10 Best Mini Trampoline For Seniors-Reviews In 2020

In 2020, customers appreciated the benefits of physical activity on trampolines and rated the Kettler 7291900 modelis the best. The trampoline has ceased to be just a children’s toy and has become a device for improving physical condition, burning calories and slimming.

The mat of the model chosen by customers is made of polypropylene and thermally combined carbon. These materials are so durable that after one season you will not notice traces of use. Especially carbon is characterized by lightness and durability at the same time. In addition, the mat is stretched on a strong structure of double-reinforced, welded profiles with several layers of zinc, which guarantees durability for many years.

The whole is resistant to weather conditions, the structure does not rust and does not damage. Six steel legs keep the device stable. The diameter of the trampoline is 120 cm and its height is 25 cm. This model allows a maximum load of 100 kg.PHU Fitness CE6E-71895


10 Best Mini Trampoline For Seniors-Reviews In 2020

Do you want to lose a few kilos and gain physical condition? Do you want to make your moments in the garden more pleasant?

 If you are wondering what trampoline to buy, we recommend reading our ranking. We described in it products that are proven and enjoy a good reputation of satisfied users.


Rank #1: BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline

 The first suggestion is a trampoline from a reputable company BCAN . BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline is a top-shelf brand – widely known to people who attend the gym or fitness. Its characteristic feature is high-quality equipment that is known for its durability. The company’s trampoline is also characterized by high quality materials. Despite the fairly high price, it enjoys great popularity.

It is stable and secure equipment. Suitable for home use or in the fitness club. Jumping on a trampoline is especially recommended for people who want to burn a lot of calories. By jumping on the trampoline in just an hour you can burn almost 1000 calories. The frame of the trampoline is steel and its construction is based on 8 legs.

The spring and the edge of the trampoline have been secured with material. The maximum load of the trampoline is 100 kg. The diameter of the trampoline is 121 cm. This is the optimal size.

It is very comfortable to jump on it, and at the same time the equipment does not take up much space. According to many, this is the best fitness trampoline. The device works very well for everyday use.

If you have a few extra pounds or want to stay fit, a trampoline exercise will be a good idea. They burn up to 800 kcal per hour. In addition, the device will provide a lot of joy to you and your family. It will also be a great toy for your toddler. The best fitness trampoline in 2020 is the BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampolin . This is a proposal from a well-known and respected manufacturer .



High quality:

The product is made of high quality materials that ensure its high strength. Thanks to the hardened steel construction, the equipment is resistant to deformation. The cover is made of polypropylene and carbon, which ensures proper protection of edges and springs.


The trampoline rests on 8 legs and withstands loads up to 100 kg. To ensure durability, the device was made of 44 springs.


The thick material covering the springs and the edges of the trampoline protects against injury. The equipment is stable thanks to the non-slip covering of the legs.


The product takes up little space. Its dimensions are: diameter – 120 cm and height – 26 cm. This is the optimal size for exercise. It can be set in the garden or at home.



No additions:

There is no handle attached to the trampoline, which makes it easier to jump, so it is worth exercising to exercise. This handle allows you to do more exercises.


Rank #2: PHU Fitness CE6E-71895

 In second place of our ranking was the product PHU Fitness CE6E-71895. It is a small trampoline with a height of 22.5 cm and a diameter of 100 cm. The weight of the equipment is 15 kg. Very well suited for use at home. Additionally, thanks to the folding and unfolding function, sports enthusiasts can take the product with them on a journey.

However, people with a small living space can hide it under the bed or behind a wardrobe. This is a high quality device. Steel was used to make the frame, which is very solid. The barrel springs used to attach the mat provide trampoline with strength.

The coating made of polyethylene and PVC protects the edges and springs against damage. The trampoline is equipped with a handle that allows it to be used for all fitness systems. The maximum device load is 100 kg.

