10 Best Hand Pedometer-Reviews In 2020

Do you want to monitor your daily activities? If so, a hand pedometer will be a good idea. However, we are aware that the choice of a particular model is not always obvious. The amount of equipment available on the market means that we often do not know what to decide. 

The ranking prepared by us comes in handy, in which the best products were found. When choosing devices for compilation, we suggested the opinions of consumers who had the opportunity to test the band.

 Our findings indicate that the most commonly recommended hand pedometer is the Beurer AS 80. According to many people, the presented model will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users – it is solidly made and accurate. The gadget weighs little, which affects the comfort of use. 

What’s more, the material used for production is gentle on the skin, so it doesn’t cause irritation. Garett Fit 15 wrist pedometer came second in the ranking . The product is available in several colors, so everyone can find a variant that they will like.


Which hand pedometer should you choose?

People who want to change their current lifestyle and become more active should rethink the purchase of several special sports equipment. One of them is the pedometer counting calories burned and distance traveled .

 This is a very simple but necessary equipment for many. This guide will help you choose the best model for you. Finally, there is a list of three best pedometers at good prices.


There are many products of this type on the market, but they differ in functions. There are three types of pedometers, i.e. hand devices with a watch, without a watch function (sports) and attached to the strap. The choice is ours, and it depends primarily on our preferences and convenience.

 Some prefer hand models because a quick look at the shield is enough to see how many steps we have taken. For others, a more convenient option is the product attached to the belt, because it is more useful.

The second issue is the options available in the selected pedometer. The basic ones include step counter, calories and distance measurement. If you do not expect too much from this equipment, you will certainly be satisfied with one of the simpler products. 

It will not only motivate you well for further effort, but will also show the results of our work in the form of distance traveled.

For more demanding users, pedometers equipped with, among others, will be better. in the watch. They are ideal for people who do not take their cell phone to training and always wonder what time it is. 

Those interested in cardio training (exercises to improve heart rate) should, in turn, reach for equipment equipped with an additional heart rate monitor that allows you to control your pulse.

Other additional options are e.g. a timer. It counts down time, so we can work on your speed more effectively. This function will certainly be appreciated by people who are preparing for even a marathon. 

Often it is also useful to be able to turn on the sound signal, which is activated when we reach the designated distance and programmed number of steps. When planning very intense workouts, let’s check whether the selected pedometer also has the ability to transfer data to a computer via USB.

 It will be appreciated by people who want to save training sessions and compare the results achieved.


Rank #1: Synwee Sports Fitness Tracker Watch

 The Synwee Sports Fitness Tracker Watch is the first, interesting proposition. This is a good price pedometer, which is full of, among others watch function. It allows you to measure activity not only during the day, but also at night when we sleep. 

Thanks to it, we can not only control the number of steps, the route traveled or the number of calories burned, but also observe our sleepy habits.

This model does not have a heart rate monitor or GPS receiver. Instead, he has the option of recording for 30 days or 7 nights. The collected data can be easily synchronized with the free application BEURER HealthManager. This device is powered by a lithium-ion battery that needs to be charged every few days.

This product is appreciated by consumers for its elegant and interesting design, as well as a fairly large and legible display. This best hand pedometer in 2020 not only shows the current time.

 It also has a wake-up function in the form of a vibrating alert, which is a great convenience for many consumers.

Synwee Sports Fitness Tracker Watch  is a very good hand pedometer up to PLN 250. The product is black. The device is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.




The included lithium-ion battery is capacious, so you don’t have to worry about the device discharging quickly, and as a result we won’t be able to use it when we need it.


The product is made of good quality plastics that show resistance to damage. The strap is made of skin-friendly and non-irritating materials.


The adjustable strap allows you to easily adjust the pedometer to your wrist circumference. There is no fear that the product will slide off your hand during movement.


It is worth noting that the OLED display is large enough, so reading important information is easy, even for people with vision problems. No scratches appear on the screen.


Due to the simple design and timeless color, the product will appeal to both women and men.




Some people point out that in individual cases pairing the pedometer with a smartphone is complicated and takes a long time.


 Our set-up would not be complete without the TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker pedometer. It is a model with a blue band and a black display. The manufacturer’s offer also includes other color versions. The gadget suits both sports and more elegant stylizations. Adjustable strap allows you to perfectly match the watch to the circumference of our wrist.

The equipment is sold in a set with a 180 mAh battery. As the manufacturer assures, the device after full charge can work up to 7 days. The model weighs only 24 g. Therefore, wearing it does not burden our wrist. Bluetooth connectivity allows the pedometer to be connected to our smartphone. The application dedicated to the device is readable and allows you to easily monitor daily activities.

Consumers say that the presented pedometer is very functional. The equipment not only counts steps, but also measures the distance and time traveled, determines the pulse and the number of calories burned. Undoubtedly, the advantage of the gadget is also a relatively large screen. The information displayed on it is legible.

The TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker  pedometer is available in several colors, among others blue, gray or red. The envelope measures 5 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm, and the circumference of the strap is 22.5 cm.




The model is equipped with a special sensor that allows you to measure heart rate and blood pressure.


The product weighs only 24 g. So we can wear the watch all day and not worry that its use will not be comfortable.


The construction of the housing is noteworthy. It is made of durable materials. They are waterproof and dustproof. This means that we can use the pedometer in virtually all weather conditions.


The gadget has Bluetooth built-in. It is compatible with devices with Android and iOS. So no one should have a problem with pairing the band with your smartphone.


According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts up to 7 days. This is a good result. 



