Rowing Machine For The Money

Top 20 Best Rowing Machine For The Money [Reviews 2020]

Choosing the best rowing machine can be quite a difficult task, especially if you do not know the different types of products that are available on the market. In fact, you can find many different rowing machines, depending on the type of resistance or the type of articulated arms. Each of the rowing machines is unique and characterized by their advantages and disadvantages. That is why we have created this comparison of the best value for money rowing machines.

To make a good decision, a few factors should be considered when buying a rowing machine. If you are looking for a fun and effective way to exercise while losing weight, then you will want to look for a model with a low price, for example, a hydraulic or magnetic rowing machine. However, if you are looking for an experience closer to rowing and practicing with more intensity, the best option is to resort to higher-end models, such as rowing machines with resistance to water or air.

Top 10 Best Rowing Machine For The Money [Reviews 2020]

I ranked among the entry-level rowers all devices under 400 euros. They are aimed at beginners, first of all, but also those who want to add a rower to their collection of fitness equipment.

Rank #1: SportPlus MR-008-B: the best cheap rower


At a very low price, the SportPlus MR-008-B is an apartment rower made for beginners who want to start at a lower cost.

From the beginning, keep in mind that its characteristics are not its strength. Here, there are no specific workout programs or button-filled control console. This model is primarily intended to be simple and effective.

Fortunately, when it comes to efficiency, it’s really good. Its magnetic resistance braking system is relatively smooth and quiet, offering a reasonable amount of 8 levels of resistance.

The display screen has the essentials too, but it does it well. Shows duration, frequency, distance, number of calories burned, and even heart rate if you connect a heart rate monitor.

The device supports a maximum user weight of 150 kg, which is not bad for this price range. It is 190 cm long and weighs 26.5 kg, and can be folded to save space.

Overall, this rowing machine is very suitable for beginners who want to learn without it being too costly. Simple and effective, it offers the essentials while maintaining a very good material quality, and its compact size makes it very easy to move and store.

  • The rowing machine features a silent magnetic brake system with cable and oscillating weight of approx. 8 kg.
  • Padded seat, made of polyurethane for your maximum comfort when rowing.
  • The folding rowing machine is made of high-quality aluminum, with pleats for easy storage.
  • 5 kHz receiver built into the chest strap to measure heart rate.
  • Maximum body weight up to 150kg – Safety certificate according to EN ISO 20957-1, EN 957-7


  • Simple and effective design.
  • silent
  • Space-saving format


  • Few features

Rank #2 The Sportstech RSX400 rowing machine

  • ✅ 𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗢𝗦 𝗘𝗡 𝗩𝗜𝗩𝗢, 𝗖𝗢𝗔𝗖𝗛𝗜𝗡𝗚 𝗬 𝗠𝗢𝗗𝗢 𝗠𝗨𝗟𝗧𝗜𝗝𝗨𝗚𝗔𝗗𝗢𝗥: With KINOMAP and Sportstech, start your next-generation training. Experience Home Fitness 2.0 with the app-compatible multimedia console and convenient tablet holder
  • ✅ 𝗣𝗔𝗡𝗧𝗔𝗟𝗟𝗔 𝗠𝗨𝗟𝗧𝗜𝗙𝗨𝗡𝗖𝗜𝗢𝗡𝗔𝗟 – The RSX400 rowing machine is compatible with the pulse belt (5.3 kHz). The modern multifunctional display is easy to use and shows all important sports information on the machine at a glance.
  • ✅ 𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗣𝗔𝗖𝗧𝗢 𝗬 𝗠𝗢́𝗩𝗜𝗟 – The rowing machine can be moved quickly and easily with the integrated transport wheels. It is space-saving and foldable in a few steps.
  • ✅ 𝗥𝗘𝗦𝗜𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗡𝗖𝗜𝗔 𝗜𝗡𝗗𝗜𝗩𝗜𝗗𝗨𝗔𝗟 – Depending on your personal physical condition, the magnetoresistance can be manually adjusted up to 8 folds on the sports device, making it ideal for beginners and professionals. A 15-degree incline ensures a natural rowing motion during full-body exercise, resistance, and cardio exercise does not affect the joints.
  • ✅ 𝗗𝗜𝗦𝗘𝗡̃𝗢 𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗕𝗟𝗘 𝗬 𝗦𝗘𝗚𝗨𝗥𝗢 – The high-quality aluminum profile and the seat with bearings – ATTENTION: The order will be delivered at street level. We are shipping only to the peninsula!

Functionality at the best price.

As usual, the German brand Sportstech offers a high-quality product, offering original features that distinguish it from its competitors. If you thought that a rowing machine was just a simple device to train your arms and abs, the Sportstech RSX 400 rowing machine turns your daily life into a real performance experience: with its compatibility with Kiomap and cardio belt, you can continue your session and learn the best lessons from it. Discover now all the advantages of our first choice of rowing machine.

What we think of the Sportstech RSX400

The rowing machine is an unusual device: not everyone is equipped with such a product at home. In fact, the selection criteria will have to be demanding: search for stability, support, performance, these are the main advantages of a rowing machine.

The Sportstech RSX400 has it all: easy to assemble thanks to its multilingual user manual (5 languages ​​available, including Spanish), it will easily find its place in your interior, whether in a bedroom or living room.

Let’s train!

Sportstech RSX400 Specification Summary

  • Indoor rowing machine
  • Multifunction display
  • Dimensions: 116 x 46 x 27 cm.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 kg.
  • Eight resistance levels
  • Kiomap compatibility (Smart TV required)
  • Ball-bearing seat
  • Multilingual user manual


  • More pleasant sitting comfort than average
  • Practical: height that allows you to store under other furniture to save space
  • Very interesting value for money for a device worthy of a gym
  • thumb down icon


  • Mounting difficulties according to some users, especially in terms of screen cables
  • Foot strap suitable for people at least 37 years old
  • Some consumers have noticed that the product wobbles due to use: it is recommended to carry out an assembly in the standards to avoid this inconvenience

Our verdict on the Sportstech RSX400


With its understated yet elegant design, its simple yet effective features, the Sportstech RSX400 is our first choice for our selection of rowing machines. It will be suitable for regular use, but not too frequent, because it is strong and durable, but not on a professional scale. 

Connect to your Sportstech rowing machine to see your results progress and track your progress – ideal for beginners or athletes looking to improve.

 Note: This rowing machine is suitable for unisex use, thanks to its adjustable resistance. A real bonus when you know that many rowing machines are just too heavy and unwieldy.

Rank #3: Kettler Favorit: The Most Compact Rowing Machine

The German brand Kettler has seven models of rowers on the market, including the Favorit, one of the cheapest and yet one of the most popular!

