10 Best Nike Women’s Running Shoes – Reviews in 2020

Everyone who starts their adventure with running should first and foremost buy good shoes. Without them, practicing this sport will be uncomfortable and may cause unpleasant health problems. All women are encouraged to read this guide. We have put here information on which features of such footwear to pay attention to. In turn, the final ranking will show the best Nike models.


Nike is one of the best known American companies that works in the sports industry. His products are extremely popular all over the world and even professional athletes reach for them. The brand’s offer includes not only clothing and footwear, but also various types of sports accessories of very high quality. It is for this reason that it is worth taking a closer look at what this company produces.

The best Nike women’s running shoes in 2020 must ensure maximum comfort while minimizing the risk of injury and injury. In order to find the perfect model for you, it is inevitable to try on several different products. We should have thicker socks on our legs (similar to those we intend to use in training).

It is important that running shoes will not always be the same size as our regular footwear. This type of product must always be slightly larger so that large toes have freedom of movement. Therefore, you should try on models half or even the whole size larger than our everyday shoes. At the same time, the heel should not move inside when running and walking or rubbing the Achilles tendon. This can contribute to the formation of painful wounds and shorten the life of footwear.

Let’s also try to consider the surface on which we intend to run. Shoes with high elasticity and low weight will be better for running on asphalt. Often, manufacturers in their case immediately point out that they are models for running on the street, and so on all hard roads or pavements. If we run mainly on natural terrain, where there is a large amount of sand or stones, look for the so-called trail shoes. It has an aggressive tread and a harder sole. Such products will give you better stability and protection during running.


Rank #1: Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 W 863770 301

 The product called Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 W 863770301 are running shoes that were created for women with a neutral foot type. They give a high level of cushioning, which significantly increases comfort while running. This footwear is especially recommended for recreational starts and quick trainings.

The presented model is suitable for running on all paved surfaces. The outsole is very thin, therefore it does not weigh down, and at the same time gives a good grip. In turn, the midsole is made of specially selected materials and significantly increases the flexibility of shoes and their cushioning. The distinguishing element in this case may be incisions on the tongue, which make it easier to put on and remove shoes.

Consumers appreciate this product primarily for providing great comfort, even during very intense training. Good cushioning and flexibility ensure that the risk of injury is minimal. Modern design also deserves attention.


Rank #2: Nike Revolution 3

 We would like to present you Nike Revolution 3 footwear, which is equipped with a thick sole with tread. Thanks to this, it provides good grip on any surface, including the unpaved one. The product is light and flexible, as a result it adapts to the natural movement of the feet.

These shoes have a midsole made of EVA foam, which provides adequate cushioning to the feet over the entire surface. This means that their user can cover very long distances without overloading the joints and tendons. Thanks to the ventilation used, the model allows the feet to breathe, which is why it is particularly suitable for wearing in spring and summer.

As consumers say, the best Nike women’s running shoes should be both very comfortable and perfectly fitted. Many of them emphasize that this is the model described. It is very comfortable to wear even for several hours, and your feet do not get tired or hurt. An additional plus is the eye-catching design.


Rank #3: Nike WMNS Downshifter 6

 Nike WMNS Downshifter 6 are women’s running shoes Nike at a good price that may interest you. They are perfect for women who are just starting their adventure with running and work well for both neutral and supinating feet. This model adapts to the shape of the feet, therefore it effectively prevents injury.

The shoes are equipped with a mesh upper that quickly and effectively wicks excess heat and sweat to the outside. This further increases the wearing comfort. In addition, this product has a sole with Flex grooves, which gives optimal cushioning as well as stability regardless of weather conditions.

Consumers emphasize that one of the biggest advantages of these shoes is their aesthetic design. They have a gray shade and a contrasting orange sole and the Nike logo in the same color. These elements emphasize the sporty nature of the product and make it even when running that users can feel fashionable.


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