8 Best Rowing Machines For Tall Person [2021 Reviews]

You’re obviously tall if you’re reading this post, and you’re obviously looking for the best rowing machine for tall people.
I have been asked countless times, “What is the best rowing machine for tall people?” ”
Most large-height rowing machines cost a lot of money, so I’m going to try to educate you on how to find versions in the lower price ranges.
For a taller than average athlete, rowing has long been considered to be a sport.
Not all rowing machines will suit tall rowers, sadly.
So I’ve decided to break it down once and for all by listing tall people’s top rowing machines.

Were you aware that you couldn’t use a lot of rowing machines if you are six footers?


Well… the problem… may not be longer than your inseam, the rail of those rowing machines.

Something more than 35 inches is needed.

We found that the concept2 Model D indoor rudder was adequate on the basis of the given criteria.

This is one of the top rowing machines and is of sporting quality.

Here are 8 of the greatest rowing machines for the biggest person, if you want to see some additional possibilities.

Although naming a few models that can suit rowers that are 6’8 ” or 6’9 ” would be easy, it wouldn’t be fair to the price-conscious buyer.
I will also have to explain how to find the right rower to cover a tall person’s best rowing machine and how to say whether a rowing machine is not suitable for a tall user.

Our Top Selection -10 Best Rowing Machines For Tall Person

8 Best Rowing Machines For Tall Person [2021 Reviews]

You are definitely tall if you read this post, and presumably you’re seeking for the best ruder for large numbers of people.

For the taller than the typical individual, rowing is long known as an activity.

Not all rowing machines are unfortunately suitable for big rowers.

What’s the greatest rowing machinery for high people?” I’ve been asked several times?

So once and for all, I decided to break it apart by naming the top rwers for the highest numbers.

While naming a few models can fit 6’8′′ or 6’9′′ rowers could be easy, the price-conscious customer would not be fair. it is not fair.

Most high-capacity rowing machines cost a lot of money, so I am trying to educate you about how to select models in the cheapest price range.

I must also explain how to pick the correct rower to cover the best rowing machine for a tall person and whether a rowing machine is not suitable for a tall user.

Rank #1: Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

I start with the cheapest paddle of all. Despite being reasonably priced and often on sale, this machine has good endurance for most amateur athletes who want to keep fit at home.

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine  has a manual resistance that we will adjust ourselves and uses a 3.5 kilos flywheel to work our muscles. It can be folded down to save up to 40% space, and the air propelled while we paddle out through a fan to cool us down.

This machine also has a screen that will inform us about different data about our training, such as distance, calories, speed, and training time. It is designed to perform up to 7 hours of training a week.


  • Budget-priced rower with water.
  • Smooth process in silence.
  • Extensive resistance.
  • Strong structure, leak-proof.


  • The LCD display is wrong.
  • Water must be stored every 6 months with anti-algae tabs.

Rank #2: Water Rower Exercise Machine by WaterRower

This paddle is also designed for workouts of up to 7 hours a week. In this case, we have a magnetic brake that gives us enough resistance to work our body’s muscles. 

It is a relatively quiet and smooth device, and in this case, the electronic screen provides more data.

The BH Fitness Aquo will tell us, at all times, how long we have been training, how many strokes we take per minute, and in total, how many calories we have consumed, and what our pulse is.

For this, we can connect a pulse band via a frequency of 5kHz. It’s a shame that we can’t join any kind of Bluetooth or ANT + band.

 Otherwise, it is a good tape that can be folded and manually adjustable resistance.


  • Ultra silent.
  • Costs are much smaller than most water rowers.
  • Strong resistance due to a tilted bowl of water.


  • Resistance is modified by more water being applied.


Rank #3: Merax Water Rowing Machine

Now I go to a Merax Water Rowing Machine with the most realistic feeling and smoothness that we will not find in many other models. 

Also, we often see it at a very significant discount. In addition to training us, this Cardiff paddle will make us hear the water moving with each stroke.

In this case, the machine is recommended for athletes who want to train up to 20 hours a week. We have the option of linking an HR band via radio frequency, but not Bluetooth or ANT +. 

In this case, I highlight the electronic screen that informs us about the time, the strokes per minute and total, the pulse, the distance, and our calories burned.

