Rowing Machine For Home Use

10 Best Rowing Machine For Home Use-Reviews In 2020

The rowing machines’ resistance is what makes you advance in each of your workouts, and you can readjust the weight you take on each throw, depending on the muscle you are working. Therefore, you have to bear in mind that those devices that offer you more resistance levels will help you improve in a better way and personalize your exercise to the maximum.

This is not something that will only affect those who seek to tone up or gain muscle mass and the rest, since once you have reached a level. It has become very easy to do. It is possible to lose fewer calories, since the body has become accustomed to this effort, giving it another to get to improve and lose weight.

As you may have seen in this catalog of the best rowing machines, we have selected some products that have heart rate measurement. Despite being optional, this point is essential if you want to know if you are training properly.

When our heart pumps more blood, and the heart rate jumps, our body will burn more calories, so it is very useful to control these parameters. Some will do so without the need to wear any chest band, but others will require it, having the option of buying them together with the same product, or, on the contrary, purchasing one in another way.

Finally, we want to talk about rowing machines with applications in which you can see from the exercise you are doing to the history of each day that you have trained, something that a priori may seem to you that it is useless, but that, without, however, it will help you advance and achieve many more goals than if, for example, you did not write down your achievements.

10 Best Rowing Machine For Home Use-Reviews In 2020

Below, you will find the list of the best products of 2020 for the Rowing Machine category. This list includes the OCU test winners, determined through extensive research. We also present the seven best products on another table so that you can compare them more easily. If you want to see the test reports or the complete testimonials about Rowing Machine, we recommend you turn to specialized magazines.

On this page, you will find the best OCU products (not Consumer and User Organization!) For the Rowing Machine category in an easy to compare format. Results are based on extensive practical testing of the products under laboratory conditions (not always). In cases where the consumer organization has not conducted any tests for the Rowing Machine, we have used information from comparable sources, such as OCU. 

The best product (test winner) in the OCU rowing machine category was the product ” Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower – Rowing Machine for Home Gym “ Body Sculpture from the manufacturer. You can buy the model on Amazon at an affordable price. Our recommendation: make a quick price comparison before ordering something online. Also, it is essential that you carefully re-read the product reviews and evaluations.

Rank #1: 7 V-Fit Tornado

It is not easy to find an air resistance rowing machine that offers a good rowing experience at a low price. The V-Fit Tornado achieves this balance.

Being an air resistance ergometer, it adapts to people of any level, from beginner to advanced, and this is because the resistance depends on the force with which you row. If you row harder, your fan will offer more resistance.

The V-Fit Tornado has a stable and reliable construction and a very good HIIT (high-intensity interval) workouts. Still, its fan is noisy, so it is not the best machine to use in your living room while watching TV. Although it fits most users, its route will be somewhat short if you measure more than 1.90m.

Other features:

  • It is foldable, but it is not fast. You have to remove a thread.
  • Maximum weight supported: 115 Kg.
  • Measurements (open): 2.120x440x740 mm .


✔︎︎ A good option for high-intensity workouts (HIIT).

✔︎︎ The pedals are not fixed. They rotate to adjust to the user’s position.


✖︎︎ Your fan is making noise.

✖︎︎ Difficult folding, having to remove a thread.

Rank #2 Jk Fitness JK5070

The Jk Fitness JK5070 is a hydraulic resistance rowing machine representing a good alternative to the more traditional magnetic and air rowing machines.

The hydraulic mechanism of the Jk Fitness JK5070 makes it more durable than those that work by belts, and its folded size is reduced. The machine is robust and well built, and once the arms are folded, it takes up very little space and can even be stored vertically.

The Jk Fitness JK5070 works with two independent hydraulic cylinders that offer resistance when pulling the handlebars. The resistance of these cylinders can be adjusted using a regulator (up to 12 levels). However, the maximum resistance is not very high, so have that. Consider.

It is possible that it is a bit short for tall users due to its compact nature, so if this is your case, keep this in mind. The  Jk Fitness JK5070  is a good option for occasional users who want to do medium intensity cardio sessions at home, and thanks to its small footprint, it is one of the best options for those who do not have much space at home.

Other features:

  • LCD screen showing time, strokes and calories burned.
  • Measurements (open):  1,080 x 1,480 x 480 mm .
  • Measurements (folded): 510 x 1,480 x 480mm.


