10 Best Rowing Machines For Heavy Person-2021 Reviews

Hello there, are you seeking for the finest rowing machine for heavyweights? If you’re overweight, a heavy-duty rowing machine is the ideal choice for you. I’ll go over the Best Rowing Machine 400 lb Capacity, Rowing Machine 350 lb Capacity, and Rowing Machine 300 lb Capacity in this article.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best rowing machines available from various manufacturers. The regular body weight capacity rower is not ideal for overweight users. Because in the case of obese people, average weight rowers do not endure long. That is why I have these lovely heavyweight capacity rowing machine collections. I’ve reviewed some magnetic rowers, air rowers, and water rowers in the list below. They have different mechanisms and feelings, but their goal is the same.

It might be stressful when you first start your health journey. If your body weight exceeds the weight limits on most standard training equipment, it might be much more difficult. That is, however, why this page exists! We’re here to assist you in locating the greatest rowing machine to both physically support you and assist you in your health and fitness goals!

Rowing is a terrific way to get in a good exercise. It works all of the body’s muscles, focusing on the legs, core, and arms. It works by applying resistance to the muscles, utilizing both pressure and strength to get them to operate. Your heart rate will increase, your blood will begin to pump, toxins will be released through sweat, and your body will gradually become fitter.

Many people exercise to lose weight, but not everyone does. So, let’s have a look at some of the features and benefits of rowing machines and how they can improve your body!

10 Best Rowing Machines For Heavy Person-2021 Reviews

I used to be a young guy looking for the simplest technique to gain muscle and shed fat. I spotted an ancient rowing machine in my basement and climbed on to get a workout once I figured out it wasn’t a weird old bench press machine. I tightened the little screw-clamps all the way down, jumped back on, and bent the rowing arms right in half because it seemed way too easy to row (I didn’t realize it was supposed to be a cardio workout, not a max effort), so I tightened the little screw-clamps all the way down, jumped back on, and bent the rowing arms right in half.

I’d never thought of myself as particularly powerful, but I quickly discovered that most rowing machines aren’t built to last. They’re simply not designed for huge men. In retrospect, I suppose it would have been startling if the greatest heavy-duty rowing machine you could find was in your parent’s basement.

So, what distinguishes a heavy-duty rowing machine? Aside from the apparent necessity of weight capacity, there are a number of factors to consider that will aid us in our decision. So let’s get started!

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Specially designed for rowing at home, it is the best-selling machine on the net. It has adjustable resistances in three levels so that you can measure the progression of your workouts. 

It is compact, made of steel, and also foldable. Its unfolded dimensions are 65 x 43.5 x 185 cm. Very stable, it weighs 16 kilograms (kg).

The appliance supports a maximum load of 110 kg. It has wheels for easy transfer. It also includes a DVD with instructions and a user manual. 

The LCD screen collects training data. Saddle adjustable in three positions and very easy to assemble. It has good reviews from users and an unbeatable price.

For 1000 lb people :   WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

For 300 lb people : Marcy Foldable 8-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

Made of aluminum, its magnetoresistance has eight adjustable levels. Ideal for both beginners and professionals. 

It is silent and has a 15-degree incline. This graduation allows cardio and resistance exercises, not to involve the joints. It is foldable and very easy to assemble at home.

The machine includes a heart rate belt and an LCD screen to monitor your entire workout. Also, it is compatible with a sports application for Smartphones and tablets. 

Supports 100 kg. Its dimensions are 160 x 45 x 89.5 cm, and its approximate weight is around 21.5 kg. It’s sturdy and great value for money.

Marcy Foldable 8-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

For 500 lb people : Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Oriented for beginners Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine has up to 5 levels of resistance and has magnetic resistance. 

Its dimensions are 53 x 46.5 x 152.5 cm, it is foldable, weighing 22 kg.

 It is robust, reliable, and its traction system is made of poly fiber. This last feature makes it very quiet. The design is innovative and features a folding paddle.

The device supports a maximum weight of 120 kg. It has an LCD screen that informs you about the total accumulated distance. 

Also, it offers you data on calories consumed or your training pace. Robust, with very good finishes on the saddle, handlebars, or footrest.

 It is a medium-high range and has a very good price for its features.

For  500 lb people :  Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

For 400 lb people : Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

High-quality articles and aimed at beginners, although ex-professionals also use it for their training. 

