10 Best Rated Rowing Machine – 2021 Reviews

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For over five years, I have helped individuals identify the best models for rowing machines and have helped over 1,000 individually via direct email.

It may be difficult to select a rowing machine because everybody has different preferences and needs.

Some of us want the finest, however, and that’s precisely what I’ll show you in this essay!

Below I will discuss how to restrict your choices to pick the ideal rudder. I’ll then propose my home rowing machine for the greatest overall!

I also have a couple competitors that, for their style of resistance and price, are kind of “best in class models.”

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Among the best rated rowing machines available on the market today, we find the Sunny Healt & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine 

 It is a traditional cut product with an 8 kg flywheel and 6 training programs, which make everything easier.

 Another interesting product is the Concept2 Model D which not only allows you to row comfortably but also includes specific training programs.

10 Best Rated Rowing Machine – 2020 Reviews

Due to the numbers of models offered, finding the ideal house rudder has gotten more challenging than ever.

When consumers began to locate home use rowing machines in 2012, half the number of rowing machines was available.

It was good and horrible at the same time.

It was excellent that consumers had less options to confuse, and there was just an option if you wanted a magnetic rower for under $500! Now you can choose from several!

It was not so good since customers were sometimes obliged to choose a model of a ruddering machine which was not “ideal” but the only alternative that matched their desires.


While I have grown harder to discover the greatest house rubber, I have improved my ability to help people to narrow what is most important when purchasing a home rubber.

Below I shall examine “The most significant criteria” to discover the right rowing machine and then examine the more detailed criteria.

I’ll recommend the #1 home rudder and a few runner-up winners.

Don’t forget to check out my “Final Thoughts” section where I describe how I can help you personally choose the right home rowing machine.

Rank #1: Sunny Healt & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine


Main product design

This rowing machine has a traditional cut design, in which we have a mobile seat and an extendable and adjustable bar. It also incorporates the rowing handlebar, which connects directly to the steering wheel of the machine. A known approach and with which it is easy to carry out all kinds of workouts from the comfort of your home.

The design is finished off with two pedal boards, on which it is very comfortable to place your feet during workouts, as well as a large central unit. This unit is visible from practically any position, so having control of your training performance is not a problem either.


Rowing operation

As in the classic rowing approach to which the product belongs, this device offers us a pulling system using large handlebars and a mobile seat. So to perform our exercises, we only have to pull the handlebars and push with arms and feet, letting the return of the machine return us to the starting position.

In this operating mode, the flywheel built into the machine is of particular importance. This steering wheel has a weight of 8 kilos and incorporates a very fluid operating system. This prevents possible jerks and other discomforts that generate discomfort when rowing, and may even be the cause of pain or injuries derived from training.

Control system

To complete the design of this product, the central unit and the steering wheel tension regulator are included. Starting with this regulator, it consists of a wheel with which we can tighten or loosen the rope with respect to the steering wheel, being as easy as turning the included wheel to give more or less demand to the training.

Regarding the central unit, it has a good size LCD screen and a large keypad. Through it, we can choose between the six existing and previously programmed training programs, and can also see training data, such as distance, calories consumed or exercise execution time. All easily visible, thanks to the good size of the screen.



  • This traditional cutting machine offers you an eight kilo flywheel, which is combined with six different operating programs, to make it easier for you to improve your workouts.


  • Some comments indicate that the product has a rather low level of resistance, although it is something that also depends on the level of each user.

Rank #2: MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

The MaxKare Water Rowing Machine is an interesting novelty when it comes to rowing at home. Compared to the usual products, with an inertia flywheel, this product incorporates a tank that is filled with water and allows us to enjoy much more pleasant and realistic sensations when rowing. 

Best of all, this tank allows you to regulate the tension through the fill level, with different levels depending on your preferences. Another novelty of the product is that it is made entirely of oak wood, which offers the user high resistance and a really durable design when rowing. 

The product is finished off with a double rail system and high fluidity when rowing or its S4 monitor, where you can see all the training data just as you would in any conventional model.

Enjoy different sensations thanks to all the functions that this interesting model of water rowing offers you.



Water system:

This water system offers much more pleasant and realistic sensations than conventional steering wheel models.


Its solid oak structure has high resistance and light weight, being also more decorative than conventional models.

Double lane:

The double rail system maintains an adequate mobility of the seat with respect to the machine, so that the operation is fluid.


The S4 monitor offers you all the training data, just as it would with any conventional model.


Since there are no flywheels or anything like that, the product is much quieter than the mechanical versions.




The water slide system makes the process of regulating the operating force of the product somewhat more complicated.


Rank #3: Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

If you are thinking of making the leap to the most technological and advanced models, then you have an appointment with the Bluefin Fitness Blade model. This product consists of a rowing machine that, at first glance, may seem like a conventional cutter.

