10 Best Pedometers For Running-Reviews In 2020

A pedometer is a device used by people who think about their health. You don’t have to be a competitive athlete to make this equipment useful for you. But you need to use the best pedometer to make it functional and show what is useful. The best pedometer of the year 2020, selected by customers, is the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 model . This is an intelligent band that not only counts the number of steps, but also allows you to control your heart rate, calories burned and distance traveled. The smartband is resistant to moisture. The 5 ATM water resistance class means that we can bathe in the bathtub and shower with the equipment. The band in standby mode works continuously for 20 days.  The Promedix Pr-315 model came second in the best pedometers of 2020 It is almost as good as the one described. This model can also be used as a regular watch, because the LCD displays the time next to the training functions. The model also has different mounting methods and locations.


The Best Pedometers For Running-Reviews In 2020

Are you planning to start training and looking for motivation to act? Purchasing a pedometer may be a good idea. This device will measure steps, calories and even plan a training program. Which model should you choose? We present the pedometer ranking to help you make your decision.


Rank #1: Xiaomi Mi Band 3

 Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is an intelligent wristband that acts as both a pedometer and a counter of calories burned or distance traveled. This small equipment allows you to check your training parameters and adjust the exercise intensity to your individual needs. The model shown has a 0.78-inch OLED touch screen.

The smartband is equipped with a heart rate monitor and sleep monitor. Importantly, the band can be well adjusted to the circumference of the wrist so that it does not cause discomfort. Equipment will certainly not break down as a result of splashing with water, also when taking a shower. This guarantees a water resistance of 5 ATM. The model is powered by a lithium polymer battery, which has a standby time of up to 20 days.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 product has gained recognition among many people because it is comfortable to wear and equipped with several useful functions. Beginners are especially eager to reach for the band. It is a gadget with which we can monitor the results achieved and keep improving them. The smartband looks nice and is not susceptible to damage.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sports band has the function of a pedometer, sleep monitor, calorie counter and distance traveled. The equipment weighs 20 g and its dimensions are: 4.7 cm x 1.8 cm x 1.2 cm.



Moisture resistance:

Since it is a model in the 5 ATM water resistance class, it will not break if you accidentally splash it with water. You do not need to remove the headband before showering.

Long working time:

Battery life in standby mode is about 20 days. There is no need to frequently connect the wristband to the charger.

Reading notifications from the phone:

Notifications from the smartphone are displayed on the smartband screen, e.g. about incoming calls.

Elegant appearance:

We do not need to remove the armband after training. It looks elegant enough that you can easily wear it every day.

Monitors sleep quality:

The equipment is ideal for people who still feel tired after waking up. This is a model that acts as a sleep monitor.



Illegible display:

Although the band display is large, many consumers have a problem reading the information displayed on it, especially in sunlight.


Rank #2: Promedix Pr-315

 Another recommended product is the Promedix pedometer. This is a good proposition for people who start their adventure with physical activity and do not want to invest a lot of money in equipment at the very beginning. Despite the very low price, its quality is good.

The pedometer perfectly fulfills its basic functions. The device encourages us to have a healthy lifestyle, challenge ourselves and travel further distances. The main function of this product is to show the steps taken.

In addition, the device also shows the calories burned and the distance we have traveled. The pedometer has an LCD display. It will inform you about the time of training and will warn you about low battery. The pedometer can also be used as a regular watch, as it also shows the time. A big plus of the device is the fact that it can be mounted in many places: we clip it to a belt, backpack or leash.

We can also simply put it in our pocket. This is a very good and cheap running pedometer. Collects very positive feedback. The ease of use and convenience are considered to be a major asset.

As the next we present the Promedix Pr-315 device . It motivates you to lead a healthy lifestyle.




The equipment can be used not only for counting steps. It also informs about calories burned and distance traveled. You can also use it as a regular watch as it shows the time. Automatically turns on when moving and turns off when at rest.

