Best Running Caps-Reviews In 2020

You want to find the perfect running hat for you, but you can’t decide which model to choose? Maybe you don’t feel like shopping and searching for hours? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, be sure to check out our website. 

Based on the analysis of consumer reviews when shopping in this market segment, we were able to identify two such best hats in 2020. First place belongs to the Asics Performance Cap model. This product is equipped with a visor, so it will provide your head with excellent sun protection.

 Due to the fact that it was made of a material that allows the skin to breathe, it guarantees excellent ventilation. We have also selected the second best hat, because the first one may not meet all the expectations of very demanding customers.

 It was the LETHMIK Quick Dry Sports Cap which is suitable for both men and women. It is not only extremely comfortable, but also increases the level of user safety due to reflective elements.


10 Best Running Caps - Reviews In 2020

The following ranking of running hats includes products that you should pay attention to when searching for the perfect model for you. 

When choosing hats for the ranking, we took into account the issues mentioned in the guide above.


Rank #1: Asics Performance Cap

 If you dream about a good and cheap running cap, you will certainly be interested in a product called Asics Performance Cap. It was made of extremely light material that allows the skin to breathe. Thanks to this, we do not expose the head to excessive sweating and the development of the disease or unpleasant pain, e.g. sinuses. This material is also slightly stretchy, which is why the product adapts to the shape of the head.

This hat model is available in black, which makes it universal and suitable not only for men, but also women. Its excellent ventilation means that even during very intensive training we can feel a pleasant coolness that will give us a bit more strength.

According to consumers, the cap deserves attention primarily because it is extremely comfortable. It is also very light, so it is almost imperceptible on the head, which increases the comfort of wearing it. In addition, it looks very aesthetically pleasing.


Rank #2: LETHMIK Quick Dry Sports Cap

LETHMIK Quick Dry Sports Cap is a unisex running hat, which means that it can be worn by both women and men. Therefore, we could not omit this product in our ranking. You can wear it all year round, regardless of the season. The outer material is 95% polyester and 5% lycra.

This model is fastened with Velcro. Reflective elements were placed on it, just like on the roof. They increase the visibility of the person running after dark, so you can avoid dangerous situations in the evening training. The clasp is adjustable and can be freely adjusted to the head circumference.

From consumer reviews, it can be concluded that this hat is almost perfect for running. It is very light and additionally provides adequate ventilation. It also has an aesthetic, simple design and is not unnecessary. For many, a plus is the Velcro closure, which is very solid and comfortable.


Rank #3: Adidas Climalite Running S99777

 The Adidas Climalite Running S99777 cap is a men’s model that will definitely be useful to any runner. It can protect your head against strong wind or rain and prevent your body from catching cold. The material from which it was made effectively wicks sweat away from the skin, making workouts much more comfortable. In addition, the presence of the visor facilitates running during the day, because the eyes are properly shielded from sunlight.

The product has been enriched with a UPF 50+ UV filter, so you can be sure that by wearing it we ensure adequate protection against the sun. The strap is adjustable and fastened with Velcro, which is why it lies perfectly on the head and does not slide off it. Reflective elements placed on it mean that even at evening training you can maintain a high level of security.

Most often, opinions about the running hats of this brand are positive and it is no different in the case of the presented model. It enjoys extremely high popularity due to the minimalist design and high functionality.


Rank #4: ASICS Men's Tiger Hat

ASICS Men’s Tiger Hat  is a women’s running hat available in pink color. Certainly it will appeal to ladies who like to stand out in the crowd. It’s a model that can be worn both in winter and spring, when it’s still quite cold. The material is a combination of polyester (91%) and elastane (9%).

This hat covers your ears perfectly and at the same time lets you hear everything that happens in the surroundings. It also does not lead to overheating of the scalp or prediction. These situations can result in a cold. It is very comfortable and does not oppress, which increases the comfort of wearing it.

Consumers believe that this product is recommendable and will certainly meet the requirements of even the most demanding people. Not only does it look very good, it also protects the head from the cold, while providing good ventilation.


