10 Best Rowing Machines On The Market-2021 Reviews

When you worry about your health and your family, you know how important it is to have an exercise routine that allows you to tone your muscles, improve your cardiovascular system, and burn calories.

 If you want to do a low-impact exercise from home, saving money, it is best to buy a rowing machine like the Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine   [#Amazon AD)  made with very resistant materials. 

It helps you achieve excellent results, it is very practical and offers you excellent value for money. 

There is also the SereneLife Rowing Machine  [#Amazon AD)It has eight adjustable resistance levels and has excellent after-sales service. 

Rowing machines are a very practical option for exercising at home. Their use (although it has its trick to avoid hurting the muscles) will keep you physically active even after using it.

10 Best Rowing Machines On The Market-2020 Reviews

There are several models of rowing machines. However, the best rowing machines in 2020 have features such as consoles to control and read your exercise routines’ progress. They are comfortable, foldableadjustable resistance programs, lightweight, and high-quality materials. 

Rank #1: Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine is one of the most popular and has the highest sales volume for its great value for money since you save money because its cost is much lower than what you would have to cancel in a gym and get the same benefits.

With this ergometer, you will get the same results and have the same experience as if you use other higher-cost machines, that is why it is the recommended rowing machine for you to exercise at home.

It is one of the best rowing machines because it is made to last for a long time thanks to its solid structure of a robust frame made of tubular steel and its extruded aluminum rails.

This rowing machine’s design allows it to simulate a real rowing stroke and moves very fluid thanks to its wind technology. It is also very silent compared to other fan rowing machines, that is why it is at the top of the machines rowing.

Exercising will be very pleasant since it adapts to your body because its seat is large, padded, and has a contour to make it more comfortable, with a roller bearing to reduce friction.

This air rowing machine also has two footrests with adjustable straps for greater grip and safety, designed to follow your legs’ natural movement when rowing.

It is so versatile that it adapts to any training routine and the needs you have because it is a rowing machine with variable resistance thanks to its rowing technology that works by a chain. The resistance is achieved by the speed that you apply to each paddled to an air fan.

You will be able to keep track of your workouts very easily because this home rowing machine has a monitor with six functions and three screens that show all the information you need.

The data that you can monitor or record is the number of strokes you made, the number of strokes per minute, the speed reached ( km / h ), the distance traveled ( km ), the elapsed time (minutes/seconds), and the estimate of the calories you used.

It is very easy to transport because it weighs only 24 kg and has two wheels in the front so that you can move it easily whenever you need it. This action rowing machine with a chain is foldable, so you do not require much space to save it.

Frequent questions:

-Is it a small rowing machine, what are its measurements when assembling and storing it?

This fully assembled rowing machine measures 2m long, 55cm wide, and 75cm high. To store it, it is easily folded by the junction between the arm where the seat and the marker slide, folded on the floor. Its measurements are 128 cm x 55 cm. However, leaving it standing against a wall, its measurements are reduced to 95 cm x 54 cm.

-Which muscles do this rowing machine work?

With this cardio rowing machine, you will perform upper body aerobic exercises performing weekly routines of more than 1 hour without any problem. It also adjusts to the training needs you have since its resistance is adjustable, according to your strokes’ frequencies, so if you want more resistance, you increase the speed.

-With this folding rowing machine, I can keep track of my training and how much noise it makes?

It is a homemade rowing machine that uses a fan, so it makes very little noise. However, its chain does not make any noise. It is recommended for Indoor training because the meter allows you to mark the distance you travel or the strokes you do to take control of your training.

Rank #2: SereneLife Rowing Machine

The SereneLife Rowing Machine is a cheap rowing machine with an elegant design ideal for when you want to get in shape from home by losing weight and toning your muscles.

It is manufactured by one of the best rowing machine brands such as SereneLife  , a company that, since 1946, is dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of innovative products for physical conditioning, offering an excellent after-sales service.

It is the most compact and fully adjustable rowing machine for home exercise, making it easy for you to use it whenever you want, and it is also very convenient to store because it takes up little space.

Exercising on this static rowing machine will be very pleasant because its slide is made of aluminum to smooth action. It also allows fluid movements due to its bearing system made up of 4 rollers made of a very resistant polymer.

