10 Best Gymnastic Ladders For Home –Reviews In 2020

Promoting a healthy lifestyle has caused many of us to buy various sports equipment to improve our physical condition. An exercise ladder is also such equipment. Due to the increased interest in such equipment, we decided to look at them to find the most popular and liked by customers.

 It turned out that customers most often choose the KOMETA-5 gymnastic ladder, available from the distributor of the best gym equipment from Małpiszon.pl. It is a model that has a friendly installation, because it does not require the use of invasive installation in the apartment. 

All elements are assembled on a spreading principle, and because of the presence of retractable elements, the model fits interiors of different heights.

 Many users have chosen this model also because of the interesting colors that children like. And the equipment can be used for 3 years old kids. The benchmark chosen by customers as the second best meeting the needs of exercisers is Benchmark OPT14564 .

 It can be used by people weighing up to 120 kg. Has a diverse design that makes the exercises more attractive.


The best gymnastic ladders in 2020

We can do various exercises on gymnastic ladders. We will find them not only in gyms in schools, in gyms or in rehabilitation centers, but also in private homes. 

Such equipment does not take up a large area, only a fragment of the wall, and if we attach additional elements to it, we gain a lot of room for exercise. To facilitate your choice we present a ranking of gymnastic ladders.


Rank #1: Malpiszon Comet-5

 The KOMETA-5 gymnastic ladder is a product that can be easily installed in any home. This is because the manufacturer has equipped the instrument with a special expansion mounting system. Thanks to it, you not only need to drill holes in the wall, but also we will match all elements to almost any space for installation. 

The ladder will fit into a room with a height of 2.27 cm (because that’s its length) up to 3.25 cm, after opening it to its full size and using the extra bed. This system, in order to meet the expectations and safety standards, was thoroughly tested by the German company TUV Nord. 

Among other things, the maximum permissible load was tested. Tests have shown structure strength up to 230 kg! However, the manufacturer recommends a maximum user weight of up to 100 kg.

The width of the equipment is 53 cm. Mounted rungs, in the amount of 8 pieces, have a length of 49 cm, and each of them is surrounded by an anti-slip coating finished with massage insets. The whole device weighs 27 kg and is always painted in two contrasting colors in such combinations as, for example: blue / yellow, green / yellow, red / yellow, white / yellow.

Wanting to create a sports corner at home, a ladder can be mounted both directly against the wall and at some distance. This will create the possibility of using it from two sides. 

And if it is intended for a children’s sports corner, then probably the fact that it is possible to adjust the height of the gym bar assembly and adjust it to the child’s height will be a big advantage. With the greater range and growth of our child, we can gradually change the position of the stick.

The equipment included in the set is a sliding bar, wheels, rope, metal ladder and trapeze. If we wanted to expand the set, you can easily buy matching additional elements, such as acrobatic sticks, multistep to perform acrobatics, basketball basket or boxing bag. 

If the user of the equipment is more interested in fitness accessories, then you can get a training bench, push-up handrail or a neck stand.

Customers who bought this equipment appreciate its well thought-out and solid construction, as well as a very simple installation method in any interior. In addition, customers note that the ladder is suitable for both an adult user and a child who is just taking his first steps.

The equipment distributor is the Małpiszon company, which specializes in finding equipment for children with inexhaustible energy. The company sets itself the task of offering only products that meet the highest requirements for use, safety, as well as aesthetic ones.

Physical activity promotes health, so many people try to surround themselves with equipment that allows you to train at home. Such equipment is the Romana KOMETA-5 gymnastic ladder, available from the distributor of the company called Małpiszon. Let’s see what makes it so popular.



Simple assembly:

Supplied in a folded state, the equipment is easy to assemble and assemble in the apartment. A special expansion system allows it to be mounted non-invasively in a room from 2.27 cm to 3.25 cm high.


The purchased model contains, next to the ladder itself, wheels, a sliding rod, a trapezoid and a rope. It is also possible to buy sets dedicated for fitness, boxing or basketball.


The model has been tested by the German company TUV Nord in terms of safety. On this basis, it has been dedicated to people weighing up to 100 kg. Also, all connections of the elements were protected against causing injury.