It has hydraulic resistance that can be leveled manually. It is made of steel and has rubbers to ensure its stability.

 The dimensions are 124 x 72 x 32 cm, but please note that it cannot be folded.

The device weighs only 16 kg and is quite quiet. Light and very compact, its structure is very solid. 

It is suitable for people up to 1.75 cm tall. It has an instruction manual in English. 

On the other hand, it has an LCD screen to monitor the exercise. Assembly is easy and has an unbeatable price.

For  400 lb people :  Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

For 350 lb people : XTERRA Fitness ERG700 Rower

High-end rowing machine, aimed at professionals and people looking for maximum quality and performance. 

The brake is magnetic and has 16 levels of resistance, which you can control via the LCD monitor. 

The screen is compatible with sports applications for Smartphones and tablets. 12 training programs. It can be folded.

This state-of-the-art machine includes 4 HRC functions for heart rate-based exercises. 

The dimensions are 83 x 57 x 200 cm, and the device weighs around 32.5 kg. 

Supports up to 120 kg of weight. It has wheels for transport and manual in English. Winner at rudergeraete-test.org. Powerful and of superior quality.

For  350  lb people : XTERRA Fitness ERG700 Rower

Rowing Machines with High Weight Capacity

If you are overweight and starting your fitness/health journey, congratulations! For taking this measure, you should be proud of yourself!

The weight capacity of the rowing machine you buy does not indicate how many pounds you pull in each row of strokes. This implies the amount of pounds a person can use and still use the computer. A high capacity rowing machine implies a high capacity of weight that can be taken up by the rowing machine. The greater the ability for weight, the better the unit.

Especially if you are extremely overweight, it can feel a bit stressful to find a rowing machine that has a sufficiently high weight ability to handle you and your workout, and that is where we support you!

Are Rowing Machines Good for Obese People?

It’s important to follow what your health/fitness coach or doctor advises you to do because you may injure yourself and miss time to recover from injuries if you start your fitness journey too vigorously and too soon, so listen to the medical officials who really understand the body.


You need to do a warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes to optimize the exercise you are doing on your rowing machine, and always stretch before you start your full workout and follow it with a full 30-minute workout. You want to try to keep the heart rate about 130 beats per minute (BPM) during your workout or whatever you are told to do by your health/fitness coach or doctor.

Yes! Yes! To learn how to optimize the effort of the rowing machine and so that the person using the machine does not harm their joints, muscles, and tendons, it is also recommended to consult with a rowing machine specialist or a rower.

Which is Better? Air or Magnetic Rowing Machines?

The resistance and how that resistance is produced in the system is the only significant difference between the two types of row machines.

When the person using the rowing machine pulls back on the handles and pushes with their feet to slide the seat back and go through the motions of rowing on a boat, the resistance must be established. That is where the resistance is generated in the space where the cord is wound when it is not pulled.

So what kind of resistance in your machine do you like, or what kind of resistance is better for what you are trying to accomplish?



Rowing Machines with Magnetic Resistance


Magnetic resistance machines, similar to air rowing machines, have a smooth and powerful stroke that feels realistic. They come in a variety of prices, so within your budget, there is sure to be one!

For a magnetic rowing machine, one really great thing is that they’re almost completely silent. This purpose makes them a common purchase for individuals living in busy homes who do not want to interrupt others or ardent T.V. Watchers for workouts.

In these rowers, the way the resistance is produced is by pushing a magnet further and closer to a metal flywheel. The magnet and the flywheel interact, causing something called “eddy currents” to slow down the flywheel and provide the person using the machine with resistance.

The further away the magnet is, the lower the user’s resistance, and the closer the magnet is to the flywheel, the more intense the resistance.

The downside to these types of machines is that throughout your health/fitness journey, the resistance level stays the same. You can not pull harder and expect it to bring more resistance. Some individuals (not all) eventually feel that their strength exceeds what the rowing machine can provide them with.

Some magnetic machines have dials or switches that can either increase or decrease the pressure or the resistance allowing it to challenge you more, but not all magnetic rowers have this feature.

Your body usually starts burning fat about the 30-minute mark, which is why it is recommended that a workout exceed 15 minutes, because you get the fat to burn along with calories. Your muscles go into a deficit and develop proteins that build muscle mass.

Including a cooldown period to stretch again and allowing the body to gradually come down from the strength of the full workout is necessary.

