10 Best Punching Bags For Kickboxing –Reviews In 2020

By training with a punching bag, you can not only improve your condition, but also strengthen your muscles. That is why many physically active people invest in this type of product. So we decided to prepare a ranking in which we present descriptions of the most frequently chosen models. We are sure that the article below will help you buy a product that meets your expectations. Bushido 160 × 40 punching bag came first in the ranking. It is a model made of durable materials, therefore it shows high resistance to damage. When buying a product, we receive a fastening chain in the set, the length of which can be freely adjusted. This allows you to match sports equipment to our needs. The presented model has a flexible filling that does not lose its properties too quickly – we do not have to worry that the product will quickly lose its initial shape. The Bushido 180 × 45 punching bag came second in the ranking . The model has a strong fastening system. If you want to know the descriptions of other products, we encourage you to read the list prepared by us.


The best punching bags in 2020

Home gym is a great solution for those who like to save time on commutes, and besides, they value privacy and the ability to use all devices without having to wait for their availability. One of the simpler equipment for our home gym is the punching bag. If you want to create your own workout room, our punching bag ranking containing the best models available on the Polish market should interest you.


Rank #1: Bushido 160 × 40

 If you care about buying a good quality punching bag, we recommend Bushido 160 × 40 to your attention. As the name suggests, this is a model with the following dimensions: height – 160 cm and diameter – 40 cm. The product weighs 55 kg and will certainly meet the expectations of many consumers.

The presented punching bag was made of 7-layer material. Therefore, we can be sure that it is characterized by high durability. Good quality plawil, a material resistant to abrasion, was used to make the product. The advantage is the ability to adjust the length of the fastening chain. As a result, the user can adjust the length of the bag to his height and the room in which the sports equipment will be mounted.

Many people decided to buy the Bushido 160 × 40 model, which confirms its popularity. Users who have this product in their homes emphasize that it fulfills its task well – it is durable and guarantees safe training. In addition, the model has a simple design, which makes it liked by a large number of Internet users.

The Bushido punching bag has the following dimensions: height – 160 cm and diameter – 40 cm. The weight of the model is approx. 55 kg. The product is black. The kit includes a hanging chain.




Consumers speak very well about the quality of the presented punching bag. The product is made of plawil, i.e. a material showing high resistance to mechanical damage.


The user can easily adapt the model to his needs and the size of the room, because the included chain is adjustable.


The punching bag is filled with knitwear, felt, fleece and fabric. The combination of these 4 materials guarantees appropriate comfort of use. As confirmed by Internet users, the product does not lose its initial shape.


The attached chain for attaching is durable, so you don’t have to worry about the product breaking off the ceiling, which could be dangerous.


Noteworthy is the simple design of the bag. Consumers ensure that the model will appeal to everyone. It is worth adding that the printed logo does not rub off too quickly.




Due to the relatively high weight of the product, its mounting on the wall can be a bit problematic.


Rank #2: Bushido 180 × 45

 Bushido punching bag 180 × 45 received a lot of favorable reviews. Therefore, it could not be missing in our ranking. The product is black. The complement is a red insert with the manufacturer’s logo. Consumers ensure that the model is easy to keep clean.

The punching bag weighs 60 kg. The filling of the model is multi-layered and flexible, which guarantees comfort during exercise. Product dimensions are: length – 180 cm and diameter 45 cm, therefore Bushido will also be suitable for tall people. The set comes with a solid chain designed for mounting the product on the ceiling. It is worth adding that the chain length can be adjusted. Materials that were resistant to damage were used to manufacture the model: swam.

Bushido 180 × 45 is a punching bag designed for demanding consumers. Users who decided to invest in this product claim that it was a good decision. The model has many advantages. Among them, it is worth highlighting high quality, solid fasteners and flexible filling.

Bushido is a punching bag with the following dimensions: length – 180 cm and diameter 45 cm. The product weighs approx. 60 kg. The model is sold in a set with a chain.




Flexible filling ensures comfort and safety of use. It is worth adding that the bag maintains its initial shape for a long time and the filling is evenly distributed.


The fastening elements of the product with the chain are solidly made, so there is no fear that the model will break during training, which could have negative consequences for health.


The bag has relatively large dimensions, so it is ideal for both manual and foot strikes. As a result, the user will be able to freely develop his boxing skills. 


The length of the product can be adjusted to individual needs with the help of an easily adjustable chain. According to Internet users, this activity is not time consuming.




The presented model is designed especially for advanced people, so it may turn out that it will not meet the expectations of people who start their adventure with boxing.


Rank #3: Marbo MC-W180 / 35

 Our first proposal is a boxing bag Marbo MC-W180 / 35. The material from which the product is made is the strongest variety of plawil. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and tearing. The set includes a torpedo, which when filled with dry sand increases the weight of the device to 20 kg.

