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10 Best Indoor Rowing Machine [Reviews 2020]

This range of products allows the active user – and with limited availability of free time – to save cumbersome trips to the gym and exercise comfortably in their own home or workplace. 

These Best Indoor Rowing Machine allows you to work on several areas of your body effectively.


If you are a fan of rowing and so many obligations you cannot practice it as much as you would like, you surely have heard about rowing machines. This machine’s versatility is what has made it so popular. 

Therefore, the variety of models and prices is innumerable, so the decision can be torture when choosing the best rowing machine.

So, so that you do not waste time looking at each model separately, in this article, we prepare a list with the 5 best rowing machines, and we will tell you a little about each one so that you can know their characteristics, pros, and cons for your home gym.

But before entering the subject, it is good that you are clear about the use that you will give the machine, if it is to train like a professional or, on the contrary, you are looking for something for simple workouts at home.

 As you know, in the market, you can find some very good and others that do not meet the requirements, so you do not waste money or time. We show you all the information you need to know when buying a rowing machine in our buying guide.


10 Best Indoor Rowing Machine-Reviews In 2020

Rowing machines are an excellent option to lose weight in a short time and work many areas of the body, so if you want to get in shape, you should choose the best machine, and to help you make the easiest decision.

 We show you 10 options that you can take into account. For our Top 10 , we take a reference to the ratings of users on Amazon and their opinions.  

Rank #1: Nordic Track RW900 Rower

While the Nordic Track RW900 Rower  is not a cheap option, it has everything you need for a professional workout at home. It is controlled by smart devices and has compatibility with KINOMAP to train in a dynamic and fun way.

It is a machine designed for athletes, so if you need a high-performance training, with it, you can strengthen your legs, belly, back while adding degrees of difficulty and improving your posture. Account

with 12 training programs and pulleys with which you can alternate as you progress and gain resistance.

Nordic Track RW900 Rower, Smartphone Control, Fitness App, …

It comes with a magnetic brake system for added safety, and its cable can be adjusted, so if it is a shared machine, you can modify it to suit your needs. Its seat is padded and ergonomic, which makes you have a good posture when training, and through its console, you can know your progress, goals, or see the data in real-time.

It is a heavy and quite large machine, but it has rulers on its lower part to make it easier to transport, and it can support up to 120 kg, so it is very resistant. If you are looking for professional training, you have a large space at home, and your budget is high, then this is your rowing machine.


✔️ It is silent.

✔️ It is compatible with various apps.

✔️ Ideal for tall people.

✔️ It can be folded.


🚫 The interface is quite poor.

🚫 It is not cheap.

Rank #2: Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

It differs from the previous one, not only because it is a lower category, but because the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine  is more economical and designed for both experts and novices. If it is a shared machine, it can be adjusted to different workouts.

It includes eight different resistance levels that you can change as you progress and require more demanding training. It has a 15 ° incline to recreate the rowing motion as if you were on the sea to achieve better results in no time.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine  – German Quality Brand -Events …

Although it is a large machine, it has a great advantage, and that is that it can be folded, reducing its size considerably, so if you have a small house and you need a machine that does not take up much space, with this model you will not have problems. Its lower part includes wheels, which makes it much easier to transport from one place to another.

It has a simple operation. It is compatible with apps with which you can monitor your workouts, and the seat is quite comfortable. It is a good option if your budget is not that high, but you still want a stable, resistant, and silent machine.


✔️ Assembly is easy.

✔️ Ideal for tall people.

✔️ Folds with one hand.

✔️ It is quite stable.


🚫 The screen shows basic functions.

🚫 The heart rate monitor has variations.

Rank #3: Women’s Health Men’s Health Bluetooth Rower Rowing Machine

Our third option is the Bluefin Fitness Blade Air, a machine designed for athletes and people who want to work all their muscles by performing a single exercise routine. Its design is very aerodynamic, so you can recreate the natural movement when rowing without going to sea.

It is a resistant machine that includes non-slip pedals and a padded seat so you can have a comfortable and safe training that allows you to shape your figure and achieve the results you expect. It has eight resistance levels, so you can customize the training depending on your needs if you want more or less tension.

Women’s Health Men’s Health Bluetooth Rower Rowing Machine | Foldable | System…

Although it is quite large and can be adapted for tall people, when stored, it does not take up much space, since it can be easily folded and transported thanks to its lower wheels. It offers a safe workout with the magnetic braking system and is compatible with smart devices.

If you need a more dynamic workout, you’ll be delighted to know that this rowing machine is compatible with Kinomap, so you can watch live workouts and coaching and monitor your progress just by looking at the LCD screen. The only drawback is that its price is not very low.


✔️ It does not take up much space.

✔️ Supports up to 120 kg.

✔️ It has support for tablets.

✔️ Work silently.


🚫 Its price is high.

🚫 Not suitable for beginners.

Rank #4: Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine

 Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine  is designed for professionals. Therefore its price is high. And it includes nothing more than 12 training programs with which you can improve your physical condition, tone your muscles, and stay active when you can’t leave home.