Rowing Robots with Air Resistance


The best rowing machines for fast, hard strokes during exercise or rowing practice are air resistance machines. For all fitness purposes, they are perfect, and their price range will range from cheap to super-duper expensive, so there is typically one for the budget of everyone.

Air resistance machines appear to imitate rather than magnetic resistance machines, the feeling of realistic rowing in water, which is why air resistance rowing machines are so popular with sports athletes.

When the user pulls the handle and spins a “fan flywheel,” these types of rowers generate resistance. When this wheel turns, it pushes the air to the flywheel’s front and sides. This induces resistance drag around the wheel, which ensures that the faster and harder you pull to row on the handle, the more resistance you get out of your machine.

This basically implies that your rowing machine will keep challenging you with more intense workouts as you get stronger and more fit!

When used, these kinds of rowers appear to make a “whoosh”-ing sound (courtesy of the fan), so some people find them slightly distracting if they want to watch TV. You can still turn the volume up or put closed captioning on, however.


Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Rowing Machines

There are countless models of rowing machines. You have to take into account its characteristics and your objectives when selecting one. 

And it is not the same if you are a beginner or an advanced user. Also, everything will depend on your budget.

 Next, we show you the most frequent questions among users.

Rowing is an excellent exercise for the shoulders and back.  

What is a rowing machine, and what other names are used to designate it?

Rowing machines are also known as ergometers or rowing machines. 

They are devices that appear to be traction exerted on the oars in the water, and their objective is training. 

The home appliance, like the gym machines, derives from the traditional rowing machine. As you can imagine, it is practiced in small boats and by canoe.

Did you know that today, the sports discipline of traditional rowing still exists? Moreover, in Spain, regattas are regularly held throughout the national geography.

What are resistance wheels on rowing machines?

Current rowing machines have resistors that are under the handlebars. 

They are called resistance, or inertia, flywheels, and are sometimes placed right in front of the handlebars. They allow the subject to exert force to pull “on the oars.”

There are several kinds of resistance flyers, as we will see below.

Hydraulic resistance


Air resistance

Magnetic resistance

It uses pistons hydraulically. The pistons are the ones that mark the resistance and the handlebars are fixed

 They use closed tanks of water to give the sensation of rowing in a natural way and the resistance is adjusted according to how “row”

 They work with a flywheel, the resistance adjusts to your strength and frequency when rowing

 Use electromagnets to create resistance, suitable for people with experience

What are the benefits of using a rowing machine at home?

Rowing is a general endurance sport activity. The reason is that you work both the lower and upper body areas at the same time. Also, if you use the rowing machine correctly, you won’t damage your joints. Its benefits are many, as you can see in the following list:

  • It is ideal for muscle reconstruction. If you’ve had an injury, rowing will help you regenerate muscles and increase strength. It is usually recommended as a rehabilitation.
  • Generate cardiovascular exercise. When you work so many muscles, you benefit your heart. The most positive thing about this aspect is that a lot of intensity is not necessary.
  • It can be a complementary trainingIf you participate in competitions but are out of season, you can train without leaving home. In this way, it becomes a great complimentary workout.
  • There is no joint impact. So you will not damage the hip or knee joints. Also, it strengthens the bones, so it is perfect.

Rowing as a sport was born in the seventeenth century when the English introduced it as a sport.  

What muscles do we work with rowing machines?

Rowing machines or rowing machines offer a comprehensive workout. You work no less than 80 percent of the muscles in your body. 

With the rowing, you strengthen your cardiovascular system, lose weight, reduce stress, and tone muscles. 

And also, there is no joint impact. Let’s see in the following table which muscles it works:





Biceps, triceps and delts (located on the shoulders)

 Quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings (located on the back of the upper leg)

 Abdominals, oblique and erector spinae (found in the lower back)

 Rhomboids (they are between the shoulder blades and the spine), latissimus dorsi muscle and trapezius (it sits on the latissimus dorsi muscle)

How do you use rowing machines to avoid injury?

It is essential that you use the proper technique in the execution of the movement of the rowing machines. With these devices you work the whole body, but it is convenient to be aware of the movements of the upper and lower area. In the following table, we show you how you should perform the exercises according to the body hemispheres.

