6 Best Heart Rate Monitors For Peloton – Reviews In 2020

Many of us are looking for a good heart rate monitor. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the best heart rate monitor of the year 2020 turned out to be the Polar M430 model . This is a smartwatch that not only allows you to check your heart rate, but also the distance traveled, the number of steps taken or calories burned.

The equipment is equipped with many modern technologies. It can monitor your sleep quality and help you plan your future workouts. The heart rate monitor is equipped with a GPS module, which means that it tracks our location and allows you to recreate the route traveled on the map.

This is lightweight equipment in 3 ATM water resistance class. If, however, for some reasons you decide that this model does not meet your expectations, check the possibilities offered by Beurer Pm 62 . This is another heart rate monitor very highly rated by users.


6 Best Heart Rate Monitors For Peloton -2020 Reviews

Are you looking for the perfect heart rate monitor during training? The market currently offers a wide selection. Which heart rate monitor should you choose?

 Our ranking of heart rate monitors will tell you which models to pay attention to.


Rank #1: Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

 Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker is a smartwatch that we can use as a heart rate monitor, but not only. With the help of equipment, we can monitor our activity (daily, weekly and monthly) and improve the achieved results. 

The presented model allows you to monitor sleep, calculate calories burned, duration of training and distance traveled.

Due to water resistance up to 30 m, you don’t have to worry about the watch failing due to contact with water (for example, when running in the rain). The equipment has a built-in GPS, which is why it tracks our location on an ongoing basis and after the training we can check the route traveled. Smartwatch allows you to check notifications from your mobile phone. The product has dimensions: 3.8 cm x 4.3 cm x 1.2 cm and weighs 51 g.

Sportsmen liked the equipment, because it is lightweight and does not disturb during exercise. Because the smartwatch constantly checks your heart rate, we can change the intensity of your training if necessary to achieve your goals faster. The presented model shows how exercises affect our body, and in addition significantly simplifies the planning of training.

The Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker weighs 51 g. The equipment dimensions are: 3.8 cm x 4.3 cm x 1.2 cm. The product has a water resistance of 30 m.



Provides convenient training:

The heart rate monitor is put on your hand, it is light and small. We don’t need to invest in an additional heart rate sensor to be able to monitor your heart rate on a regular basis. This increases the comfort of training.

Large display:

The model is equipped with a colorful, easy to read display that allows you to quickly check the most important information about training.

Advanced GPS module:

An advanced GPS module is responsible for location tracking. When his signal is not available, the equipment measures the distance traveled based on the movement of the wrist.

Motivation to effort:

The heart rate monitor monitors our activity during the day and tells us how we can improve our fitness and achieve our goals.

Displays notifications from the smartphone:

The equipment allows you to check notifications from your mobile phone.



Discharges quickly:

The battery that powers the smartwatch quickly discharges, especially when we often use many functions at the same time.


Rank #2: Apple Watch Series 5

 Another suggestion is a slightly cheaper solution of the German brand Beurer. This equipment was made of good quality materials. Has a solid and elegant appearance. Modern design pleases the eye. The heart rate monitor display is backlit. The heart rate monitor dial is very legible. The product has many useful features that help achieve better sports results.

First of all, it measures the pulse very accurately. The heart rate monitor indicates the average and maximum heart rate. It allows us to set an individual training range. The heart rate monitor also gives you the option of performing a fitness test.

During workouts, the device also indicates calories burned and carcass burning. In addition, the heart rate monitor has such basic functions as date, time, stopwatch and alarm clock. A very useful option is the option of connecting the heart rate monitor to a computer. Beurer manufactures good running heart rate monitors.

Feedback is very positive. It is noted that the device very mobilizes for exercise. Works well when cycling, swimming or walking. A special clip allows you to place it on the handlebar of the bike. Good solid quality, product worth attention.

The next proposal in the ranking of heart rate monitors is the Beurer Pm 62 model . It is a good device that will achieve better sports results. In addition, it will provide reliable pulse measurement.