The torpedo measures 22 cm x 55 cm and is made of strong polyester. The solid slider gives 100% certainty that the contents will not spill inside the bag. The product has been finished with the latest generation of Coats Epic core threads, guaranteeing breaking strength.

Why is this the best punching bag ? This is due not only to durable material, but also to thick, double-fastening straps with strong stitching. As a result, they are resistant to damage, tearing and fraying.

The height of the bag is 180 cm and its diameter is 35 cm. The kit includes 6 cm x 6 mm fastening wheels and a 4 cm x 45 cm chain. It is also worth mentioning many positive reviews about this equipment. The product was appreciated, among others for a strong construction.

Marbo MC-W180 / 35 is a good punching bag up to PLN 100. The dimensions of the model are: length – 180 cm and diameter – 35 cm. The product is black.




Durable material was used for the production of the punching bag. This material has a high resistance to mechanical damage, so we do not have to worry about the abrasion on the surface of the model too quickly.

Fastening tapes:

The manufacturer ensures that the fastening tapes are durable. This is confirmed by the favorable opinions of Internet users who had the opportunity to test the Marbo MC-W180 / 35 punching bag.

Coats Epic:

Coats Epic core threads are tear resistant, which guarantees reliability and very good quality. As a result, we can be sure that the bag will not tear.



Self filling:

For some consumers, the downside is that the bag is sold empty.


Rank #4:Everlast EV2628YE

 Everlast EV2628YE is a free-standing, inflatable bag with a base that can be filled with water. Thanks to this, always return to your original position. It is an ideal proposition for fitness training at home, but also for kickboxing. The device helps improve coordination, burn calories and is an ideal solution for stress relief.

The punching bag 150 cm high, made of innovative synthetic leather. It is distinguished by a high rate of load resistance and intense workouts. POWERCORE technology, i.e. a special mesh, increases the bag’s efficiency.

The product is filled with original material from the manufacturer, which has been designed in such a way as to distribute the impact force evenly. The whole structure is extremely durable due to double, reinforced seams.

This free-standing bag is suitable for punching with your hands, kicks, legs and even MMA techniques training. It is worth mentioning that the reviews about the punching bags of this brand are extremely positive. First of all, their excellent filling as well as durable outer material and strong seams were appreciated.

The Everlast EV2628YE punching bag is 160 cm high. The product will be suitable for beginners. The model is sold in a set with a pump.




The water-filled base guarantees stability. This element is solidly made and strong enough, thanks to which the sack returns to its original place after being hit.


The model after folding takes up little space, so it is perfect when we have a small apartment.


Due to the fact that the materials used for production are of good quality, the product is resistant to damage. This is a guarantee of long use.




People who have tested the punching bag say that inflating it takes a relatively long time, which can be tedious.


According to some consumers, the design of the product is not very attractive. Internet users point out that the intense yellow color will not go well with any interior. 


Rank #5: Allright FIDPB20

 Allright FIDPB20 is another device that was included in our list. This is a great suggestion to help improve body stability. This is an unusual bag on which we do training similar to the one using kettelbells. Studies show that such exercises allow you to quickly lose unnecessary kilograms and perfectly strengthen all muscle parts.

If you want to achieve quick results, you should invest in this equipment. Power Bag helps to improve grip strength and forearm muscle strength. The product can be used as an additional load during exercises such as squats, squeezing or climbing.

The material from which the device is made is high-quality synthetic leather, characterized by remarkable resistance to damage. In contrast, PVC handles and a sand bag will provide stability during exercise. The filling is strong PVC foam.

It is a great replacement for dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells, which works well in strength and fitness training. The weight of the device is 20 kg. The product has been recognized by users for great quality of workmanship.

The Allright Power Bag has dimensions: 56 cm x 21 cm and its weight is 20 kg. For the production of the model, among others synthetic leather.




Well-shaped handles improve comfort during exercise. The handles have been covered with non-slip material, which ensures safety during strenuous work on the figure.


The punching bag is widely used. The product will be useful during various types of exercises, so using it we will strengthen the whole body. 




In individual reviews you can read that the model is not resistant to abrasion, which can prove that it was made of not the best grade materials.


Due to the fact that the product weighs relatively little, it may not be sufficient for advanced people. 


Shopping guide

The bag is the perfect exercise equipment that allows you to burn calories and develop muscles. It also helps us become faster and react to various situations. When choosing a bag, especially the first one, you need to pay attention to its size, type and many other aspects. A guide on how to choose a punching bag will help you buy a product that will be solid.




Heavy or light – which punching bag is the best?