Ease of use:

The device has a large LCD display, on which various information about our activity appears. Using the equipment is not difficult, the operation is extremely intuitive.

Construction of the device:

Thanks to the clip and the handle, it is possible to attach this model to a belt, backpack or to put it in your pocket. As a result, it is very handy equipment.

Low price:

The device is available for little money. Considering the features it is equipped with, the product is worth the price.



Button sensitivity:

Too much pressure can cause a reset, and thus data loss. Therefore, be careful when using the pedometer.


Rank #3: Spokey Rock 83510

 The last place in our ranking was taken by the Spokey Rock model. Despite the lowest position, it is still a very good pedometer that enjoys positive reviews. It is a model that works well for both recreational and sporting purposes.

It has a fairly solid housing that is durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions. The device has been equipped with numerous steps, an indicator of calories burned and a distance counter. Thanks to this, we will be able to carefully control the most important parameters of our training.

The device is best attached to the strap with a clip attached to the pedometer. The device works great during walks, fast walking and running. This model also has a stopwatch and a clock function.

Opinions about this device are very flattering. Many people emphasize that the pedometer is very helpful in everyday workouts. It is very practical and light. Motivates to action. Its reasonable price encourages you to buy. This is a very nice gift idea for a loved one.

The Spokey Rock 83510 product comes last . It is a good pedometer up to PLN 200 .



Solid housing:

The device is made of good materials, so it is resistant to adverse weather conditions. Can be used in any weather.


Spokey Rock 83510 is equipped not only with a pedometer, but also a calorie counter, information on the distance traveled, as well as a clock and stopwatch. It is suitable for walkers as well as for runners or people exercising on a stepper.

Low price:

Perfect for people who are just starting their adventure with sport and want to assess whether the product will meet their requirements. It is available at an attractive price.



No switch:

This model does not have a power button. This makes the battery wear out faster.

You cannot set the stride length:

The device has an automatically set stride length, so it cannot be adjusted to your needs. Thanks to this, it is possible to distort the results of training.


Rank #4: Silva EX30

 Another noteworthy product is the Silva pedometer. It is extremely convenient to use. A special handle will allow you to attach it to a leash and wear it around your neck. You can also put it in your pockets and even throw it into your purse or backpack.

This means that it can accompany us almost anywhere. The device has been equipped with an intelligent 3D sensor. This means that the measurements made by this product are very reliable and precise regardless of whether you wear them around your neck or in your pocket.

The display of the device is very readable. The pedometer has a daily and weekly memory mode, which allows ongoing analysis of training progress. The display will also show us parameters such as the number of steps, distance, number of calories burned, as well as training time.

This model has the option of automatic nightly reset. It also has a safety clip to prevent it from being lost. This pedometer is getting good reviews. Its practicality is emphasized, as well as convenience in use.

The next place is occupied by the Silva EX30 product . This model will accurately determine the level of your physical activity.



3D sensor:

Thanks to the technology used, the pedometer reads the user’s movement very accurately. The reliability of the results is maintained regardless of whether it is in the purse or on the neck.


The device looks modern. The color of the product casing is black. This model is equipped with a stylish LCD display. It can be attached to a belt or backpack with a special handle.



No switch:

At rest, it consumes a minimal amount of energy, but even then it consumes energy. Therefore, after prolonged use of the equipment, check its battery level.

Counting system:

The product does not take into account steps taken outside of walking or running training. To start counting, the device must be in motion for 10 seconds.


Rank #5: Insportline Fitness 15254

 Insportline Fitness 15254 is a device designed to operate both with an iOS smartphone and with an Android system. Thanks to the Aceband application and Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your pedometer to your phone and you’ll be able to receive notifications from social networks like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp communication tools.

Insportline Fitness 15254 is designed for active people who want to control their daily activity and rest time, as well as have on hand information such as the current time, date or day of the week. The user manages all settings with a single pedometer button and reads data using the backlit LCD screen. The pedometer can measure the distance traveled, count the number of steps taken, calories burned and provide the current heart rate measurement result.