Kettler is a manufacturer known for the quality and reliability of its fitness equipment. And the Favorit is no exception to the rule!

They are starting with the structure of the Kettler Favorit, which is made of lacquered carbon steel, German-made according to the manufacturer. With such a material, the rower weighs only 20 kilos and is 1 m30 long, much lighter, and smaller than a standard hydraulic piston resistance rowing machine.

Comfortable, it incorporates a sliding seat with thick padding, a bit high, but it does not detract from the comfort of the structure. The same for shooters that are well padded. The seat glides naturally and the pedals are swivel, ergonomic with a non-slip base to support your feet when paddling.

In short, if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the Kettler Favorit is very tough and built to last. It will remain intact even if you use it and then store it several times a day.

In addition, the Kettler Favorit has a practical design detail: sealed ball bearings that pull the unit to move anywhere.

It incorporates a slightly more advanced digital display compared to other devices in the same price segment. Of course, it took me a while to understand everything that is displayed, but in general, it will allow you to track your data: distance, number of strokes, heart rate, speed, time, and heart rate.

You can even set exercise goals, a certain distance, or duration to achieve.

One of the things I enjoy the most about this domestic rower is that it takes up so little space. This is also the exercise equipment that I will recommend the most if you have a small apartment or if you want to make room for your other training devices.

This model comes with an infrared earpiece to measure your heart rate and a chest belt. This is a good cardio device with which you can increase or decrease the intensity of your exercises depending on the effort provided by your heart.

So I am aware that devices with heart rate monitors are not the easiest to operate. But in the user manual, don’t skip the step where you have to rub the earlobe beforehand to circulate the blood, which will help the heart rate sensors.

On the cons, the structure is not foldable (but it is already very compact, so not a big problem!) But for easy storage, you can always fold the handles and simply slide the machine into a corner. Good in your closet or under a bed!

Finally, the device is not noisy despite the resistance of hydraulic pistons. It’s a good small rower with a durable build that will appeal to beginners and even athletes who don’t have enough space or budget for a large, expensive rower.


  • Very compact structure
  • silent
  • High-performance console


  • Limited maximum user size

Rank #4: V-Fit Air Tornado. Best value for a money rowing machine

The V-fit Air Tornado rowing machine is one of the essentials that offers a very interesting value for money. We place it in the first position of our comparison thanks to its performance offered with air resistance for a low price.

It is the best rowing machine of its kind. This device belongs to the class of aerial rowers, which means that the resistance of the wheel will depend mainly on the force with which you shoot the handle. Therefore, you have in addition to the adjustable resistance level, you will automatically adjust the power of the device. This resistance to the air guarantees you a realistic and authentic experience, as if you were rowing in a real regatta.

For more comfort when training, you can adjust your feet and stay stable throughout the exercise.

This machine is durable and offers good performance, ranking it first as the best value for the money rowing machine. It is also foldable to be able to store it without problems when it is not being used, it is not necessary to use tools to perform this maneuver, earning points in comfort and ease.

Technical characteristics:

  • Air resistance
  • Weight: 19.5 kg.
  • Folding
  • Maximum user weight up to 115 kg;
  • Dimensions: 212 cm x 44 cm x 74 cm (length x width x height).
  • Dimensions (folded): 120 cm x 44 cm x 75 cm (length x width x height)
  • 12-month parts warranty


  • Best value for money
  • Arms with a maximum extension
  • Resistance according to the exerted force
  • One button for all 6 functions
  • Large, pivoting pedals


  • English instructions
  • A little noisy

Rank #5: V-Fit Tornado – Rowing Machine

  • Single Gym-Style Chain Action with Max-Extension Row Arm
  • 50cm Diameter Extruded PU Fan-Wheel
  • Accelerate proportional resistance
  • 6 functions single button computer displays: Calories, Scan, Stroke Counter, Racing, Total Strokes, Time
  • 80mm / 40mm and 50mm / 25mm Oblong Steel Tubular Main Frame

Tecnovita by BH EVO R4000 Rowing Machine, Unisex-Adult, Black, One Size

  • Magnetic brake system; Without maintenance; gentle and quiet exercise with different stresses
  • Electronic display: measures: time, strokes per minute, total strokes, calorie consumption
  • 8 precise points of load regulation (manual) to select the intensity of the exercise
  • Quick and easy folding
  • For workouts between 3 and 7 hours a week by users up to 110kg

Among the many rowing models on the market, the BH Fitness rower has some qualities that deserve attention.

Nothing really new, except that it is distinguished from other rowers by its silence. As a result, it has been adopted by many people for whom it was the main buying feature.

The amateur and intermediate athlete finds his account for a price of around 300-400 euros.

Characteristics of BH tecnovita

  • Velcro pedals.
  • Digital monitor with 2 AA batteries included
  • Steel and aluminum frame
  • Wheels to facilitate movement on the floor.
  • Use dimensions: 85 cm x 58 cm x 143 cm
  • Folded dimensions: 85 cm x 58 cm x 134 cm
  • Rower weight: 30 kg.
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • 6 kg inertia wheel

The assembly of BH tecnovita

The assembly of the BH tecnovita is quite simple: wait 30 minutes for DIY enthusiasts and between 45 minutes and an hour for those less used to it.

The plastic pieces may look a bit light, but it’s an apartment rower and there are no plans to go around with it.

The use of the BH tecnovita rower

The BH Tecnovita is reliable. By cons, it is not planned for Schwarzenegger, it is the rower of Mr. or Mrs. Everyone with a regular but not intensive physical activity.

It is provided by the manufacturer for use 3 to 7 hours per week and this appears to be confirmed.

On the other hand, it is between 30 and 60 minutes per day, which is ultimately more than enough.

The advantage of this rower is its second position (folded) that allows working the arms (biceps, triceps see forearm).

Few rower models offer it and it is really to consider when buying. Otherwise, the BH r307 rower is quite classic, it works 86% of the body.

I also appreciate your silence (in my apartment and on my type of flooring) that allows me to work while watching TV. It doesn’t seem like anything, but it really breaks the monotony and lets you forget we’re doing sports.

The resistance

The resistance of the BH Fitness rower is very correct for a normally built individual, the first three positions will probably not bring you much, they seem reserved for the less athletic, the next three will certainly give you satisfaction.

Ergonomics from BH tecnovita

The seat is a bit hard, but nothing unacceptable, you can expect a foam lining or a fleece cover but, frankly, it is not enough to influence the choice of the rower.

Classic velcro pedals for openwork, classic and effective feet.


