10 Best Gymnastic Mattresses –Reviews In 2020

When choosing the right mattress for exercise, a dilemma often arises as to which model will be the most suitable and what should be followed when buying it. 

To slightly help you make this difficult decision, we have thoroughly analyzed the market and consumer opinions and selected the best products in 2020. The result was a ranking in which the Marbo Sport T90 Mc-M004 took first place .

 It is a gymnastic and training mattress, which thanks to the appropriate thickness and rigidity guarantees the safety of all exercisers. It provides protection against slipping and perfectly absorbs impact strength. ‘

However, if the described proposal does not meet all your expectations, we have also selected a second, equally attractive product. It is the Majestic Sport R80 mattressthat can be folded into 3 parts. 

The model is filled with flexible polyurethane foam. It maintains its elasticity even after many months of using the mattress. The product is available in several colors. If you want to familiarize yourself with the other proposals in our list, we invite you to read this article.


The best gym mattresses in 2020

To help you choose the best product, we’ve prepared a gym mattress ranking. The list includes models characterized by precise workmanship as well as functionality and convenience in use.


 In our summary we would like to present you the MAT EXPERT 4’x10’x2 Gymnastics Mat. . It is a mattress designed to perform gymnastic, acrobatic and other exercises that require adequate protection.

This model was made of durable plastic, reinforced with Coats Epic core threads. Thanks to this, it has an extremely durable and tear-resistant surface. It was filled with foamed foam with stiffness t 90, which provides effective protection against painful falls. The mattress is also equipped with a 5 mm thick zipper. The dimensions of this model are 200 cm x 120 cm x 5 cm.

The presented product has received many favorable reviews. Opinions posted on the Internet indicate that this model is recommended by consumers. People who have it at home unanimously say that it is ideal for exercises for both children and adults.

The MAT EXPERT 4’x10’x2 Gymnastics Mats has dimensions: length – 200 cm, width – 120 cm and thickness – 5 cm. The model was made, among others from the sea.



Reinforced corners:

The presented mattress has reinforced corners, which ensures that it will serve us for a long time. Thanks to them, the product maintains its initial shape – even after many months of intensive use, it does not lose elasticity.


The model was coated with a suitably reinforced plague. This material is coated with polyvinyl chloride. As a result, the surface of the mattress shows high abrasion resistance.

Does not slide on the floor:

The reviews posted on the Internet show that the product does not slide on the surface on which it was laid. This is a guarantee of safety during exercise. The risk of injury during physical activity is significantly reduced.


Noteworthy is the solid sewing of the mattress. Good quality Coats Epic threads were used in the production process, which show high resistance to breaking.


The model is easy to care for. To keep it clean, you only need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth once in a while.




Due to the fact that there are no handles on the product, moving it may be uncomfortable.


Rank #2: Franklin Sports Folding Gymnastics Cheese Mat

 Our set-up would not be complete without the Franklin Sports Folding Gymnastics Cheese Mat. The model has a blue color, which even after a long time of use does not lose its initial color. Storing the product is very easy. The mattress can be folded into 3 parts, so it takes up much less space.

The presented model is available in several sizes: 180 cm x 60 cm x 5 cm, 195 cm x 90 cm x 5 cm and 200 cm x 120 cm x 5 cm. The consumer can choose a mattress that is best suited to its height, thus ensuring comfort and safety during various types of exercises. The production of Majestic Sport R80 uses polyurethane foam as well as PVC. Both materials are durable.

Why should you buy Majestic Sport R80? The mattress deserves special attention because it guarantees safety during exercise. It does not slide on the floor, which is a special advantage for this type of product.

Franklin Sports Folding Gymnastics Cheese Mat is a very good gymnastic mattress up to $50 . The model is available in the following dimensions: 180 cm x 60 cm x 5 cm, 195 cm x 90 cm x 5 cm and 200 cm x 120 cm x 5 cm.




The product was filled with secondary foamed polyurethane foam. It is characterized by elasticity, which translates into the comfort of using the mattress. It is worth adding that the filling does not lose its initial shape quickly.


The model has a cover made of PVC coated on one side. The material is resistant to abrasion, and also pleasant to the touch. As a result, we can be sure that during intensive exercises we will not irritate the skin.


The mattress consists of 3 parts, which makes storage easy. We don’t need a lot of space to store the product.

Availability of several colors:

Different colors of the model mean that every consumer can choose the product that best suits his tastes.



Some people say that cleaning the mattress is time consuming. Some dirt appearing on the surface of the model is difficult to remove.


 The BalanceFrom company is the official distributor of sports equipment for children. The company’s offer includes various types of exercise ladders, various gymnastic accessories and exercise mattresses.