However, the equipment has full connectivity with which to enjoy the apps that the brand offers to control your workouts, access scheduled sessions and even compete with your friends. 

In the purely mechanical part, you have a product that offers you eight levels of tension, easily adjustable, as well as a traditional rowing system using a central handlebar. It is finished off with the necessary cleats for the feet, with which to train with greater comfort. 

A smooth operating system and good performance, which you can control intensively through the advanced functions that we are discussing.

Take the leap into the digital world with everything that this complete rowing machine offers you and enjoy even more fun workouts.



Transmission system:

The transmission system is very efficient and offers you a smooth glide, both in the chair part and in the flywheel.

App included:

The included app allows you to better control your sessions, access personalized workouts and even compete with your friends.


The machine has surprisingly quiet operation for these types of products, so you won’t notice a lot of noise in the process.




Some comments indicate that the connectivity of the device is somewhat complex, so it is advisable to follow the instructions precisely.


The pedalboard area has a certain weakness, so you must mount it carefully and avoid premature deterioration.


Rank #4: FITNESS REALITY 1000 PLUS Bluetooth Magnetic Rower

If you prefer a product within the new trend of water rowing machines, then the CapitalSports Flow M1 model is what you need. This product has a visible 13-liter capacity tank and an 8-step effort adjustment system, with which it is easier to enjoy realistic sensations when rowing. 

This system makes exercise more pleasant, while reducing the noise generated during it. On its informative side, the product offers you a large LCD screen, in which it is easy to see every parameter of your activity. 

In this area, a support for your tablet or mobile is also included, so that you can watch your favorite programs while you train. And when you’re done, all you have to do is fold the product to store it conveniently anywhere.

Give a new meaning to rowing out of the water thanks to everything that this interesting model puts at your fingertips.



Water system:

The water system generates more pleasant sensations than those of conventional models. 


The screen has a good size and an interface with which it is easier to control all the parameters of your training.


Once you finish training, all you have to do is fold the machine to store it almost anywhere.




The product instructions are not in Spanish, but only presented in English or German, which can make it difficult to use.


Although the product is foldable, it has a weight of about 32.4 kilos without water, so moving it can be difficult.


Rank #5: MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine

Faced with the latest advances in the best rated rowing machine market, Vida XL offers us a traditional cut product with which it is easy to row both conventionally and openly. 

This model changes the flywheels and water for the traditional hydraulic system, with four different levels of resistance when training. It also incorporates a mobile seat and adjustable pedalboards, with which it is easier to position yourself when doing your workouts. 

Regarding the information of this training, the product includes an LCD screen, in which you can see basic parameters, such as the training time or the distance traveled. All this in a product made of high quality steel and that will not take up too much space when storing it in your home.

Let’s discover some more information about this traditional design product, ideal for those who do not want to overcomplicate their workouts.




This traditional design model allows you to row in a conventional way or to do it by opening the arms.


It has adjustment options both for the hydraulic power of the product and to adapt the position to what suits you at all times.


The product is made of high-strength steel, so it will be with you for a long time.




This program has an exclusively informative screen, without the training and additional data of other products.


The instruction manual is very deficient in its content, although the assembly process is fortunately simple.


Rank #6: NordicTrack RW Rower

This traditional cut and best rated rowing machine has an 8 kg flywheel and 6 pre-installed training programs, with which it is easy to perform all kinds of progressive workouts and continue to improve your physical form.

The noise level generated by the product is somewhat higher than would be expected, and it is advisable to maintain a good lubrication of the machine to reduce it.

A very complete product and with which to enjoy a complete offer of training programs and forces.

Rank #7: Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

This machine has everything you need to train comfortably, also including a system that automatically configures it with different levels and training routines.

It is essential to respect the maintenance and lubrication intervals established by the machine so that it maintains its properties and its proper functioning for a longer time.

An advanced equipment and with everything you need to improve your physical form through a complete training.

Rank #8: SereneLife Rowing Machine

This set offers you an efficient design in slides and a high comfort when moving, being able to comfortably adjust the precision and specific training parameters.

This machine adds to the products raised with a central draw line, so if you prefer an open rowing model, it may not be the most convenient.

A device of current format and ready for you to give your body the training you need.

How to use a rowing machine -Best Rated Rowing Machine

Exercising several parts of the body at the same time has never been so easy with a rated rowing machine. 

To get the most out of this exercise machine, you need to know how to use it correctly and not cause unwanted injury.

 The purpose of this article is to teach you how to use your rowing machine, so that you get a good workout if you are a beginner.

Proceed to sit down and hold your feet evenly

Sit on the seat of your machine, place your feet on the foot pads that are below the strap, check that they are securely attached for safety and prevent your feet from slipping.  

Perform the paddle capture move

Place your legs straight and hold the paddle with your arms pulling towards your chest. Keep your back straight and your knees bent.