It’s still very subjective, but the BH is relatively quiet, if mounted properly you can watch TV or listen to the radio while rowing.

In case of persistent noise, check that it is mounted correctly, see put a drop of oil on the rail, but most users are satisfied with its discreet use.

The screen of the rower BH tecnovita

The display is fairly basic with large numbers of liquid crystal, but without going back to the 80s, I would say it has the advantage of being readable.

This is an advantage because all those who focus on their effort know that there is nothing more unpleasant than having to focus on something else at the same time. Here, you can focus on the activity without looking at the screen.

The functions are the same as in almost all mid-range rowers, which is more than enough for everyday use.


  • Simple and readable LCD display
  • Good value for money
  • Foldable takes up little space
  • offers a second working position for torso and arms
  • No special maintenance.
  • Work the whole body
  • Good session


  • Simple and readable LCD display
  • Good value for money
  • Foldable takes up little space
  • offers a second working position for torso and arms
  • No special maintenance.
  • Work the whole body
  • Good session



If you are an annoying muscle man, forget about the BH Tecnovita rower, it is not for you, but if you are athletic or want to be, you can appreciate it. The plastic trim may be a bit light, but rest assured, you hadn’t planned on shooting.

What I really appreciate is its second position for working your arms (hipbelt is highly recommended, whether you buy the manufacturer’s or use theirs). The swivel wheels compensate for its weight, allowing it to be moved for storage without resorting to particular physical skills.

In short, it is a good rower for the whole family and for all squads. You can work with him to acquire muscles, as well as to develop the ones you already have or to maintain yourself physically.

The price is right for a mid-range rower when you take into account the many qualities of the BH tecnovita rower. We will choose mainly for its silence.

Rank #6: Skandika Regatta Oxford Pro rowing machine. Foldable with good design

This is a folding rowing machine with magnetic resistance. With a good design made by the Skandika brand it is quite attractive. For example, the screen is very well placed so you don’t lose sight of it during training. We can find an adjustment knob just below the screen to adjust the resistance. The footrests are very large to be able to put your feet comfortably.

The screen shows all the relevant information, number of rowing strokes, time, speed, and calories burned. The numbers are large enough to read without problems.

Once folded, you will have no problem with space to place the device.

We do not put it in the first position of our comparison due to its lack of solidity, something very important in a rowing machine. It can still be a good option for beginners who want to follow their training in comfort, given its wide footrests and data console.

Technical characteristics:

  • Magnetic resistance
  • Clear training computer.
  • Folding.
  • Maximum user weight up to 120 kg;
  • Huge footrest with straps.
  • Resistance: The 10 manually adjustable resistors are generated by a silent and maintenance-free magnetic braking system. The high flywheel mass of approx. 6kg produces smooth tiller pull and is suitable for everyone, for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Dimensions: The 110cm extra-long drawbar allows even tall athletes a comfortable workout. The 77 x 52.8 x 121 cm foldable size and integrated transport wheels ensure quick and space-saving pickup.
  • Training: The clear, adjustable, and tiltable LCD display supports the optimal achievement of all goals through precise training control. All relevant data such as distance, rowing strokes, calories burned and training time can be viewed at a glance.
  • Pulse Measurement: The integrated pulse receiver provides a constant pulse measurement with all non-coded chest straps. The pulse is transmitted wirelessly to the computer and thus provides additional training analysis information for effective training.
  • Details: Full bodywork is backed by high-quality workmanship and details such as aluminum roller rail, comfortable seat with 6cm padding, robust construction for a maximum user weight of 120kg


  • Data console
  • Nice design
  • folding
  • Large footrest
  • Folding


  • Instructions in German
  • Little robustness

Rank #7: Skankika Regatta Multi Gym Poseidon

The Skandika Poseidon rowing machine is a model especially suitable for fitness enthusiasts. Its biggest attraction is the sale price, which is particularly attractive compared to the prices of other items of the same type.

This device will allow you to develop and exercise up to 86% of your muscles, in that sense it becomes a very complete device. Thanks to its handles, it offers various exercise possibilities, making your workouts more motivating.

The Sdandika rowing machine is particularly durable, but its main flaw lies in establishing resistance when training. It is not a machine designed for athletes who want to develop their performance, where the greatest implication is to increase the intensity of training to evolve.

Therefore, the resistance adjustment levels cannot be varied. It is a device that is best suited to a beginner or intermediate users looking to maintain their shape and well-being.

Technical characteristics:

  • Poly fiber silencer system
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg
  • flexible
  • Dimensions: 190 x 45 x 65 cm




  • Full data screen
  • Good design
  • Good paddling feeling
  • Good value for money


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Rank #8: Bluefin fitness rowing machine. The cheapest

The best rowing machine for people who do regular or occasional workouts at home. It is a machine with a low price that meets what is expected of it. It is designed to train on time, its use is very easy and intuitive and it is intended for those who do not want to spend a lot of money and have a rowing machine at home.

Another reason the Bluefin fitness rowing machine is the best choice for beginners is its simple yet comprehensive informational display. It makes training much easier. It is easy to operate, even for people who are not used to high-tech devices. It includes all the basic options for customizing your sessions.

This rowing machine adapts to all spaces, it requires a space to train of 185x65x43.5 cm. The appliance can withstand a load of up to 110 kg. When not in use, you can fold it up and store it in a corner so that no one sees or knows it.

Technical characteristics:

  • Machine dimensions: H 65 * L 43.5 * L185 cm
  • Folded dimensions: H 128 * L 43.5 * W 94 cm
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg
  • Resistance: elastic
  • Chassis: robust steel tubular
  • Easy home assembly
  • Comes with an instructional DVD

Like rowing on a lake without leaving home. The foldable Bluefin Fitness Rowing Machine gives you 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, smooth transmission, LCD screen, Smartphone application.

  • KINOMAP APP FOR INTEGRATED SMARTPHONE: The rowing machine is compatible with the Kinomap Fitness App – contains thousands of training videos from around the world, coaching and training sessions, and structured exercises. Join the Kinomap community now!
  • SOFT DRIVE CHAIN: Mimics the natural motion of rowing. Feel the abdominal work and the health benefits of rowing in the water, without getting wet. The optimal 10º incline offers added resistance without affecting the recovery phase.
  • MAGNETIC RESISTANCE AND BRAKING SYSTEM: 8x levels of tension control for all degrees of personal exercise. Choose the level that suits you and increase the tension little by a little while improving your rowing strength.
  • LCD DISPLAY: Measure time, distance, calories burned, and strokes per minute on the multi-functional backlit LCD display. Push yourself more and work towards a goal to achieve your exercise goals.
  • TRAIN IN COMFORTABLE: The ergonomic handlebar, the secure non-slip pedals, and the padded seat provide extra comfort for your rowing exercises at home.