Is the official distributor of selected brands of sports equipment for children. And thanks to professional advice and reliable service, he gained a good reputation among his parents.

Gymnastic mattress of the ” BalanceFrom ” company is a product covered with PVC material, from which we can easily wash off any dirt. It is a leather-like material. The manufacturer offers a large variety of products, because the colors available to customers are really large. The customer can choose from such colors as: red, light green, blue, orange, pink, turquoise, green, yellow, beige, purple, light blue, gray. In addition, this model has the option of selling with yellow corners strengthening the hem. Thanks to this, the most exposed parts of the mattress are additionally protected.

The dimensions of the described model are 100 x 100 x 10 cm. And if a single mattress turns out to be too small to do the exercises, you can buy individual modules and combine them together. Such joining is done with Velcro sewn. The surface can also be either one-part or two-part, because in such variants the product is sold. The mattress with the dimensions given above weighs 3 kg, so even a child will be able to maneuver and set it up for exercise.

The interior has been filled with hardened polyurethane foam, which does not contain any harmful substances for health. The bottom part has a non-slip coating, so even a small mat will not move during intense movements of the exerciser. The non-slip part can also be selected in blue, gray or green.

People who bought this product say that Velcro as a combination of individual elements works great and thanks to them you can get a larger area for exercise without worrying about gaps between mattresses. Customers also like the rich colors offered by the manufacturer, thanks to which everyone will choose the product that suits them best. On the other hand, the anti-slip coating, according to the exercisers, is perfect when using one small mattress.

People who engage in physical activity often find it difficult to do without a gymnastic mattress. One of the awarded products is the BalanceFrom Thick Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat. Let’s see what customers value him for.




Hardened polyurethane foam is an interior that provides the mattress with adequate elasticity and at the same time protects the exerciser against injuries. A 10 cm thick mattress perfectly protects against painful falls.

Washable coating:

The outer shell made of leather-like material is not susceptible to dirt and is also easy to clean.

Non-slip ground:

The underside of the mattress has anti-slip properties, so it will not change position during exercise.

Reinforced corners:

The most sensitive part of the mattress, which are the corners, is trimmed with an additional layer of leather-like material. 



Small dimensions:

If you intend to use the mattress for exercises such as flips, then a single module may not be enough, because its dimensions are only 100 x 100 cm.


Rank #4: Z-Athletic Gymnastics Exercise Mat

 Our ranking would not be complete without Z-Athletic Gymnastics Exercise Mat model. It is a lightweight, anti-static exercise mat that can be used for both rehabilitation and gymnastics.

The mattress is made of high quality foam that does not deform under pressure and perfectly absorbs any falls. Thanks to the compact, non-slip surface, it maintains the temperature of the exerciser and does not absorb moisture and sweat. The product is very light, comfortable to clean and can be easily rolled up and stored. Additional comfort is provided by two holes for hanging.

The mat comes in three colors: red, green and blue. It is available in various widths (60 cm or 100 cm) and thicknesses (1.5 cm or 2.5 cm).

Despite the slightly higher price, the product is very popular among buyers. They claim that it combines strength and lightness. Customers like the product primarily due to its solid construction, high flexibility and the ability to absorb falls.

Z-Athletic Gymnastics Exercise Mat  is available in 3 dimensions: 1.5 cm x 60 cm x 190 cm, 2.5 cm x 60 cm x 190 cm and 1.5 cm x 100 cm x 190 cm.



Non-slip surface:

The presented model has a non-slip surface. As a result, we don’t have to worry about the mat shifting during the exercises, which could pose a threat to us.


There are 2 holes on the mattress that allow it to be hung on the wall. This solution turns out to be very useful because thanks to it the mat does not deform.


The model is extremely light, so its portability is not a problem. The mat can be easily rolled up.




The product is available in several colors, which, however, lose their intensity after a while.


The model is made of a delicate material, which is why it is so important to choose delicate cloths for Thera-Band cleaning. It is not recommended to rub the product surface too intensively.


Rank #5: Matladin Folding Gymnastics Mat

 If you are interested in buying a solidly made gymnastic mattress, we recommend the Matladin Folding Gymnastics Mat. Most reviews about this product are positive. The dimensions of the model are as follows: 200 cm x 120 cm x 10 cm. As you can see, the mattress is quite thick, which provides adequate cushioning during exercise.

For the DBX Bushido R60, reinforced synthetic leather was used. It is resistant to abrasion, and is also easy to care for. To clean the mattress, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. The model was filled with polyurethane foam. Individual parts of the material were sewn with cored threads. They are characterized by high durability. There are not even small holes on the surface of the mattress (in the area of joining its individual parts).

