10 Best Garmin Women’s Sports Watch-Reviews In 2020

A sports watch can be useful during training. This type of product is usually equipped with several practical functions that allow you to increase the efficiency of your exercises. One of these timepieces is the Casio G-SHOCK GA-110RG-7A with an analog-digital dial.

The watch gives you the opportunity to check the current time in several time zones, it also measures your heart rate, calories burned and lap time. The product will definitely not break down as a result of impact, which is prevented by the G-Shock anti-shock system.

It should be added that the timer is light and looks great (it will not deteriorate too quickly, even if we wear it every day). Consumers also recommend the Garmin Forerunner 235 watchwith a GPS module. The product counts calories burned, distance traveled, the amount of sleep during the day, and also tracks our current position.

 The model is technologically advanced, allows you to download individual training plans. Do you dream of a different watch? Familiarize yourself with the rest of the ranking, you will certainly find a timer that meets your expectations.

A watch is a very important element of stylization, often deciding about its character. For ladies, the design of the watches is particularly important because it allows them to express themselves. Even in the case of sports models, the appearance and consistency of the gadget with other items of clothing are important. Thanks to our shopping guide you will learn more important features of sports watches. To illustrate them a bit better, we used Garmin models.

Garmin is an American company that specializes in creating electronic gadgets. Garmin ‘s best women’s sports watches have gained worldwide fame. In addition, the company also produces GPS devices and wearables, i.e. highly advanced electronic devices.

Sports watches available on the market are adapted to various types of activities – running, diving, swimming, climbing and ordinary, for general use. Some models have sensors that measure e.g. heart rate or calories burned. Diving watches must have a special backlight on the dial so that the parameters visible on the dial can be seen by the person wearing the diving goggles. Water resistance at an appropriate level is also important (given in bars or meters – whenever we swim, we only need water resistance at 5-10 bar, and when diving at great depths it is best to choose 20 bar). The running models have GPS to help orientate you. General-purpose sports watches are very popular among the fair sex. They are not overloaded with many functions. They have a pedometer and calorie measuring function. It’s very motivating – to see the amount of calories burned after training.

The best Garmin women’s sports watch in 2020 expresses current fashion trends with its design. It is a great addition to everyday stylizations. If you are a supporter of a slightly more elegant style, and at the same time you like physical activity – combine your watch with jackets and other elegant clothes. Sporty elegance is very fashionable recently. When choosing a specific model, check whether it is waterproof and shockproof. It must also be made of solid materials. Models containing titanium and steel are common. The straps can be made of leather that provides good airflow. The watch must also be light – after all, we will play sport in it. He cannot disturb us in our daily activities. Recently popular are silicone models that fit well on the wrist,


10 Best Women’s Sports Watches In 2020

It would seem that the watches are already out of use. People have all the information they need on their phone – internet access, day planner, stopwatch. However, today timepieces not only show us the time, but also measure our physical activity, and also fit into a sporty and elegant outfit. In our ranking we will present you the best products and reviews about women’s sports watches .


Rank #1: Casio GX56BB-1 Watch

Casio GX56BB-1 Watch  is a watch with an analog-digital dial and quartz movement. The product has several features that you may find useful. I’m talking about: date, alarm, stopwatch and timer. This model is distinguished by a water resistance of 200 m, which means that you can take a bath in the tub or swim in the pool.

The timer fits perfectly into sports stylizations, it can be taken to training. The envelope dimensions are: width – 5.1 cm and thickness – 1.7 cm. This is a product on a belt with adjustable circumference (up to a maximum of 22 cm). The watch face is illuminated.

Consumers in their opinions emphasize that the product presents itself in an original way and is also comfortable to wear. Due to the fact that the timer is equipped with the G-Shock anti-shock system, there is no risk that it will break down as a result of the impact. It is worth noting that the model has special protection against magnetic fields and can display the current time in different time zones.

The Casio GX56BB-1 Watch  r weighs 72 g and the dimensions of the case are: 5.1 cm x 1.7 cm. The watch is equipped with an analog-digital dial. This is a quartz movement model.