Unlike many CrossFit rowing machines, this one has a fairly stable structure so that it can support up to 120 kg, and for greater safety, it includes a dual brake system that can help you avoid accidents while training. The wheel has air resistance that can be adjusted to add more or less complexity.

 Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine – Quality Brand …

Similarly, the electromagnetic can be adjusted depending on your height and has 16 levels of resistance so you can increase the difficulty as you train. Its seat is comfortable and comes with ball bearings for greater freedom of movement.

And, as if that were not enough, it includes a console compatible with Kinomap with which you can choose between 12 training programs and know your progress so that you achieve the goals you set for yourself. It includes wheels, it is quite large, and as you would imagine in a product of its quality, its price is high.


✔️ Assembly is easy.

✔️ It has support for mobile devices.

✔️ 12 training modes.

✔️ Works for highs and lows.


🚫 High price.

🚫 It takes up a lot of space.

Rank #5: Fitness Reality 4000MR Rowing Machine

Finally, on our list, we have the Fitness Reality 4000MR, perfect for intense, high-impact workouts. It is a high-end machine, so its features are advanced, so if you want constant training with a machine that can keep up with you, this option is for you.

Its design includes two independent handles on the sides that allow you to have a movement similar to that of real rowing at sea and gives you a complex training because you also work your arms and the entire upper body. The seat is wide and comfortable so that you can slide with smooth movements and without noise.

Fitness Reality 4000MR Magnetic Rowing Machine with 15 Programs of …

Although it is quite large, it folds in a few steps and does not take up much space, so if your house is small, this will not be a problem. It has 16 magnetic tension levels that can be adjusted according to your needs and four stabilizers that make it stay firm while you train.

It comes with 15 training programs, of which five can be customized to suit your routine, and an LCD console with which you can see your data in real-time and measure the distance traveled, the calories you burn, the training time, and much more. Being a product with advanced features, its price is not very low, but it is an investment that is assured.


✔️ Adjustable foot pedals and straps.

✔️ Easy to fold for storage.

✔️ Two handles with movement.

✔️ Big and clear screen.


🚫 High price.

🚫 It’s heavy.

Rank #6: Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

 This multi-functional folding rowing machine is so light and of such ideal dimensions (185 x 43.5 x 65 centimeters) that you can locate and store it comfortably in your home or workplace. Besides, visually, it is very modern and sober with a chromatic range in gray, orange, and black.

It comes from the factory with a complete instructional in DVD (and printed) format that is very friendly and intuitive so that you get the most out of your exercises, using this product that allows you to work, integrally, your arms, chest, back, shoulders, dorsals, and abs.

This team is not in vain because it is also called “body sculptor” since it is of adjustable resistance to your training requirements.

This home rowing machine supports users weighing up to 110 kilograms and height of up to 1.80 meters. Besides, its digital monitor keeps you informed of the time, distance, and calories burned to keep a good record of all your workouts on that machine.


Rank #7: Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

 This second product described in this comparison – made of aluminum and plastic, in black and silver colors – is certified according to the highest German standards and comes from the factory with a two-year warranty on all its components. It supports a maximum user weight of 130 kilos with high stability.

The dimensions of this folded best indoor rowing machine are 125 x 57 x 44 centimeters. It weighs 25 kilos, and its dimensions in use are 50 x 155 x 166 centimeters.

Its digital monitor with LCD screen keeps you informed, in real-time, of your heart rate, revolutions per minute, distance traveled, and calories consumed.

The most outstanding feature of this rowing machine is that it faithfully replicates the activity in a real boat on the water, thanks to the design of its height-adjustable cross oars tailored to each user and its 12 resistance levels to select. Users point out that neither the console nor the instruction manual comes in Spanish.


Rank #8: Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Exercise Bike/Rower

 This “rower” weighs 26 kilograms, and its dimensions are 100 x 52 x 142 centimeters. It offers 12 rowing resistance levels for users weighing up to 120 kilos. About its design and aesthetics, it comes in silver and black colors.

The computer has a display with LED technology of high readability and offers half a dozen records in real-time to the user (including distance traveled and calories burned).

Once folded, this product occupies minimal space, and can be protected with great convenience. As a body sculpture machine, it allows you to work on your muscles: arms, chest, back, shoulders, dorsals, abdominals, and lower extremities.

The height and inclination are adjustable, thus adjusting to the specific size of each person. One of the advantages of having this product in your home or office is that it saves you time and unnecessary travel, avoiding the fact of having to sign up (and pay to go) to a gym. With this team, you exercise when, how, and where you want.


Shopping guide

The first factor to consider when buying the best indoor rowing machine for your home is the price since it varies considerably. High-end machines, such as those you can find in the gym, usually cost more than € 1000. However, you can find excellent devices that cost between € 500-1000, and some excellent rowers can be purchased for less than € 500.

Another factor to take into account is the way to control the resistance, which affects the softness and the general feeling of the rowing action, as well as the general noise level of the actual training. Among the different resistors, we find air/fan, water, magnetic, and hydraulic.