The heart rate monitor looks very modern and has very attractive colors. Interesting design makes it great for everyday use as it can be used as a watch.


This model works best during running training. Thanks to information about the distance traveled, time, speed, pulse, the athlete can use his energy more efficiently and exercise at the highest speed.


A special case is included in the kit. In addition, the set also includes a bicycle mount, analog holter, and batteries. So it is a very functional proposition for every athlete.


The product can be purchased for a small price. It costs about PLN 240. So it is one of the cheapest proposals in our ranking.




The device is waterproof only up to 30 m. This is a feature that most watches have. For this reason, the equipment is not best suited to swimming.


Rank #3: Garmin HRM-Dual Heart Rate Monitor

 We would like to present Garmin HRM-Dual Heart Rate Monitor equipment that significantly facilitates controlling the most important training parameters. The smartwatch functions as a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and barometer. Interestingly, the model looks elegant enough that you can perfectly match it not only to the usual T-shirt, but also a shirt.

The smartwatch has a built-in GPS and keeps track of our position on the map. Water resistance at 5 ATM gives us confidence that the equipment will not break if we expose it to moisture. The model can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone or other device with the Android or iOS operating system.

One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of the equipment is elegant design. The watch has a black color and small dimensions, and, if necessary, we can replace the bracelet with another one. As consumers say, the smartwatch is perfect for training and thanks to it we can plan further exercises in an appropriate way. The smartwatch is equipped with a capacious battery that does not require frequent charging.

The Garmin HRM-Dual Heart Rate Monitor  model has dimensions: 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.5 cm. The heart rate monitor weighs 60 g. It is a smartwatch with water resistance up to 50 m.



Bluetooth connectivity:

The model has a Bluetooth module, so it connects wirelessly to smartphones, tablets, etc. It is compatible with devices with the iOS and Android operating systems loaded.

Stylish design:

The watch is available in black and has a silicone bracelet. The smartwatch looks elegant, so we can wear it every day and combine it with ordinary T-shirts and jeans, as well as shirts.

Long standby time:

Battery standby time with normal use is 5 days. If we turn on the GPS module, the smartwatch can work without interruption for 35 hours, so long enough to, e.g. run a marathon.



Imprecise pedometer:

Many athletes have noticed that the pedometer does not precisely calculate the number of steps taken. This can reduce the comfort of using the equipment for people who often use this function.


Rank #4: Garmin Forerunner 35GPS Running Watch

 The next heart rate monitor recommended by us is high-end equipment. It was produced by the Finnish company Suunto, whose history goes back seventy years. The Ambit 3 watch was created for travelers and athletes. The equipment was equipped with GPS.

Its battery is very durable. Withstands up to 50 hours of operation with GPS on. The equipment instantly connects to the satellite. GPS works very precisely. The data is updated frequently. The device is multifunctional. Perfect for a trip to the mountains.

The watch has been equipped with a storm alert. This is a very useful function that will alert us to a forthcoming sudden change in weather. In addition, the heart rate monitor is great for other activities such as cycling, triathlon and swimming. At the pool, the clock will inform you about the distance traveled, the lengths made at the pool, the pace of swimming. The device will also connect with our smartphone.

Thanks to a special application we will be able to read text messages and control notifications directly on the watch. Opinions about this watch are sensational. It is emphasized that it has been solidly made and has a very attractive appearance.

Suunto Ambit3 Hr Ss0206740000 is another model that is worth paying attention to. It is a device that will work during intensive training or during a trip to the mountains.




Thanks to the durable battery, the device works with GPS on for 50 hours. This time of operation is a huge advantage of this model. You can take it with you on a day trip to the mountains.


The product has been equipped with a storm alert function that informs you about the upcoming weather change. In addition, he will accurately measure the distance traveled and our speed during training. Also works well when swimming.

Connecting to a mobile device:

The user can connect the heart rate monitor with a smartphone. Thanks to this, it can receive notifications and messages from the phone on the heart rate monitor.