✖︎︎ Somewhat short route for tall people.

✖︎︎ The LCD screen is very basic.


✖︎︎ Somewhat short route for tall people.

✖︎︎ The LCD screen is very basic.

Rank #3: Sportstech RSX400

For the average user who wants a quality product at the lowest possible price, Sportstech offers us the RSX400.

This ergometer has magnetic resistance, which provides a smooth and quiet movement. It also has eight resistance levels that make this machine a great option for beginner to intermediate users.

The Sportstech RSX400 has a good detail at the ergonomic level because the seat is inclined 15 degrees forward, imitating the natural rowing position. However, its travel is somewhat limited and makes it not the best option for tall users.

Keep in mind that, although it is a fairly stable rowing machine, at very high speeds, it can lose some stability, so if you are going to train at high intensity, it will be useful to put a mat underneath to prevent it from moving.

Other features:

  • It is foldable, so you can store it without disturbing it when you are not using it.
  • It has support for tablets and Bluetooth to connect it to training apps like Kinomap.
  • Maximum user weight: 100 Kg.
  • Measurements (open): 1,600x450x895 mm .



✔︎︎ Very quiet.

✔︎︎ It can be connected to training apps.


✖︎︎ Loses stability at high speeds.

✖︎︎ The included chest heart rate monitor is not very accurate.

Rank #4: SportPlus SP-MR008

This machine stands out among the best sellers for its excellent value for money.

The SportPlus SP-MR008 is a magnetic resistance rowing machine with an 8 Kg flywheelwhich translates into adequate resistance for beginner to medium-level users. For advanced, it may fall a little short.

Being magnetic, it is very silent, so it is perfect to use at home without disturbing anyone. Its eight resistance levels, which are adjusted by hand, make it possible to exercise the exercise progressively.

It is not the best option if you are looking to do HIIT sessions, but for a medium intensity cardio workout, the SportPlus SP-MR-008 is a very good quality choice for its price. It is also a good option for tall users since the seat has a very long travel.

Other features:

  • It can be folded, folding it in half.
  • It can be connected to external heart rate monitors.
  • Maximum user weight: 150 Kg.
  • Measurements (open): 1,900x510x770 mm .


✔︎︎ Very good price.

✔︎︎ A good option for tall people.

✔︎︎ Silent.


✖︎︎ Little resistance for more advanced users.

✖︎︎ The calorie counter is inaccurate.

Rank #5: Sportstech RSX500

It is a magnetic resistance rowing machine designed for users of a beginner to medium-advanced level.

The Sportstech RS500 is a very robust and long machine, which makes it very stable and gives it an exercise range that makes it very comfortable for users of any height, so it is a very good option if you are tall.

With its 7 kg flywheel, this machine achieves a very fluid rowing experience, although not at a professional level, but more than enough for the average user.

The RS500 can be folded up, so you can easily put it away when you need it. It also includes a chest heart rate monitor and has 16 resistance levels. The high levels are quite hard, so you can increase your workouts’ difficulty as you improve.

Other features:

  • Support for tablet, USB charger, and Bluetooth so you can connect it to training apps like Kinomap or e-Health.
  • Twelve pre-installed programs that vary the resistance automatically.
  • Maximum user weight: 120 Kg.
  • Measurements (open): 2,015x570x830 mm .


✔︎︎ A good option for tall people.

✔︎︎ It can be connected to training apps.

✔︎︎ Very quiet.


✖︎︎ The included chest heart rate monitor is not very accurate.

✖︎︎ The flywheel is not very heavy, so it will fall short for advanced users.

Rank #6: WaterRower

No list of rowing machines is complete without this classic. The WaterRower is perhaps the most elegant rowing machine you can buy, but elegance is not the only thing it offers.

It is a machine that looks like a strange piece of furniture, with its entire structure made of very resistant wood that supports a weight of more than 300Kg. The type of wood (and therefore the color) will depend on the model you choose. The one in the illustration is the «Natural» model in solid ash wood.

WaterRower S4 Monitor

As you may have already guessed, it is a water resistance rowing machine, with a flywheel that is a circular tank filled with water ( Water Flywheel ) that the fuller it is, the more resistance it will offer.

The advantages of this type of resistance are several: it is very quiet compared to air, and the sound of water, together with the resistance, makes the feeling of rowing especially realistic.