It is the best price rowing machine ideal for any training since it uses a 4 kg magnetic inertia wheel that is very soft and silent and allows manual adjustment of up to 8 levels of adjustable magnetoresistance knob located above the pedals.

It is a rowing machine with an LED screen where you can measure in real-time the speed reached, the distance traveled. The time elapsed, in addition to offering you information on the number of beats per minute, your pulse, and the calories burned, so it is one of the best rowing machines of its kind.

Frequent questions:

-How many calories can I burn if I practice rowing with this machine?

The number of calories you can burn with this rowing machine will depend a lot on the resistance level you choose and the time of your exercise routine. However, if you do it at maximum resistance for an hour, you can burn up to 200 calories.

-Am I looking for an easy to assemble and use a home rowing machine?

This machine is your perfect solution since, in addition to being very comfortable to exercise and easy to assemble, it has a design in its pedals with a rotary function that adapts to your body’s movement and relieves pressure on your ankles.


Rank #3: MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

This is one of the best rowing machines because it comes pre-assembled, so you only tighten a few screws, and it is ready for you to use. It also has 12 pre-installed programs to perform various training types, and the resistance adjusts automatically depending on the program you choose.

The MAXKERE  rowing machine is very easy to use because it has a very intuitive panel to control everything you need to manage during your training routine and a large screen.

You will be able to enjoy your training routine since thanks to the technology it uses. It has a very smooth, rowing movement. It has a permanent magnetic brake and a rolling system that makes it very silent.

This training computer rowing machine is very comfortable because it has an ergonomic seat that avoids the pain you may have when you do long training routines.

Its pedals are also designed to adapt to your movements because they have flexible shafts; they also have a non-slip surface and adjustable straps for greater security.

It helps you take care of your health since it has a pulse strap with which it measures your heart rate to know what phase of training you are in and train with the appropriate intensity to avoid injury.

Suppose you like to train rowing with applications such as E-Health or MyRowing. In that case, you can do it because it has support for an integrated Tablet, so what you need is to connect your Smartphone or Tablet to the console wirelessly or via USB to download your training history.

You can accommodate it wherever you want after use, thanks to the fact that it has a folding system to take up little space. In addition to its weight of only 32.5 kg and its wheels for transport, it will be easy for you to move.

Frequent questions:

-Is this rowing machine suitable for tall or overweight people?

It has an extended rowing mechanism, so people of any height can use it since up to a person of 1.90 meters can use it. It is also very robust and supports people up to 120 kg.

-What are the complete measurements of this rower?

The packaging size is 126 cm long, 34 cm wide, and 73 cm high, and the weight is 34.5 kg. Fully armed and ready for training, its measurements are 201 cm long, 57 cm wide, and 83 cm high.

-Can I use some App on this rowing machine and compete with other people online?

The programs that this rower has allowed you to perform individual challenges to increase your capabilities or compete with other people on the internet. It also has the advantage that it is compatible with different Apps such as e-Health and MyRowing.

How to choose a rowing machine?

Before choosing a better-priced rowing machine, you must consider a series of factors so that you do not waste your investment, since, in the market, you will find many different types of rowers.

Therefore, before determining which rowing machine is best for you, take into consideration the following aspects, according to your needs:

Frequency of use

When buying a rowing machine, you must consider the frequency of use that your rowing machine will have and the number of people who will be using it, since the type and quality of the materials greatly influence.

The higher the frequency of use and the number of people to use, you should have a robust and good quality machine to withstand intensive use. On the other hand, if your use will be sporadic, you can have a cheap rowing machine.

Weight and height of users

It would help if you considered the characteristics of all the people who will use your rower, especially height and weight, since they are very determining factors when exercising with it. Among the range of rowing machines that you can find in the market, you must choose what best suits all users.


Although you may think that stability is not a weight factor when choosing a rowing machine, if you choose a machine that does not have a solid structure, you may have involuntary movements due to instability that can cause you some injury.


The comfort offered by the rower is a determining factor, even more so if you are considering doing long exercise routines. A comfortable grip on the bar or handles will prevent blisters.

For example, most rowing machines have a front pull. The length of the carriage allows you to determine how similar it will be to the rowing movement. While the flywheel weighs more, the rowing sensation will be more real.

Space to exercise

Before buying a rowing machine at home, it is important to measure and plan the place you have available to place it when doing your exercise routines to acquire equipment that adapts to your space and can do exercise in comfort.