One user:

Consumers in their opinions note that after entering personalized data and connecting to a phone and a mobile application, the user cannot enter several profiles. This is great training equipment, but unfortunately it can only be used by one person.


Rank #5: Garmin vívosmart Activity and Fitness Tracker

 Another great watch is a proposal for women. If you follow trends, you value good looks, also in the gym – this is the perfect solution for you. Garmin vívosmart Activity and Fitness Tracker looks fantastic and attracts everyone’s attention. It is available in two beautiful colors: pink and white.

Such equipment will certainly additionally mobilize us to physical effort. The heart rate monitor not only tests the quality of our physical fitness – it can also assess the length and quality of sleep. It can accompany us throughout the day and motivate us to act.

Has numerous notifications. Vibrating, he can remind you to take an active break after 55 minutes of rest and move your body. The heart rate monitor connects to our phone and vibrates to notify you of new messages or notifications.

The device accurately indicates the amount of calories burned. This is a very accurate measurement, based on data such as weight, gender, height and intensity of training. The heart rate monitor also measures the distance traveled based on the steps you have taken.

Garmin vívosmart Activity and Fitness Tracker  was in fifth place . This is a unique heart rate monitor designed for women.




The heart rate monitor has a very attractive, modern design. This model is available in two colors – white and pink. Thanks to the girlish form it will be perfect not only as an element of sports outfit for every woman.

Connecting to a mobile device:

The user can wirelessly connect devices – heart rate monitor and telephone. With this option, you can receive a signal about notifications and messages that came to your phone.


This model performs very precise measurements. So we can be sure that all pulse readings do not have major deviations.




The device is equipped with an uncomfortable clasp, which may prove uncomfortable with prolonged use.


In their reviews, consumers rate the battery of this heart rate monitor low. Unfortunately, it discharges quite quickly and requires frequent charging.


 The last suggestion is a finger Lintelek Fitness Tracker from the  company Lintelek . It is a device whose purpose is to measure blood saturation. This is a completely non-invasive measurement. Saturation is the saturation of blood with oxygen. The device therefore diagnoses the amount of oxygen in the blood and also measures the heart rate. The pulse oximeter test is painless.

The device works great for people practicing sports at heights. It is also indicated for people who suffer from heart failure, bronchial asthma and chronic lung disease. The device has been equipped with a readable display. We can use it in four different configurations.

What’s more, the screen brightness is adjustable. The device also has a function that informs you about battery consumption. In order to save it, the manufacturer used the automatic switch-off option. The device is rated well by the people who purchased it. It is emphasized that the heart rate monitor was made of good quality materials. The kit comes with a case that protects the equipment from scratches or damage.

The last place on our list was the Lintelek Fitness Tracker  model . It is a device that is put on the finger.




It is a medical product that provides a lot of valuable information about our performance.

Ease of use:

The device is very easy to use. Switching between measurement results and configuration settings is intuitive. On the other hand, switching off takes place automatically after 5 seconds after being removed from the finger.



Wearing comfort:

Pulling off gloves during cycling training or trekking in the mountains to check your performance can be embarrassing. Especially that you expose your hands to low temperatures or other adverse weather conditions. In addition, people who are not used to wearing ordinary rings may experience discomfort.


The device does not quite work out when it comes to measuring accuracy. It happens that results change several times within a minute.


How does the heart rate monitor work?

In our guide we showed you how to find a good quality model and what are the useful features of the device. Now we want to show you exactly how the heart rate monitor works.




The construction of the heart rate monitor

Usually the heart rate monitor consists of 2 parts: sensor and receiver. The first element of construction accurately measures the work of the heart. The pulse is measured on the hand, which ensures high precision. The collected data is sent to the receiver, which is in the watch. This part looks like a classic timer and usually has the option of showing the time.

The second type of heart rate monitors are products with a sensor in the form of a chest band. The principle of the equipment’s work is very similar. Our pulse data is collected and sent to the receiver in the form of a watch. The advantage of such devices is that the last of the elements does not have to be on our hand, we can attach it to the handlebar of a bicycle or tennis racket.