Allergic reaction:

Individuals say that after putting on the pedometer, a minor rash appeared on the wrist.


 Our ranking closes the Garmin Forerunner 25 product. It is a wrist pedometer with a watch, with an additional GPS receiver. However, it does not have a heart rate monitor. This model is able to track the distance traveled, running time and its speed. This is a very helpful device, especially for runners. With it, you can easily analyze your progress.

This pedometer is powered by a lithium-ion battery that should be recharged regularly every few days. It can be paired with your smartphone or connected to a computer, so you can easily send your activity to the dedicated Garmin Connect fitness website. There, we can not only analyze your data, but also share it with friends. This model also has the function of saving personal records.

According to consumers, the company’s products are the best wrist pedometers. This device is appreciated primarily for shock resistance, compact design and the ability to receive SMS notifications when paired with the phone.

The Garmin Forerunner 25 pedometer is available in black, blue, pink and purple. The device has a built-in lithium-ion battery. 




The large display is easy to read. Therefore, the product will meet the expectations of every consumer. Reading information should not be a problem for anyone.


The included battery works after fully charged for 10 days in activity tracking mode. By choosing the GPS function we can count on 10 hours of continuous operation. Many people say that this is a very good result.


The pedometer is easy to use, and its configuration with a smartphone or computer does not take much time.




Some people have noticed that sometimes the watch loses GPS range. Nevertheless, these are individual situations.


Rank #4: Beurer AS 80

The model is easy to use – the product has a built-in readable display. Equipment counts steps well, monitors route, calories burned and duration of daily activities. The device memory can save up to 30 days of activity. 

On the inside of the band you can find a small place for charging the watch, which is made with an admixture of nickel, which in some people may cause allergies (itching, burning).

 The product is operated via a smartphone – a special application should be downloaded to the phone – the program includes all training information, which is presented clearly. The device is equipped with a wake up function, as well as sleep monitoring – activity and duration.


Rank #5: FromPRO Fitness Tracker

The pedometer has a dustproof and waterproof case. As a result, you can also use the equipment in case of adverse weather conditions. 

The device not only counts steps, but also measures pulse and heart rate, making it more functional. Some consumers indicate that at first the gadget service seems complicated. Few people also say that the strap is not made of the best species, so it can cause slight skin irritation. 

The model has a blue band and a black screen. The device is compatible with Android. The gadget has a built-in GPS that allows you to monitor the route traveled.


Rank #6: Bomxy Fitness Tracker Watch

The device shows how many calories you have burnt on a given day. All activity information is presented in an accessible way in the application. SMS and notifications are displayed on the watch, so you don’t have to pull your smartphone to read them.

 The model calculates the distance in miles instead of kilometers, which makes it difficult to check the route traveled. There are examples of the watch that, despite being charged, turn off during use. The belt may break after a long time. 

The watch is equipped with a GPS receiver, which allows accurate monitoring of the distance traveled. The equipment is made in such a way that it is resistant to shocks. The band is small and looks good on the palm of your hand.


How does a hand pedometer work?

The hand pedometer is easy to use and can replace a regular watch. Due to the fact that you do not need to attach it to your belt, nothing will bother us when walking or running. Are you curious how this equipment works? Wondering what wrist pedometer is recommended for active people? You will learn everything after reading this part of the article.


How is a pedometer built?

Pedometers are devices with uncomplicated design. In simpler models, the most important element is a pendulum placed on a spring, made of conductive material. Under the influence of acceleration, it swings to the extreme position and thus closes the contacts of the input microprocessor system. This part is responsible for counting the steps we completed.

More professional and more expensive pedometers do not have a pendulum. Instead, there is a triaxial accelerometer inside the device. The number of steps is recorded by the electronic system and the result can be considered very reliable. Modern wrist pedometers can be used not only for walking, but also for running or other sports. This is possible because these devices often have many additional functions, such as measuring activity time, calories burned (after determining your weight and height, the results are more accurate) or the distance traveled.


Pedometer in a smartwatch

Smartwatches, i.e. smart watches, are equipped with many technologies and functions, including a pedometer. Such products therefore allow you to discreetly measure the number of steps throughout the day. Inside the device there is a special sensor that reacts to hand movements. Because most of us wave our arms while walking, this way the pedometer works can be extremely effective. Each hand movement is read by the equipment as one step.

Before sitting on the couch after a walk, we must remember to turn off the step counting option. Otherwise the counter will still work, and as a result the result will not be correct. For some users, this is a big inconvenience, but the technology of counting steps by hand movement is reliable. In addition, many equipment has a practical running mode. Then the pedometer reacts differently to the movements of our body and takes into account that we take longer steps.


Sports pedometer

Sports pedometers (without a watch) are devices in the form of a band worn on the wrist. They are also equipped with sensitive detectors recording hand movements. Such a device is eagerly bought by people who lead an active lifestyle, because it is lightweight and records all the most important training parameters. To make sure that the pedometer is working properly, put it on your dominant hand, i.e. the one with which we perform all the basic operations. Interestingly, the sports pedometer allows us to determine the daily number of steps to overcome. If the equipment notices that we were not properly active within an hour, it will inform us with an alarm signal, it may be vibrations.


Does the hand pedometer work reliably?

It is worth remembering that each pedometer has a specific range of measurement error. Usually it is not very wide, therefore the result obtained can be considered reliable. However, sometimes it happens that the device stops working properly or begins to count steps even when we are sitting on the sofa. In this situation, make sure that you turned off the pedometer option before resting. Another cause of the pedometer malfunction is an empty battery, or a faulty electronic system.


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