  • Variety of exercise options
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Comfort
  • Practical and simple screen
  • Folding
  • The solid frame (up to 110 kg maximum)


  • Something noisy
  • Small LCD screen
  • Elastic resistance

Rank #9: Sportstech RSX500: the best mid-range rowing machine

With a solid design and innovative features, the Sportstech RSX500 is the best domestic mid-range rower.

The device is equipped with a permanent magnetic braking system with 16 resistance levels. Its use is relatively fluid and silent, and the length of its cable and its ramp is very correct for this price range.

With 12 pre-installed training programs, this rowing machine is equally suitable for beginners and intermediate users. It is also compatible with the heart rate monitor for those who want to know their pulse during exercise.

To display pre-installed training programs as well as all user data such as distance traveled, calories burned, etc., the device is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen. Its interface is quite easy to handle, and the features on offer are broad enough for a beginner and intermediate users.

Where this model offers particularly original features is at the application level. In fact, the console is compatible with Android and iOS fitness apps. A tablet/smartphone holder and a micro-USB charging port are intelligently integrated into the device for easy interactions.

On the design side, this rower is solidly built and supports a maximum weight of 120 kg. Its length is just over 2 meters, and its total weight is 32.5 kg. Therefore, it is well thought out for users with enough space to dedicate it. Even so, it can still be folded up for easy movement and to save space.

Overall, the Sportstech RSX500 is a solid mid-range home rower that offers a solid design and plenty of features to suit beginner and intermediate users.


  • Many levels of resistance
  • Innovative features
  • Rugged design



  • Imposing format

Rank #10: Fitness Reality 4000MR rower

The Fitness Reality 4000MR is a rower that is different from most rowers due to its more realistic rowing movements. It depends on tastes, there are those who adore and those who do not adhere. The Fitness Reality 4000MR is a magnetic piston rowing machine that is effective in working the muscles of the body.

The resistance level is adjustable by turning the knob directly on each piston.

We have noticed 12 resistance levels that are sufficient for this type of exercise for most rowing users. Some find it difficult to adjust the resistance of the two pistons, which means that it is better to avoid alternating acceleration and deceleration with the Kettler Kadett, but to promote exercises with constant resistance or to change the resistance between 2 pauses.

The Fitness Reality 4000MR is a compact and easily foldable rowing machine to be stored between 2 uses. Its dimensions L x W x H are 150 x 170 x 46 in training and 150 x 50 x 46 when folded. For small storage spaces, this rower is a good option.

Fitness Reality is a German brand recognized for producing quality sports and fitness products. In general, the rower is of good quality and gives the impression of being able to train for a few years before changing parts. In very rare cases, a piston can have a weakness. In all cases, it is guaranteed for up to 3 years after purchase and is easy to replace.

The movement exerted on this rower has a regular and silent resistance. If like many people, you like silence and do not want to disturb the neighbors in your apartment, this model is an option to consider.

However, not everything is perfect and the negative point is at the editing level. In fact, it can tie a few knots in the brain on the first day. Fortunately, the edit is done once and after this step, you can forget about it and enjoy a real workout thanks to the gestures of the rowers replicating the rowing.

Fitness Reality 4000MR Features

  • Dimensions L x W x H are 150 x 170 x 46
  • Folded dimensions: 150 x 50 x 46
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg.
  • flexible
  • Empty weight: 30 kg.
  • Ball-bearing seat
  • 3-year parts warranty


There are an advantage and a disadvantage to pistons. The disadvantage is obtaining a less regular resistance than for the models of rowers with water, air, or magnetic.

On the other hand, a not insignificant advantage is its manufacturing cost, which is much lower than for the other types of resistors mentioned. As a result, a hydraulic rower will be much cheaper on sale and a quality rower for a maximum budget of € 500-600.

The Kettler Kadett with the same structure would see its price doubled if it had resistance to water or air. Kettler made the decision to build a quality rower at an affordable price and the way to do that was to choose a hydraulic resistor to reduce the cost of manufacture and the price of sale. We like this option to buy affordable quality.

The screen

The Kettler Kettett features an easy-to-read LCD display during exercise movements. Allows you to view:

  • distance
  • time
  • the number of repetitions (rowing movements)
  • speed
  • calories burned
  • heart rate

Key Features:

  • 15 training programs: 10 preset training programs and 5 customizable programs. The chain-driven dual transmission mechanism provides the force needed for an intense workout. 300 lbs. Weight capacity. 38-inch extended slide rail with a 41-inch inseam.
  • [Dual Independent Rowing Handles – True full range of rowing motion with dual independent rowing handles providing complete arm, shoulder, and chest exercises. Rubberized hand grip with comfortable grip balls on the rowing handles
  • [16 level magnetic stresses]: 16 levels dual transmission magnetic stress resistance for easy or more difficult training. 4 adjustable ground stabilizers prevent swaying to ensure a smooth rowing experience. Large non-slip pedals with straps.
  • [Backlit LCD Console]: Highly visible backlit 5-inch LCD that displays distance, time, count, calories burned, RPM, watts, and voltage levels. 3 training goal settings: time, distance, and calories burned. Adjustable console angles for better viewing.
  • [Large Contoured Seat]: Large contoured cushion seat (13.5cm long x 25cm wide provides additional comfort for a long session workout. 21 “~ 22.5cm raised seat height for easy donning and remove. Ball bearing seat rollers for smooth rowing movements. User height: 5’– 6’5 “
  • Folds for Storage – Easily folds flat for storage while not in use. Folded Dimensions: 45 ” L x 25 ” W x 59 ” H. AC adapter included (household power outlet required). : Frame -5 years, parts- 3 years, and electronic/portable components – 2 years

You have the option of choosing a target on the screen that will sound once it arrives. For example, choose a target distance to reach, a time to reach, a maximum heart rate, etc.

Our model came with an ear clip for measuring heart rate and it is excellent. This is a practical gadget that is rarely included in the purchase of other rowers.

The good points:

the real action of the water rower

Kettler build quality


the ability to adjust the rower to your size

foldable takes up little space

The frame’s lifetime warranty. 3-year warranty on-screen and parts.


The negatives:

We like it or we don’t like to row

Individual adjustment of the resistance of the 2 pistons.

montage is not obvious

The price varies by season and vendors. (ideally, less than € 600 shipping costs included)

The verdict

Very good!

The Fitness Reality 4000MR is a German quality hydraulic rowing machine suitable for all those who wish to train at home. Compact, takes up little space. Its screen is practical and especially effective. The seat is comfortable and the rower is adjustable to all user sizes.