It has a dual-rail design and a very low profile, so you will be paddling very close to the ground, which gives even more realism to the activity. It can also be stored very easily by placing it vertically and moving it from one side to the other thanks to the rubber wheels that it has incorporated.

The WaterRower is not cheap, but its quality justifies its price, and you will not regret having it in your living room.

Other features:

  • Complete monitor: intensity, calories, paddling ratio, pre-installed programs …
  • Measurements:  2,110 x 610 x 530 mm .
  • Weight: 31Kg + 17l of water (with a full tank).


✔︎︎ Very elegant design.

✔︎︎ Very realistic rowing feel.

✔︎︎ Complete monitor.


✖︎︎ Posture may be somewhat low for some people.

✖︎︎ The monitor is not very intuitive to use.

Rank #7: Concept2 – Model D

Although it may seem expensive, the Concept2 – Model D has an unmatched value for money.

The Concept2 – Model D is a pro-quality air resistance rowing machine, literally. It is an ergometer that you could easily find in any gym. With other types of machines, such as spinning bikes or treadmills, you have to spend thousands of euros to have something worthy of a gym at home, and that is why I love the Concept2 – Model D, whose price is usually around 900 -1000 €.

It has a robust construction that resists any training and is one of the most effective machines for HIIT (high-intensity interval) type workouts. Its flywheel is a kind of fan that will generate more resistance the harder we pull, although we can also adjust it by turning a valve to reduce or increase the amount of air that enters.

When using a fan to create resistance, the Concept2 – Model D makes noise, although it is designed to keep that noise minimum.

This is a machine that I recommend for advanced users, but it is suitable for any level since the Concept2 adapts to each person’s strength.

Other features:

  • Bluetooth and ANT + connectivity. You can connect it to fitness apps on your mobile or tablet.
  • Your monitor uses batteries, but it also uses the energy you make when using the machine so that the batteries last longer.
  • Maximum user weight: 227 Kg.
  • Measurements (open): 2.440x610x360 mm.


✔︎︎ Professional quality.

✔︎︎ Bluetooth and ANT + connectivity.

✔︎︎ A machine for life. Easy to find spare parts.


✖︎︎ It takes up a lot of space.

✖︎︎ It is expensive, although its value for money is very good.

Rank #8: BR 3140 programmable magnetic rowing machine

The BR 3140 programmable magnetic rowing machine is a new Body Sculpture product. Exercises on the rowing machine simulate the rowing movement, which shapes the muscles of the legs, back, abdomen, and arms. Rowing training allows you to shape muscle mass, burn fat, and improve physical fitness, circulation, and breathing.

Product description:

  • made of high-quality materials that guarantee durability
  • profiled, comfortable PU seat
  • main rail made of aluminum, which ensures quiet and smooth movement
  • rod covered with soft foam
  • 12 training programs “7 permanent, four users, one manual
  • legible display with functions such as time, distance, calories, number of moves made
  • Easy rowing
  • foot platform adjustment
  • transport rollers in the front base
  • water bottle or bottle pocket
  • The device complies with the EN 957 safety standard
  • dimensions: 158.5 x 77 x 54.7 cm
  • folded dimensions: 54.7 x 68.5 x 158 cm
  • weight: 19 kg
  • packaging weight: 23 kg
  • Permissible user weight: 110 kg


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 158.5 x 77 x 54.7 cm
  • Weight : 19 kg
  • Max load : 110 kg
  • Resistance system: magnetic
  • Folding option: Yes
  • Transport wheels: Yes

Rank #9: inSPORTline Amazonian rowing machine

The inSPORTline Amazonian rowing machine is a modern, foldable trainer with a unique Hi-tech magnetic braking system that ensures maximum quiet and stable operation of the device. The large, readable LCD allows you to track the parameters of the workout during exercise. The model is also equipped with heart rate sensors and a control display, integrated with the rowing handle. The inSPORTline Amazonian magnetic rowing machine is a great device for exercising at home.