Opinions about the Matladin Folding Gymnastics Mat are encouraging. Therefore, many people decide to buy the said product. The mattress is soft and does not slide on the surface. Easy care is also to be mentioned among the advantages of the model.

 The  Matladin Folding Gymnastics Mat is a gymnastic mattress with the dimensions: 200 cm x 120 cm x 10 cm. The model was made, among others made of synthetic leather.




The product has a Safety Certificate, which was issued by the Institute of Sport in Warsaw. This confirms that using a mattress does not endanger our health.

Core threads:

Core threads were used to connect the individual parts of the material. They are very resistant to abrasion. We can be sure that no holes will appear on the surface of the DBX Bushido R60.




If we often use the mattress and perform intensive exercises on it, it is likely that the filling will lose its initial shape over time.

No handles:

Due to the fact that the model has no handles, its transfer is relatively difficult (the mattress falls out of your hand).


Shopping guide

Gymnastics is one of the most important elements of any workout. Regardless of whether you train in the gym, do martial arts or are a dancer, any type of physical activity should start by warming up your muscles. Due to the fact that some elements of the training plan are quite difficult to perform and can affect your imbalance, it is worth carrying them out on a special gymnastic mattress. However, remember that buying this type of product is a rather complicated task. The range of sports stores is very wide and among the good quality accessories you will also find weak counterparts. It is therefore worth considering exactly which gymnastic mattress to choose so that it is safe and comfortable to use. In this article, we will show you which properties to pay special attention to,




Material – which gymnastic mattress is the best?

The first and undoubtedly one of the most important issues is what materials they are made of. On the market we will find products covered with plawil or synthetic leather. The first type of covering is characterized by quite high strength and high comfort of use. It is true that products of this type are much more expensive, but given their lifetime, it is worth considering such an investment. If you are looking for an accessory that will be used by many people in increased frequency, e.g. in the gym or in the hall, leather will certainly be a very good choice. However, remember that the structure quickly accumulates moisture and sweat. For this reason, you should ensure that the mattress is well preserved. It is enough to wipe the surface with a soft cloth moistened with a suitable agent and let it dry.

Synthetic materials are a cheaper equivalent of plawil. As technology developed, manufacturers created materials that imitate the skin very well. They are soft, comfortable, smell good, and above all you can buy them at much lower prices. All these advantages make them much more willingly bought by consumers. Of course, they show a slightly lower resistance to external factors, but with proper operation, they can be very durable. It is worth noting that this type of product should also be properly impregnated. This is necessary to keep the surface clean. As you know, during training we make different figures, often putting our heads directly on the mattress. Bacteria left behind by another person can be quite dangerous to us,



We split gymnastic mattresses into several groups, each of which is assigned to a specific type of sport. This is quite an important feature, because it depends on it whether a given product can withstand a specific load. For home use, while practicing e.g. yoga or typical gym exercises, it is worth reaching for a soft model. This solution will guarantee you maximum comfort without the risk of abrasions or strong impacts. However, if you intend to deal with a specific sport, where a very important principle is to maintain balance, reach for harder counterparts. Boxing sparring or stretching in a vertical position require a lot of focus and a soft mat may prevent us from conducting proper training.

The hardness of gymnastic mattresses is determined by the manufacturers using symbols. They usually consist of letters and numbers. The higher the value, the stiffer the mat is.



The best gymnastic mattress is one that will guarantee you full comfort of use without the risk of injury and injury. To meet the expectations of customers, manufacturers have equipped their products with a special non-slip coating. During sports, our body sweats, making it slippery and less stable. Thanks to the protective layer that covers the surface, we are able to stay on the mat in the position we want to achieve.



Another important factor that should determine the choice of the right mattress is its size. Too short a mat will certainly not be enough to perform all tasks. For this reason, you should opt for a model whose length slightly exceeds your height. If you care about the full comfort of use, measure your arms outstretched. Such dimensions will guarantee you comfort during exercise, because your hands will always be on a clean mattress.

If you are worried about storing the product, think about buying a foldable model that can be used as an armchair or sofa on a daily basis.


Gymnastic mattresses for children

Physical activity of children is a very important element of proper development. For this reason, many parents decide to buy a mattress for their child. If you are also looking for an accessory for your toddler, focus on soft and pleasant to touch products. Make sure that the model you choose has the appropriate approvals. Manufacturers who have obtained quality certificates launch products that are safe for health and do not contain toxic substances or allergens.


Gym mattresses at good prices

Gymnastic mattress prices depend on many factors. It is influenced by, among others size, materials used or manufacturer. You can buy the cheapest models for less than PLN 100, but if you want a top-shelf product you need to prepare for an expense of up to PLN 300.


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