The equipment will provide a lot of fun and improve the condition of both children and adults. Users say that the PHU Fitness CE6E-71895 trampoline is very convenient to use and easy to install.

The next product presented is PHU Fitness CE6E-71895. This model will allow you to improve your physical condition at home.




High-quality materials used in production ensure high durability. The metal construction and protective coating of polyethylene and plastic ensure durability of the equipment.

Ease of use:

The product can be easily folded and unfolded, making it very mobile and functional. When you don’t use it, you can easily put it in the closet.


The product uses professional barrel springs. Strong construction allows for a lot of fun and easy training for people weighing up to 100 kg.


The device is equipped with a handle that facilitates exercising in many positions. The handle also provides a sense of security and stability when jumping.


The diameter of the trampoline is only 100 cm. This means that it can be used even in a small space. In addition, the possibility of folding allows you to hide it, as well as take it with you anywhere.



Emitted noise:

The springs used in the mountings are noisy, which may affect the comfort of using the device.


Rank #3: Beiens 40" Mini Trampoline

Beiens 40″ Mini Trampoline is a model that can be used both in a private home and in a fitness club. The trampoline is 114 cm in diameter and 34 cm high. Such parameters make fitness exercises on it comfortable and effective. For people who feel safer having a railing is good news, this model has a removable handle with adjustable mounting height from 118.5 to 128.5 cm.

The device can be used by people whose weight does not exceed 110 kg. During the exercises, the trampoline works silently, because instead of springs a set of 32 elastic ropes was used here to attach the material for jumping. This material itself made of mesh fabric is soft, non-slip and waterproof.

All tubes constituting the device structure are 25 mm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick. This model is equipped with 8 legs ended with rubber pads, which ensures stability and safety during exercise. Customers who have dealt with this device think that it is durable and suitable for equipping a fitness club or gym.

The Beiens 40″ Mini Trampoline is a fitness device. Currently, this device is considered one of the most effective in the fight against obesity.



Jumping material:

The trampoline is coated with a material that exhibits high elasticity. It is a non-slip and also a waterproof material called mesh.

Load capacity:

This model is adapted for use by people weighing up to 110 kg. This means that most people struggling with excess weight can use the device.

Strong stable thigh:

The device is made of a stile made of pipes with a diameter of 25 mm and a wall thickness of 1.2 mm. It is equipped with 8 stable legs finished with non-slip rubber pads.

Silent operation:

In a place where other trampolines have springs, this model is equipped with elastic ropes that stretch the trampoline material. Thanks to this jumping on the trampoline is not associated with the characteristic sound of working springs.



Large diameter:

The diameter of 114 cm is dedicated to rooms with a larger area. It is difficult to put such a large trampoline in the apartment.

Material stiffness:

Despite the manufacturer’s assurances about the softness of the material for jumping, it is not possible to jump longer without shoes. In a short time feet are sore and rubbed.


Rank #4: Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

 Another equipment in a very favorable price category. It is a brand that has been active in the sports industry for almost fifteen years. Specializes in the production of trampolines and fitness balls. The manufacturer pays great attention to maintaining high safety standards.

The presented trampoline has a diameter of 97 cm in width. The jumping surface was based on 32 springs made of galvanized steel wire. The steel wire was covered with a very durable Oxford material. The trampoline structure stays on 6 legs.

The color of the product is kept in black. Thanks to this the trampoline is not dirty and it is easy to keep it clean. This is a very universal product. The trampoline can be used both outdoors, in the garden and inside. The maximum load is 100 kg.

It works great as a form of fitness activity as well as fun for children. The trampoline is rated very positively. It’s small and compact, which doesn’t take up much space. It is easy to store, it will fit under the bed or behind the wardrobe.

Another proposal is the Tdg38 model from Gofit. This company specializes in the production of trampolines. This means that the solutions used are proven and safe.