Adjustable strap:

The envelope is placed on a silicone strap fastened with a buckle. Because we can freely adjust its circumference (up to 22 cm) there is no risk that the product will slide off the wrist.

World time:

The timer has a world time function. This means that with the help of a watch we can check the current time in many different time zones. It is a suitable model especially for people who travel frequently.

Illuminated shield:

The watch face is illuminated with a LED diode, so we will check the time without any obstacles at any time.

Buckle fastening:

The model’s strap is fastened with a buckle, which is why we can put it on and take it off ourselves.

Durable slide:

The shield is responsible for the mineral slide, not susceptible to scratches, cracks and other damage.




Ladies who like feminine, delicate accessories think that the model looks too masculine. There are also opinions that the dial is too big and does not look good on a slim wrist.


Rank #2: Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch

 The next item in our ranking is Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch  . This product is not the cheapest, but it enjoys considerable recognition. Garmin offers us lots of useful features.

The watch has a built-in GPS, as well as a heart rate monitor. You can personalize your device after registering on Garmin Connect. The data is then automatically sent from the timer to the page. It is also possible to publish results on social media. Tell your friends how many kilometers a day you travel. The gadget counts the number of calories burned and steps taken, and also measures the distance and time in which we overcome it.

The product will be available in three colors – blue with black elements, red with black inserts and all black. The shield is small, so it does not attract attention and looks aesthetically. Users praise the ease of use and satisfying operation of the Forerunner.

The Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor women’s sports watch is available in blue, burgundy and black. The product weighs 42 g. The model is equipped with a color display.




The information provided by the manufacturer indicates that the built-in battery guarantees up to 9 days of work in watch mode and up to 11 hours in GPS mode with an HRM sensor. Thanks to this, we don’t have to worry that the equipment will unload during training and our activity will not be saved.


Reading consumer reviews, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that using the gadget is easy. Although the model has many interesting features, learning them does not take much time. All thanks to a well-developed user manual, as well as an intuitive interface.


The built-in accelerometer measures distance and pace data while running on the treadmill. The user does not have to invest in a separate foot pod to record the distance traveled.


The product is not only functional, but also a nice decoration. Many women ensure that the model fits many styles (not just sports).




Few Internet users indicate that the watch works poorly with dedicated smartphone software, which makes it difficult to monitor the effects of training.


Rank #3: Polar M200 GPS Running Watch

 Next comes the Polar M200 GPS Running Watch . It is minimalistic both in appearance and in action. Those of us who value simplicity will like it. It doesn’t have many modern features, but it fulfills its function very well.

The watch shows the time and date, and the date display has the function of an eternal calendar, so you will never have to worry about whether the date is correct. In addition, the gadget has the ability to set three audible alarms. In addition, we have a stopwatch that measures up to 100 hours. Polar pros are also: anti-shock system and water resistance. So we can train without worrying about new equipment.

The product has a white, rubber band and solid shield construction. The display is not large, which makes this model look subtle. Green inserts slightly warm up the whole and give it a more casual look. Ladies who bought this model praise its appearance and comfort.

Polar M200 GPS Running Watch is a women’s sports watch available, among others in white, pink, green, black or blue. The product weighs 47 g.




The gadget is made of skin-friendly material. As a result, the product does not cause skin irritation or chafing. It is also worth adding that the material used for production is resistant to damage.


The ability to adjust the watch guarantees an easy-to-adjust strap. Thanks to this, we can ensure that the model does not move on the wrist, which could make it difficult to read the results during physical activity.

Water resistance:

Due to the fact that the water resistance of the watch is up to 200 m, we can also use the model while swimming or diving. We also don’t have to remember to download the bath gadget.




Some people think that the mineral slide that protects the shield is prone to scratches. Therefore, be careful not to damage the display.


