8 Best Gym Atlases For Beginners -Reviews In 2020

Do you set up a home gym? Do not forget to buy an atlas that will allow you to sculpt many different muscle groups, including arms and legs. The selection we have prepared will undoubtedly help you choose the right model. We describe popular exercise equipment, and HMS Hektor 3 comes first . This is a single-seat atlas with compact dimensions, which stands firmly on the floor, and is also stable.

It was equipped with a bench, butterfly, as well as a prayer book and a device for exercising leg muscles. The equipment is easy to keep clean. The construction was made of steel. The Hertz Stamm model comes second in the rankingthat stands out with its elegant appearance. It has a high maximum load (120 kg) and is easy to fold.

With the help of equipment you can conduct an effective and safe training, during which we will use a leg trainer, paddle, as well as the upper and lower rod. Since the atlas is equipped with one exercise station, it will not limit the free space in the room.


Top 5 exercise atlases. Opinions in 2020

Today we will give our readers opinions on exercise atlases, and we will present five models describing their functionality. We invite you to read the people who are intending to buy such a device for themselves.


Rank #1: Single site atlas HMS Hektor 3

 We would like to present the HMS Hektor 3 exercise gym , which is distinguished primarily by its compact dimensions: height – 207 cm, width – 120 cm and length – 112 cm. It is well suited for use at home and allows you to conduct a safe and effective workout. The construction is made of steel, which is why it is solid and stable.

The equipment weighs 82 kg, and its maximum load is 100 kg. It was equipped with: a latisimus tower, a butterfly, rope tension from below, a prayer book, a bench and a device for exercising leg muscles. Atlas has several weights that together weigh about 45 kg.

According to buyers, the HMS Hektor 3 model is noteworthy, but not only for the safety of the exercises. It can be used in many different ways, because it allows you to sculpt the muscles of the chest, back, arms and even legs. It is also important that the bench can be quickly cleaned without damaging it.

HMS Hektor 3 is a weight training machine weighing 82 kg. Its dimensions are equal: 207 cm x 120 cm x 112 cm.




The equipment stands firmly on the floor and you do not have to worry that you accidentally fall over during exercise. Solid steel construction is responsible for this.

Easy cleaning:

Cleaning the atlas is not a problem. All you have to do is wipe the dust off it from time to time and wipe the bench with a damp cloth.

Many possibilities of use:

The equipment is equipped with a prayer book, butterfly and even a device for exercising leg muscles. You can use it in many ways and thus conduct effective training.

Compact dimensions:

There is no risk that the atlas will reduce free space in the home gym. It doesn’t have very large dimensions. This is a model with one workout position.


The equipment is suitable not only for men, but also for women. It allows you to sculpt your muscles, slim your figure and improve your overall condition.



Troublesome installation:

To be able to exercise with the help of the atlas, you must first assemble it yourself. Some consumers believe that this is a very time consuming activity.


Rank #2: Exercise Atlas Hertz Stamm Mulitigym

 If the Hertz Stamm model did not appear in our list , it would not be complete. This is a single-seat equipment that guarantees safety during training. The construction is made of steel, so there is no risk that it will break unexpectedly. It is also important that the atlas stands firmly on the ground.

The equipment’s dimensions are equal: height – 190 cm, width – 107 cm and length – 145 cm. The maximum load of this model is 120 kg. The Atlas can be used in various ways, because we have at our disposal: upper and lower rod, paddle and leg trainer. Weights of a total of 45 kg were secured with a steel mesh, which increases the safety of use.

Why has the equipment been appreciated by consumers? They claim that the model is solid, it looks elegant, and its assembly is not as difficult as it might seem at first. It is worth adding that the atlas does not take up much space in the room.

The Hertz Stamm equipment measures 190 cm x 107 cm x 145 cm and weighs approx. 100 kg. The maximum user weight is 120 kg.



Elegant appearance:

This is a black and white model that looks aesthetically indoors. All nuts are secured with special covers, and the pile of weights are placed in a steel mesh.

High maximum load:

Since the maximum load of the atlas is 120 kg, it can be used by well-muscled people, as well as those fighting obesity.

Guarantee of effective training:

Thanks to the equipment, you can conduct a safe and, more importantly, effective training at home. It allows you to sculpt many different muscle groups, including chest, back and shoulders.

Quick assembly:

Although the model is intended for self-assembly, it should not take too much time (especially if we involve another member of the household).



Inability to spread the bench:

Some people do not quite like that the bench cannot be unfolded (it only allows you to adjust the position of the seat).


Rank #3: Exercise Atlas Autark 1500

 Finnlo Autark 1500 is an advanced, two-position training device. It is equipped with a bottom and top lift and an adjustable backrest. The maximum user weight is 120 kg. And the dimensions of this model are 165 x 145 x 215 cm. When buying, we will receive 80 kg of stack, divided into 16 bars of 5 kg. And if the stack was too small, you can always buy an additional 20 kg.

This device allows you to perform many exercises for the leg muscles, including bends and extension. Also, placing arms in 5 different positions for butterflies significantly diversifies the types and number of exercises. The manufacturer states that exercises are available: rowing, for biceps, triceps, chest, leg exercises in a sitting position and on the stomach.