Easy to store

Normally, you think an adult rowing machine should take up a lot of space, especially when storing it. However, if you compare rowing machines, you will see that there are currently many foldable and very easy to transport to—time to put them away.

Chair type

In most aerobic rowing machines, the chair has a sliding movement that goes along the rail; however, in the market, you can find rowing machines that have the option of being able to place the chair fixed. This allows you to perform other types of exercises, such as sit-ups.

Resistance levels

Depending on your conditions, you will need to add resistance to your rowing machine to reach a higher training level. A machine with various resistance levels or a resistance that varies according to your training intensity may give you a better option.

Type of resistance

There are five types of rowing machine according to their resistance which are:

  • Hydraulic piston: The machine’s resistance is produced by a hydraulic piston attached to each of the handles or a single central piston. Its resistance can be adjusted using the knobs that each piston has. This type of rowing machine is very quiet and compact.
  • Air: This machine generates resistance through the wind generated by the traction produced when turning a wheel with blades, offering a sensation similar to that of real rowing. It is a variable resistance system with a smooth and continuous movement that the more force you do to move the steering wheel, the more resistance you will have.

Due to their design, they make little noise due to the whistle of the wind they generate, and they are also ideal for athletes. They are the most used in Crossfit and high-intensity training ( HIT ).

  • Magnetic: They work through the use of a magnetic brake that works with the resistance made by the attraction of the flywheel towards a magnet; the closer the magnet is to the flywheel, the greater the force of attraction and the resistance of the machine. It is a very quiet rower, and its resistance can be adjusted.
  • Air / Magnetic: A magnetic air rower combines the two types of resistance to have the high power of air resistance machines and the low resistance of magnetic brake machines. They are also very customizable so that you can adjust the tension magnetic.
  • Water: The hydraulic rowing machine obtains its resistance through the turning force made by some paddles inside a container with water. Its resistance is variable, so the more force you apply to a water rowing machine, the higher the resistance level.

Another benefit of rowing in water is that you can adjust the tank’s water level, the fuller it is, it will seem that you have more people inside the water rower so that the resistance will be greater.

Because of their design, they make a bit of noise, although some people like it because it is somewhat relaxing, and the feeling is similar to as if you were rowing a real boat.

Muscles to tone

Although a rowing machine is used to tone many muscle groups in your body, there are models such as the stationary bike with rowing that serves more like a back and arm toner than for other muscle groups that you can work better with another rowing machine.

Control console

The best rowing machines come with a built-in control console so you can make the most of the benefits of your investment. Thanks to these consoles, you can have live readings of your training data such as distance, time, and pulse.

They also come with predetermined training programs to establish your training routines. The most advanced ones allow you to connect with other devices and even compete with other people online.

After-sales service

Another important aspect when buying rowing machines is to see if they have a good service and technical support and parts and accessories so that when you have any questions or need a spare, you know where to turn. For this, you should also see the opinions of rowing machines from other buyers.

What is a rowing machine?

It is a machine for bodybuilding and resistance that allows you to shape a large number of parts of your body to maintain good health and excellent physical condition.

The best rowing simulator gives you the feeling that you are rowing inside a boat in the water while exercising your cardiovascular system and toning your muscles.

An adder allows you to burn up to 150 calories in just 30 minutes, so it is excellent if you are looking for a solution to lose weight, get rid of that extra fat, and tone your body simultaneously.

With these machines, you can perform the rowing exercise, which does not overload the joints since it uses a very fluid and smooth movement, which is why it is considered a low-impact exercise that can be practiced by the whole family.

Parts of a rowing machine

If you carry out an analysis of rowing machines that you can find in the market, you will see great diversity, each with very particular characteristics. However, every rowing machine must have the following parts:

Seat or saddle

It is where the weight of your body rests on the rowing machine. It usually has an offset to help you with the fluidity of the rowing movement. However, it is also fixed as in the rowing bike.

Some of the sliding chair models also bring the possibility that you can place it fixed to perform other types of additional exercises such as sit-ups, adding one more benefit to your investment.

Displacement system

It is the part of the loader that allows the rowing movement to be carried out. Depending on the rowing machine’s design for the legs’ movement, it can be made up of a double rail system or a single rail with a saddle that slides forward and backward.

In models such as rowing bikes where the saddle does not move, the legs’ exercise is carried out using a circular movement like the one you would do on a bicycle.