Rank #4: TIMEX Ironman R300 GPS Smartwatch

 The TIMEX Ironman R300 GPS Smartwatch has a digital dial. Inside the watch there is a quartz movement, which is powered by a battery. The product can be safely immersed in water while swimming in the pool or bathing. This is possible due to the water resistance at 100 m. The dimensions of the timer case are: width – 3.9 cm and thickness – 1.4 cm.

The product is intended primarily for active people. The presented model was equipped with a stopwatch, calorie counter, heart rate measurement function and saving up to 50 laps made in its memory. The watch allows you to check the current time as well as the day of the month.

The timer is durable, but also light, so it does not overload the wrist. Thanks to the product, our trainings can become more effective because we can control their most important parameters. What’s more, the Timex model can be completely silenced if necessary so that notifications and alerts do not bother us. The watch is solid and comfortable to wear.

The TIMEX Ironman R300 GPS Smartwatch  is a watch with a digital dial that drives the quartz movement. The timer envelope has dimensions: 3.9 cm x 1.4 cm.



Water resistance up to 100 m:

Water resistance up to 100 m means that we can take a bath in the bathtub and swim in the pool. There is no risk that the internal components of the timer will fail.

Interesting design:

The model is available in a pink color, has a small dial and a thin belt. For this reason, the product looks great on a woman’s wrist and is an original addition to the styling.

Useful features:

The watch has the function of an extensive calendar (shows the current day of the week and month), calorie counter, stopwatch and timer. What’s more, with the help of the model we can also measure pulse on a regular basis.



Unable to transfer data:

The timer does not allow sending workout data to sports applications on smartphones.

Not suitable for diving:

The model may break if we dive deep with it.


Rank #5: Timex Full-Size Ironman Sleek Strap Watch

 Our ranking of women’s sports watches closes the product of Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire HR. The device can be connected to an iPhone and with the help of Suunto Movescount application personalize it so that it serves us best.

The Ambit3 Peak Sapphire watch has a built-in GPS receiver, thanks to which we can calculate a route regardless of the sport we do. Ideally suited for both cycling and running. In addition, the equipment is waterproof, so we can swim with it, using its advanced features in this field. And we can have results from all three sports in one place. The device shows us our speed, pace and distance and is also equipped with a compass and heart rate monitor while swimming.

Suunto equipment looks very simple and elegant – it is black with metal elements and without unnecessary frills. Consumers are satisfied with the watch’s operation. In particular, its functionality, GPS and battery life.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire HR is a women’s sports watch weighing 92 g. The product has a black color.




The sapphire crystal protecting the shield is highly resistant to scratches. There is no fear that the product will damage quickly.

Battery level indicator:

The model has a battery level indicator. In addition, the user is notified by a sound signal when the battery is low. This is a very useful feature.




In the comments of Internet users you can read that connecting the watch to the computer using the included cable is complicated.


Rank #6: CanMixs Smart Watch

The timer has a mineral slide that is not prone to scratches. It’s a watch on a strap, so we can easily adjust it to the circumference of the wrist. It is light and elegant, it fits well with everyday stylizations. 

Some women think that the model looks too masculine, as a result of which it is difficult to match it with a dress or business outfit. The product has an illuminated dial, which allows you to read the hour after dark. The timer is equipped with an anti-shock G-Shock system, therefore it will not be damaged by impact. 

With the watch you can freely bathe, swim in the pool and dive (water resistance at 200 m). The model has a stopwatch as well as a date display.


Rank #7: Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Operation of the watch is very easy and intuitive, so you can quickly start using. The equipment is very durable and resistant to shocks and impacts, which makes it possible to use it in difficult conditions. 

The device may have problems with cooperation with the software located in smartphones. The model is considered quite uncomfortable to wear, especially at the beginning before it adjusts to the shape of the wrist. The equipment has a long battery life, so you don’t have to charge it often.

 The model has a housing available in turquoise, red or black. The product is quite light, so you do not feel its weight on your hands every day and during exercise.


Rank #8: Timex Ironman Classic 30 Oversized Watch

The equipment has an interesting design that catches the eye and matches many outfits, especially since it is possible to choose the color of the watch case. The product strap is rubber, which means that it is flexible and fits well in your hand. 