How does the heart rate monitor work?

The heart rate monitor is used to determine your heart rate, and this allows you to determine the degree of heart involvement in your activity. The equipment work is based on the measurement of blood pressure and volume. Many skeptics will probably ask, how can a purchased watch do this? The sensor we mentioned above has built-in LEDs that generate light. The beam penetrates the skin and scans the blood vessels. The measurement consists in checking how light behaves in the face of changes in blood flow dynamics.

Factors such as hydration and temperature have a significant effect on the result and may distort it. These are not the only factors that affect the measurement. Situations such as strong wind, high air temperature or low atmospheric pressure affect the measurement. This means that one day our exercises will be at a normal level and at other times too high. Also, lack of sleep or high stress make our resting heart rate higher.




Heart rate monitor operation

What can affect the measurement is hydration, skin color and body temperature. Does this mean that the equipment available in stores is inaccurate? No. Many manufacturers have noticed the problem described above and have therefore improved their products. The technology of wrist-based pulse measurement is still evolving, and currently the results obtained overlap in 95% with those obtained by the chest sensor.


Is the method of measuring on the chest better than the wrist?

There is no clear answer to the question asked above. According to specialists, heart rate monitors with a sensor on the chest give the most accurate results. Unfortunately, such devices are bulky. Many users complain of difficult donning and painful skin abrasions. Wrist heart rate monitors are much more comfortable, although the discrepancy in the results obtained is 5%.


What is the heart rate monitor useful for?

Many people probably wonder what heart rate monitor is recommended and whether it really is useful. The product is recommended to all physically active people who practice any sport. Thanks to it, controlling our body will be much simpler. Obtained pulse information allows you to plan your workout in detail. Very often people who are slimming reach for the heart rate monitor. The information collected by the device allows you to control your effort, and thus much more effectively burn fat.


Shopping guide – Which heart rate monitor to buy?

22% of Poles practice running, according to the latest research by the Institute of Market and Social Research conducted together with the Athletics Association. 63.6% train 2-3 times a week, and 19.7% run daily. For a real runner, the necessary equipment is a heart rate monitor, also called a sports tester or a heart rate monitor. So what is the best heart rate monitor ?

There are two basic types of heart rate monitors: the display in the form of a watch with a band worn on the chest, or with a built-in sensor integrated with a strap for fastening around the wrist. For a reasonable runner, using a heart rate monitor during training is a way to dose the effort as much as possible.


During running, because we produce endorphins that “fake” us fatigue, and we do not feel fatigue, despite the need of the body. The heart rate monitor is not subject to emotions and will always show you flawlessly what state our heart is in now, what distance we have traveled at what time. Running with a heart rate monitor is more comprehensive information about yourself, and this quite clearly translates into the results achieved.

In addition to monitoring body fatigue, the heart rate monitor works well in monitoring progress and exercising training objectives, i.e. remaining in the heart rate zone where we burn the most fat, and eventually also serves to accurately measure calories burned. In case you decide to buy a heart rate monitor based on Bluetooth, Bluetooth SMART or ANT + technology, you will be able to connect to various training applications. Combining these applications with a heart rate monitor gives you wider planning and control options for your exercise.

Using a heart rate monitor you determine the so-called training zones and you run according to the plan you set for yourself. That’s what you need to know when you reach your maximum heart rate. In the 50-60% HRmax zones, we do regeneration, rest and warm-up training. At 60-70% HRmax, we lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle mass. On the other hand, reaching the 70-85% HRmax index, there is an improvement in running and long-distance strength, and 85-100% HRmax improves the body to work in an oxygen deficit.

What , therefore, heart rate monitor to choose ? Check what the most important functions have these devices and decide which ones will be useful for you.