About size, if you live in a small apartment with limited space you should look at the exact dimensions of all the rowers that you are considering to acquire since in addition to the size of the machine, you need some extra space to be able to move freely and without obstacles to lie down

The rowing machine seats can be quite uncomfortable; therefore, we recommend reading some of the user reviews and if it is possible to try the place yourself before purchasing the rowing machine for your home.

What should you consider before buying a rowing machine?

Before you make a hasty purchase, stop for a moment, and discuss exactly what you need and what you are looking for in the best rowing machine. You can make a good decision, show you the characteristics that you should consider when choosing, take them into account before making a decision, and you will see how surely you save some money.

🚣 Who is going to use it?

Not all rowing machines are the same or have the same characteristics, so you want a machine that suits your needs or will be shared by several people in the family, then you should take a good look at the functions it brings and what it is designed for.

There are rowing machines for professionals, beginners, and a combination of both. Therefore, depending on whether you will use it for long or occasional use, you should choose a certain equipment type.

🚣 Available space

It is always important to keep this in mind, especially if you buy in online stores since the measurements can confuse us. If you have a small space at home, the most logical thing is to buy a small rowing machine or one that can be folded to take up less space.

If it is going to be used by several people with different measures and sizes, in the market, you can find versatile machines that adapt to tall or short people.

🚣 Rowing type

This point is closely related to the use that you are going to give the machine. There are four different types of paddles in the market, and each one can give you a variety of different movements. Therefore, it is important to take this into account to adjust to the routine you want to perform. You can choose between:

  • Magnetic resistance: Because it uses electromagnets, you can adjust the resistance depending on your needs or the type of exercise you want to do.
  • Air resistance: It has a cylinder-shaped fan that regulates resistance depending on the strength and intensity of the exercise you perform.
  • Resistance by pistons: They come in pairs and work with a hydraulic system connected to independent paddles determining the resistance and giving a shorter movement.
  • Water resistance: Its resistance system contains a water tank inside that allows exercise to recreate the feeling of being in the sea very well.

🚣 Materials

Although the best is undoubtedly those made of aluminum, we can find other materials on the market. In this case, the important thing is that the machine can support your weight and remains stable while you train. Also, you have to take into account the cable system to be resistant to withstand long training sessions.

🚣 Structure

As there are different types of resistance, we can also find different structures: Inside crossed and Scandinavian structure.

  • Center-shot rowing: Its structure is classic and works with a rope attached to the control that allows the movements to be symmetrical and work the upper and lower part equally.
  • Crossed rowing: Unlike the previous one, it has two levers with which you can make crossed movements to work the part of the
  • Scandinavian Remo Tyrus has a similar shape to the cross and is you a good choice for beginners.

🚣 Ergonomics

Rowing is a complex exercise that involves all the muscles, and doing it for a long time in an uncomfortable position can cause injuries and pain. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the ergonomics, especially of the seat, the footrest, and the grip handle.

🚣 Resistance

What makes a rowing machine of good results is the type of resistance. We can find different types that adapt to the user’s skill. If you are starting with the exercises, the best is air resistance. Still, if you have experience and want a more intense training, a magnetic or electromagnetic resistance can make you develop your capacities to the maximum.

🚣 Console

There is a wide variety of consoles on the market, and depending on their characteristics, you can get the most out of your training. The important thing is that you can monitor data such as time, duration, heartbeat, distance, and calories burned. And although some have advanced functions, these are not always necessary.

🚣 Ease of folding

In general, rowing machines are quite large, so when using them at home, the ideal is that they have an easy folding system so that you can store it without taking up a lot of space. Similarly, the wheels will help you transport it, so you should make sure that it includes them.

Other options for your home gym

Suppose the idea does not convince you of ​​buying a rowing machine. In that case, you can see the following articles about the multi-gym machine, the best power cage, best weight bench, best Olympic bar, best Russian weight model, best inversion table, best Roman chair, best exercise bikes, best elliptical bikes, best multipower, abdominal bench or the best spinning bike. For your exercises at home, you cannot miss a sports watch, so you can see your heart rate while you exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What muscles are worked with a rowing machine?

What makes these machines special is that they offer comprehensive training, so they allow you to exercise at least 80% of the body’s muscles, but they particularly work:

  • Upper body: Arms, delts, biceps, triceps and
  • Central part: Obliques, abdominals, and erectors
  • Lower part: Glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

How to use a machine row without injury?

Any poorly performed physical exercise can cause some injury; therefore, you must pay close attention to the postures we take when training. The recommended is:

  • Do not flex the thoracic area.
  • Not fully extending the knees.
  • Don’t raise your shoulders.
  • The force should be done with the hips, knees and
  • Hold your heels firmly on the pedals.



Now that you know everything you need to consider when choosing a rowing machine and you saw the models most valued by users, you are ready to make a decision. Remember that there is no best rowing machine, but there is one that suits your needs. 

Please take into account our options and recommendations and start working on the figure you want so much.

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