Most rowing machines bring a strap or chain connected to the resistance system for the upper body movement. This strap can be with a handle for each hand or connected to a bar so that you can hold it with both arms.

In the case of machines such as the bicycle to row the upper body using a central lever connected to a hydraulic arm to be used with both arms or by individual levers for each hand.

Resistance system

The resistance system allows you to have a counterforce to develop and tone your muscle mass, all of which offer excellent benefits. However, depending on the type of resistance you select, the rowing machine’s price, characteristics, and resistance adjustment may vary.

For example, rowing machines with magnetic and air brakes are very quiet. Rowing machines with water resistance are the most expensive and offer the closest rowing sensation to reality.

Footrest or pedals

Depending on the rowing machine model you choose, it may have footrests or pedals to adjust your feet when performing the rowing exercise. In some models, the footrests are fixed to maintain only the grip, and in others, they have offset to allow a more fluid movement.


Additional characteristics


At present, many rowers have characteristics that make it much easier and more practical to have a rowing machine at home. For example, many are foldable, reducing their size so that you can store them in any corner or on wheels so that you can move them easily.

Today’s best rowing machines have consoles where you can keep track of your exercise routine and know data such as the distance traveled, the time used, your heart rate, the calories consumed, and much more.

What muscles does a rowing machine exercise?

You might think that with a rowboat, you only do triceps and biceps exercises. However, you do much more than that because the rowing exercise is one of the most complete because it puts more than 82% of your body to work. Among the muscles it puts work are:

In the assembly

When you do the assembly movement, you put your legs to work so they get moved by exercising the quads and hamstrings so you can move your knee in addition to the soleus and gastrocnemius to be able to secure yourself with your feet on the pedals.

In the upper body, you will be exercising the infraspinatus muscles, supraspinatus, subscapularis, teres major, and teres minor to achieve a good shoulder movement. To help with this movement, you will be working biceps brachii at the thorax level, in addition to serratus anterior and trapezius, to help stabilize the scapula.

In recovery

At the time of recovery, your back will be upright, and your muscles will be relaxed so that you can achieve correct trunk flexion thanks to the work of your abdominal muscles.

This movement puts to work the deltoid pectoral muscles found in the chest and shoulder, respectively, in addition to the minor psoas, psoas major, iliac muscle at the level of your hip.

In your legs, the sartorius, biceps femoral, gastrocnemius, quadriceps, rectus femoris, anterior tibialis muscles are activated, and in your arms, the triceps brachii and the flexors of the fingers.

At all times

In the continuous movement of flexion and extension, the gluteal muscles are constantly located in your hips and your legs’ biceps femoris. Also, the erector spine and the rhomboids of your back are constantly working.

Other muscles that work with the flexion and extension movement are the brachialis, the wrist muscles, and the brachioradialis located in the arms.

How to use a rowing machine without being injured in the attempt?

You can find a wide range of rowing machines on the market; however, the technique to properly perform the rowing exercise is the same. So regardless of whether you are doing Scandinavian rowing or using a machine with wheel resistance, follow these steps:

  1. Get into the seat in a comfortablecentered position, where your glutes are inside the seat. Try not to wear very loose clothing that can become entangled with the machine or made of a material that slides on the seat.
  2. Place your feet on the footrests with your heel resting on the bottom edge and adjust the straps so that your shoe is firmly on the pedal. It is best if the strap is a little higher than the middle of your foot.
  3. Once you have adjusted the straps, make a few movements back and forth to check that your feet are well supported and will not come off when you start your exercise routine.
  4. Firmly grasp the handles or the bar that your rowing machine has, keeping your arms extended at shoulder height, your back straight at a 90 ° angle, and your legs bent. This will make the seat move you forward.
  5. The rowing exercise is performed by a two-part movement. The first part is the assembly, it is where the exercise has all its effectiveness, and it is where the resistance makes your muscles work. 
  6. The second part is the recovery. Here is the time for you to rest and take a breath. Your body and the machine will also return to the starting position. It is important that your back remains straight at all times.
  7. The first part of the movement ( the assembly ) begins by extending the legs as much as possible keeping the arms extended, once you reach the end of the extension of the legs, you will involuntarily make a slight hip opening, and here you must immediately flex the arms until the handles, or the bar reaches chest level.
  8. The second part ( recovery ) is a reverse movement that begins by stretching your arms until they are fully extended at shoulder height and then bending your knees until you return to the starting position.
  9. For the exercise to be more effective and for a longer stroke, try to be as close as possible to the beginning of the chain at the beginning and as far as possible at the end of the assembly movement.