Heart rate monitor measurements

The most important function of the heart rate monitor is heart rate. This measurement is based on the calculation of your HRmax. Based on the HRmax value, you set the type and purpose of the training you conduct. This value allows you to control your effort and burn fat effectively. Heart rate monitors at good prices should be able to enter HRmax values into the system. You must also be able to enter your upper and lower HRmax there. Then, when you exceed the HRmax threshold, the heart rate monitor will notify you with a beep to minimize the effort.

Distance measurement is another useful function in the heart rate monitor. The device should have a built-in GPS that will calculate how far we have covered. This allows you to control your current pace, average pace and distance covered during training. There are also models that offer a return to their starting point on their own tracks. This can be helpful when running in unknown terrain when the runner gets lost.

Another measurement offered by heart rate monitors is cadence measurement, i.e. steps taken within a minute. This function allows you to maintain the pace of training as intended. It is a sensor that attaches to the shoe. The sensor wirelessly communicates with the watch on the hand informing the runner of the cadence.

Time measurement is also a useful function. You can use it simply by counting down the time as on a regular stopwatch, but you can also use it to count laps, e.g. at a stadium. It would be good, therefore, for your heart rate monitor to remember the results of about 20 laps. After training, you can analyze each lap separately and in comparison with the others.


The type of heart rate monitor and the type of sport

Heart rate monitors, like any device, are dedicated to people who practice certain types of sports. A different heart rate monitor is useful for a runner than a person doing water sports. To find out which heart rate monitor to choose, you need to answer the question, for what purposes will we use it. For example, for training in the gym and fitness, such functions as the counter of calories burned and the amount of fat burned in grams will be useful, determining the time frame of training and fitness,

the ability to set age, weight, height, sex parameters and match the training program to them. Using the heart rate monitor during marches, a GPS with location, surface slope measurement or temperature measurement will be useful. For cyclists, the following functions will be useful: measuring current, average and maximum speed, odometer or comparing the results of various workouts.

For a runner, it will be important to have information regarding the distance covered, speed, lap counting, pace measurement, GPS, compass, surface slope angle, temperature measurement, as well as the function of a virtual opponent that you can race with. However, for water sports it will be important that the housing is strong and waterproof, that it contains non-contact buttons, GPS, compass, barometer and temperature measurement.



As with any watch, heart rate monitors also differ in the appearance and size of the display. Before buying, let’s remember our preferences for watch displays and adjust the choice of display type in the heart rate monitor to this. Larger displays give the possibility of presenting on a single screen three or even 4 data packages, which can then be analyzed without switching between different screens.

However, with the ability to switch between different screens, we can analyze much more parameters. Operation is also facilitated by the touch screen, which is offered by more and more manufacturers. The heart rate monitor screen configuration function is also useful to set the parameters on the display that interest us the most.


Communication with a computer

A good, readable display cannot replace the reliable training analysis offered by computer software. There are many training programs for which you only need to read the results from the heart rate monitor to perform a full, multi-step analysis. However, for this to be possible, the purchased heart rate monitor must be able to communicate with the computer.

Currently, such communication can be via a cable, or based on Bluetooth, Bluetooth SMART or ANT + technology. The advantage of ANT + is its energy efficiency, compared to traditional Bluetooth, which brings measurable benefits in the length of the device’s operation. No matter how you send training data to your computer, the goal is one: to track your progress in training. Thanks to this data you can also compare your achievements with the achievements of friends, it also allows you to compete directly with other people.


General functions useful in the heart rate monitor

In addition to the functions described earlier, we can name a few that may be useful for users. Very good when the touch screen heart rate monitor has a button lock to avoid inadvertently changing training parameters. The battery life is important, it should be several hours with GPS turned on and about 50 hours in power saving mode.

And when the battery finally discharges, it is useful to use the battery indicator to not be surprised by the lack of energy during training and to charge the device in time. It is also functional when the heart rate monitor displays the time, day of the week and date, contains an alarm and has a menu in the language we support. You should also check whether the device you are purchasing has the option of updating the software. After updating, the product not only works better, but also is more resistant to viruses.


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