We also have an interesting ” find my phone” function that makes a lost phone turn on the alarm. The band has been equipped with a 100mAh lithium-ion battery, which is enough for 30 days of work in pedometer mode, but with intensive use it will be only three days. Young users like the design of the device and the fact that it can be set a goal to achieve and monitor the result shown in percent.

Insportline Fitness 15254 is a pedometer model with a nice and modern design, which is why it is popular with many users.



Illuminated screen:

Thanks to the backlit LCD screen, you can use and read the pedometer in all conditions.

100mAh Li-ion battery:

A high-capacity lithium-ion battery, for such a device, allows it to work for 30 days in pedometer mode. When using the device more intensively, it must be charged every 3 days.


One button is used to operate all functions. This makes operation extremely easy and does not cause problems for anyone.




The device does not have GPS, it means that it will not be useful for running or walking in unknown terrain in which we have no orientation.

Water resistance:

The pedometer should also be protected against wetting. Its water resistance only provides resistance to rain or accidental splashing. You cannot enter the pool or take a shower with him.

No stopwatch:

The model has also not been equipped with a stopwatch, so we will not be able to measure a specific amount of time without constantly monitoring its passage.


How does the pedometer work?

The pedometer is a small gadget that helps us monitor the number of steps taken and the distance traveled. Such a product is extremely useful especially for people who like long walks. Wondering what pedometer is recommended by athletes and how does it work? Check what we learned about it.




Pedometer working principle

Inside the pedometer is a spring pendulum made of electrically conductive material. During the steps, the pendulum is set in motion, moves to the extreme position and closes the contacts of the input microprocessor system. In this way, the number of steps taken is counted and the obtained result appears on a small display.


Is the result given by the pedometer reliable?

Some users of the pedometer hesitate if the result shown by the equipment is certainly reliable. We do not have to worry, however, that the number shown on the display is overstated or understated, because the measurement error of this type of gadgets usually does not exceed 5%. This means that the pedometer result can only be slightly different from the actual number of steps. This also applies to very simple devices, both in the form of a band and those with a belt clip.

One of the disadvantages of simple pendulum pedometers is that they work only along one axis. We must therefore attach the equipment in the manner recommended by the manufacturer so that the number of steps can be measured. If we mount the device incorrectly, it probably will not work or will not make reliable calculations. We must keep this in mind when we prepare for training.




How does the application for the phone with a pedometer work?

Due to the fact that more and more people are exercising with a mobile phone, special training applications are gaining popularity, in which, among others, pedometer. How is the number of our steps measured? It is possible, among others thanks to the GPS module. After starting the application on the smartphone, navigation starts, which tracks our position and movement on an ongoing basis.

There are voices that the pedometer on the phone is not very accurate, and the result displayed on the screen can be unreliable. Even studies have been conducted in which the sensitivity of smartphones was tested. It turned out that the slower the people taking part in the experiment, the more difficult it was to calculate the number of steps the phone had. Although smartphone applications are not very accurate, they are undoubtedly practical, and they motivate you to walk longer and thus burn calories and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Using a pedometer in your phone is a good way to see if you need more professional equipment.


What’s inside the pedometer?

The main elements in the construction of cheaper pedometers, in addition to the pendulum mentioned earlier, is electronics. Inside such devices there is a single-layer printed circuit board, as well as a photovoltaic cell built of several units connected in series. Its task is to enable the pedometer to operate in bright lighting, even if the battery is discharged.

There are no moving parts in more expensive equipment. A three-axis accelerometer is responsible for measuring the number of steps. Modern pedometers are useful for people practicing various sports – cyclists and runners. This affects the ability to calculate calories burned or the average speed at which we move. The three-axis accelerometer makes the pedometer work reliably, regardless of the position in which the equipment will be placed. So it is an excellent product for people leading an active lifestyle who care about a professional device.


