10 Best Pedometer Band For Fitness-Reviews In 2020

Athletes looking for a pedometer look at its construction, functions and ease of use. When preparing the ranking, we also took into account these issues. In this way, we selected the three best products, among which was the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 model . 

It is a pedometer with a large, clear display, which makes it easier for us to read the data. Because the product is made of damage-resistant glass, we do not have to worry about the device, even during extreme sports. 

This model has many interesting features and remembers our activities, which we can then follow through the application available on the phone. Many people choose this pedometer because of the very practical sleep control function. 

For the same reason, the Fitbit Alta model is also popular. The presented equipment is efficient and has a strong battery. For a more detailed description of these models, we invite you to the rest of our article.


Which pedometer armband should you choose?

This time we decided to take care of the pedometer in the band. To buy a pedometer wristband at a good price, you must first look at these devices to choose the one that will best suit us. On the market you will find models that differ in functions they offer and depending on their quantity, their price also varies.

If you want a comfortable device, then the only solution is a pedometer watch. Pedometers are usually bought by people who want to control how much and how they move. The basic functions of the pedometer are, therefore, step measurement, distance measurement and calorie counter. The device interface is also important to make it simple and intuitive, enabling operation during training.

Since pedometers with a watch are the most expensive devices in the pedometer category, you should carefully choose the number of possible functions. Each of them affects the price. Most of these types of devices are equipped with a stopwatch, timer, split time measurement and backlit dials to make it easier to use after dark. We also find a calorie counter, pulse rate, pressure measurement, as well as a compass or altimeter.

More advanced pedometers are chosen by people who conduct intensive training, for example, preparing for marathons or wanting to work on the technique of running or walking. Then it turns out useful to beep sound at a programmed distance and number of steps, watch or heart rate monitor, especially for cardio training.

When training intensively, you should also consider buying a memory pedometer that allows you to export data to your computer. However, when the goal of your activities are mountain trips, you will need a compass, altimeter and pressure gauge to measure atmospheric pressure.

Wrist pedometers with a watch are actually watches, equipped with additional steps counting functions, and usually they are addressed to men. Sport wrist pedometers look similar to a watch, but time measurement is their secondary function.

They usually have more functions than pedometers with a watch and are addressed to people for whom training is a life passion. So, in order to choose the best pedometer band , you should first think about what we will really need this device for.


Rank #1: Fitness Tracker Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2

 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a device consisting of two elements: a silicone band and a display. The band can be adjusted to any wrist, it is easy and secure to fasten. The upper surface of the display is made of elegant reinforced glass with a touch screen. The monochrome display was made in OLED technology and has a size of 0.42“.

The device is equipped with features such as time, number of steps taken and total distance, calories burned, current pulse, battery status and application notifications. When you want to measure your pulse, just after setting the application, put your hand with the device to your chest. After about 7 seconds, the band vibrates to notify you that the result is available on the display.

The band calculating our steps that we went through during the day also recalculates them by calculating the number of steps. And the history of all records can be viewed in the Mi Fit application.

The device also has a sleep measurement function. The band records when we went to sleep and distinguishes between the phases of sleep. It also has the function of waking up in the lighter phase of sleep. People who use this device believe that it is the best pedometer band in 2020 in this price range.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a pedometer that consists of two elements, i.e. a silicone band and a 0.42 “display. The product has many interesting features and is easy to use.




An undoubted advantage of the product is its display. First of all, it is tactile. In addition, it is made of reinforced glass, so it is resistant to damage. In addition, it is monochrome and has been designed in OLED technology, so reading information on it is very easy.


It is not only a pedometer, but also functional equipment that shows us the time, distance traveled, calories burned or pulse.

Activity history:

The device saves our results, which can then be viewed on the Mi Fit application. It is a very practical solution for athletes.

Sleep control function:

Many specialists emphasize that it is extremely important that we wake up in the proper sleep phase so that the body does not get shocked and is less tired. That is why a modern function was used here, thanks to which the band wakes us up in accordance with the biological rhythm of our body.


It is worth noting that this is a very good pedometer up to PLN 200.



FromPRO Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor  is a band for monitoring physical activity and sleep. It can remind you of taking physical activity every hour, which is recommended for people spending time at the desk. The device can monitor your activity 24 hours a day, counts how many steps you have taken, distance traveled, how many calories you have burned, and how much time you have spent on activity.

The FromPRO Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor  will recognize every type of activity, such as cycling, playing tennis or basketball and will save it in the exercise schedule. During training, the band will notify you of phone calls, received messages and calendar events.

Monitoring the length and quality of sleep will allow you to display detailed charts on this topic and analysis. The user has the choice of either a silicone strap, or a leather or metal strap. The battery of the device is functional for 5 days, and the device will alert you by informing you that you need to charge.

Users are of the opinion that due to the fact that the band is very light, it is especially liked by ladies. The bands are elegant and they look nice and work flawlessly.

The  FromPRO Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor  is a pedometer and at the same time a band for monitoring physical activity and sleep. This model has a display measuring 1.80 cm x 2.40 cm and an adjustable band from 16 cm to almost 20 cm.



24 hour monitoring:

The device monitors our activity 24 hours a day. It counts the distance traveled or calories burned.

SmartTrack TM function:

For many devices and applications, we need to set the type of activity we perform. This modern function means that there is no such necessity, because the device recognizes itself whether we ride a bike or rather play basketball.

Sleep length and quality monitoring:

This is another practical solution because many people are unaware of the importance of sleep and waking up at the right time. This feature will allow us to know our body when it is at rest.


It is worth noting that the pedometer has a battery that allows the device to work for up to 5 days, and when it is low, it informs us about it.



No heart rate monitor:

Many consumers note that compared to other models, this equipment is not functional, because there is no heart rate monitor.


Rank #3: Garmin Fitness Vivofit 3 L.

 Garmin Fitness Vivofit 3 L is a model that is powered by a battery, which has a lifetime of 1 year and displays steps, calories burned, distance, minutes of intense activity and hour on the backlit display and monitors sleep. Garmin Move IQ ™ is an activity monitor that automatically recognizes the type of physical activity.

Otherwise swimming, walking, running or cycling will be saved. All this device saves in Garmin Connect ™, and the results can be viewed either on the band or on the computer. The band also monitors your lifestyle and when you forget about physical activity, it will remind you about it.

A red motion bar will appear and you can reset it by walking a few minutes. This model is waterproof, so you can go with it to the shower or swimming pool. And thanks to the different colors of the bands, you can adapt it to your own taste.

The band allows you to set daily goals, and after their completion, the device automatically adjusts the goal for the next day according to already achieved activity. This activity tracking and goal setting is what users like the most in this model.

Garmin Fitness Vivofit 3 L is a device that measures steps, calories burned, distance, as well as activity time. Sleep also monitors us. The product comes in two band sizes: L – 137 mm – 195 mm and XL – 165 mm – 225 mm



Garmin Move IQ ™:

It is a system that monitors our activity and recognizes its type. The band also monitors our lifestyle, and we can then analyze the results on a computer.

Water resistance:

A very important feature is the water resistance of the pedometer. Thanks to this you can swim in it.


Many people positively refer to the design of the presented model. This is definitely one of the more attractive pedometers available on the Polish market.



Battery life:

The pedometer has a battery, whose life is only a year, after which it needs to be replaced, and this raises additional operating costs.


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