And according to people conducting trainings with this device, it is an atlas made of good materials and each element works very smoothly, making it convenient to exercise on it. Customers state that the links in the statements do not stretch. In addition, the equipment has a 36 month home warranty and 24 months light commercial.

Finnlo Autark 1500 is an advanced two-station equipment, which is recommended for more advanced athletes. The product is intended for persons with a maximum weight of 120 kg. Its dimensions are: 165 cm x 145 cm x 215 cm.




The device can be used even with a heavy load, up to 100 kg. The set includes an 80 kg stack of bars, but we can buy another 20 kg.

Variety of exercises:

If you are looking for equipment that will allow you to perform various exercises, this is a suggestion for you. It will allow you to train different muscle groups. On this model, you can do exercises for biceps, triceps, chest, leg exercises in a sitting position and on the stomach.

Robust performance:

Consumers confirm that this is strong equipment, highly resistant to damage.


This equipment is very solid, and additionally covered by a home warranty of 36 months and light commercial 24 months. So you can be sure that you are investing in a strong product.




An undoubted drawback of the product is its price. We have to pay over PLN 6,000 for this device.


Rank #4: Training Atlas with bench BMG 4700 Body Sculpture

 A stable and solid construction is the Body Sculpture BMG 4700 atlas. Made of steel profiles with an ergonomic shape and foam finish. The bench with high back allows the device to be used by tall people. The dimensions of this model are 158 x 240 x 213 cm. The maximum user weight is 120 kg.

And the weight of the stack is 55 kg, with the butterfly station having a ratio of 2: 1, so that the weight you lift is twice the weight of the load. The weights have been covered with plastic, thanks to which the stack is quiet. The upper lift allows hanging exercises.

With the help of such exercises, you shape your arms, abdominal muscles, back, and trapezius. Handles for French push-ups engage the whole body, and also shape triceps and abdominal muscles. The sloping bench allows you to undergo training at a negative angle, which is more demanding than traditional exercises. During the break, you can hang used dumbbells for a while to reach for them again after the break.

For the owners of this equipment, its most important advantage is its multi-functionality. This model guarantees the possibility of exercising many muscle groups. Consumers say that this is exercise equipment suitable for both amateurs and professionals. In addition, the price of Body Sculpture BMG 4700 is reasonable.

Atlas Body Sculpture BMG 4700. It is a device with a strong, solid construction. The product was created for tall people. The maximum user weight is 120 kg.




Consumers confirm that the equipment is very durable. This is also evidenced by the fact that the attached stack weighs 55 kg, and the user’s weight can be up to 120 kg.


This equipment consists of several elements, thanks to which you will train different parts of muscles, also involving the whole body. This will help you, among others push-up handle or inclined bench.


People who have chosen this model confirm that it is comfortable to use. In addition, it does not take up much space, which also affects our comfort of moving around the room in which the atlas stands.




Many people think that this atlas is not very stable.


Rank #5: Kettler Multigym 7752-800 gym

 Atlas Kettler MultiGym 7752-800 is a gym that provides training for the whole body. This model allows the involvement of all muscles, as well as a combination of cardio and strength training. The best exercise atlas should allow for a variety of exercises performed in different positions. Such features can be found in this model. Multigym has a leg training station, because pulling the rope from below imitates rowing movement.

The butterfly station will help you sculpt your chest, and the special rope lift has a cable for triceps shaping and the ability to combine exercises with abdominal training. The weight of the stack is 80 kg, it consists of 16 weights of 5 kg each. The device withstands the load of the exerciser with a maximum weight of up to 130 kg. Folded dimensions of the atlas are 181 x 109 x 200 cm.

We received a recommendation of this equipment from users of the Kettler MultiGym 7752-800 gym. They claim that high quality and durability make it useful. In addition, the atlas has been accompanied by a booklet in Polish with a description of the exercises that can be performed on the device.

Atlas Kettler MultiGym 7752-800 is equipment that will allow you to do exercises at home. The device is intended for persons with a maximum weight of 130 kg. The dimensions of the atlas are 181 cm x 109 cm x 200 cm.



Ideal for chest exercises:

Users of this equipment notice that it is irreplaceable for chest and triceps exercises.


The device is designed for people weighing up to 130 kg, but in addition we have a set of 80 kilograms of weights, so it is very resistant to load.




People using this machine notice that it is not very extensive, which limits our training options.


This equipment may not be very stable when using a heavy load.


HMS Hektor 3

Atlas does not take up much space in the room, so you can easily buy it for the home gym. It is stable and solid, mainly due to steel profiles. The equipment allows you to sculpt all muscle groups.

Buyers found the installation problematic to be troublesome. All parts must be assembled by yourself, which takes a long time. It is worth to involve someone in the household.

The equipment is suitable for both men and women. It was equipped with with a prayer book, a bench, and butterflies. The maximum load of the atlas is 100 kg. Its ratio is 1: 2. With its help you can conduct a safe and effective training.