 Then push back using your legs and the momentum of your weight, until your legs are completely flat. Keep your arms and legs extended.

Perform isolated arm movement

In addition to performing the capture movement using your legs and part of your body, you can also perform another type of movement using the isolated arms.

 Proceed to sit on the seat, place your feet on the pad under the straps and make sure your feet are securely attached.

 With your legs extended, hold the paddle with your arms pulling toward your chest, bend your elbows to the sides, and touch the paddle low on your chest.

Perform the reverse movement

Keep your back straight and pull the paddle with your arms extended, placing your feet under the straps and firmly. 

With your legs push back, then pull the paddle to your chest with your arms, using your upper back. 

Then extend your arms again, releasing yourself forward and bend your knees, sliding back to the starting position.

Do not start the exercise with a bent back

If you start by doing the exercise with your back bent, you may only be working your shoulders and therefore the exercise is not performed properly. 

To do this, you must make sure to start the exercise with your back totally straight, giving strength to your legs.

Don’t raise your arms too high

It is not necessary to lift your arms and shoulders as high as you can. 

What is needed is to bend the elbows a little to the side and not up, to have a better grip on the paddle. 

It is recommended to bend your elbows at an angle of no less than 90 degrees.

Don’t open your knees too wide when they are bending

Every time you bend your knees, for both the catching movement and the reverse movement, be sure not to open your knees too far. 

To do this, close your feet correctly and tie your knees a little to avoid opening them too much and hindering movement.


The most popular brands -Best Rated Rowing Machine

When it comes to wanting to exercise in a comfortable way with rowing machines to help us in the health field.

We look for articles of excellent quality and that provide us with the desired effect, so to help you choose correctly, we show you.

 The brands that customers say are the best: V-Fit, Skandika, BH Fitness.

It is a company that was created to help people to have a better state of health, which also implies acquiring a good physical condition and improving their appearance. 

For this, it offers a varied number of products to exercise, including one of the highlights in this publication as the rowing machine, despite the fact that some people do not know what it is for.

Exercising on this machine will not only help you with your good health and your training, .

It is also one of the most complete and complicated aerobic activities that exist, because we know that it involves several parts of your body.

However, the brand also offers various accessories, you will also find the trampoline, stationary bikes and for spinning hydraulic rowing machines, Kelkoo among others, that is why this brand is located in one of the favorite positions when choosing to buy.

V-fit has a web page that helps the user to be able to more easily locate the products they need, providing them with quick advice. 

Hence, customers recommend reviewing the proposal of this brand, for its high-efficiency equipment and manufacturing, which offer a significant range of durability and performance.

This brand was created exclusively thinking of all those who love exercises whether at home or outdoors, whether on their exercise bike at home or with the whole family in a large tent on vacation.

 Skandika will provide you with all the necessary equipment for satisfy the quality and excellence you seek. 

With the training equipment it offers you will be able to satisfy the needs required in your basic training.

It is one of the brands with which you can find affordable prices and it is recommended by search engines as one of the favorite options for users.

Skandika presents you with a wide variety of items, not only the rowing machine (in whose activity many muscles are involved), but vibrating plates, Cross trainer, exercise bike.

You can develop your personal training program, it is only necessary to indicate the requirements depending on the size, power level and level indicator you need, whether you are starting beginner or advanced.

Therefore, evaluate the proposal of this brand if you are thinking of purchasing a rowing machine to stop going to the gym, because as we said, users have it among one of their preferred options in that category.

In 1909 the BH fitness company was founded, which progressed over the years, becoming known worldwide and this under the name of the Beistegui brothers. 

Like other companies of the time, in principle this is linked to the metal industry. 

In 1919 the machinery was adapted and the knowledge that up to now had regarding the treatment of steel was disseminated.

They also help to make the two-wheeled bicycle and most of its structure. In 1969 they created the stationary bicycle and so on they were advancing and progressing.

Until in 1968 they created the rowing machine which has been innovating and adapting to the preferences of today’s users.

This rowing machine has a state-of-the-art hydraulic system and presents a variety of rowing machine models.

You will find, for example, the semi-professional that has a reinforced structure and high performance components, the styling that mixes style and efficiency. 

The dual aquo that provides a very fluid paddling generating maximum resistance and safety, as if you were in an environment with water.

You will also find the aquo program, ideal for those who are new to the world of rowing as well as the aquo.


Frequently asked questions -Best Rated Rowing Machine

Q1: What muscles does a rowing machine work?

By including the best rated rowing machine in our routine we will be strengthening several muscles, but with different intensities. 

For example, we will work the back and arms, through the movement exerted by the biceps to flex the elbows. 

Simultaneously, the triceps are activated with the projected movement when pulling the row. 