Materials used for production:

The structure and springs are made of galvanized steel, which makes the product resistant to corrosion and moisture. For safety, the edges of the trampoline are covered with a sheet of very durable Oxford material, which is waterproof. The solutions used allow the equipment to be used outside.


The diameter of the trampoline is 97 cm. These small dimensions allow for convenient use and storage.



No handle:

The device is not equipped with a handle, which does not allow you to perform more intense exercises.


The trampoline is black, so in bad weather it gets very dirty. That is why it is worth investing in a cover.


Rank #5: MOVTOTOP Mini Trampoline

 Our last proposal is a product of a American company that has been producing sports equipment for twenty years. The company maintains the highest security standards and boasts numerous certificates. The jumping surface on the trampoline is characterized by high durability.

It was covered with material that was designed in the United States. The springs that were used for the production are galvanized and non-corrosive. 44 of them were installed. The surface material for jumping is resistant to UV rays, thanks to which we can also use it in very sunny places. It works great as an attraction of our home garden, both for children and adults.

The trampoline structure is corrosion resistant. Therefore, it is not afraid of worse weather conditions. To increase safety, a protective cushion has been placed on the edges of the trampoline.

This gives great comfort of use and minimizes the risk of injury and painful falls. The trampoline structure is steel. The equipment is very durable and durable. The trampoline load capacity is standard 100 kg.

In the last place of our ranking was the MOVTOTOP Mini Trampoline . The products of this American manufacturer are very popular especially because of the maintained safety standards.




The steel construction ensures product durability. The use of 44 springs securing the mat means that the equipment will not wear out quickly.

Resistance to external factors:

The trampoline was built from high quality components. The elements are resistant to UV radiation. This makes the structure corrosion resistant and can be used in the yard.


Cushions are mounted on the edges of the product that absorb fall. This increases the user’s sense of security and protects against more serious injuries.



Missing handle:

The trampoline is not equipped with a handle, which makes its use uncomfortable. The handle can be bought on your own.

No mobility:

With a diameter of 120 cm and a height of 30 cm, the inability to fold the equipment can be troublesome, especially when used on small areas.


Rank #6: Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer

 The next proposal is Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer manufactured by Marcy . The undoubted advantage is the low price of the product. This is a great proposition for people who are just starting their adventure with jumping. If we want to see if we like this sport, it’s not worth investing in equipment for too much money.

The trampoline is great for people who want to improve their physical fitness and lose a few kilos. Ideally suited as a fun element for children. The trampoline is quite small and does not take up much space. Its diameter is 92 cm. The trampoline is based on 6 feet. The legs are covered with non-slip material that increases the safety of using the trampoline.

30 springs made of steel wire were used for its production. The jumping surface was covered with a special material that is durable and effectively covers the springs mounted. The material is also resistant to UV radiation, so the trampoline can be used in very sunny places .

The fitness trampoline has good reviews. Works great for home use. It is quite durable and stable despite the very low price.

In third place is the Athletic24 92 cm Fitness s model . It is a good fitness trampoline up to $300 .




The big plus of this product is its small size. The diameter of the equipment is only 92 cm. It is compact and therefore very mobile due to its small dimensions.

Easy folding:

Product submission is very simple. This means that using the equipment in home conditions is not troublesome.

Materials used for production:

The springs are made of galvanized steel, and then varnished, making the product resistant to corrosion. In addition, the coating covering the edges and springs was built of a very durable PE material, lined with a sponge, which protects against damage. It is worth mentioning that individual parts of the trampoline are resistant to UV radiation.


It is a proposal that does not require large financial outlays. The price of the equipment is just over PLN 100. If you are just starting exercise on the trampoline and do not want to invest in a more expensive device, this is the best suggestion to start your adventure with this sport.



Missing handle:

The product is not equipped with a handle, so there is no possibility of performing more intense jumps. To ensure greater stability, it is best to buy it.