Technical description:

  • massive steel construction with a durable, sanded finish
  • magnetic braking system
  • 5 kg flywheel provides smooth resistance during exercise
  • manual load adjustment
  • Five load levels
  • technologically advanced magnetic brake system (Hi-tech)
  • comfortable seat
  • heart rate sensor in handles
  • pedals with adjustable safety straps
  • readable LCD
  • computer displays: total number of repetitions, amount of calories burned, time and others
  • maximum user’s height: 185 cm
  • load capacity: 120 kg
  • dimensions: L198 x W52 x H45 cm
  • dimensions folded to a vertical position: L88 x W52 x H110 cm
  • weight: 22 kg


Dimensions (length, width, height) : 198 x 52 x 45 cm

Weight : 22 kg

Max load : 120 kg

Drive transmission system: rope cable

Resistance system: magnetic

Folding option: Yes

Transport wheels: Yes

Flywheel: 5 kg

Rank 10: ZP6591 HMS air rowing machine

ZP6591 HMS is a training rowing machine with a modern air resistance system. It is a combination of high quality, functionality, and simplicity of use. The rowing machine is a trainer, used for training the whole body.

The ZP6591 rowing machine, instead of a classic flywheel, has an air resistance system. Its operation is very similar to that of an air bike. The faster and stronger the movements we make, the stronger the resistance will feel. This is a great solution because, in this way, we naturally adopt the load to our capabilities and needs. It is also a very safe solution because we do not strain joints with air resistance. Thanks to this, we can use our rowing machine for a safe, non-invasive warm-up.

The product has a computer with a clear LCD. On display, you’ll find all the information you need during training. Distance, time, or several repetitions are just some of the many information displayed on the monitor.

The operation of ZP6591 is very quiet and smooth, and the possibility of folding and transport wheels make it easier to move and store.

The HMS product allows you to conduct comprehensive endurance exercises. Training using it improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, supports fat burning, and increases the body’s ability to absorb oxygen.

Technical data ZP6591 HMS air rowing machine:

  • dimensions:

o Folded: 106 x 51 x 142cm

o Unfolded: 209 x 51 x 91 cm

  • The maximum distance of the seat from the foot stands: 92 cm
  • Resistance: air
  • LCD
  • Comfortable foot support with the possibility of fastening with straps
  • Comfortable seat that moves smoothly on the skid
  • Folding option
  • Transport rollers
  • Product weight: 28.4 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg

Computer Features:

  • Number of strokes
  • RPM
  • Scan
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Pulse
  • Calories


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 238 x 63 x 108 cm
  • Max load : 150 kg
  • Resistance system: air
  • Folding option: Yes
  • Transport wheels: Yes

Rank #11: Power Pro Hammer magnetic rowing machine

A compact, very effective rowing machine with rich equipment, impressive technology, stable construction, modern design, and an innovative folding mechanism. Hammer Power Pro rowing machine can convince in every respect. It is ideal for training in your own four walls. The ergometer can be easily moved from room to room, thanks to the integrated transport rollers—ideal design for dynamic and comfortable training. Wheels with ball bearings in a comfortable car seat provide impressive lightness, and in combination with a premium, aluminum rail ensure quiet operation.

The main advantages of the Power pro-Hammer magnetic rowing machine:

  • Aluminum slide rail with ergonomic seat with ball bearing
  • The innovative, innovative folding mechanism
  • Footrests with foot straps
  • Integrated transport wheels and lightweight for convenient transport

Computer Features:

  • Displayed parameters: Distance, Time, Calories burned, Pulse
  • Pulse measurement: telemetry belt (option)

Technical data:

  • Braking system: magnetic
  • 8-step resistance adjustment
  • Transport rollers
  • Possibility of submission
  • Seat distance from the floor: 35 cm
  • Max user weight: 110 kg
  • Drive system: V-belt
  • Dimensions when unfolded: 152 x 55 x 69 cm
  • Folded dimensions: 69 x 55 x 152 cm
  • Bar length: 118 cm
  • Weight of machine: 19 kg
  • Color: silver / black


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 152 x 55 x 69 cm
  • Weight : 19 kg
  • Max load : 110 kg
  • Resistance system: magnetic
  • Folding option: Yes
  • Transport wheels: Yes

Rank #12: HS-070R Rush Hop-Sport rowing machine

The HS-070R Rush rowing machine is a fantastic proposition for a multifunctional device for endurance training. Training on a rowing machine strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, back, and legs, and, what is important, increases the overall fitness of the body.