We note that the movement of the rower’s gestures to perform is not suitable for everyone. It’s a bit like everyone’s tastes, they’re different and they don’t argue. For you to see. The video above allows you to see the movements to perform, see there if you have not already done so.

If you like this model, why don’t you take it?

Rank #11: WaterRower A1

In this category, I gather the creme de la creme of domestic rowers. They are the best sellers on the market and are always at the forefront in the battle to find the best indoor rower.

Although I have a preference for the WaterRower, the Concept2 Model D is still the device that offers the most features and options in this entire comparison. Both are premium quality rowers with virtually guaranteed lifetime use!

WaterRower A1 Home – Fitness Rowing Machine (Chest Belt, Indoor), Ash / Aluminum Color

  • Intensity indicator in m / s, mph, / 500 m, / 2 Km, watts, calories / h
  • Distance display in m / s, mph, / 500 m, / 2 Km, watts, calories / h
  • Impact Number (Strokes/min), Adjustable Time Workouts
  • Adjustable distance workouts.
  • WaterRower A1 water reservoir consists of unbreakable polycarbonate

WaterRower, for those who don’t know, is one of the world leaders in the field of fitness and bodybuilding, with high-end products to manufacture as innovative as they are clean.

The WaterRower A1 offers a good compromise because it is cheaper than other WaterRower rowers (yes, quality comes at a price), without departing from the many essential qualities of the brand.

The operation and advantages of the WaterRower S4 and A1 models are the same, the main points of difference are:

  • An aluminum monorail for the A1 rower and a wooden double rail for the S4 models.
  • The monitor is different (WaterRower A1: monitor A1 / WaterRower S4: monitor S4)
  • The WaterRower A1 is slightly larger (WaterRower A1: 215 x 56 x 53 cm / WaterRower S4: 210 x 56 x 53 cm).
  • The price is also different.

Technical characteristics of the WaterRower A1 Home Rower.

It should be noted that WaterRower offers chlorine tablets to disinfect the water in the tank and allows you to continue paddling in clear water, it doesn’t seem like anything, but this service should be meaningful

  • Water-resistance with tank
  • Ease of use
  • Performance Monitor A1
  • Wood and aluminum
  • Insulating pads on the floor.
  • Wheels for easy movement.
  • Use dimensions: 210 x 56 x 53 cm.
  • Rowing weight: 36 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg.
  • Warranty: one year extendable to three
  • Self-regulating power

The WaterRower A1 is truly all public, whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will use it. Beginner, he will adapt to your learning and confirmed athlete, he will know how to face you.

Stamina is self-regulating depending on the user, so it always makes you work but never kills you.

As always, 85% of the muscles work with, however, real comfort.

The legs, bust, and arms do not all have to be pulled simultaneously, but in a linear progression.

Ergonomics of the WaterRower

Comfortable and pleasant to use, its water system offers to cushion that allows you to work your muscles without damaging your joints.

This true plus is very clearly felt by all users, especially those who use it intensively. And that very few brands actually offer.

I will say that this is a significant detail because even if the rower looks like a “non-violent” muscular medium, it requires 85% of the muscles and therefore necessarily the accompanying joints.


The sound of water and nothing else, closing your eyes, you might think you are paddling.

In fact, since the resistance is not the action of the water, more squeaks, just a ripple.

Whether the effect is neutral or relaxing, it is never unpleasant.

The A1 home screen

Essential functions, but nothing superfluous either, a bit like a sports car.

The WaterRower A1 Home display windows are:

  • Intensity: indicates the intensity of the training in various units.
  • Hit frequency: indicates the number of hits per minute.
  • Duration: indicates the duration of the workout.
  • Distance: indicates the distance traveled in various units.


WaterRower equips gyms, communities, I think there is no need to say more.

Everything is assembled by hand, the wood and aluminum used are of quality.

It deserves its Made in the USA label and it justifies its reputation as a luxury product.



The WaterRower A1 from the may seem a bit expensive if you just look at the price, but if you take into account all its qualities, we realize that it is not that expensive.

It remains an exceptional product design as well studied as its functionality, and as with all high-end products, you can keep it for a long time, as it is very robust but will also adapt to your physical evolution.

Once upright, it becomes a designer object and pleasant to look at, which is not the case for most such items.

If you doubt, I will say that the red car with the black horse on a yellow background is more expensive than the lion sedan … but that is not comparable, and it is the same for the WaterRower rowers, they have this “little” plus that makes them unique.

Users describe him as the best rower. Those who adopt it would not change anything in the world, except the previous model (the S4).

The WaterRower A1 is a good option that has never disappointed anyone.


  • Easily store
  • Its unique design makes it more than just a rower
  • Work the whole body
  • Comfortable on all levels.
  • Simple and full readable LCD display
  • It adapts to your effort
  • Save the joints


Its quite high price

Rank #12: Concept2 Model D: the best high-end rowing machine

  • Indoor rowing is an effective, impact-free exercise for the whole body; fan design minimizes noise while maximizing a fluid feel
  • It includes the performance monitor 5, offering you exact and comparable data of each stroke; adjustable monitor arm
  • Seat height 35.5cm, nickel-plated chain, adjustable toe clips, and ergonomic grip; easily separates into two pieces for easy storage; some wheels make it easily movable
  • Requires 274cm x 122cm usable space; maximum 227 kg; 5-year frame warranty
  • Concept2 customer service questions: Do you have any questions regarding customer support for concept2 products (eg assembly instructions, missing parts, etc)? then you can call 943.31.37.88, 8: 00-13: 00 Monday-Friday (standard call at no additional cost) or send an email to Vermont For general questions about returns, please contact directly

The Rolls Royce rowing machine, the Concept2 Model D will suit anyone who wants to pay for a high-end rower that will last for years, to the point of not having to buy more in the future!

Without a doubt, the Concept2 Model D is an excellent rower, not only for its performance but also, and above all, for its build quality. You have two colors to choose from: black and matte silver finish, each model is of excellent quality, strong enough to withstand the shock treatment in gyms.

Also, none of this rower is cheap! The base is made of steel, as is the sliding seat rail, and the front of the paddle is made of aluminum. The seat is contoured and padded for maximum comfort.

The rower’s pull handles are rubberized so the user can perform more effective paddling movements. The little problem is that if you are a newbie, you may have blisters in the first few weeks. I would advise you, like many users, to put on gloves at first, until the rubber becomes a little less stiff.

For the footrests, those of the Model D is flexible and comfortable, to the point that some users recommend paddling barefoot for greater comfort. What is certain is that you do not run the risk of your feet slipping when you use the rower.