We can fold this machine quickly, and when we start training, it is enough to perform the exercise using the center-shot row that makes it easier for us to use the correct technique

We also have a “career mode” that guides us by telling us different challenges to do.

Rank #4: Mr Captain Rowing Machine

Climbing a little further up the row scale, I now come to a semi-professional machine designed for athletes who want to take their training to the highest level, exceeding 20 hours a week of use. 

In this case, we have a magnetic brake, which achieves excellent smoothness and silent service without requiring maintenance.

The Vario rower has an LCD screen where we can alternate between different exercise profiles, perform recovery tests to measure our physical condition or control our pulsations by linking an HR band (via radio frequency). 

Above all, this tape stands out for allowing you to do abs and back, in addition to training quadriceps or doing bicep curls using the row.

Something new in this machine is that we can adjust the seat fixation and leave it immobile or make it move with our movement. 

We can also modify the saddle’s position on the horizontal axis, which will make our body adapt to the machine entirely even in sessions lasting several hours.


  • Pliable.
  • Time, calories, total count and more are shown on the monitor console.
  • Great price.


  • Noisy process with slide.
  • Strong, though not outstanding, construction efficiency.

Rank #5: WaterRower M1 Hi-Rise Commercial Rowing Machine

If you are looking for a high-end paddle, designed for the most intensive uses and the best quality workouts, the Tunturi R85W may be the one you are looking for. 

This paddle works with a water tank, and when buying it, we will also have the installation and adjustment service, so that we only have to worry about doing our training.

It has one of the complete operations in the world of rowing, with up to 8 different exercise modes, guiding us by distance, calories, heart rate, or training time.

 It will also allow us to train by series intervals or perform completely manual training.

This powerful paddle also has an LCD screen from which we will alternate between the different modes. 

Despite being small, it will inform us about the total strokes, and per minute, the heart rate, the calories, the distance paddled, and the training time.


  • German-made, high-quality Siemens electronics.
  • Polar HR monitor included, plus HR monitored exercise programs included.
  • Stands for storage on top.
  • Enables extra cable workouts.


  • Since it is made in German, certain materials may not be available in English.

Rank #6: Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower

I go even further up the list of paddles to move on to one with a meticulous design and operation through water that gives us the most realistic sensations.

That will even allow us to hear the water moving when we pull the paddle.

Its wooden construction gives it a unique touch and does not clash in our house, even when it is unfolded.

It allows a maximum weight of 150 kilos and uses a hydraulic resistance to run most smoothly. Of course, in addition to the wood, we have a steel frame so that the paddle’s durability is maximum.

We can alternate between four different resistance levels and control our training on the screen that shows us distance, strokes per minute and totals, calories, hours, and watts of power.

We can also connect a heart rate strap to see our pulsations while we train.

Rank #7: BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rower

At the top of this ranking, at least considering the paddle’s quality, is the Row GX Trainer. It is by far the most expensive and the most complete for training at different levels of intensity. Something highly recommended is using at home when several family members want to keep fit.

We can fold it vertically to reduce its size considerably, and toggle between 16 levels of resistance. I have not found any other rowing machine with a broader resistance range, making it perfect for both beginning users and those training at higher levels.

We have a screen that reports on time, distance, strokes, and laps per 500 meters, in addition to the calories burned and watts produced. We can connect an FC band if we want. To work our muscles, a hydraulic resistance is used. Still, it will not be necessary to modify the water level to harden or make the exercise softer since, for this, we will use the adjustable resistance that this machine includes.

Rank #8: Stamina ATS Air Rower

A modern rowing machine, with everything you need for your training, but with much more. One of these improvements that we can find in this product is including an application that you can install on your mobile to keep all the data relevant to the exercise you are doing, being able to know your goals, routines, and much more. It has a screen where you can see everything you are doing, both the weight and the throw’s speed.

It is a product that can be easily moved thanks to the fact that it has wheels while it can also be stored because it is foldable.

Rank #9: Rowing machine Foldable Trac Glider

This time we have another model of the rowing machine Foldable Trac Glider . However, we find a more advanced update, since it is the RSX500 model. This product can also be monitored by a mobile application, so that you have a history of all the workouts and the progress you are having, being possible to do so on both Android and iOS.

It has up to 16 different levels of resistance so you can exercise according to the weight you want, being able to do all kinds of exercises without the pulley, making noises, or getting stuck. The cable is very long and will allow you to do up to 12 different programs to train, depending on your heart rate.