The model has a small display – this makes it difficult for some to read information from it. The thickness of the envelope is 1.2 cm – there is a possibility that it will hook on the material of the clothes. The device uses an anti-shock system to stop it from being destroyed. 

The model has been adapted for use during exercise, so you do not have to worry that sweat or water will harm or destroy it.


Rank #9: YAMAY Smart Watch

 The YAMAY Smart Watch  model is a sports watch that at first glance looks like an elegant addition to the most official combinations. It allows, among others, 24-hour heart rate monitoring – it has a wrist sensor.

Although the watch looks quite classic, it also has tools to monitor well-being, including a relaxation timer that helps combat stress symptoms. With the help of this small device, we can also monitor our condition – such parameters as fitness age or VO2 max. The battery in this product works for up to 5 days in smartwatch mode, and up to two weeks in regular watch mode.

Ladies like the possibility of using intelligent functions such as displaying notifications from the phone, the ability to control music and auto data transfer. The watch is very durable. The round dial gives the classic look a whole, thanks to which the watch will also look good with dresses and other elegant clothes.


Rank #10: COULAX Smart Watch

 COULAX Smart Watch is a multisport model with GPS function. With its help, athletes can monitor a lot of data. The device is ideally suited to sports competitions during which the lightness of the device is very important.

Thanks to its universal appearance, the watch will work both on a daily basis at work and during training. The ability to check your results after each workout allows you to adjust your activity to our expectations. The equipment also monitors our sleep.

Regular trainers are eager to choose this model because of the ability to create their training plans with the help of Garmin connect. Another practical and innovative feature is the ability to share positions with friends – the LiveTrack application is used for this. The watch can be personalized by putting on the dial a photo of your choice from your smartphone. Then you will use it much nicer.


Rank #11: Garmin Forerunner 35

 Garmin Forerunner 35 is a simple to use, dedicated to smartwatch runners. the equipment has a GPS module and the ability to measure heart rate on the wrist. Thanks to this, you always know where you are and whether your heart rate is correct.

The presented model is a Garmin women’s sports watch at a good price, which in addition to typically sport functions allows you to control music and reminds you of the need for daily activity. Thanks to the appropriate settings, you can upload your results to the free Garmin Connect website, which has plenty of practical tips for practicing sports, and compare your results with others.

People who bought a watch appreciate the number of its functions and its modern look. Ladies can combine it with elegant and slightly more sporty clothes. The product is light and adapts nicely to the women’s wrist.


Rank #12: Garmin 010-01769-09 vívoactive 3

The model features 24/7 heart rate monitoring and well-being testing. They help to cope with stress and fight its symptoms. It is possible to display the number of steps and calories burned. 

The battery in which the device is equipped is distinguished by its durability. The quality of the watch could be better. The rubber strap can quickly be damaged or worn out when used more intensively. Thanks to the universal appearance, the product works well in everyday use as well as for more elegant meetings. 

By choosing the smartwatch mode, the battery lasts up to 5 days, and in watch mode, the endurance is extended to 2 weeks.


Rank #13: Garmin vivoactive 4S

The watch is designed for running, swimming and cycling. Available in two colors. The device has a data synchronization system with a telephone. There is also a personalization option, thanks to the application containing free patterns of watch faces. 

Buyers say that initially there are problems when pairing the device with a mobile phone. Establishing a connection with GPS takes a long time.  The universal look will work both during everyday use and during training. The device is distinguished by lightness, it works well during sports competitions.

 It is equipped with a GPS function that allows you to monitor many data, such as: route length and number of steps you have taken.


Rank #14 : Garmin vívomove 3S

The built-in GPS receiver collects data on routes traveled. It monitors both heart rate and activity throughout the day. The gadget reminds you of movement. It is light, comfortable and stylish. Fits both elegant and sporty styles. Some consumers noticed the lack of the option of navigating the display with the up arrow stating that it is bothersome in everyday use. 