The device can be adjusted to match the height of the gym bar to the height of the person exercising. Thanks to this, bought for a child will grow with him.

Non-slip rungs:

The rungs have been lined with a special, non-slip material, which is additionally equipped with protrusions that act as a massager.



No mattress:

Exercise at the ladder, for the safety of the exerciser, especially if it is a child, requires the use of a mattress against painful fall. The ladder in the standard set does not have it, although this may be suggested by illustrative photos.


Rank #2: OPT14564 benchmark

 Benchmark OPT14564 metal gymnastic ladder is a product designed for performing physical and rehabilitation exercises at home. The presented product is made of high quality metal. Thanks to that it is highly resistant to damage. The maximum weight of the exercising person is 120 kg.

The advantage of the presented model is that the side pipe is one element, there are no welds or screws, and this significantly increases our safety and at the same time affects the life of the equipment. The set includes a bench, exercise rails, as well as a bar and barbell grip.

The presented equipment can be mounted to the wall or expansion. The set includes all the elements necessary for installation. The product has a height of 2.3 m.

People who have chosen this equipment emphasize that it is very functional. It is thanks to the elements attached to the set that allow us to perform many types of exercises. The solid performance of the product was also highly rated.

The OPT14564 benchmark is a gym ladder with dimensions: 66 cm x 217 cm and a maximum load of 120 kg.




The product is suitable for home use and is useful not only for people who want to improve the appearance of the figure, but also those who need to perform rehabilitation exercises in connection with various health problems.

Easy assembly:

Users emphasize that the assembly of the model is simple and does not require much experience. It is also important that, if necessary, you can easily disassemble the equipment or move it to another place.

Tummy bench:

In the package you will find many useful accessories, and among them it is worth mentioning a tummy bench covered with a pleasant to the touch material. It is gentle on the skin and does not cause abrasions.

Mounting brackets:

You do not need to buy additional accessories to mount the equipment. Four wall mounting brackets are included in the kit.




The packaging in which the product is delivered weighs approx. 50 kg. Therefore, we may have a problem with bringing equipment into the apartment. We may need someone else’s help.


Rank #3: Insportline Dremar 8671

 inSPORTline Dremar is a massive ladder made of beech wood. It is a proposal for a professional gym, gym at school, but also for home. This equipment has a maximum load capacity of 130 kg, so it is also suitable for heavier people. Such strength is also a guarantee of our safety.

This model has been designed to provide us with maximum comfort during exercise. This is, among others thanks to wall bars that have a greater distance from the wall than other similar devices, and this gives us freedom of movement.

The presented product has dimensions of 240 cm x 90 cm. It is mounted using metal anchors, which are included in the set.

Opinions about the ladders of this manufacturer are very flattering. Consumers highly appreciate the solid performance of the product and its classic form. In their assessments they emphasize that this is one of the most interesting proposals available on the Polish market.

The Insportline Dremar 8671 gymnastic ladder has dimensions: 240 cm x 90 cm and beech wood was used to make it.



Upper levels:

The top two rungs located on the equipment are intended for attaching additional accessories, i.e. rubber. This means that the ladder can be used to perform various exercises involving all parts of the body.


According to the manufacturer, the maximum load of the model is 130 kg. Therefore, the ladder can be used not only by children and teenagers, but also by adults who are well muscled or overweight.

Mounting elements included:

All accessories needed for installation are included in the kit. As a result, you can proceed to install the equipment immediately after unpacking it. The assembly instructions will allow us to perform this task quickly and without problems.




Despite the fact that beech wood has been covered with a protective coating, after some time minor mechanical damage appears.


Rank #4: InterAtletika Elit ST001.1

 The InterAtletika Elit ST001.1 gymnastic ladder with chrome rungs is a durable, solid device, ideal for home gyms. This product can be wall or wall mounted. Thanks to which we have more room for maneuver.

We can buy other elements for the presented equipment, such as bench, rod, etc. Gaining a multifunctional exercise device.

Because the ladder posts are powder-painted and the rungs are chrome-plated, the whole not only looks great, but is also highly resistant to mechanical damage, especially to scratches.