Suppose you still have doubts about doing the rowing exercise well in this video. In that case, you can see how it is the correct way to assemble and use a rowing machine and see some more relevant characteristics of this rowing machine.


Types of training on rowing machines

By distance

The objective is that you travel a distance in a certain time. The idea is to increase the distance in the same time interval. To do this, a professional rowing machine is not necessary, since most home rowers have this functionality.

For time

Here the objective is to cover a fixed distance in the shortest time possible. The objective is to reduce the time as you improve with your training. Like the previous training, you do not need to have the best rowing machine on the market since most have this function.

By time and distance

It is a combination of the previous workouts, and the goal is to improve your workouts by increasing resistance, this type of training is a good cardio exercise and helps you tone muscle mass.

By Intervals

In this type of training, it is like a rowing technique in Crossfit where you work for time intervals in which you would be rowing intensely and others in which you would be rowing more slowly. To increase the intensity of the exercise, you must increase the resistance of your rower.

Main mistakes when using a rower

  • You perform bad back postures such as arching your spine excessively when going to recovery position or hyperextending when assembling.
  • Raising the elbows above the level of the shoulders at the end of the assembly movement, this, in addition to causing an injury, increases the tension in the cervical area, causing severe pain.
  • If you have a bad synchronization of your arms and legs, your body will adapt to unnatural postures to compensate for the movements. This can cause pain and, in the worst case, some injuries.

Recommendations when using a rowing machine

  • Always start at a low level of resistance and as you begin your regular exercise routines, build up the resistance.
  • Take care of the movements of your body to avoid injuries or pain. Remember that the strongest work must be done by the arms and legs, keeping the back straight. You don’t drink shrug your shoulders when pulling back.
  • Keep your legs aligned with your ankles to avoid knee injuries. Your arms should be at shoulder height and your elbows straight when you are extending your legs.
  • Ensure you are well seated and that the pedals are properly adjusted before starting the exercises. Please do not get up from the seat while exercising because the movement will lose its effectiveness since you will be pushing up instead of backward.
  • Do not release the rowing machine handles or bar until they are fully in their starting position.
  • Take care of your breathing while you do your exercises and know your limits. If you feel any discomfort or pain, immediately stop the exercise routines and consult a doctor.

Benefits of buying a rowing machine

Many types of rowers vary in model, brand, and characteristics. However, regardless of whether you have a cheap or expensive rowing machine, they all offer you the following benefits:

You tone your body

It allows you to work on your aerobic rhythm at the same time, improving your resistance and breathing, while toning various muscle groups throughout your body, without having to perform a high-impact exercise.

Exercise for your whole family

As it is a low-impact exercise, it is recommended for people of all ages who are starting exercise routines, who are athletes or people who have suffered an injury to recover and strengthen their muscles because there is a low risk of injury or joint damage.

You burn calories

A rowing machine used for 15 minutes allows you to burn more than 120 calories, and in routines longer than an hour, you can burn up to 500, so it is ideal if you want to burn fat and lose weight.

Cardiovascular improvements

Rowing machine training is an excellent exercise to increase cardiovascular capacity so you will improve the state of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system, reducing the risk of suffering from a related disease.

You reduce stress

By doing machine rowing exercise, apart from stimulating your cardiovascular system, you also stimulate your brain to release endorphins, which is a hormone that gives you pleasure and reduces stress.

You improve coordination

When training on a rowing machine, you must follow a pattern between your legs, hips, and arms to effectively perform the exercise with variations of frequency, intensity, and time. This helps you improve the coordination of your body movements.

As you can see, a rowing machine gives you the same benefits of rowing in the water with the advantage that you can practice it at any time of the year and in the comfort of your home.

With a rowing machine, you will be exercising 75% of the lower body of your body and 25% of the upper body, in addition to the cardiovascular system, thanks to the fact that apart from being a resistance exercise, it is an aerobic exercise.

Remember, before wondering how much rowing machines cost, check if it meets all your needs, since surely, with the different models that exist on the market, you will find the best rowing machine for you.

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