Shopping guide

If you train and want to monitor your progress, a pedometer is a device that can be useful for you. However, this type of equipment is not intended only for athletes. When you want to check your daily activity, the pedometer will also prove useful.

If you want to maintain a constant level of physical activity, you should acquire such a device. As studies show, most of us do not overcome the recommended number of steps per day. Therefore, wearing a pedometer, or pedometer, will not only allow you to check how much you walk every day. For many people, this device can be a great motivator to increase traffic. Sometimes it is enough to choose stairs instead of fault, or when we run out of bread walk to the nearest store instead of driving a car. And if we provide our body with sufficient movement, we automatically reduce the risk of many diseases, including diabetes or hypertension. 


What is a pedometer?

A pedometer is a device that we can use to control our physical activity. So we can check how much we walk or run during the day. This equipment has been designed to count the steps we take. It can therefore be used for all gait-based sports.

Currently, these devices are fully electronic, but originally they were mechanical equipment. Interestingly, to be able to use them for measurements you had to first wind them, similarly to wristwatches.

The heart of each pedometer is a special anvil. During the movements of the man who wears this device with both, the anvil is set in motion. The transferred data on physical activity are processed by the embedded electronic system.

The basic functions of this device include: counting steps and calculating the distance traveled and counting calories burned. You can also purchase this equipment to check your daily physical activity during exercise, or during daily activities such as cleaning and shopping. 

We have basic pedometers available on the market, which will be able to give us only information about the distance traveled. However, more sophisticated devices are also on sale. So we can find a watch, alarm, stopwatch and even a radio in some pedometers. If you plan to buy a pedometer for use in training, you should make sure that it has the function of measuring calories and heart rate.


Types of pedometers available

On sale we will find several types of equipment, so as you wonder which pedometer to choose , analyze your habits and needs. We have a choice of wrist pedometers with a watch, and belt pedometers. The first one has the form of a watch with a step counting function. Models of this type usually have a lot of additional functions. So we will find a stopwatch, timer or heart rate monitor here. Some pedometers also have built-in split time measurement or an illuminated dial. However, due to its sporty nature, it may not be suitable for everyday wear.

On various portals we can find a separate category of pedometers worn on hand. Often depicted as sports pedometers. Similar to models with a watch, they are also put on the hand. However, they have more functions. So in addition to the standard counting of steps and distance, we will find a compass here. Pedometers are also available to measure atmospheric pressure or inform us of the altitude we are at.

If we are looking for a model that we can use every day and wear for any clothes, we should consider buying a pedometer clipped to the belt. Such a device will not be conspicuous, so we can easily put this model to work or during training. These devices usually do not have as many functions as the wrist models with the watch. They are also usually cheaper than hand pedometers. And because they are usually larger than them, they also have a large, readable display.


Pedometer functions

As we have already mentioned, the basic function of a pedometer is counting steps. Very often we will also meet devices that record the distance traveled and calories burned. To display correct results, however, we should calibrate it before using it, i.e. provide some basic information, e.g. our weight or stride length.

For people who are thinking about buying this equipment to increase their daily physical activity, the reminder function may be useful. The pedometer will remind you to be more active during the day. We will also be able to check what distance we have covered.

Those who do various types of sports will be pleased with the ability to test performance. And if we want to compare our results, also the ability to view the performance of previous workouts. Of course, an additional clock or alarm function will always be useful.


What is the best pedometer?

The best pedometer is one that is perfectly suited to your needs. Currently, we can find various models for sale, so we can choose equipment with such functions that we will need. However, if we do various sports, and if these sports are extreme, e.g. mountain climbing or diving, make sure that the equipment we buy will withstand all our trips.

We find no problem in selling pedometers at good prices , which are waterproof and resistant to dust. If you are planning an in-depth analysis of your results then make sure that your new device has the ability to transfer data to a computer using e.g. a USB port.


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