The presented model withstands a maximum load of 120 kg. So you can practice on the stick also with a heavy load. It is also worth emphasizing that the base is strong enough that we do not have to worry about the fact that the whole structure will not withstand the additional load in the form of other exercise equipment.

People who decided on this model highly value its solid performance, high durability, and the fact that it can be expanded.

InterAtletika Elit ST001.1 is a good gymnastic ladder up to 550 PLN. Its maximum load is 120 kg.



Two mounting methods:

The equipment can be mounted in two ways: expansion or wall mounted using special brackets.

Additional accessories can be attached:

You can expand the set and attach additional accessories to it. For example, a bench can be attached to the ladder.

Stable construction:

Most people admit that the model’s construction is solid and stable. When performing exercises, you do not have to worry about equipment damage due to heavy loads. The ladder is durable and no elements are shaky.



Metal bars:

I must admit that the metal bars are very durable. Their disadvantage, however, is hardness. Sometimes, when exercising, you must use sports gloves.


The product weighs 30 kg, so installing, removing or moving it can be difficult.


Rank #5: InterAtletika ST026.1

 The InterAtletika ST026.1 wall gym ladder is well rated by users. All because it was made of durable pine and beech wood, which are characterized by very good durability. Without a doubt, the equipment will serve us for a long time.

The ladder should be mounted using the brackets included in the kit. The set also includes a rope that can be used to perform some exercises. The surface of the product is perfectly smooth, we will not find any splinters on it. The wood was carefully sanded and then covered with several layers of varnish. The protective coating not only increases the comfort and safety of exercises, but also has a positive effect on the appearance of the product.

People who chose the InterAtletika ST026.1 gymnastic ladder think it was a good decision. The product is characterized by strength and stability. If we mount the model properly, we can be sure that it will be stable. The product looks aesthetically, and all because it was made with the greatest care.

InterAtletika ST026.1 is a wooden gymnastic ladder with dimensions: 60 cm x 80 cm x 240 cm. The set includes 6 mounting brackets.




The model was made of natural pine and beech wood, i.e. materials characterized by durability. The reliability of InterAtletika ST026.1 is confirmed by a consumer ladder test.

Safety of use:

There are no splinters on the surface of the product. All because the wooden elements were thoroughly sanded and additionally covered with several layers of protective varnish. There is no risk of hand irritation during exercise.




Due to the fact that the maximum load is only 100 kg, people who are very overweight cannot use the equipment.


Although the kit includes the necessary mounting hardware and instructions, some buyers admit that installing the equipment can be complicated.


Polsport L 5 M G1 20

 Good and cheap gym ladder Polsport L 5 M G1 20 is an ideal product for people who like simple solutions. It differs slightly from classic exercise equipment because it is made of jute ropes and wood.

This equipment is ideal for performing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs. You can climb it and perform stunts. It is an interesting proposition for people who have children. However, you must remember about their safety and security during exercise.

The kit includes steel hooks for mounting the equipment. This can be done under the ceiling or on a wall structure. Consumers highly rated the ratio of product quality to its attractive price. The solid construction of the equipment is also recognized.


Shopping guide

Nowadays, physical activity is a very important element in the lives of many people. It allows us to stay healthy and fit, not only physically, but also mentally and mentally. There are many different forms of activity and exercises tailored to the needs and abilities of training people. 

Gymnastic ladders are one of the most universal equipment used for various physical activities. They are ideal for stretching and strength exercises, and are also a perfect complement to rehabilitation training. They are used primarily in gyms, schools, fitness clubs, gyms, as well as in rehabilitation centers.

Today, due to their simplicity and ease of use, they can also be successfully used for everyday training at home. Training with the use of a gymnastic ladder allows you to strengthen the whole body in a relatively short time, especially the hands, arms and stomach. 

All you need to do is choose the right exercises to enjoy your slim body. Currently, there are several types of ladders on the market that differ in size, material or price. This guide will help you decide which gym ladder to choose.




Types – which gymnastic ladder is the best?

Gymnastic ladders can be divided according to the material they are made of. We distinguish among others models made entirely of wood. Ladders made of solid softwood or beech wood are most often offered, which guarantees high quality and durability during use. 