Model D is one of those devices that you will find in a gym in your area. Which means it’s a heavily used device, abused multiple times a day by multiple people of different sizes and builds. And yet it lasts for years. Here is the degree of strength and durability you can expect if you buy this rower!

Huge, the Concept2 Model D needs to be installed on a 3m x 1m floor area if you want to paddle freely without hitting objects around you. A bad point for the mess because, unfortunately, the Model D is not a rower that you can easily store in a closet after every training session.

The Concept2 Model D features a PM5 (Performance Monitor 5) console that records and displays data such as calories burned, distance traveled, rpm, time count, or speed. A nice feature of the rower is that you can use a USB drive to transfer your performance data to a computer and keep track of your progress.

There is also the possibility of pairing with a heart rate monitor or with an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. You can even buy a mini stand to place your phone on the console and use it as a second screen to display additional data!

The Model D display is the most advanced on the market, but Concept2 designs its devices to allow users to update their devices. So if a more elaborate Concept2 monitor hits the market, you can easily update its interface.

Using the Concept2 Model D rowing machine is very easy! You sit on the sliding seat, put your feet on the pedals, and pull on the handles. The PM5 will automatically turn on and display your exercise data.

Model D offers 10 levels of resistance, allowing you to control the intensity of your efforts. Equipped with an air resistance system, it is a bit noisy to use, especially when paddling at high intensity.

The sound of the rotating steering wheel fan, sliding seat, or tiller strap is heard when pulled. This will be the time to turn up the volume on the television or the music in your ears!

For storage, the Model D is not foldable but can be divided into two parts in the center of the frame. However, I don’t recommend this maneuver because taking this great device apart and reassembling with each user can be a long-term deterrent. I advise you to leave it in place once assembled so that it is ready for use at any time.

The rowing machine offers a maximum weight limit of 227 kilos, which is huge and greatly benefits the Model D against most indoor rowers on the market.

The Concept2 Model D can be used by everyone, regardless of their physical condition. For beginners or athletes, the Model D is the best rower that can be offered for complete training sessions in the comfort of your home.

The price will, of course, be the brake on the purchase of this rower. Especially since you can have a decent device for half the price of the Model D. Just think about it. If you have enough means to buy it, go for it as you will never have to buy another rower in your life, you already have one!



  • Quality construction
  • High-performance console
  • Maximum user weight



  • Price
  • Bulky and not foldable

Rank #13: WaterRower Natural: the most original rowing machine

The WaterRower Natural is one of the most aesthetically successful rowers of this selection, but also on the market. But not only that! The WaterRower Natural is also one of the most successful home rowers around.

As part of the “Natural” range from WaterRower, this professional rower has a peculiarity: its very elegant handcrafted natural wood structure. The rower is cut from high-quality ash wood combined with rosewood, which makes it scratch resistant.

But in addition to being an aesthetic advantage, this wood guarantees a good distribution and absorption of vibrations and noises that the rower could use.

At the front, the WaterRower incorporates a “water inertia wheel” inside a large tank embedded in the frame. This water tank is made of polycarbonate (one of the strongest plastics available!) Which makes it virtually indestructible.

The footrests of the device are adjustable according to the size of your feet, which will be held by nylon straps. The rudder is shaped to optimize grip and minimize the risk of a wrist injury during exercise.

The WaterRower’s sliding seat is also ergonomic, with additional padding that provides even more comfort during exercises. Its dual rail system ensures stability, ease of use, and safety of the entire device when in use. There is no risk of falling or wavering like this!

And one last nice touch: the two swivel wheels on the back of the WaterRower (or rather behind the wheel). This means you can easily move the camera around and store it upright when you don’t need it!

In short, everything about the WaterRower gives an indication of the quality and robustness of its design. I would just make some reservations about the low rise of the WaterRower, which makes it difficult for some people to get in and out of the sliding seat.

But it is a concern that is quickly resolved by some users who recommend placing a chair next to the machine to serve as a support. In short, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of design, but this does not prevent the WaterRower from being a fully functional device!

Integrated into this eco-friendly wooden structure, the WaterRower console displays on an LCD screen, user data with several available languages. This console type S4 (Series 4) displays key information such as distance, pace speed, calories burned, the intensity of effort, and also the heart rate of the person in the rower.

The S4 monitor can be connected to your computer (with a cable not included in the purchase). You can then upload your training data to software like We-Row (WaterRower’s dedicated software), Rowyo, UltraCoach, or NetAthlon.

Equipped with an ingenious water-resistance system, the rowing you will do on the WaterRower is the closest to the natural movement of rowing. It uses an original flywheel system consisting of two blades inside the water tank that rotates to provide resistance to the WaterRower.

When the rudder is pulled, it turns the paddles in the water tank. And the movement of the water due to the movements of the paddle determines the resistance level of the WaterRower.

Therefore, the faster you row (by pulling the rudder), the faster the steering wheel will turn, and the harder the resistance. So adjust the resistance yourself, adjusting the speed of your rhythms and it will be exactly like you are paddling but in the comfort of your home!

The only maintenance required on the WaterRower will be to regularly place chlorine granules in the tank to keep the water looking clean. Nothing else to do in the rest of the structure.

The WaterRower rower builder advertises a maximum user weight of 454 kilograms. A quality device, as I have mentioned several times, which greatly deserves its title of the best indoor rower.


  • Successful aesthetics
  • Mimics the natural movement of rowing.
  • Maximum user weight


  • High price
  • uncomfortable

Rank #14: BR 1900 rowing machine

The BR 1900 rowing machine is the basic model of the Body Sculpture rowing machine. The natural rowing movement harmoniously shapes, among other muscles of the legs, back, arms, and stomach. Rowing training allows you to shape muscle mass quickly, burn calories, improve physical fitness, and improve cardiovascular and respiratory function.