In the same way, said flexion of the arms generates the activity of the muscles of the pectoral area.

 In addition, during this process, both the shoulders and the back are stressed, to give the necessary stability to the entire upper body.

 Throughout this process we are using our hands, so the wrists are also strengthened with this exercise.

On the other hand, there is the work done by the lower body, in which the legs are positioned to help in the upper push. 

Thus, the quadriceps are toned. Likewise, the buttocks contract with each repetition as does the abdominal region, whose purpose is to tension to keep the back stable.    

Q2: Where can I buy a rowing machine?

If you want to have your own rowing machine, you will like to know that it is an easily acquired exercise equipment.

 You can go to any department store and, in the sports section, you will find this type of machine.

 Of course, you will have to be careful in the selection because the models usually have distinctive features with respect to their manufacture that you will have to corroborate.

But if your time is limited, you should make the purchase online. 

It is a fairly simple and intuitive system, for which you only need your Smartphone, Tablet or laptop with an internet connection.

 Thus, you will be able to access the different existing specialized purchase portals, verify models, quality indicators, user experiences of other users and the cost of the purchaser.

A highly recommended purchase portal is that of Amazon, present since 1994 and with an average of subscribers worldwide that reaches 100 million in its Prime mode. 

You just have to access the address and click on the sports and physical activities section.

 Thus, you will find endless models of rowing machines for your physical conditioning.

Q3: How to program a rowing machine?

If the equipment you selected is of the programmable type, you should know that starting it up is a fairly simple procedure. 

To start, you will need to identify the control monitor, which is generally arranged in the upper front part of the structure. 

It is a small screen with its respective operating menu, which you must activate by pressing the power button. 

Remember that this type of programmable paddles incorporate magnetic resistance technology, which is controlled by a modifiable electrical flow.

This intensity will depend on the number of levels with which the equipment has been provided.

 In this way, you will get a highly effective practice for strengthening your muscles. 

Likewise, you can find rowing machines whose resistance is given by a water reservoir, which works by means of the movement of blades or air equipment, which incorporate an inertia mechanism similar to that of a fan.


Shopping guide -Best Rated Rowing Machine



In the best rated rowing machine, the basic operation is based on a resistance that is overcome by using the paddles included in the machine. This resistance is essential for a proper exercise, so it is the first element that you should consider when making your rowing machine comparison. This resistance can be of the magnetic or air type, which is sometimes recommended to users due to its operation.

It can also be of the electromagnetic type, ideal for frequent users, which guarantees a fluid and much more realistic movement, or even the most realistic option of all, which is water resistance, although it is not the most available due to its complexity.

In any case, the resistance marks both the type of use that we are going to give the machine and its price, since a magnetic or air-type rowing machine is usually cheaper than an electromagnetic one, for example.

Rowing type

Compared to what it may seem, rowing machines offer different formats or styles of rowing, so that, depending on them, we can perform different types of training. Thus, for example, we find central rowing machines where the effort is made by pulling on some handles located in the central part of the machine, very suitable for basic cardio training.

Other machines include the paddles themselves, with variable dimensions, and not only help cardiovascular training, but also help to work the upper groups of muscles. Therefore, you must consider what type of training you want to do to find a machine that is adapted to that use.

As a bonus, some machines, the most advanced generally, include training programs that you can customize according to your needs and in which the machine is configured appropriately to allow you to achieve progressive effort and continuous improvement of your physical abilities.

Construction and materials

This aspect is always key when talking about exercise machines in general. We must check that the rowing machine we have chosen has sufficient capacity to support our weight and to allow us a calm and relaxed training, for which it is necessary that its construction be of quality, both in its materials and in its finishes.

In this section, the best rowing machines are those built in aluminum with high quality welds, since they guarantee a fluid movement and a smooth glide within a resistant and solid structure. As for the seat, it must have a generous padding, with material resistant to use and be of a size appropriate to our characteristics to guarantee maximum comfort during use. We must look the same in fasteners or handles.

Final Thoughts - Best Rated Rowing Machine

When the “What is the best home rowing machine?” question is answered, there is only one true winner. This is Model D of Concept2.

The Concept2 Model D is the most expensive model in practically any selection criteria. No wonder since it was created it was the #1 home riveting machine!

There are just two reasons why a person should not purchase Concept2 Rower.

First, you have no funds or are new to rowing and don’t want to spend any money on something you can’t utilize.

Second, for their conditions it’s excessively loud.

The runner-up section should allow you to identify the appropriate choice when you fall into any of those categories.

You can also visit my Start Guide here to assist you select the ideal home rudder.

If after conducting this research, you’re exhausted and lazy, let me do it! Visit my Rowing Service Personal Concierge, complete in the short form and choose the finest model according to your interests.

Please leave your remark below if you have any queries regarding my choices or how to pick the greatest home ruder!

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