Rank #10: SereneLife Rowing Machine

We bring you one of the best rowing machines to have a real gym at home, spending very little money and also having a bodybuilding device that works like a charm and that you can store anywhere because it is foldable, being able to leave it under the bed or behind the door to use it whenever you want.

Those who want to exercise but still do not know everything they can do with these machines include a DVD in which it ultimately tells you how to do the exercises well. It has an adjustable resistance so you can get stronger as you improve your workouts, and you will also have a monitor where you will see the calories you have burned and a series of other functions.

Rank #12: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine Rower

For those looking for a resistant product, but at the same time very light to be able to move it from one place to another without causing problems, they have this device with an aluminum structure and a series of materials as steel.

It can be folded with just a few movements, storing and occupying the minimum possible space. How you will use this product is very reminiscent of those rowing machines that we find in gyms and that are much more professional, so you will have the same feeling, with the ease of having it at home for your workouts.

Rank #13: CIRCUIT FITNESS Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

For those who are looking for a rowing machine like the one in gyms, but with a compact size, they can see in this product what they want, since it is perfect to work from the fact to the back of the legs, as long as you know the possible exercises, something that this brand offers you and can download its guide.

It is essential to know that users will not weigh more than 100 kilos since the structure could be damaged, and it would not work as well. The traction system has a very resistant and durable latex cable and a screen where you can see all the necessary data to conduct intensity training.

Rank #14: NordicTrack RW Rower

If at home many of you are going to use the rowing machine, it is advisable always to look so that everyone can use it. This model will be possible thanks to the configuration, since it can be adjusted entirely to work the whole body, from the shoulders or chest, to the buttocks or legs.

It is a complete bodybuilding device that can change the resistance so that the exercise is much more challenging and more intense. On the screen that is included, you will be able to see the times you have shot, as well as the duration of the training or the calories you have lost.

Rank #15: Marcy Foldable 8-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

This rowing machine is designed above all to perform cardio at home, with the ease of storing it in just a few seconds and with a series of functions that make it fantastic. First of all, we have an integrated computer in which you can control the time and the pulsations that you have in each minute, very useful to give more intensity to the training.

So that the training is staggered and you can improve over time, you will have up to 8 levels of resistance, which, when you use it, will not cause annoying noises, something that is much appreciated.

A Situation for a Tall Rower

Imagine this scenario of a “tall rower.”
First of all, you spend a lot of time looking for a new rowing machine that you want to purchase. Then, you eventually pull the trigger from your favorite online store and buy one.
You unbox the rower when your shipment arrives, spend some time installing it, and you send a “test drive” to your new rower.
You note you’re unable to straighten your legs all the way when you start rowing, and you decide it’s because the rower is too tall!
You need to disassemble the unit now, fit it all back in the box (if you’re lucky), send it back, and wait for your refund for a few months! Plus, you can also blame me for the cost of shipping!
A nightmare could be the whole operation. It happens a lot more often than you think, sadly.
I’ve tested several rowing machines with hundreds of individuals who have first-hand knowledge of this issue.
If a rowing machine can handle your height, it is difficult to decide since retailers like resistance type and other features do not display the details.
Even, when you are reading reviews of a rowing machine written by various users, it is easy to get fooled.

Significant Tall Individual Rowing Machine Requirements

Not only does a rowing machine need to have a long enough seat rail for a tall person, but it must also possess several other features.
Normally, tall individuals have longer arms and longer torsos. This means they must be able to easily see the display or be able to completely stretch their arms forward.
Here is a short list of significant conditions that must be deemed acceptable for tall people by a rowing machine:


I’m here to state the obvious, but I’m going to go over the specifics to give you an idea of what I’m looking for:
In order for the consumer to completely extend their legs, it must have sufficient seat rail length.
Rowing motion must not be affected in any way (i.e. for a 5’8″ and 6’7″ person, the rower must act and feel the same).
Users should be able to lean slightly forward and fully stretch their arms forward.
Users must be able to see the exercise display without a special way of bending their neck.
Without complications, the user must be able to reach resistance controls (if applicable) and other keys.
The footrests must be able to accommodate the user’s supposedly larger foot/ shoe.