The device has been designed very thoroughly and solidly. It has a reinforced structure, which guarantees functionality as well as durability and stability. Resistance during training is generated by the rotor blades, i.e., the higher the exercise pace, the greater the resistance. Thanks to this application, the device does not require frequent maintenance, while its operation is very quiet. The training intensity is adjusted with a locking screw. The rowing machine has eight load levels, thanks to which both beginners and advanced people can train. The large screen displays training parameters, thanks to which the user has everything under control. The monitor displays time, calories burned, all parameters scanned, and workout summary.

The rowing machine is equipped with wide bases for feet, which have adjustable safety straps. Thanks to this solution, the training is very comfortable, tailored to each user individually. Training on the rowing machine is safe thanks to the handles covered with a special, non-slip coating.

The HS-070R model’s other advantages are transport rollers and a folding mechanism, thanks to which storing the equipment will not be a problem.

Technical data:

  • weight of the device: 31 kg
  • Permissible user weight: 130 kg
  • device dimensions: 198 x 64 x 77.5 cm
  • bar length: 95 cm
  • seat dimensions: 25 x 36 cm
  • pedal dimensions: 29.5 x 13.5 cm
  • wheel diameter: about 40 cm
  • dimensions of the folded device: 91 x 64 x 131.5 cm
  • control panel: Time, Cal, SCAN, Total
  • braking system: magnetic-air, adjustable, eight stages
  • belt transmission system
  • adjustable, non-slip foot supports
  • the profiled seat on guides
  • very durable string
  • handles covered with neoprene sponge
  • reinforced construction
  • transport wheels
  • the possibility of submission
  • by European safety standard EN 957-1 / 7 class HC
  • the computer is CE certified
  • computer compliant with the EU ROHS directive


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 198 x 64 x 77.5 cm
  • Weight : 28 kg
  • Max load : 130 kg
  • Drive transmission system: belt
  • Resistance system: Magnetic air
  • Folding option: Yes
  • Transport wheels: Yes

Rank #13: BR 3175 rowing machine

The BR 3175 rowing machine is the latest model of the Body Sculpture rowing machine available in our offer. The natural rowing movement harmoniously shapes, among other muscles of the legs, back, arms, and stomach. Rowing training allows you to quickly shape muscle mass, burn calories, and improve physical fitness, along with improved cardiovascular and respiratory function.

Product description

  • The BR 3175 BODY SCULPTURE rowing machine is characterized by high quality and durability, enabling continuous training at home.
  • The muted work of the rowing machine is ensured by the reinforced and modern design of the magnetic resistance mechanism.
  • The resistance regulator is placed within the user’s reach.
  • The rowing machine is equipped with a comfortable and solid seat ensuring smooth movements.
  • The rowing machine is made of solid steel profiles.
  • Maintaining an effective exercise program is the ability to monitor the effects of your work regularly. The electronic monitor shows:

o time, number of oar movements, the total number of repetitions, number of calories burned

o SCAN – the function cyclically displays the above values

  • Very easy to assemble, the rowing machine can be stored in a convenient place.
  • Adjustable footrests allow adaptation to any foot and provide additional support for the ankles.
  • Six wheels are ensuring smooth and stable seat movement.
  • Two housing colors: black and gray.

Technical data

  • dimensions

o Width: 55 cm,

o Height: 47.5 cm,

o Length: 158 cm

  • Folded dimensions

o Width: 60 cm,

o Height: 111 cm,

o Length: 66 cm

  • Weight

o Product: 19.5 kg;

o In the pack: 22.5 kg

  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg

Dimensions (length, width, height) : 158 x 55 x 47

Usage: Homemade

Condition: New original product

Weight : 19.5 kg

Max load : 110 kg

Drive transmission system: rope cable

Resistance system: magnetic

Folding option: Yes

Transport wheels: Yes

Rank #14: FINNLO Maximum Cross Rower CR2

FINNLO Maximum CR2 is the first rowing machine that offers resistance in both directions of movement. It has all the advantages of classic roving combined with optimal elements of strength devices. Finally, you can train endurance and strength at the same time during the same workout and all in one rowing move. The muscles are consistently and intensively used when pulling and pushing, which is why they develop much more efficiently.

The dynamics of FINNLO Maximum CR2 is unique and ensures intensive training of the whole body. All muscles work simultaneously. The faster the movement, the more intensely the muscles are stimulated. It is the most effective method of rapid muscle growth while bringing cardiovascular effects.