Rank #7: Newan 40"-48" Silent Mini Trampoline

Newan 40″-48″ Silent Mini Trampoline is a recommendable device that will help you get rid of unwanted kilograms and shape your figure. The big advantage of the model is that when folded it takes up little space. It easily fits into the car, so you can take it with you on a holiday trip. What’s more, the total weight of the equipment is only 10 kg, which makes carrying the instrument easier.

The diameter of the model is 120 cm, so it is recommended to place it in the garden or on a larger terrace. In turn, the user’s load is a maximum of 100 kg.

The presented equipment has all the necessary approvals and certificates required by the EU, so you can let your child play on it without any obstacles. However, it should be remembered that it does not have a protective mesh, so children should not use it without supervision.

Consumer reviews about this device are very positive. Many users praise the trampoline for its small size and high quality of production. In addition, a large number of users believe that the Kettler 7291900 is the best mini fitness trampoline available on the market in 2020 .

Newan 40″-48″ Silent Mini Trampoline is a mini fitness trampoline with a diameter of 120 cm. The maximum product load is 100 kg. The model is covered by a 36-month warranty.




People who have had the opportunity to test the presented trampoline ensure that it is stable. The base is supported on 6 steel legs – they are durable and guarantee safe use.


Made of polypropylene and thermally bonded carbon, the mat is durable. There is no fear that this element will quickly destroy, which will prevent us from using the product.


The model is relatively light, so its portability is not difficult. In addition, the equipment can be easily folded, so it takes up less space during storage.

For the garden:

The trampoline is made of strong materials that are not susceptible to destruction. The manufacturer ensures that the equipment can also be used in the garden without fear of damage.


The model has a simple design, so everyone will probably like it – it will look good both at home and in the garden.




Due to the fact that the maximum load of the equipment is 100 kg, it is not allowed for people who are very overweight.


Rank #8: CLORIS 40in Foldable Mini Trampoline

 The CLORIS 40in Foldable Mini Trampoline  is a recommendable device that will help you take care of your figure. The device is equipped with a useful handrail that will facilitate your effective training. In addition, during exercise and play it can be very useful, because it will help you stay safe. It is worth noting that the handrail is adjustable and removable, so you can easily adapt it to your individual needs.

The presented model is equipped with special, galvanized and corrosion-resistant springs that guarantee good cushioning.

The equipment has all necessary approvals and meets the necessary EU standards. Don’t worry, you can let your child use the trampoline as it is completely safe.

The diameter of the model is 122 cm, therefore it should be installed in the garden. The space around the trampoline will ensure you free use.

Consumer reviews of the product are very flattering. Many users emphasize in their reviews that the devices of this brand are high quality mini fitness trampolines at a good price.

The CLORIS 40in Foldable Mini Trampoline has a diameter of 122 cm and a height of approx. 23 cm. The product weighs 8.5 kg and its maximum load is 100 kg.




Many people emphasize that mounting the trampoline is not difficult and takes little time. We do not need any additional tools for this.


The presented model is sold in a set with a comfortable handrail that allows you to maintain a stable posture during exercise. The mentioned element turns out to be useful especially for people who start their adventure with jumping on a trampoline.


The product does not take up much space, so its storage is not difficult. People who have small apartments can also afford to buy the equipment. Consumers ensure that the trampoline folding system is well developed.


Stable construction guarantees safety during use. Steel legs are durable. 




Some people have noticed that slight discoloration appears on the surface of the mat after some time.


Rank #9: Ravs Mini Trampoline for Adults

 Ravs Mini Trampoline for Adults is a very good and durable mini fitness trampoline, available at an attractive price. For this reason, many consumers decide to buy it. The advantages of the model include, above all, ease of installation. Thanks to this, each user can do it alone. Also, storing and moving the device is not a problem. You can fold the trampoline and take it with you on a holiday trip.

The outer diameter of the equipment is 100 cm, which makes it a relatively small model. So you can install it both in the garden and on the terrace or even a balcony.