Quality Facilities

It must also be a decent value rowing machine, in addition to being big enough to use. I’ll be looking at what follows:


Is it a decent form of resistor?
The resistance is smooth, adjustable and powerful?
Control Panel/Monitor
Is it usable and can it keep track of statistics of vital workouts?
Quality Construct
Is the frame flimsy or solid?
Is this durable?
Does squeaking sounds make it?
How comfortable are the handles and seats?
Options for storage
Does it fold up so that room can be saved?
Is the size of the unit appropriate to fit in a bedroom/ basement?
Assembly Assemblies
Is assembly simple or difficult?
• How long do I protect my investment?
• Is the cost reasonable?

Length of Rowing Machine vs. Inseam

The key measurement to be used is “inseam length” when searching for the right rowing machine for tall people.
Total height should not be used as inseam lengths can also be different for persons of the same height.
“For instance, let’s say you’re 6’9” and wonder if you could use the “X” rowing machine without any problems due to your height.
On Amazon, you read some reviews and find out 2 users who are the same height as the rower can be used just fine. You presume, therefore, that the rower will work for you, too.
You could have a different inseam length than the other users, but this is a good way to guess whether you should use the rower.
You will not be able to fit on the rowing machine if the inseam lengths vary and yours is longer.
The length of the inside of your leg is inside the leg. This is going to be the length of your rowing leg when you sit down.

It is not a reasonable idea to presume that one 6’7″ person has the same leg length as another 6’7″ person because most people have distinct inseams.
A chart with a rough height vs. inseam length calculation is given here.

Knowing what to concentrate on is great, but finding the best rowing machine for tall people does not make the process easier.
You also have to see if it’s made for a taller person, in addition to finding a rowing machine you like.
Fortunately, I enjoy doing research (for you tall people out there). Which means that I always look for height capability data while performing a review to find the right rowing machine for a tall person.

How do rowing machines work?

Your first question before looking for the model that suits your needs is probably ” what is a rowing machine. ” The answer is simple: they are fitness devices that allow us to perform the same movement produced when rowing, exercising different muscles and adjusting the resistance with the weight we want.

What muscles do rowing machines work

The paddle is one of the complete bodybuilding exercises, and working different parts of our body at once.

Specifically, we train both the back, the arms (biceps and triceps), abdominals, and even legs (especially the quadriceps) with these machines.

It is essential to have a proper technique when performing the exercise, keeping your back straight and without raising your shoulders too much.

How to choose a good rowing machine

If you want to make a good purchase when choosing a rowing machine, you will have to take into account the following factors:

What to consider when buying a rowing machine

  • folding machine will be more comfortable to store when we are not using it.
  • Devices can vary between different recommended weights and maximum heights.
  • Some devices have screens that report data from our training, such as heart rate or calories burned.
  • The hydraulic machines have quieter, adjustable resistance and allow arms to train separately. They are also called water machines since they use a tank with water, causing the variable resistance to our rowing action.
  • Air resistance machines work by pulling a handle that generates air and causes resistance to our movement. They are softer
  • Magnetic devices have a magnet that creates friction to resist our movement.
  • heavier flywheel will make the device able to create more resistance and endure more intense workouts.

FAQs - Best Rowing Machines For Tall Person

How well do our huge frames operate with Rowing Machines?

A: For anyone, rubber machines are good and don’t depend on your frames.

When it comes to whether or not a riveting machine supports you, the concept2 D indoor riveting machine is the right choice.

It’s almost a constructed rowing machine and we suggested it as one of the best 400 lb rowing machines.

They are also sportsmanship rowing machines so that they are long lasting and function effectively.

How can I choose my height rowing machine?

First, you must find out the height of your inseam.

After that, a rowing machine has to be selected with rails longer.

Choose it from the inseam of the greatest individual if you choose it for a family.

Which rowing machine models will work for a great person?

 If you’re really tall, go for an indoor rubber Concept2 model D or a Natural self-regulating resistor WaterRower A1 S4. For you. – For you.

Conclusion - Best Rowing Machines For Tall Person

All persons have more inseams, hence they need a longer rowing machine.

The optimum size is 34 inches and above.

Everything less and when you ride you’re not comfy.

Based on these principles, the Concept2 Model D indoor rudder is the optimum solution for large runners.

All appropriate rowing machines can also be compared here, however.

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