Individually adjustable seats, fully adjustable arms, as well as multifunctional handles ensure professional ergonomics. These amenities allow you to focus on the upper, middle, and lower torso. It provides targeted training for a specific area of the body, or rebuild the strength of individual muscle groups. It is an innovation and evolution of classic rowing.

Training on FINNLO Maximum CR2 is both ergonomic and safe training. A comfortable seat provides stability, but also lumbar support, which means optimal posture. During the whole full movement, the whole body remains stable and protected against unnecessary load on squares, spine, and joints. This allows even very intense training sequences in a sitting position.

Advantages of rowing training:

  • simultaneous work and stimulation of 90% of all muscles
  • muscle strengthening and building, especially back muscles
  • increasing the endurance and efficiency of the body
  • strengthened cardiovascular system
  • weight reduction

The fact that traditional rowing training strengthens and makes the squares muscles more elastic is well known to everyone. However, to maintain a correct and healthy vertical body posture, extensive back muscles and abdominal muscles are also needed. During training on FINNLO Maximum CR2, you can train your back and stomach at the same time. During all the movement on this machine, the abdominal muscles are constantly tense.

FINNLO Maximum CR2 has a clear LCD, which simultaneously shows parameters such as time, distance, calories, heart rate, number of rows, rowing/minute. Also, the “Quick-Set” buttons allow sprints of 2, 5, and 10 minutes. The computer has a heart rate data receiver from a wireless telemetry belt, which can be additionally purchased. This ensures professional control and training safety without the risk of uncontrolled overload.

Main advantages:

  • large, stable, solid frame
  • first oarsman with resistance in both directions
  • strong resistance during rowing
  • all the advantages of classic rowing combined with the elements of other training devices
  • large readable display
  • the very good price-quality ratio
  • aesthetically made

Computer Features:

  • simultaneously displayed parameters: time, distance, calories, heart rate, number of rows, row/minute
  • 3 quick-dial buttons for training: 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 min
  • pulse measurement: telemetry belt (option)
  • training programs: 6
  • programs targeted at training: arms, legs and the whole body
  • display: high-quality LCD
  • number of displayed functions simultaneously: 6
  • number of users: 1

Technical data:

  • resistance system: mechanical (like on spinning bikes)
  • adjustable resistance: on the shoulders (Shimano)
  • drive system: V-belt
  • flywheel weight: 14 kg
  • gear ratio: 1: 8
  • ball bearings
  • distance between feet: 10 cm
  • multi-position handles
  • shoulder height adjustment
  • stroke length adjustment
  • comfortable seat with lumbar support
  • stable footplate
  • adapted for people up to 2 meters tall
  • transport rollers
  • power supply: 230V, 50Hz
  • max. user weight: 140 kg
  • dimensions when unfolded: 170 x 103 x 102 cm
  • color: silver / black

Additional information:

  • 36 months home warranty
  • 24 months commercial warranty
  • Catalog number: 3959


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 170 x 103 x 102 cm
  • Weight : 95 kg
  • Flywheel: 14 kg
  • Max load : 140 kg
  • Drive transmission system: rowing arms
  • Resistance system: mechanical
  • Transport wheels: Yes

Rank #15: R520 paddles

R520 paddles are a fully professional training device. The aluminum guide ensures smooth and quiet operation of the saddle, and the movable pedals adapt to the movement of the feet during exercise. New and rare solutions are the resistance adjustment buttons, which are located on the handle, so you do not have to change the training position to adjust the intensity of the exercise properly.

Technical data:

display: 5.5 ”LCD: 12 Training Programs, HRC, User Program, Race Program, Recovery Test, HIIT Software, Time, Strokes per Minute, Total Strokes, Calories, Distance, Pulse

Resistance: air resistance with 16 levels of adjustment

Settings: saddle distance adjustment

Pulse: telemetric pulse measurement system (Band additionally)

Other: aluminum guide ensures smooth and quiet operation of the saddle / Movable pedals adapt to foot movement during exercise / Transport wheels

Drive: Poly V belt

dimensions: 272 x 54 x 116 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Max. user weight: 170 kg


