10 Best Garmin GPS Watch-Reviews In 2021

For people who like to be on the move, a useful gadget turns out to be a GPS watch that allows you to control your daily activities. According to athletes, he is an additional motivation.

 How to choose precisely working equipment? You can find useful tips in our short guide. In addition, we have also prepared for you a list of the best GPS watches of the Garmin brand, which enjoys the trust of buyers.

 The Garmin Fenix 5010-01688-00 GPS watch won a lot of good feedbackwith black, easy-to-adjust strap. The model has a steel construction, so it works well even in difficult conditions. 

The watch has a built-in battery that guarantees long working time on one charge. The gadget is adapted to various activities, so you can decide to buy it regardless of what sport you do.

Another interesting proposition is the Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS watch .

 The equipment measures the heart rate in the wrist, so there is no need to use a special band, which often restricts freedom of movement during intense exercise.

 The gadget can easily be paired with your phone.


Which Garmin GPS watch should you choose?

Watch with GPS is a gadget useful for people who like to spend their free time actively. This type of product will definitely be useful for lovers of running, cycling or extreme sports. As more and more devices differing in functionality and design appear in stores, it may turn out that choosing the right model is not very easy. The following guide will certainly help you make your choice. You’ll find some important tips to help you purchase and rank three Garmin products.

Garmin is an American company that offers sports watches, navigation equipment and bicycle counters. The devices manufactured by the said brand are eagerly chosen by consumers who care about comfortable training and constant control of the body. Garmin products are easy to use, durable and stylish, and therefore suitable for both men and women.

A GPS watch is a functional device that can successfully replace a traditional fitness model. All this because, apart from measuring the distance traveled or the number of calories burned, his tasks also include determining the current location and quickly finding his way home in an unknown area. With a watch with a GPS module you certainly won’t get lost. In addition, such a device works reliably and, unlike a smartphone, often does not require an Internet connection.

It is said that the best Garmin GPS watch in 2020 is equipped with many practical functions (including navigation) to increase the user’s safety. These include: a barometer, compass and altimeter. These features allow you to track changes in altitude, predict weather (based on the information provided), as well as determine the direction in which to move.

Modern watches with GPS allow a wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet. This is possible, e.g. thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module. After synchronizing both devices, we will receive notifications regarding new SMS messages, emails or missed calls, even if we do not take the phone to training.

The best Garmin GPS watches give you the option of personalization, as a result of which on the screen of the device we will see the information that we need the most. Usually, you need to use a special application or platform (they are available for free), but setting up the appropriate widgets and data fields is not too difficult.


A sports watch allows you to record our achievements. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to analyze our trainings and check whether we have made progress. It is important to check the options available in it and read reviews about it before buying this sports gadget. Thanks to this, we will avoid a situation in which it does not meet our expectations. In this short guide we will try to answer the question what should be guided when buying this type of equipment. At the end there is a short summary including 3 proven Garmin products enjoying favorable reviews.


Garmin is a brand that offers products such as cameras, navigation and sports watches. The company is characterized by incredible attention to every, even the smallest detail. Available goods are of the highest quality. Their reliability means that the most demanding consumers reach for them.

Choosing a good sports watch is not an easy task. Often, we are not aware of what parameters should have the equipment that interests us. At the very beginning we have to answer the question what we expect. The basic task that this type of gadget performs is timekeeping. In addition, he often counts calories burned during training, distance traveled, heart rate and running speed. If you want to monitor our sports achievements and develop your fitness, it’s worth choosing a model that offers these features. We must not forget that the calorie counter is an effective motivation to work.

The best Garmin sports watch in 2020 should be waterproof. Thanks to this, we also have the opportunity to exercise outdoors, regardless of whether it is raining. This type also works well when swimming. The battery is an important issue. It should be roomy enough to withstand a long time without charging. Standard are those that work about 10 hours. It is worth checking if the model we are interested in has a battery consumption indicator. It will allow you to properly plan the charging time and avoid situations when we will not be able to go out for training, because the equipment will be exhausted. An important element is the display. It must be legible. The backlight option will be an additional convenience.


Garmin sports watches – ranking

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Rank #1: Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire

 Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire is a watch with a diameter of 51 mm.

 It has advanced training and navigation functions that are extremely helpful during training. Solid construction and durable construction ensure high comfort of use.