The watch works well while running and also while cycling. The monitoring function measures your heart rate, counts your steps, calories burned, as well as minutes of intense activity. The model will also work well for people with a less intense lifestyle who want to improve their condition. A motion-reminding function will help them.


Rank #15: Watch Casio Baby-g Ba-110-7a1er Women´s Gold

Casio BABY-G BA-110-7A1ER is an elegant women’s white sports watch at a good price. This is a digital device with a rubber strap. This element is soft so it won’t irritate your skin when worn. It was the total elimination of abrasions and allergic reactions that made the presented model so popular.

The shield is protected by a high-quality, high-strength mineral slide. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about nicks or cracks. The manufacturer also made sure that any scratches on the disc could be quickly polished. Water resistant equipment is 100 m, so you can use it while swimming and bathing. The biggest advantage of the device is an extensive date stamp in the form of an automatic calendar. What’s more, the LED allows you to read the time even in the dark. Another functional addition is the built-in stopwatch. In addition, the watch shows hours in different time zones, which is a great convenience for travelers.

Consumers are very happy with the presented equipment. It is made of durable materials, so it will serve you for a long time. What’s more, the product looks very well on the wrist.


Rank #16: Garmin Vivomove HR

People who claim that sports watches cannot be elegant have never seen Garmin Vivomove HR. This is a nice model with a pink shield and a white stripe, which has been decorated with gold elements. Thanks to this, the product is suitable for sport and elegant styles.

The device has a function of 24/7 heart rate monitoring, so it will help you take care of your health. In addition, the watch also measures the time of your effort and relaxation. This will allow you to check how your condition improves. Information about calories burned and distance traveled during the day will appear on a small screen. The device can also display notifications from the phone, and after configuration it will be used to control the music. It is an efficient model in which the battery in smartwatch mode works from 3 to 5 days, and in watch mode up to 2 weeks.

If you are looking for an elegant and functional gift for a loved one, we recommend you this watch. This is a very precise device that has a nice design, that’s why many women will love it. The ladies who bought the watch are very satisfied with the large number of functions it offers.


Rank #17: Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch

We present Polar M600 to women who like sports watches with a modern design. This is a very elegant model with a digital display and a white, rubber bracelet. The device has a built-in smartwatch software, i.e. during exercise, it measures your heart rate, calories burned, body performance, steps and distance traveled. The big advantage of the equipment is that you can configure it with the application on your phone, which facilitates the transfer of acquired health data.

It is waterproof equipment that you can use in the pool or while bathing. However, remember that the device is not suitable for diving. A big advantage of the product is the built-in GPS, so the distance traveled is saved during the run, so you won’t get lost. Another advantage of the product is that the activity measurement is carried out around the clock, even while you relax. This will help you determine when your body is most active and when it needs a break. The consumer can also use the Smart Coaching function, which offers tips on improving fitness and training more efficiently.

Consumer reviews of this equipment are very positive. The watch looks good, and more importantly it is made of durable materials. In addition, the use of the product is intuitive – when you start training, just fasten the strap harder to start the measurement.


Which women’s sports watch should you buy?

When we run, ride a bike, swim, do yoga, fitness or other sports we want to have an insight into what time it is, what our heart rate is or we have broken our own record. This is not possible without the right accessory – a good sports watch. Of course, we can use a smartphone, but it will not work in all conditions. In addition, the watch is more comfortable.


In this short guide we will list the features that distinguish the best women’s white sports watches . In addition, we present a short summary.

Why did we decide to describe women’s models in white? According to research by psychologists, properly selected clothes and accessories motivate us to exercise, especially women. The timeless white is perfectly combined with various sports outfits, which is why ladies so often reach for stylish, white sports watches.

The first thing to determine is whether we need waterproof or only waterproof equipment that will not be damaged by splashing. Waterproof watches are those in which we can swim without fear – in this case you should choose a model with a water resistance class of 10 bar. If you want to dive, you will need to buy equipment that has a higher water resistance class, e.g. 20 bar or 30 bar. On the other hand, whenever we run, do fitness or train in the gym, we do not need such a watch, we only need the one in the waterproof class of 3 bar or 5 bar.