At the very beginning we should consider where we will use the bag. If we need it for amateur training at home, the best option is a medium bag. It’s not too big and heavy, so we don’t have to save a lot of space for it. This bag usually weighs between 30 kg and 50 kg. Its diameter is between 35 cm and 40 cm and its height is between 130 cm and 140 cm. Equipment weighing from 50 kg to 60 kg is called a heavy bag. This type is most suitable for professional exercises in a sports hall. The diameter of the heavy bag is from 40 cm to 45 cm, and its height is 150 cm, 160 cm or 180 cm. Thanks to its weight and size, it is perfect for muay thai training and kickboxing.



The most durable bags are made of leather. However, their price is quite high, especially if we plan to buy our first training equipment. A cheaper but not the worst alternative is plague. This material is characterized by high durability, as well as an aesthetic appearance. Other materials from which the bags are made are skaj and vinyl. However, they are not as durable as the skin and the sea.



If we decide to buy a bag without filling, then one of the cheapest options will be choosing textile clippings. We can find them in every tailor’s shop. It is important to stuff them very hard. This will prevent the bag from deforming. At the beginning we can stuff it with ordinary sawdust. In this case, the bag will be light and easier to train on it. By filling the sack with sand, we will make it much heavier and compact. Rather, it is intended for professionals, because we can easily get injured by such heavy equipment. 

To weigh the bag too light, we can buy a torpedo for it. It is a material bag, which is filled with sand and then placed inside the equipment.



When choosing a chain, we should first pay attention to the fastening straps. The best is the longest possible tape, which measures at least 10 cm. It is good if it is covered with a wrapping belt – it will strengthen its strength and, moreover, hide it. Thanks to this, we won’t get hurt if we accidentally hit her. Circular fittings are not recommended. The straps will be overloaded, which can cause the bag to break. So it’s worth investing in a little more expensive but more solid triangular mounts.

The sack hanging on them will distribute your weight evenly. It is worth looking at whether the mount is equipped with a ship. Without this element, the chains can twist, which will cause us trouble during training. Purchasing a chain with twisted snap hooks is also discouraged. The most durable will be one whose elements have been factory welded.


Types of bags

Then we should choose the type of bag that will be most suitable for us. The types include:

Pear training – this is the smallest exercise equipment. Its height is usually 35 cm. The diameter of this bag is usually around 25 cm. Pear filling is usually rags, cuttings, rubber or even air. It is covered with leather, plague or vinyl. It is a very good idea to buy a platform with a swivel joint. Thanks to this device, the pear will come back to us after each hit. It is usually used to train speed. We can also find a pear standing with the base filled with water or sand. Another type of this punching bag is reflector. It has a more oval shape. On both sides it is fixed on hooks. Thanks to this, it returns when hit, which is a good simulation of the attack. Perfect for dodging exercises.

Makiwara – this is a wall punching bag. It has different shapes, but usually appears as a rectangle or square. Very often several cushions made of leather are used, and the filling is foam or rags. 40 cm x 40 cm are popular dimensions of makiwary. It is recommended for straight hand and foot punches.

MMA training bag – what distinguishes it from other bags is the shock planes arranged in different angles. This makes it suitable for training all types of punches – even elbows or knees. On the MMA bag you can also train ground floor techniques and even throws. All thanks to its good profiling. It is equipment for professionals or people associated with mixed martial arts.



Classic bag – it is the most popular equipment for training punches and kicks. It’s best to choose a bag that has a lace-up closure at the top. Thanks to this, we can easily exchange its content. Many manufacturers offer zipper closure, but this reduces the durability of the bag. It should also have 2 meters of loose space on all sides. So we have to find the right place. We can reduce the swaying of the bag by attaching it to the floor. You can use a chain, rubber or rope for this.

Hook punching bag – it was specially created for training chin and hook blows. Its diameter is almost twice as high at the top than at the bottom. The length of the equipment is from 80 cm to 160 cm. Depending on its filling, its weight is from 20 kg to even 100 kg.

Standing punching bag – it is very easy to install, because it is enough to put it anywhere. We don’t have to attach it to the ceiling with a hook. The bag is very stable, because its base filled with water weighs 100 kg, and filled with sand – 140 kg. So we are sure that our bag will remain in place even when giving strong blows. Without filling, such equipment weighs only 10 kg. This will not cause problems when moving it. It is perfect to improve our condition. The element connecting the base with the tube is the post. Its height can be adjusted. Thanks to this, we can adjust the height of the bag to our needs.

The tube can be easily replaced, and what’s more, we have the option of choosing its different sizes. It is usually made of foam or rubber, which are trimmed with plawil or tempered vinyl. The base of the bag is usually 30 cm high, and the whole is from 140 cm to 180 cm. One type of standing bag is a mannequin. The tube in this type is made in the shape of a man. Such a bag will be suitable for people who practice krava or combat.


Punching bags at good prices

Prices of punching bags depend on the material, quality and size. Made of good quality leather can cost up to PLN 2,000. If at the beginning we want to buy a sack of inferior quality and medium size, we will pay several dozen zlotys for it. Due to its size, the cheapest option is pear.


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