The EXO antenna is made of stainless steel and the back part is made of forged steel. The product maintains water resistance up to 100 m. It has GPS and has the ability to display colored TOPO maps. 

The heart rate is measured by means of a precise wrist sensor. The presented model is equipped with a Wi-Fi function that allows you to automatically send achievements and share them on social media.

 The sapphire crystal, which is highly resistant to scratches, is an element that has the best Garmin sports watches.

Opinions about the described model are positive. Buyers appreciate that it is solidly made, so you can use it in any, even extreme conditions. 

A big plus is that it works for up to 100 hours in UltraTrac mode and automatically switches between running and climbing.


Rank #2: Garmin Forerunner 230

 Garmin Forerunner 230 is a watch for runners. He measures the distance traveled, pace and time. Accurately measures heart rate and VO2 max.

This model has a built-in accelerometer that records distance and pace data when running on an indoor treadmill. 

There is therefore no need to invest in a separate foot pod. The gadget monitors activity throughout the day – counts the number of steps and calories burned. If we sit too long, it reminds us of movement.

The product uses GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. They are accurate and with the greatest precision allow you to determine your location.

 The color display is easy to read. Shows the number of heart beats per minute and the current heart rate zone. By downloading the free application to your phone from the manufacturer’s website, we get the opportunity to automatically share your achievements on the Internet.

This Garmin sports watch has won a large number of satisfied users at a good price. Buyers appreciate its affordable price and quality of workmanship.


Rank #3: Garmin Forerunner 35

 If you’re looking for an easy-to-use watch, check out the Garmin Forerunner 35 model. It’s an affordable sports gadget that will allow you to monitor your performance.

The product has heart rate technology. It records distance, pace and broken records with great accuracy. Built-in GPS works fine. Does not lose connectivity, even when running in a dense forest. Has a high resolution display and high contrast.

 It is therefore legible not only indoors, but also outside. In addition to monitoring the run, it also records activities such as cardio exercises, cycling, walking and running indoors. The watch works for up to 9 days in watch / activity monitor mode. It is able to withstand 13 hours during training using GPS.

Consumers are very impressed with this watch. They appreciate its simple design and the fact that it fits well in your hand. In addition, the built-in GPS is precise and does not lose signal.


Rank #4: Garmin Fenix 3 010-01338-01

 We present the Garmin Fenix 3 model 010-01338-01, which is distinguished by its lightness and fashionable design. It is an excellent choice for consumers who are looking for a practical and reliable watch with a GPS module.

 The product is equipped with: a barometer, compass and altimeter. Thanks to the built-in sensors we can keep track of our location, weather changes and the height at which we are.

The device is ideal for runners, swimmers and skiers. The watch allows you to monitor the number of calories burned, distance traveled, pace and duration of training.

 By choosing the described model, we gain access to the Connect IQ platform, thanks to which we can personalize the view and arrangement of widgets on the dial.

Consumers who give opinions on the product think it is an extremely stylish and easy-to-use GPS watch. This model can be synchronized with your phone via Bluetooth and receive notifications of new messages and connections during training.

 In addition, the equipment allows you to mark positions such as the finish point or parking place of the car, as a result of which you will certainly not get lost.

Garmin Fenix 5010-01688-00 is a GPS watch with a diameter of 47 mm. The model has a black color. The product weighs approx. 85 g.


Powerful battery:

The gadget is available in a set with a lithium-ion battery ensuring long working time. According to the manufacturer, it lasts up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode and up to 24 hours using GPS. The user can also turn on the battery saving mode (working time up to 60 hours).

Heart rate measurement

The sports watch measures the heart rate in our wrist using Elevate technology. You do not have to remember to put on a special band that could reduce the comfort of exercise.


The model has a Steel Grip steel construction. The stainless steel frame is durable. Equipment even with intensive use in various weather conditions retains its initial appearance for a long time. Confirmation of this is the test carried out with Garmin GPS watches.

For various sports:

The gadget is adapted to various sports, so it can be used by anyone.

Large selection of straps:

The consumer has the ability to quickly change the strap depending on your preferences. You don’t need any tools for this.


Screen readability:

The contrast of the screen is a bit weak, which sometimes makes it difficult to read the information displayed on it.


Rank #5: Garmin Forerunner 735XT

 The Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS watch selected for our comparison is well rated by athletes. The band can easily be paired with your smartphone so that it displays on its screen notifications from the phone. The model is adapted to Android and iOS. The black, adjustable strap is made of pleasant to the skin materials.