  • FCU – the importance of Full Commercial Use indicates that the device has a commercial warranty.
  • PRG – and konka means that the device has predefined training programs of various levels
  • UPRG – User’s program: The device can create your training program and save it for subsequent training sessions
  • HRC – HRC (Heart Rate Control) program. Pulse controlled program. The device will automatically adjust the resistance so that the user’s heart rate is kept constant at a predetermined level
  • SWR – Steady Watts Rate is a Watt controlled program. The device will automatically adjust the resistance so that the user’s energy expenditure (Watt) remains constant at a predetermined level
  • telemetry system – telemetry pulse measurement system. The icon indicates that the device has the option of a telemetric pulse measurement system. Depending on the device model, a pulse band is included with the device or should be purchased.

LK Line

Technology and design created with passion.

LK Line is a series of cardio devices created especially for Users who are looking for a combination of strength, quality, advanced technology with an attractive appearance. This combination is intuitive software, refined motion ergonomics, functionality, and reliability of devices. The LK line has a balance between innovation and high performance. Also, for the sake of the natural environment, BH Fitness manufactures devices based on the ISO 14001 standard. It is a standard defining the methods of implementing effective environmental management systems, which was developed to define the rules of a delicate balance between maintaining profitability and minimizing the impact of activities on the natural environment. According to the “think green” idea, energy-saving motors and power generators were used in the devices.


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 272 x 54 x 116 cm
  • Weight : 52 kg
  • Max load : 170 kg
  • Resistance system: air
  • Transport wheels: Yes

Buying guide: Buying tips and recommendations for Rowing Machine

We have put together a shortlist of tips ( buying guide ) for anyone interested in buying a Rowing Machine. This list of tips contains the most important criteria in the form of a checklist worth considering when choosing and purchasing a product. If you stick to this list made by our experts, we are sure that you will find the best product in the Rowing Machine category.

  • Manufacturer: Are there renowned manufacturers or well-known brands for Rowing Machine?
  • Test reports: Are there substantiated and informative test reports on the subject?
  • Customer Ratings and Reviews: Are reviews available from people who have bought and tried the product?
  • Product measurements: What measurements are necessary, and what sizes are there?
  • Consumer and User Organization: What current test results have the consumer organization published about the Rowing Machine?
  • Test results: Which models were the test winners of the Rowing Machine product group?
  • Price: What is your budget for the Rowing Machine?
  • Comparison: At this point, we recommend making an extensive price comparison to find the best one.

The most important item on the checklist above is the OCU test results. The rowing machine consumer organization test winners and reports can be very helpful in finding the best product. Our recommendation: to evaluate the products, it is useful to buy several products simultaneously so that you can compare them with each other. This way, you can run your comparison tests at home and determine your winners.

Additional sources and information (OCU etc.)

In addition to the information summarized on our page, we recommend that you directly consult the OCU website and look for the test reports for Rowing Machine. Here is a list of the web pages with the best information and articles on the subject and the products.

Why should you consult the sources mentioned on the topic of the Rowing Machine? There are several reasons: as an independent consumer organization, OCU evaluates a large number of products under laboratory conditions under objective testing criteria. As a result, the test results are pretty strong, so take a look at the winners and the best products.

On the other hand, you can also find useful information in the question and answer forums (e.g., Various customer reviews and recommendations are already available for the product group Rowing Machine. Since this is the opinion of real buyers with practical experience with the product, it is valuable information.

Here are other useful and relevant articles on the subject, written by our experts.

Useful YouTube Videos for Rowing Machine

Currently, OCU also publishes videos of product tests on YouTube regularly, that is, test reports for Rowing Machine in video format. Above, we present a video review according to the theme. Our recommendation is to find high-quality content about this product category and search for the “Rowing Machine Test” on YouTube.

Summary & conclusions

When looking for the best Rowing Machine, the Consumer and User Organization tests (see are a good recommendation worth considering during your product comparison. Due to the large number of products and manufacturers, we recommend that you read several testimonials before making your purchase. In addition to the OCU test reports, you can also find evaluations made by specialized magazines in most cases. If you find multiple test reports, it makes sense to compare the best rowing machine from the practice tests for each list.

Do not forget to check the date of the lists of the best products (they must be current). If you use outdated lists, outdated information may prevent you from finding the best product. Hence our last recommendation: always look for information about the winner of this year’s test and, if possible, with a detailed test report.

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