Superior members

Lower limbs

1. When you sit down, your knees should be slightly bent. Do not reach the maximum extension or you will hurt yourself

1. If you want to work this area well, stand with your knees extended, elbows extended at the level of the sternum and lean slightly back

2. Place your upper area slightly back. Do not think about flexing the thoracic, lumbar and cervical areas. Get used to the idea of ”breastfeeding” to avoid it

2. Second, push forward with ankles, hips, and knees. Remember to take your heels off the pedals

3. Look straight ahead and don’t raise your shoulders. Elbows bent and hands pointing towards your sternum

3. It is crucial that in this part of the exercise you exert force by flexing your lower part forward and backward. Do not forget that the heels should not be glued to the supports of the pedals

Purchase criteria - Best Rowing Machines For Heavy Person

I’ll go through the greatest heavy duty rowers in the fitness industry in this article. When you don’t have any past experience with rowing machines, the odds of you buying trash are very high. However, if you follow our instructions and examine a few factors, you can purchase a pro-level rower. Let’s take a look at the top heavy duty rowing machine specifications.

Capacity for heavy loads

Heavy duty rowing machines, in general, have a high weight capacity, especially for large people. Rowers of ordinary quality are made with low-cost parts that can only support a maximum of 250 pounds. However, a rowing machine with a larger weight capacity can support at least 300 pounds of user weight.

Warranty Information

The availability of a warranty is an important feature of high-quality rowing machines. When a rowing machine is made of high-quality materials and is built to last a long period. As a result, the manufacturer provides a lengthy guarantee to demonstrate the high quality of their products. So, before you buy your high-capacity rower, double-check the warranty.

Sensors for measuring heart rate

Because rowing is a sort of cardio training, you should keep an eye on your pulse rate and cardio performance during your session. As a result, I recommend that you purchase a rowing machine with cardio sensors for pulse counting. The rower works out all of the major muscle groups and is great for cardio. As a result, for cardiac activity, the pulse rate is critical.


However, if you live in a small flat and want to buy a rowing machine, it should be noted that you should go for a compact treadmill. Compact treadmills take up less space and may be folded to storage in a small space. Similarly, workout equipment must have transport wheels so that it can be moved from one location to another. Otherwise, mobility will be a pain.

Rowing machine type

Rowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes in the fitness world. Water rowing is usually highly appealing, and you will receive a true rowing sensation. Other rowers, such as air and magnetic resistance rowers, are designed for serious fitness. However, magnetic rowers do not provide a true rowing sensation in every stroke, and air rowers produce some noise. So, before you go out and get your fitness hunter, think about what you really need.

Can a rowing machine help lose weight?

Is it possible to lose weight with a rowing machine?
Let’s get this question out of the way straight away if it’s on your mind. Yes, is the short answer to this question. Yes, it’s probably the best cardio option if you want to lose weight, recruit the most muscle fibers (on a cardio machine), and get in shape at the same time.

When it comes to fitness and exercise, the more body parts that are used in a session, the better. Counting the number of joints in an exercise is a quick approach to determine its effectiveness. Single-joint exercises, such as dumbbell curls, are clearly inferior than multi-joint exercises, such as squats.

Frequently Asked Questions - Best Rowing Machines For Heavy Person

Is it safe to use a rowing machine if you’re overweight?

Yes, rowing machines are effective for weight loss, and obese persons will benefit from decreasing weight. People who are overweight or obese, on the other hand, are more likely to have various medical problems. As a result, we advise them to first consult with their physician before beginning rowing. Once they’ve been cleared to row, they should seek out the help of a rowing coach or fitness teacher to ensure that they’re rowing appropriately and safely.

Are there any weight restrictions on rowing machines?

As you might have noticed, each of the indoor rowers we’ve looked at has a matching weight limit, or the maximum user weight that these machines can support. Never attempt to use a rowing machine rated for a lower weight for your own safety. Always use an exercise machine that can handle more weight than you do.

Can a rowing machine help you lose weight?

A rowing machine is, indeed, a wonderful piece of weight-loss equipment. To achieve your weight-loss target, you must perform a cardio workout that raises your heart rate to 70% to 85% of its maximum rate and keeps it there for at least 20 minutes. Working out on a rowing machine can burn up to 900 calories per hour if done correctly. Rowing, when combined with a healthy diet, can help you achieve a new, healthier body!

Summary -Best Rowing Machines For Heavy Person

Your search does not have to end here for the perfect growing machine! Talk to your coach, doctor, or friends to find out more or get reviews from individuals who know how these models have been used!

You’re going to find the right one and you’re going to get to your objective!

Good luck on your journey towards wellbeing!

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