The only contraindication is the user’s weight. The presented product should be used by people whose mass does not exceed 100 kg.

Consumer reviews of this equipment are very positive. Many users praise it for its high-class construction. In addition, the springs included in it guarantee good reflection during training or play. The product has all necessary approvals, which makes it very safe. It is therefore suitable for use by children.

 Ravs Mini Trampoline for Adults  is a good mini fitness trampoline up to $ 100. The diameter of the product is 100 cm and its height is 22 cm. The maximum load of the equipment is 100 kg.




Solidly made metal legs are durable, which guarantees stability and security. In addition, these elements have rubber covers, so you do not have to worry about scratching the floor.


The trampoline does not weigh much. In addition, the equipment can be folded, which makes both storage and transport easy.


Good quality materials were used to make the mat. The material is resistant to UV radiation, so we can use the model outside.




A group of Internet users say that the springs make an unpleasant sound when jumping on a trampoline.


Rank #10: MOVTOTOP Indoor Trampoline

Due to the fact that only good quality materials were used for the production of the trampoline, it is very solid. Its construction made of hardened steel does not deform and withstands heavy loads (up to 100 kg).

Necessary accessories, such as a handle for easy jumping, were not included with the product set. This means that you have to buy them separately, which generates additional costs and requires you to go to the store again.

The trampoline has compact dimensions, so it doesn’t take up much space. For this reason, it is ideal even for a small garden. This model is stable and the thick material covered with the springs effectively prevents injuries.


Rank #11: Wamkos 40" Rebounder Mini Exercise Trampoline

The main advantage of the product is easy folding and unfolding. It doesn’t take much time, and it doesn’t require a lot of force. The trampoline is equipped with a handle that makes it easy to perform exercises in many different positions.

The springs used in the product mounts work quite loudly and generate noise-sensitive ears. This makes jumping on the trampoline described can make it difficult to relax after a very hard day and reduce the comfort of use.

The model is dedicated to both children and adults. Exercises performed on it will help improve your condition. They also contribute to burning calories and getting rid of body fat. The product has a high maximum load.


Rank #12: ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline

Fitness trampoline with a height of 34 cm ideal for such exercises. 8 legs ensure full stability, and the surface material for jumping is made of polypropylene mesh. For the feeling of safety of the person exercising, a handle was attached to allow it to be held during jumping.

The black trampoline has a colorful aquamarine or pink wheel on the extreme side of the material for jumping. Many customers did not like these colors. Also, people using the model in the comfort of home believe that the diameter of the trampoline to place in the room is a little too large.

A fitness trampoline with a diameter of 114 cm and a height of 34 cm can withstand a load of 110 kg. The material for jumping is tensioned with 32 flexible ropes. Metal handles and handrails are made of pipes with a diameter of 25 mm. The detachable handle has a width of 51 cm and its height is adjustable from 118.5 to 128.5 cm.


Rank #13: BSPORTY Foldable Trampoline

 Another product worth recommending is the Fit and Jump trampoline. If you like to support Polish brands, this is an offer for you. The BSPORTY Foldable Trampoline
uses the highest quality raw materials to manufacture its equipment. Thanks to that the trampolines are very durable and durable.

This is a very solid fitness trampoline with a grip. The price   is quite excessive, but high quality must cost. Trampoline assembly is very simple and quick. Just connect the two parts of the trampoline with the help of hand caps.

The big advantage of this equipment is its quiet operation. Jumping on a trampoline does not cause creaking or other unpleasant noises. This is due to the fact that for its production were not used springs, but specialized rubber cables expander.

The trampoline is hexagonal. Opinions about her are very positive. The trampoline is characterized by great ease of use. We feel safe on it. Solid construction and durability are its biggest advantages.


Rank #14: Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder

The springs have a cover that protects against getting caught in clothes. Special rubber pads are installed on the legs to protect the floor from scratches. The Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder is resistant to negative external factors.

