10 Best Men’s Running Shoes-Reviews In 2020

To the uninitiated it seems that running is the easiest sport that does not require any preparation or equipment. To start practicing this sport, all you have to do is pull out old leggings or shorts from the wardrobe and put on old sneakers.

This is not entirely true. Choosing the right footwear is very important, because it will not only provide us with comfort while running, which may cause that you will be more willing to play this sport. A well-chosen shoe can also prevent injuries because it better stiffens the ankle.

If you are new to this field and you do not know how to choose the best men’s running shoes , we will try to briefly introduce you to this topic.


What are the best men’s running shoes to choose?

Rank #1: Adidas Performance Men's Energy Boost 3 M Running Shoe

 Adidas is a company known to everyone, physically active people and those who shun exercise. Therefore, our list could not contain a product of this company. Running shoes Adidas Energy Boost 3M are footwear by some described as luxurious. This model looks very nice with a black upper and a white sole.

The design of the shoe in which the Torsion System is located ensures very good foot work while running. This is because each part of the sole moves independently, so it’s easier to adapt to the surface and foot movement. In addition, the sole uses adiWEAR material, which makes it more resistant and allows longer use of shoes.

The upper is made of TECHFIT. This material wicks moisture away very well and prevents overheating. Therefore, it is also used in sports clothing. This running footwear is designed for supination and neutral foot. Men who use these running shoes report that this model is characterized by good cushioning and lightness.


Rank #2: Salomon Speedcross 4

 Salomon Speedcross 4 is the fourth edition of the Salomon Speedcross model. According to the manufacturer, the shoe has been significantly improved. Footwear is designed for running on soft surfaces. The shoe will be perfect for people with a neutral foot. Salomon Speedcross 4 uses a number of new technologies that are designed to make running easier and more enjoyable.

We will find here a special OrthoLite insole, which thanks to its construction maintains the right conditions in the shoe. That is, it provides good air circulation. The upper of the shoe is made of a material that provides water resistance and blocks sand or gravel particles from getting inside the footwear. On the other hand, the sole is equipped with a quick moisture transport system, which is why we will have very good grip during the run, even in the rain.

In turn, the inner side of the sole is characterized by great cushioning due to the use of EVA material, which has also been shaped to fit the anatomy of the foot. Users indicate that Salomon Speedcross 4 is high quality and very comfortable. An additional advantage is the low weight of the footwear.


Rank #3: ASICS Women's Gel-Pulse 11 Running Shoes

 The best men’s running shoes at a good price. This is how the Asics Gel-Pulse 8 model can be characterized. Footwear is designed for running on hard surfaces such as asphalt and paving stones. This model is designed for people up to 70 kg who have a neutral or supine foot and run from the heel. The sole of the shoe is constructed in such a way that it corresponds to the natural work of the foot.

So here we have a gel element made of silicone, which suppresses impact on the ground and springy Super SpEVA foam. The Guidance Line system is also used in the footwear, which makes the foot-rolling cycle more efficient. The runner will be able to cover a greater distance with less fatigue. In addition, the bottom of the sole is made of rubber, which has increased resistance to abrasion.

However, to increase comfort while running, the manufacturer reduced the number of seams and used a breathable upper. In turn, to increase the user’s safety after dark, reflective elements have been added to the upper of the shoe. People who purchased Asics Gel-Pulse 8 report that they absorb impacts to the ground very well. They also indicate that the shoes have a good price-quality ratio.


Shopping guide

To choose the right footwear, we must first know what type of foot we have. There are two types of feet: pronating and supinating. The first type is characterized by the fact that during walking or running, the weight of the body moves inside the foot. If you have flat feet, you must have a pronating foot. On the other hand, a supination foot is one where, during movement, the body weight is transferred to the outside of the foot. And why is it important to choose shoes for the type of foot? When we wear inappropriate footwear to the pronating foot, we can begin to feel pain in the knees, hips and even the spine. And when we choose the wrong shoe for the supination foot, we may experience ankle injury.

It is obvious that we have to choose a shoe for the size of our foot, but not only the length of our leg should be taken into account, but also its width. A foot pressed into shoes that are too narrow will ache and it may form quickly.

It is also worth paying attention to the area on which we will most often run. And this is because other soles are used to run on soft areas, such as forest paths or the beach, and others on hard areas such as asphalt.

Also remember that sports footwear should be well ventilated. And if you plan to run all year round, it’s good if the model you choose is waterproof and has reflective elements. Having learned the basic knowledge about sports shoes, you are ready to buy. If you do not want to search the Internet to find the right footwear, below are three models that we think are worth attention.


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