Rungs of such devices are solidly attached to the frame, so we can be sure of their durability and reliability. They can therefore be safely used for exercises in the field of gymnastics and rehabilitation in schools, sports clubs or rehabilitation centers.

Another material from which such equipment is built is metal. These types of gymnastic ladders are considered to be one of the most durable and resistant sports equipment intended for more advanced exercises. 

They are mainly used in sports clubs during classes with heavy loads and pressure. Thanks to the durable construction and high-quality metal, we guarantee a minimal risk of injury.

The above types of ladders can also be divided into single or double. This means that the model has one or two exercise fields, which gives you more options when choosing an activity.

Jute models, which consist of rungs and hemp ropes, are another type of gymnastic ladder available. They can be safely hung in the vaults of the sports hall, thanks to which we gain countless training options. 

Exercises performed on this type of ladder primarily place emphasis on strengthening the upper body parts. However, they are intended for more advanced people, because such training is not the simplest.



Gymnastic ladders are available in different heights and widths. The most common are classic ones measuring 210 cm x 90 cm or 220 cm x 90 cm, but equally often we find higher equipment that is mounted on the ceiling. 

Most stores also offer children’s models sized for the child’s height. What’s more, manufacturers are trying to adapt to the size and needs of customers by offering ladders to size.


Ladder fixing

For gymnastic exercises to be completely safe and comfortable, remember about proper and correct fastening. The offer includes various types of brackets, blocks and elements enabling solid and durable installation to a wall or a metal structure. 

As a result, the ladder is firmly and firmly attached to the ground, which will help to avoid the danger of poorly fitted equipment. In addition, assembly is not difficult and does not require much effort and work. All you need is some free space in an apartment or house to enjoy your new purchase.


Purpose – the best gym ladder for you

First of all, you have to ask yourself what kind of exercises you will be doing on such equipment. The number and type of training using ladders is very large, so everyone will surely find something for themselves.

 If you are interested in exercises at home or those with moderate intensity in a fitness club, the choice of wooden ladders will be appropriate. The same is true for rehabilitation exercises. However, if we want to perform heavy physical exercises using a heavy load, the best will be metal models with increased durability and strength. 

What’s more, the amount of free space also matters. Although the ladder itself takes up relatively little space, it is worth developing enough space around it so that you can exercise freely.



The durability of such equipment is extremely important. Remember that each device has some restrictions on its load. It’s worth checking it out, especially if you want to do exercises with heavier equipment or just have more kilos. Too much pressure on the ladder can result in a serious accident. Usually, this type of equipment can withstand a maximum of 100-150 kg.


Assembly system

You can’t forget about the hardware assembly system. On the market you will find expansion equipment mounted to the wall or ceiling. Often, strut models can also be mounted using wall screws. It is worth checking if the product we are interested in is sold in a set with all the elements necessary for its installation. This will significantly speed up the installation of the ladder and will not require a visit to the store.



Let’s not forget about our safety. We buy proven products of the highest quality, which have appropriate attestations and certificates confirming that exercising on a given equipment is safe. Of course, we must not forget to exercise with caution. If children use the ladder, we must remember that they do not use the equipment without supervision.




Additional equipment

Some exercise equipment is sold in a set with additional equipment, such as a bench, tape, etc. This is not a necessary element, but if you train a lot and intensively, it is worth getting interested in this issue. Even if at the beginning we do not want to invest in such an extensive ladder, an interesting option is to buy a model to which over time we can buy additional elements, thus gaining great exercise equipment.


Gymnastic ladders at good prices

The simplest and classic gymnastic ladders can be bought in sports stores and with rehabilitation equipment. 

They are also available in online stores, which sometimes offer a much larger selection than landline ones. The cheapest vertical ladders can be purchased for about PLN 400, but it is worth thinking about whether the materials they are made of will meet our expectations regarding durability and safety. 

It is best to spend about 500 PLN on their purchase. Of course, we will pay more for a double ladder, the price of which ranges from 700-900 PLN. However, in the case of suspended jute ladders, the price reaches even a thousand zlotys and more.


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