Product description:

  • rowing simulator next to rowing training allows for comprehensive strength training with many variants of exercises
  • the modern resistance system allows for long-lasting exercises without overheating the pistons
  • a resistance regulator within reach of the exerciser gives the ability to adjust the inclination during exercise allows for an increased number of degrees of difficulty
  • equipped with a comfortable and solid seat and a proven bearing system ensures smooth movements
  • the rowing machine is made of solid steel profiles
  • the rowing machine has a counting computer: exercise time, number of paddle movements, pace and calories burned
  • has the SCAN function
  • moisture resistant computer keyboard
  • silver gray housing color


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 124 x 80 x 17 cm
  • Weight : 13 kg
  • Max load : 120 kg
  • Drive transmission system: rowing arms
  • Resistance system: hydraulic
  • Folding option: no
  • Transport wheels: no

Technical data:

  • dimensions:

o width: 80 cm

o height: 17.5 cm

o length: 124 cm

  • weight:

o product: 13 kg

o weight in the package: 15 kg

o maximum user weight: 120 kg


  • a 24-month warranty covers the equipment
  • the rowing machine complies with the European safety standard EN957
  • a device intended for home use and rehabilitation
  • the computer complies with the EU ROHS directive (restricting the content of harmful materials)


The rowing machine construction perfectly reflects the rowing movement and allows for comprehensive cardio training in a non-injurious manner. The natural rowing movement harmoniously shapes the muscles:

  • upper legs – four-headed thighs, two-headed thighs
  • lower leg – calf
  • buttocks
  • back
  • shoulders
  • arms
  • abdominal

Correct posture during exercise:

  • straight back (the spine is always straight when moving backward)
  • smooth movements (do not emphasize the beginning and end of the movement)
  • head in line with the spine

Rowing training, also, to quickly shaping muscle mass, strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves metabolism. Accelerates fat burning (fatty acids are converted into energy). Rowing increases endurance and strength. It is a workout that does not significantly burden the joints.

Rank #15: inSPORTline Brook rowing machine

The inSPORTline Brook rowing machine is an effective trainer designed for exercising at home. The rowing machine does not have a classic flywheel, but a hydraulic piston, which allows you to choose the level of exercise difficulty from a 12-degree load scale. The structure is inclined at the right angle so that the exerciser legs are lower than the rest of the body. The device frame is made of varnished steel, and the comfortable seat moves 69 cm in length, made of durable, synthetic leather. The handles are covered with soft foam for a comfortable grip.

The inSPORTline Brook rowing machine is equipped with a simple, intuitive computer operated by two buttons. The screen displays basic information such as time, distance, several movements performed, and calories burned. Training with an oarsman effectively strengthens all muscle parts, effectively reduces body fat, and supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. These properties make the inSPORTline Brook rowing machine the perfect equipment for home use.

Technical description:

  • home trainer with a hydraulic piston
  • strengthens all muscle groups
  • contributes to the reduction of body fat
  • supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • compact dimensions
  • number of load levels: 12
  • the computer displays: time, calories burned, distance, number of moves
  • seat movement length: 68.5 cm
  • maximum height: 185 cm
  • dimensions: 136 x 60.5 x 76.5 cm
  • load capacity: 100 kg
  • weight: 12.5 kg

Technical description:

  • home trainer with a hydraulic piston
  • strengthens all muscle groups
  • contributes to the reduction of body fat
  • supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • compact dimensions
  • number of load levels: 12
  • the computer displays: time, calories burned, distance, number of moves
  • seat movement length: 68.5 cm
  • maximum height: 185 cm
  • dimensions: 136 x 60.5 x 76.5 cm
  • load capacity: 100 kg
  • weight: 12.5 kg


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 136 x 60.5 x 76.5 cm
  • Weight : 12.5 kg
  • Max load : 100 kg
  • Drive transmission system: rowing arm
  • Resistance system: hydraulic

Rank #16: RX 800 rowing machine from NordicTrack®

The new RX 800 rowing machine from NordicTrack® is the perfect fitness equipment. The flywheel is based on an air system that guarantees comfortable, safe, and smooth training. It has 20 training programs that can be customized to the user. The variety of programs ensures the diversity of training at every stage. The LCD accurately shows training time and the number of repetitions. The instrument can be easily folded and stored in a small space. It is a device that lightly strains the joints so that it can be used by people of all ages. The rowing machine is an excellent device for training, especially the muscles of the legs, arms, back, back, and hips, a device burning fat, improving the overall condition and efficiency of the body.

Technical data:

  • flywheel weight: Air (with variable resistance)
  • additional resistance: using an additional magnet in the flywheel
  • functions:

o time

o distance

o calories

o oars movement for a minute

o time for 500 m

o Watty

  • handles: covered with a special coating to prevent the hand slipping during training
  • foot bases: wide, with adjustable safety straps
  • computer: with LCD
  • folding: SpaceSaver ™ system
  • leveling feet: yes
  • transport wheels: yes
  • dimensions when unfolded: 220 x 56 x 108 (L x W x H)
  • folded dimensions: 82 x 56 x 111 (L x W x H)
  • weight of the device: 45 kg
  • packaging weight: 52 kg
  • maximum user weight: 130 kg

Your progress within the field of view Thanks to the innovative screen with the adjustable angle of the console, regardless of your height, you will be able to see your training progress.

Ergonomic saddle. A wide saddle made of the highest quality filling and covered with vinyl ensures the comfort of use.

Rotating pedals Wide pedals that match every foot keep you stable during your workout. Also, they rotate during the movement, affecting their smooth operation. Adjustable nylon safety straps and textured bases for the feet affect stability during training.

Space-saving Thanks to the patented, revolutionary design and SpaceSaver ™ quick folding system, it is easy to assemble the cleaning or storage device, thus saving space.

Advantages of the RX 800 rowing machine:

  • transport wheels
  • leveling feet
  • foldable construction


  • extended warranty – home use
  • the rowing machine complies with the European safety standard EN 957-1 / 7 class HC
  • the computer complies with the EU ROHS directive (restricting the content of harmful materials)


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 220 x 56 x 108 cm
  • Weight : 45 kg
  • Max load : 130 kg
  • Drive transmission system: rope cable
  • Resistance system: air
  • Folding option: Yes
  • Ergometer / Power in Watt: Yes

Rank #13: magnetic rowing machine inSPORTline RW60

The magnetic rowing machine inSPORTline RW60 is a high-quality trainer with a wealth of functions. The main advantages of the model include, among others: electronic load regulation and HRC program, which adapts the load to the user’s current heart rate, thereby increasing the effectiveness of training. The inSPORTline RW60 rowing machine is equipped with a 4 kg flywheel, 16 load levels, a magnetic braking system. The durable, stable construction and comfortable, ergonomic chair, mounted on the chassis with six self-lubricating ball bearings, guarantee maximum comfort during exercise.      

The readable LCD screen displays all necessary information, such as time, distance, calories burned, number of repetitions, heart rate, ambient temperature, date, and time. Many training programs have been saved in the computer’s memory. Additional equipment advantages are a load capacity of 150 kg and a simple folding mechanism. The inSPORTline RW60 rowing machine is a great tool to strengthen your back, arms, legs, buttocks, and abdominal and lowers back muscles. The trainer is intended for home use.