The equipment stands on 6 feet, so it may turn out a little unstable, especially when it gets close to the shore. When used intensively, the springs may begin to bend slightly, so they must be additionally secured.

The equipment diversifies adult fitness training. The model can be used by people weighing up to 100 kg. The product structure is made of steel and the trampoline sheathing is made of polypropylene and carbon fiber – these materials are durable.


Rank #15: Shizzz 40inch Fitness Trampoline

The model is equipped with a special grip, which makes it train stable and holding it, you can do intensive training on the trampoline. The product runs quietly when the springs rub against each other. The equipment is easy to assemble.

The trampoline can only be used at home, as it can be damaged outside. Some say that the handle could be made more solidly, because it has the impression that it can fall over while jumping.

People weighing up to 100 kg can exercise with the trampoline. The frame is made of galvanized steel, which is solid and resistant to rust. The model is safe to use, although children can use it only under adult supervision.


Rank #16: JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounde

The equipment is easy to assemble and assemble. After folding, the trampoline is conveniently stored and transported because it does not take up much space. Thanks to the carefully thought-out metal construction, the model is characterized by high stability and good reflection.

Some people think that the diameter of the product is quite small, so you need to place your feet precisely during exercise. Performing more vigorous exercises can be difficult.

The trampoline has a sheath, which is attached to the springs, which protects against getting caught in clothes or falling. The equipment is adapted to persons weighing up to 100 kg. The model can be placed both at home and outside.


How to assemble a fitness trampoline step by step?

Purchasing guide we dedicated the answer to the question which fitness trampoline is recommended for fitness enthusiasts, and in this part of the article we will focus on its correct assembly. In the text you will find valuable information about how many people should perform this activity and what necessary security measures need to be observed.

Who is recommended on a fitness trampoline?

Manufacturers ensure that everyone can use the fitness trampolines, regardless of age. This form of activity is especially recommended for obese people or injuries that prevent them from doing other sports. During the game almost all muscle groups are involved, so you will quickly see the effects in the form of weight loss.

Can you assemble the trampoline yourself?

Fitness trampolines are much smaller than their garden counterparts, so folding the product is faster. Although the task is not complicated, it is worth asking someone for help to properly and with all safety measures mount the equipment. However, remember that some equipment is sold in a set, which includes 2 elements: a trampoline and a safety handle. Assembling the product then requires screwing the handle properly, which you can do yourself within 10 minutes. However, if the equipment you purchased has many more elements, it is worth using a friend’s assistance. By doing this together, you will shorten the working time to an hour or even 30 minutes.

when folding the fitness trampoline

Many people who have never used a fitness trampoline before are wondering if this is a safe job. At the beginning you need to know that assembly does not require the use of goggles or protective gloves. However, you should be vigilant at all times because it is easy to get hurt. When tensioning the mat, you can hook your hand on the spring, or hit the metal legs or handle. These are minor inconveniences that will result in painful bruises. Therefore, carry out every activity carefully and thoroughly, so you don’t run the risk of accident.

What’s more, during assembly you will notice that the set includes a dozen or so small screws and joints. For this reason, the trampoline should be installed away from children, as they may swallow one of the small parts.

Step by step assembly of a fitness trampoline

The first thing you need to do is unpack the purchased trampoline and remove all the elements included in the set. Thanks to this, you will easily find the one you need right now. At this point, we want to clarify that some models are sold almost completely ready for assembly. Springs are attached to the mat, so in your opinion, attach them to the frame and then mount the handle that will protect you during the jumps. A few devices then require the use of a special spring safety tape to avoid jumping on them and damaging your leg during exercise. It will take you about 20 minutes to assemble such a product.

But what to do if our trampoline has not been assembled before? The first step will be to fold the legs and hoops. Then we stretch the baton and attach it to the springs. Many specialists recommend first hooking the material on 4-5 hooks in order to tension it. This will definitely facilitate further assembly. It is very important to check that the mat has been properly tensioned. If the material is too loose, you will not stand out during exercise. The next step is to place the spring cover. The assembly of the fitness trampoline is finished by installing a belay bracket on the sides.