Hertz Stamm

The equipment has a high maximum load of 120 kg. With its help, you can safely exercise at home. The structure is based on a steel frame, which guarantees not only strength but also stability.

Some users don’t like the fact that the bench is not foldable (you can only adjust the seat position). This somewhat limits the possibilities of using the atlas.

The model allows you to sculpt the muscles of the back, legs, arms and chest. We have at our disposal, among others lower and upper rod as well as the oar. The Atlas weighs approx. 100 kg. It was equipped with 8 weights, the weight of the entire stack is about 45 kg. The equipment is single station. It will definitely fit in a home gym.


Finnlo Autark 1500

Atlas is equipped with an adjustable backrest. We can adapt this element to our needs, and the device can be used by several people. The number of exercises that can be done with this equipment means that we can train practically the whole body.

The product costs over PLN 6,000. For many people this is too much money. A certain group of consumers say that the equipment is not very comfortable, so during prolonged training we may feel discomfort.

The atlas design is well thought out. Thanks to this, all elements work smoothly. The device was made of high quality plastics, which guarantees safety and that the product will serve us for a long time.


Shopping guide – What exercise atlas to buy?

Sport is not only a way of shapely figure, it is also a way to better well-being and health. Many go to the gym, but not all of us have access to such places. In addition, running is not enough for everyone. In addition, it often happens that our body does not tolerate the load arising during running – then there are numerous problems with the joints. That is why we are looking for alternatives, especially when we care not so much about slimming, but about maintaining good shape and building muscles. One option is to buy the right equipment for your home gym. Exercise machines are very popular among such devices. Many trainers believe that this is one of the best and most advanced devices. It allows you to train all muscle parts, which ensures high effectiveness of training.which exercise atlas to choose , and basically what to follow when shopping.




Number of positions

There are many exercise atlases available on the market, the simplest models have one stand, and the more developed ones have even four. The more positions, the more opportunities to perform various exercises. However, it is worth analyzing whether we actually need so many positions. Check what exercises you want to do to use all positions. Another issue – the more they are, the more expensive the machine, and it takes up a lot of space. Therefore, models with one stand, maximum two, will be the most practical for the home. However, if you want to create a professional gym, you should be tempted by a larger model. Especially if several people are to train on it.


A position is not everything

Before buying, it is worth checking the training options offered by the equipment we are interested in. It’s mainly about the load – it’s good if the device has rubber plates and a stack guard to ensure quiet operation and safety. It is important when you live in a block of flats and do not want to disturb your and your family’s peace.


Equipment load

Each device has some limitations, also a seemingly stable atlas. Therefore, check its maximum load. This will minimize equipment malfunctions and also provide you with safe and comfortable training. Normal atlases withstand loads of over 100 kg, even up to 200 kg. Also remember that the more stable the equipment, the more people can use it at the same time.

Convenience and ease of use

If the equipment is too complicated, we quickly get discouraged from exercising, so when choosing it is necessary to take into account the functionality and our individual needs. When deciding on a professional, extensive atlas, you should be thoroughly familiar with its operation.


Place for setting the device

As we have already mentioned, the atlas is a large equipment, so it takes a lot of space. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully analyze where you want to set it up and whether we have enough space for it. It is also worth checking their height, because unlike an elliptical cross trainer or bicycle, the height of the gym exceeds 1 m – 1.5 m.


What else to consider?

Above we have presented all the necessary issues that provide a way to answer the question which exercise atlas is the best . We mentioned dimensions, load, positions, but you must know that this is not all. First of all, this equipment should be stable so that it does not tilt during its operation. It is worth checking whether he has the option of extending the available options. Often, as we use some devices, we come to the conclusion that an additional function would be a great solution, but how to turn back time and buy a richer model? Unfortunately this is not possible. Therefore, equipment that can be expanded with additional components will be a great solution. Remember also to adapt the model to your own height and weight – bodybuilder has different needs, and another person with a slight body build, who is just beginning his adventure with such exercises.

Remember that buying low-strength equipment with poor quality, as well as a low load, not only worsens the convenience of exercise, but also will not give us a guarantee, achieving the dream effect. However, usually people who decide to buy an atlas assume that they will be able to sculpt a beautiful figure. As specialists emphasize – sometimes it is better to buy smaller equipment or free weights than a poor atlas.

It is also worth checking consumer ratings. Remember that it is the users of the equipment that determine whether a given model is worth the price. If it has many positive reviews, just verify the issues we have listed in this guide. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to easily buy, without worrying that you invest in equipment that after a few months will be broken or exercising on it will not bring results.




Price – this is important

The disadvantage of the exercise atlas is their price. Unfortunately, this is not the cheapest offer in sports stores, which does not mean that atlases for good prices are not available. However, you have to be very careful about the quality of the equipment. Remember that it’s not worth overpaying for features you won’t use. Unfortunately, it often seems to us that the larger the device, the better it is because it has a large number of functions. Among the best brands of this type of equipment are: Kettler, York and Body Sculpture. The cheapest models on the market cost about 350$ , but for good, solid equipment you have to pay about 2000 PLN – 3000 PLN.


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