The gadget has the function of advanced cycling, swimming and running dynamics. The user gets access to information on stride length or deviation. The band measures your heart rate from the wrist level, so we guarantee maximum comfort during training. The model has many activity profiles, so it deserves to be called universal equipment for monitoring daily activities.

Many people admit that using the watch is a pleasure. The gadget does not jam, and its operation is intuitive. The advantage is also that the band is light and the strap can be adjusted. The large and legible screen guarantees free access to information displayed on the dial.

The Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS watch is compatible with Android and iOS. The model has a round envelope.


Activity Profiles:

The gadget has various activity profiles uploaded, i.e. running, cycling, swimming, weight training, skiing and many more. In many cases, we can choose whether the activity is done at home or outside.


The device can easily be paired with your smartphone and thus get access to notifications. What’s more, the gadget automatically sends training data to Garmin Connect 3.

Closely monitors daily activities:

The sports band monitors daily activity counting, among others steps taken and calories burned. In addition, the user gets access to information about sleep.


Due to the fact that the watch has a relatively large case and a readable screen, using it is convenient.


No adjustment of vibration intensity:

For some athletes, the disadvantage is that the vibration level cannot be adjusted.


Rank #6: Garmin Forerunner 235

 Garmin Forerunner 235 is a device with an optical heart rate monitor. The presented model has a compass and an accelerometer that allows you to save training data such as: distance traveled, calories burned, number of steps and duration of exercise. The product allows you to accurately determine your current position (regardless of where you are), because it uses GPS and GLONASS satellite systems.

The watch is connected to the Garmin Connect portal, through which you can track your activity and progress, share the results with friends, as well as find a training program that is right for you. The dimensions of the device are: 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 1.8 cm. In watch mode, the battery life is up to 9 days.

Reviews published on the Internet are proof that the product is willingly bought by consumers. Comments about the Forerunner 235 model are flattering, and many people emphasize that this Garmin GPS watch at a good price is durable and extremely practical.

Forerunner 235 is a good Garmin GPS watch up to PLN 900. The gadget is equipped with an optical heart rate monitor.



The model has a built-in accelerometer, which allows you to accurately measure distance and pace while running in the gym (on the treadmill). To access precise data, you don’t need to invest in a separate foot pod.


In reviews, users emphasize that the equipment is very light and therefore almost imperceptible on the wrist. You can wear it all day and have guaranteed access to daily activities (including counting steps), regardless of whether we train or not.

Battery Performance:

The sports band does not need to be charged too often. It is equipped with a powerful battery.


Bluetooth wireless connection:

Sometimes the Bluetooth wireless connection is broken, which can be a pain.


Rank #7: Garmin Fenix 5010-01688-00

The screen clearly shows all the information that can be found on the watch face. The equipment is well made, so it is suitable for athletes. The watch is comfortable to wear, and it is the result of being lightweight and adheres well to the wrist. Sometimes the GPS seems not very accurate.

 The differences with the correct location are not too big, but if you are in an unknown area, it can make a big difference. The diameter of the watch is 47 mm. The equipment is equipped with useful functions such as a barometer, compass with gyroscope, as well as activity profiles for all disciplines. The design of the watch is made of stainless steel, so the model is durable and does not get damaged.


Rank #8: Garmin Forerunner 735XT

The watch has many interesting features, including a counter of calories burned, steps taken, and sleep monitoring. The equipment is comfortable and you can even sleep with it. It always shows detailed information you can rely on.

The watch glass does not look solid. After some time you can see small scratches on it. Be careful not to damage the slide as it will look unsightly.The presented equipment can be personalized by choosing the most interesting shield appearance. The watch has a heart rate monitor and a GPS receiver. The strap is made of plastic, while the shield is made of steel.


Rank #9: Garmin Forerunner 235

The equipment examines the pulse thoroughly. The sensor is located in the bar.

 Just download the special application so that you can transfer workout information to your phone or computer.

 The watch is easy to personalize, so the device can look the way you want.The display is quite dark. Sometimes, to read the result you need to turn on the backlight function.

 Some users find this quite annoying.The device provides information about how far we have traveled, how many calories we have burned, about sleep and counts the steps taken.

 In addition, you can find out how fast you are moving. The watch is made of good plastic that is breathable.

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