According to consumers, the best women’s white sports watch in 2020 is not only solid, but also functional. During activity, we want not only to control the time, but also to check the heart rate, use a stopwatch, sometimes GPS. So let’s choose a product that has the most useful functions that allow us to control the body while playing sports.


Shopping guide

A sports watch is a valuable gadget for all women doing sports. He can not only measure distance or count calories, but is also a fashionable accessory during training. The offer of women’s sports watches is extremely diverse. On sale there are many models with various functions and more or less attractive design, and their price range is very large. When buying the right product, we should consider what our needs are and what we expect from the device. To help you make this difficult decision, we have prepared a guide that will tell you which women’s sports watch to choose.

Types – which women’s sports watch is the best?

When creating sports watches, first of all, physical activity is taken into account. For this reason, sports watches for running, swimming and diving, mountain climbing and general purpose are distinguished.

Sports watches designed for runners primarily measure distance and speed. Thanks to them we can check the distance traveled and at the same time we are able to improve our own pace. An additional option is the meter of steps taken and calories burned. These models are often also equipped with heart rate monitoring sensors and allow you to set individual training goals.

The most important feature of models designed for swimming and diving is their water resistance. They usually have bright colors so that they remain visible when immersed in water. They are equipped with functions that track basic statistics, such as the number of laps traveled, distance in meters, swimming pace, training time, pulse, calories burned and immersion depth.

Mountain climbing watches have features useful for mountaineers, such as weather forecasting and altimeters. A built-in GPS module is also standard, which helps in orientation in the field and allows to know the exact location. Some models have a digital compass instead of a GPS. An additional option is also an accelerator giving speed and distance, which determines the time of arrival at the destination and allows better distribution of forces.

General-purpose sports watches accumulate several useful options, which can be used by any woman training in the gym or practicing fitness or yoga. They are not overloaded with complicated functions, but have the necessary parameters. They are usually equipped with a separate second dial that allows you to accurately track results, heart rate monitor and pedometer. The function of measuring calories burned is also very important, because nothing works as motivatingly for women as the graph of what has been achieved at a given time. It motivates you to exercise.


Women’s sports watches differ from men’s dimensions and design. They are neat, transparent and designed in accordance with the principles of minimalism. When choosing the perfect model, it is worth paying attention to whether it combines functionality, sporty appearance and current trends in the fashion world. A sports watch is a great addition to sport styling, which not only supports us in training, but also provides an effective complement to the outfit. The visual aspects of the gadget are very important, and the manufacturers offer a multitude of its colors and designs. For active women who like new challenges and lead a dynamic lifestyle, the watch should look stylish and modern. Regardless of how much functional model we need, the device must emphasize our character and express our personality.

A good sports watch should be made of materials that will resist wear and tear resulting from its daily use. The most effective are combinations of plastic and metal, with a streamlined shape. The offer of various brands includes models made of stainless steel or titanium with sapphire crystal. Such products not only look great on the wrist, but are also highly resistant to any impacts, shocks and harsh conditions. More elegant models offer leather straps. If we want the training watch to be as light as possible (it should not be heavier than 65 g), it is worth buying a model with a case made of plastic, connected with a silicone, antiallergic strap. Silicone models have been enjoying great popularity for several years,


When buying, pay attention to the display. Choose the right size and type of backlight. The displayed numbers should be clearly visible. Women who train in various conditions, such as winter jogging, will also need a very sensitive touch screen, which can also be operated with gloves. What’s more, reliable precision is extremely important for sports watches. In this situation, a battery-powered product will be a good purchase.

Women’s sports watches at good prices

Choosing the right watch should be guided by the value for money. Specialists recommend buying a device that costs no more than PLN 1,000 at the beginning. For this amount, we are able to buy a decent watch with the necessary parameters, which will serve us for a longer time and will be a functional and fashionable accessory. Professional athletes who have high requirements for the parameters of a sports watch will be forced to invest a higher amount of up to several thousand zlotys.

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