Rank #5: Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Perforated Baseball Cap

 The Rudy Project Tri Ultralight cap is primarily intended for men. It looks very stylish and is 100% made of polyester. It is an extremely durable material that provides good ventilation, so the scalp will not sweat excessively.

The presented model of running cap is fastened with Velcro. The clasp can be freely adjusted, adapting the product to the circumference of your head. In this way it lies perfectly and does not slip during the run. It is also extremely light, which increases the comfort of use during training.

As is clear from opinions circulating in the network, the cap is worth buying, because it performs well during exercise. Running in it becomes much more pleasant, because if necessary it protects the head from strong wind or rain. At the same time, the scalp does not sweat, because the material of the cap is breathable and breathable.


Shopping guide

A running hat is part of the basic equipment of every runner. It allows you to protect your head not only from the sun, but also heavy rain. Many people also say that running in it is much more comfortable than without. However, sometimes it may turn out that a product of this type of poor quality does not work and causes only excessive sweating. We have created this guide so that every runner finds out which running hat to choose so that it fulfills all its functions well.


The role of running caps

However, people who think that a hat is not essential to running should change their mind. This element can be as important as comfortable pants or shorts, and even shoes. Playing sports at a low temperature without a hat can result in a cold, flu or worsening headache for us. It is through the head that a lot of heat escapes from our body, which is why we should always cover it during physical exertion.

Also in summer, when temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius, it is not worth giving up wearing a hat. Of course, it will look slightly different than the winter one. It will not only protect our head from the sun, but also increase our visibility (we will not have to constantly squint our eyes against strong light). During rainy weather, the hat will keep the head dry, so we can effectively eliminate the development of infection, which for several days will remove us from regular training.


Material made

It is believed that the best running hat should be made of a material that allows the skin to breathe, e.g. polyester. As a result, the head will not sweat excessively, which will not only increase our comfort during training, but also prevent the development of a cold or other illness. Both summer and winter headgear should allow thermal insulation, so you can choose models enriched with even mesh inserts that will improve ventilation and prevent sweating of the scalp.


Comfortable clasp

A good running hat should fit snugly to your head and not move during training. This is closely related to the clasp. Most of the models available on the market are fastened with Velcro, which makes them comfortable to wear, and at the same time they adhere tightly to the head. Complementary to the fastening can also be adjustment of the circumference with a special tape, thanks to which the product will be well suited.



Most often, runners reach for baseball caps, especially in the spring and summer. This is a very convenient option, because this element effectively protects our eyes from intense sunlight. If we want to maintain good visibility, we should choose a product where the visor is small. Thanks to this, we will know everything perfectly, and at the same time our eyes and whole head will be covered from the sun.

Some athletes need not only a hat, but also sunglasses for training. If we are used to running in them, let’s look in the store for a model of a hat that has special eyeglass holders on the ears. Thanks to this, we will run much more comfortably, because the glasses will not constantly slide down. So we will be able to fully focus on training.


Water and dirt resistance

If you train very often and usually in difficult conditions, e.g. in the rain, buying a hat that is resistant to water and various types of dirt will be a good choice. Thanks to it, our head will always remain dry, even if we run in heavy rain, and besides, the product will not get too dirty. Such a headgear for special tasks will also not require frequent washing, so we can be sure that it will not be damaged too quickly.



When it comes to which running hat is the best, a lot can depend not only on the fastening, the presence of the visor or water resistance, but also the design itself. Some attach great importance to their sports outfit, because the right outfit allows you to feel much more confident. Currently on the market we have a very large variety of this type of products, among them are typically women’s, men’s hats, as well as those in the unisex version.

In this matter, much depends mainly on our taste and preferences. We can choose from a huge range of colors, visor length and many other elements. After all, let’s try to choose a model that will not only look great, but also properly protect our head and, above all, be comfortable.


Running hats at good prices

Running hats may vary in price. A lot depends on whether it is a summer or winter hat. The cheapest models usually cost PLN 20-40. More professional products from well-known brands usually cost a lot more. If we dream of such a headgear, we will have to spend about 80-100 PLN on the purchase, but it may turn out that its quality will be much higher than for cheaper hats.


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