Technical description:

  • solid steel construction
  • special, abrasion-resistant coating
  • magnetic braking system
  • 4 kg flywheel
  • electronic load control
  • 16 load levels
  • seat with six self-lubricating ball bearings
  • comfortable, ergonomically shaped seat
  • foot straps
  • HRC program (load adjustment to heart rate)
  • 12 predefined programs
  • user programs
  • the computer displays: time, distance, calories, reps, power, heart rate, temperature, date and time
  • game in the form of a race
  • chest belt included
  • maximum user height: no limit
  • load capacity: 150 kg
  • dimensions: L223 cm x W50 x H96 cm
  • dimensions after folding: W50 x D95 x H148 cm
  • Package Dimensions: L134 x W24 x H65 cm
  • weight: 33 kg


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 223 x 50 x 96 cm
  • Weight : 33 kg
  • Max load : 150 kg
  • Drive transmission system: rope cable
  • Resistance system: electromagnetic
  • Folding option: Yes
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Flywheel: 4 kg

Rank #18: Insportline rowing machine Kobuko

Insportline rowing machine Kobuko is a functional device designed to strengthen all parts of the body. The model is not equipped with a classic flywheel but works on the principle of air resistance. Thanks to this, the equipment does not require frequent maintenance, and its operation is extremely quiet. 

Exercise intensity is adjusted with a locking screw. There are eight load levels. The 125 cm long steel construction enables comfortable and effective training for users up to 195 cm tall. An anatomically shaped, very comfortable saddle is coated with polyurethane. The model’s additional advantages are transport wheels, surface unevenness compensation system, and a folding mechanism that saves space when the rowing machine is not in use. 

For the best exercise results, the inSPORTline Kobuko rowing machine is equipped with an HR chest belt and a receiver. The clear screen displays all training parameters, such as distance, time, calories, number of moves, the total number of moves, heart rate, and scan. Thanks to these properties, the inSPORTline Kobuko rowing machine is an excellent trainer for exercising at home.

The most important features:

  • elegant rowing machine for home use
  • almost maintenance-free air resistance system
  • solid steel construction (long range of seat movement)
  • folding mechanism – saving space when not in use
  • readable display and easy operation
  • comfortable polyurethane saddle
  • the computer displays: distance, time, calories burned, number of moves, total number of moves, heart rate, scan

Technical description:

Flywheel Weight: air resistance

Load regulation: manual

Number of load stages: 8

Seat length: 125 cm

Braking system: air

Total number of programs: 1

Predefined programs: no

User programs: no

HRC program: no

Manual program: Yes

Heart rate sensors no

Transport wheels: Yes

Surface leveling system: Yes

Chest strap receiver: Yes

Chest strap: Yes

Audio input: no

Foldable construction: Yes

Overall dimensions: v88 cm x W57 cm x D222 cm

Folded dimensions: v150 cm x W57 cm x D114 cm

Load capacity: 120 kg

Weight: 40 kg

Power source: 2 x AA battery


Dimensions (length, width, height) : 222 x 57 x 88 cm

Weight : 40 kg

Max load : 120 kg

Resistance system: air

Folding option: Yes

Transport wheels: Yes

Flywheel: air resistance

Rank #19:

In addition to all the benefits of training oars, enjoy using the tablet during exercise. Use training applications, surf the Internet after connecting the Dual Kit to the device’s monitor.

  • Natural, smooth rowing movement allows you to shape virtually all muscle parts: legs, back, abdomen, shoulders, buttocks.
  • Also, rowing training supports the work of the circulatory and respiratory systems.
  • Thanks to the smooth load regulation, the training oars are suitable for everyone regardless of age and sex.

Technical data:

  • purpose: regular home training
  • dimensions: 179 x 50 x 53 cm (L x W x H)
  • dimensions after folding: 92 x 51 x 112 cm
  • weight: 25 kg
  • maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • flywheel: 5.5 kg
  • resistance system: magnetic
  • Eight levels of resistance adjustment
  • profiled seat
  • adjustable foot supports with straps
  • the telemetric pulse measurement system
  • (headband optional)
  • optional Dual Kit
  • transport rollers
  • LCD
  • time
  • strokes per minute
  • total number of strokes
  • calories
  • distance
  • pulse (optional)


A modern solution is allowing communication between BH devices and smartphone/tablet devices, both with i.OS and Android software. When connected, they perform the function of a display, and the applications installed in them make training much more interesting and more effective.

Advantages of i.Concept:

  • exercise based on specialized training programs
  • sharing your achievements with friends through social networks
  • watching the video and listening to your favorite music during training
  • making use of the possibilities offered by our smartphone or tablet during training
  • boring home training can be moved to distant corners of the world or diversified to compete with other exercisers

i.Concept Ready!

  • To transform a cardio device into a Concept model, you must connect a Dual Kit to it.
  • The Dual Kit consists of a Bluetooth module and a USB connection, which will transform them into a Concept model when connected to the USB input on a fitness device.


Dimensions (length, width, height) : 179 x 50 x 53 cm

Weight : 25 kg

Flywheel: 5.5 kg

Max load : 120 kg

Resistance system: magnetic

Folding option: Yes

Transport wheels: Yes

Rank 20: HAMMER COBRA rowing machine XTR

The HAMMER COBRA rowing machine XTR is the perfect home training device for all rowing enthusiasts! The proven HAMMER magnetic braking system ensures smooth movements. There are ten defined programs to choose from, thanks to which rowing is not complicated and varied.

Heart rate controlled training is also possible. A telemetry belt (optionally available) can be connected to the built-in heart rate receiver, and training is optimized for the load. Also, after the training, the training grade is calculated. The HAMMER rowing machine also ensures high comfort of training: the seat is ergonomically shaped and equipped with ball bearings. Thanks to this, it slides perfectly on aluminum rails. After training, the COBRA XTR rowing machine can be folded, placed vertically, and takes up less space

Advantages :

  • braking system: magnetic
  • adjustable resistance: 10 levels
  • electronic resistance adjustment
  • training programs
  • high-quality ball bearings
  • comfortable sitting
  • display: standard
  • dimensions when unfolded: 235 x 54 x 58 cm
  • dimensions after folding: 82 x 65 x 156 cm
  • max. user weight: 120 kg
  • weight: 55 kg
  • displayed parameters: Time, Distance, Calories
  • number of rows
  • number of rows per minute
  • the time needed to swim 500 m
  • pulse measurement: telemetry belt (option)


  • Dimensions (length, width, height) : 235 x 54 x 58 cm
  • Weight : 55 kg
  • Max load : 120 kg
  • Drive transmission system: rope cable
  • Resistance system: magnetic
  • Folding option: Yes
  • Transport wheels: Yes

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