for a long time.

Good quality:

Exercise gum is recommended by the American Society of Physiotherapy. This confirms its high quality and indicates that it can be safely used by people who have health problems.

Various applications:

Thera-Band 20233 will not only be used in fitness rooms and gyms. You can also use it at home or in rehabilitation rooms.



Sticks into the skin:

Few people have observed that the tape sometimes sticks into the skin and leaves a red mark on it.


To keep the product clean, you need to wipe it often.


Rank #5: HMS GU04

 HMS GU04 is a tape that could not be missing from the ranking. The strength of resistance lies in the range from 13.5 to 20.5 kg. Even more experienced athletes should be satisfied with the purchase of the accessory. The product is useful during general and aerobic training.

The tape dimensions are: length – 60 cm, width – 5 cm and thickness – 0.09 cm. The accessory is strong, so there is no risk that it will break unexpectedly when pulled. It does not slip from your hand, which allows you to maintain precision during exercise.

The product can be used in many different ways, which is one of its advantages. The tape is useful not only during muscle strengthening exercises, but also during warm-up. After folding, you can put it in your pants pocket. Most buyers also say that the accessory has the right thickness.

Exercise tape HMS GU04 puts resistance from 13.5 kg to 20.5 kg. The rubber is made of latex and has a blue color.



Recommended by personal trainers:

The accessory is recommended by personal trainers, i.e. people who professionally deal with exercises. This allows you to believe that the exercise tape presented is solid and using it brings results.

Small dimensions:

Rubber takes up little space, so you can take it on a journey so that you can easily take care of yourself during the holiday.



Slides off the body:

The tape is a bit slippery so it can slide off your body during training. This happens especially when we sweat.


The inscriptions on the accessory wear off after a while, which does not look aesthetically pleasing.


How to choose the length of the exercise tape?

Exercise rubbers significantly diversify the training. It’s worth having this practical gadget and you probably already know from our guide which exercise tape is recommended. There are a few things you should consider before buying a particular model. One such factor is the length of the exercise band.




Advantages of training with tape

Thanks to properly selected straps, training is enriched with exercises that mobilize deep muscles to work, which are responsible for maintaining proper posture. In addition, it will be possible to perform isolated exercises (i.e. those that involve only one muscle group). Rubber is also useful during strengthening, as well as mobilization and stabilization trainings, as well as during rehabilitation. It is worth mentioning one more advantage of this exercise gadget – you can take it with you almost everywhere so that you can exercise with it in the place you choose.


Tape features

There are several types of tapes available on the market for various types of training. One of the longest is intended for rehabilitation. They are about 120 cm long and do not form a loop. They are also ideal for stretching.

Each of the types of tapes available on the market has different resistance. In the aforementioned pilates gums, the degrees of resistance reach 13, 16 or even 25 kg. In mini band resistance models, these are levels of around 6, 10 and 25 kg. A separate group are rubs for strength training, where in a set of 8 rubbers you will find those with resistance from about 5 kg to about 100 kg.

The colors of individual models, which are associated with the resistance of the tape, are also significant. Elderly and young children can choose red, adults, but untrained – green and blue; athletes – amateurs can use black and silver gums, while professional athletes can use gold colored ones. Colors may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.




The length of the tapes and the effectiveness of the exercises

The length of the straps is extremely important because it determines the effectiveness of training. Depending on the muscle part we want to train and the arm span, for example, we should consider the length parameter, next to the parameter of the resistance model. It is usually recommended to purchase tapes from about 2.5 m to even 5.5 m so that you can use them for versatile training.

A physiotherapist or trainer will certainly help you choose the right straps. Also qualified employees of sports stores will certainly advise you on which tapes to choose for your planned workout, and at the same time suited to the weight, height and resistance with which you plan to exercise. It’s also good to see some instructional videos to have a slightly better orientation on how to use tapes properly at home and more.


Shopping guide

After some time, regular training can become monotonous, which sometimes negatively affects the motivation to continue fighting for a slim figure. There are many ways to diversify the exercises, and one of them is the purchase of special tapes. They are relatively cheap, but with their help you can strengthen various body parts, including arms and legs. Which accessory should you choose to be able to conduct effective training? You can find our tips below.





How do you know which exercise tape is the best? Note, among others on the material of manufacture. It should be latex because it is stretchy and solid enough that the accessory will certainly not break quickly and will not deform. The purchase of strong tape is important because a poor quality product may unexpectedly deteriorate during training, which may result in a painful injury. Latex is easy to keep clean. After training, simply wipe the accessory with a damp cloth to remove dirt from its surface. In addition, after the training, we can roll up the tape and store it in a bag or even a pants pocket. It won’t take up much space in the drawer.



The resistance posed by the tape depends on, among others on its width. The wider the accessory, the more force needs to be put into pulling it. It is worth stocking up several gums of varying range to be able to perform exercises of the appropriate intensity. Below is a guide on how the width of the tape translates into its resistance:

* 1.3 cm – maximum resistance is approx. 9 kg;

* 2.2 cm – maximum resistance approx. 16 kg;

* 3.2 cm – maximum resistance approx. 25 kg;

* 4.4 cm – maximum resistance approx. 35 kg;

* 6.4 cm – maximum resistance approx. 55 kg;

* 8.3 cm – maximum resistance approx. 70 kg.

Often, the color of the accessory also indicates the specific load range. The least resistance is given by red rubbers, medium ones black, purple and green, and high ones by blue and orange. The best exercise tape creates optimal resistance, and guarantees a secure grip (due to the appropriate width), and thus safety and comfort of exercise.


Length and thickness

The standard length of exercise gums is 1.5 m, a maximum of about 2 m, although sometimes we can decide for ourselves. The most important thing is that the accessory should be convenient to use and allow you to properly perform exercises that sculpt a selected body part. Most beginners use shorter straps and gradually replace them with longer ones. The thickness of the rubbers ranges from 0.4 cm to 1 cm. Although these are relatively thin accessories, you don’t have to worry about breaking. If the tape is made of durable material, it will undoubtedly serve us for a long time.



Depending on the resistance, we can use the accessory during light rehabilitation exercises, football training, general development, swimming and even strength training. There are many different exercises with the use of rubbers, which can be done not only in the gym or in the fitness club, but also at home. They allow you to stretch and strengthen muscles, sculpt your shoulders, buttocks, thighs and abdomen, they are also useful during warm-up.




Single or included?

When deciding which exercise tape to choose, you should think about whether you often intend to use it. If we want to conduct regular training with the use of rubber, it will probably soon turn out that its resistance is too low and we need another accessory. In this case, a good solution is to buy a set with several tapes, each with a different load range. It also gives us the opportunity to conduct various trainings and freely change the resistance, depending on your preferences.


Exercise bands at good prices

Prices for exercise bands start at PLN 5. How much we spend on the purchase of an accessory depends on factors such as resistance, total length and manufacturer. It is also important how many pieces we buy. Individual rubbers are often cheaper than the whole set (you have to pay over PLN 30 for it). However, considering that after some time we will probably need a tape with a larger load range, buying the entire set may be a more economical solution.


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