Which fitness trampoline should you buy ?

Exercise on a mini trampoline is a great way to lose weight. If you want to buy this type of equipment, but you are wondering which model to choose, our ranking will certainly interest you. We present in it descriptions of products that are popular among consumers. First place was the Kettler 7291900 mini fitness trampoline. The model is made of durable materials, which ensures that it will serve us for a long time. 

The product can be folded, which makes storage easy and people with small apartments can afford to buy the equipment. Metal legs guarantee stability during exercise, which minimizes the risk of injury. However, if you did not like the presented model, get to know the descriptions of other equipment. Among them in second place was the InSPORTline Skippy Plus mini fitness trampoline . The product is light and easy to install. When buying equipment, we get a convenient handrail that facilitates exercise and guarantees stability. 


Many people give up exercise because of their monotonicity. If you belong to such a group of people, you will probably be interested in our proposal – a mini fitness trampoline. It is equipment that will allow you to combine training and fun, so you will not get bored. Unfortunately, choosing the right model is not easy. To help you make your decision, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll show you what to look for when buying. At the end we put a short list where they were best mini fitness trampolines .


Buying a trampoline is not only a guarantee of fun for children. It is worth noting other, health-promoting advantages of such a device. Jumping allows us to lose unwanted kilograms in a short time, because just 15 minutes of exercise means burning as many as 250 calories. For this reason, the equipment is recommended not only for adults, but also for children. It is worth noting that while jumping, a large amount of endorphins are released, which help to improve mood and reduce stress. Trampolines are recommended for people who want to compensate for posture defects. What’s more, the joints are not strained during exercise.

When deciding to buy a mini trampoline, we should first pay attention to whether it is safe. It is worth checking whether the product has the certificates required by the EU. Their absence may mean that the equipment is faulty. As a result, this can lead to an accident.

The springs inside the device are another important issue. They should be resistant to corrosion, which will increase their service life. It is also worth paying attention to their fastenings. Before buying, carefully check that they are not loose somewhere. Unfortunately, this oversight may result in an accident.

The next aspect you should pay attention to is the weight limit of the equipment. Many models are adapted for persons up to 100 kg. However, some devices have more stringent restrictions. Before buying, make sure your weight is within them.


Shopping guide


Until recently, synonymous with luxury and extravagance, nowadays trampolines are gaining more and more supporters and amateurs of this type of physical activity. This is a great proposition not only for children, but also for adults. Such trampoline jumps are fun for the whole family, they are great fun, and at the same time they train many muscle groups, strengthening them and thus improving the overall physical condition. 

Trampolines also ceased to be equipment only for wealthy people, now anyone who wants to practice on a trampoline can afford it. Fitness trampolines are those that are designed for training in clubs, as well as for home use. Which fitness trampoline to choose?? What should you pay attention to when buying so that the equipment will work flawlessly and for many years? When buying such equipment, it’s best to reach for proven solutions.

The trampoline was constructed by two Americans from the University of Iowa. Her name was taken from the Spanish word “trampolines.” At first, they were devices intended for athletes, but very quickly they gained NASA recognition in military aviation training. They were also used by astronauts to exercise the body in a state of weightlessness and to preserve the body in space. The next users were circus acrobats presenting various acrobatics using this equipment. In 2000, trampoline exercises became the official sport of the Olympic Games.

There are many reputable manufacturers on the market whose products guarantee high quality of workmanship. Quality is extremely important, because it determines not only the utility values of the equipment, but also the safety of its use. A well-made fitness trampoline can already be bought for less than 1000 PLN. A fitness trampoline is also called an acrobatic or fit and jump trampoline. This device can be used by both children and adults. It has been proven that during one hour training on a trampoline, you can burn 800 kcal. In addition, training takes place without burdening the joints.

What is the best fitness trampoline? – Construction.

When buying a fitness trampoline, you need to look at its design, because it determines the safety of use as well as the durability of the equipment.

The most important features that a device base should have, i.e. a frame, are stability. The base consists of a frame on which the jumping mat is stretched and legs. Legs should be thick and stable. When the trampoline is placed outside, the legs should also be galvanized to protect them from the harmful effects of moisture. The frame should have arms made of at least 1.5 cm thick profiles. It should also be covered with foam, protecting the user against painful injuries when he reaches the rack during jumps.

The second element affecting the quality of the exercises is the springs. They must be massive and firmly attached so that they do not slip out during training. They should also be protected with covers, not only waterproof, which will affect their durability, but also protected against involuntary slipping of the foot between them. 

Therefore, the spring cover should protect the springs themselves against corrosion and the wearer against accidents. Often, this type of trampolines have thick rubbers instead of springs. This option is convenient because the springs can be a source of injury to the user, the rubbers are soft and do not pose a threat to the person exercising, unless their leg gets stuck between the rubbers.

The jumping mat should be made of flexible and very durable material. The best materials are in American production of PE mesh. In addition, at the edge this material should be trimmed with strong tape, because that is where the springs are mounted. In general, all connections in the trampoline must be strong, properly shaped and finished. Preferably when they are screwed or bolted.

Fitness trampolines, such as equipment on which specific exercises are performed, often have a handle (sometimes called a “steering wheel”) or a handle on one side of the device. Such a handle is helpful when performing exercises that require maintaining balance. And due to the specificity of such a trampoline, it performs certain exercises repeated at a rapid pace.

Diameter and maximum load

Certainly it is more pleasant to jump on the trampoline without being limited by its small size. However, when planning the purchase of such a device you need to realistically check what space we have and where we intend to set up the equipment. Fitness bars are available in the following diameters: 80 cm, 97 cm, 100 cm, 122 cm. Most trampolines also have detachable feet, so you can store the equipment more easily when not in use. Feet in many models are height adjustable.

However, the maximum load should be determined for each product and when buying, these parameters should be paid close attention. In general, the load that manufacturers offer is 100 kg. The maximum load specified on the product should not be exceeded, because this will lead to the destruction of the device first: the springs stretch, the seams run on the mat, etc. And as a consequence the trampoline will become a device that will not provide safety during training.

Benefits of exercising on a fitness trampoline

Trampoline jumping is unfortunately not for everyone. For example, pregnant women, people struggling with back problems, as well as people who are very overweight should avoid it. For all other exercises, this can be a source of well-being, because when jumping, our body produces endorphins that affect our good mood. In addition, we train the muscles of the legs, abdomen, back and arms. Thanks to the trampoline, all muscles and joints become elastic and stretch. Thanks to training on a trampoline, you can quickly get rid of unwanted kilos.

Considering the amount of calories burned, 10 minutes of trampoline training corresponds to a 30-minute run. In addition, jumps reduce stress and improve cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Which fitness trampoline should you choose?

After reading our guide, you should be able to choose equipment for yourself or your loved ones. The trick is to find fitness trampolines at good prices and with matching parameters. When making your choice remember that solid performance is associated with safety of use. Therefore, pay attention to all load-bearing and construction elements, to their protection against painful contact with a jumping person. Remember that actually the only suitable mat is made of PE mesh. To make it easier to exercise, a height-adjustable handle, attached to one side of the trampoline, will be useful. Trampolines with a larger diameter are also more convenient to exercise, because you can do more types of exercises on them.

Also, when you plan to use the trampoline periodically, look at the possibilities and how it is folded to store it when you don’t need it. And when you purchase such equipment, remember to follow the instructions for use. Periodically, the trampoline should be cleaned with means intended for this, and from time to time the condition of the springs and their covers, baton, legs should be checked.

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