10 Best Safety Pins For Exercise –Reviews In 2020

Are you looking for a safety pin that is durable but you don’t know what to look for when choosing? You’ve come to the right place – our website has a shopping guide. What’s more, we’ve chosen several models that you’ll like. According to Internet users, Sapphire SG-005 came first. The product has been designed for home use. The model is characterized by high durability and reliability. It owes to high-quality materials used for production. The equipment is designed to exercise various muscle groups including thighs, buttocks, as well as arms and back. Regular training will allow you to sculpt your figure, lose weight, and strengthen your muscles. It can be used by both professionals and amateurs. What’s more, the device is made in an attractive way. Because of this, you don’t have to hide him when the guests come. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the next models from our ranking. Second place went to Body Sculpture Butterfly , which allows intensive training and is safe to use.

The best safety pins for exercises in 2020

You already know what to look for when shopping, now it’s time for the safety pins ranking. Below you will find models that are most often chosen by consumers. At the same time, users rate them very highly.


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Rank #1: Sapphire SG-005

 Many people value the Sapphire SG-005. Users say it is durable. This good and cheap training pin allows for intensive thigh and shoulder muscle training. It allows them to be sculpted and increases durability. It can be used by both people starting their adventure with fitness, as well as professional athletes. The safety pin is designed for home use.

The product is made of high quality materials. The spring is made of steel, which is characterized by high durability. It was painted black. The handles are covered with an intensely pink cover. Thanks to the sponge, the consumer is guaranteed comfort of use, as the protection protects against abrasions and allows a comfortable grip. Models with blue foam are also available.

The Sapphire SG-005 device is characterized by aesthetic design. The product was made with attention to detail, which positively affects its quality. The width of one arm of the equipment is 13 cm. The diameter of the handle with foam is 2 cm.


Rank #2: Butterfly Body Sculpture

 The Butterfly Body Sculpture model allows you to sculpt your shoulder, back, chest muscles as well as the inside and outside of your thighs. During home training with this device, you can make your daily routine varied. What’s more, the product is very easy to use, so anyone can practice on it. At the same time, it is important to consult with your doctor whether the exercises are safe for you.

The equipment is made of high quality plastic. The frame is made of a gray steel spring. The safety pin is covered with a durable, pink sponge. In this way, the butterfly is an effective fitness tool for many years. The handle is sufficiently soft and adapts well to the hand, ensuring a stable grip. The device does not weigh much, which facilitates exercise in many ways.

The product is characterized by safe use. The small size and weight allow it to be used anywhere. Consumers appreciate this model for its solid performance. In addition, they say that the effects of exercise can be seen quickly.


Rank #3: Fitplay 54cm

 An interesting product that interested many users is Fitplay 54cm. This model facilitates exercising both the inside and outside of the thighs. In addition, you can develop, slim and strengthen the muscles of the arms, chest, back and neck. It was created for home use. You can also use it outdoors.

The equipment is made of high quality materials. The spring is made of steel wire. What’s more, it was covered with a layer of polyurethane foam. Thanks to it, the product is sufficiently hard. In addition, this material does not absorb moisture. In this way, the tool is very durable and resistant to cracking, even in intensive use.

The handles on the device are comfortable and well-shaped. The equipment is safe to use. It has a width of 54 cm. Consumers say that this product is very mobile. The butterfly weighs little, so you can train with it anywhere.


Rank #4: Sportwell 52TH2003

 Sportwell 52TH2003 is a safety pin that is recognized by many users. It is used to develop the muscles of the hands, thighs, and chest. The butterfly was created for people who want to exercise their body at home. The convenience of use as well as the lightness of the equipment allows you to use it during a break from work or in the park.

The attractive design of this safety pin makes it stand out on the market. The butterfly handles are orange. The equipment is made of high quality materials. Steel was used to produce the spring, and the foam is made of plastic. The handle has slip resistance. Thanks to this, you can do exercises comfortably, even when you sweat. In addition, the material does not bend even after intensive use.

The width of the product is 60 cm. For this reason, it will work for people who have larger dimensions. Consumers are satisfied with this model. They claim that it is very easy to use.


Rank #5: Laubr Sport IR97726

 Laubr Sport IR97726 exercise equipment helps you maintain your muscles in good shape. With the device, you can easily and quickly train your thighs, arms, back and chest. The butterfly is intended for home use. You can also use it outdoors. It will also work out in fitness clubs or in the gym.

The device is very durable. It owes to high-quality materials used for production. The spring is made of steel. In this way, the equipment will serve you for many years. Then the wire was covered with foam made of PVC. In this way, the exerciser has a secure grip and the hand does not slide on the handle, even when wet. Thanks to this the product is safe. The sponge handle is made of green color.

The butterfly is 49 cm long. Opinions about Laubr Sport safety training pins are very positive. The IR97726 also received a favorable assessment. Consumers ensure that this product is professionally made.

Shopping guide

Many people dream of nicely sculpted calves and cellulite reduction. However, this requires multi-stage training, creams and cosmetic procedures. Fortunately, an exercise pin is an increasingly popular device on the market. It consists of 2 bent rods and casings. During the exercises, we press two elements and then relax them. Regular repetition guarantees strengthening of the muscles of the legs and thighs and modeling of the arms and forearms. We want your training to be effective and safe, that’s why we’ve prepared the following guide. You will learn from it which training pin is the best.




What is a safety pin?

The name of the device is related to its shape, which resembles an office object. The equipment is used to improve fitness and to eliminate (through regular exercise) fat and cellulite on the thighs and arms. Chest and back muscles are also stimulated during training. The reason for the growing popularity of the equipment is that it provides intensive training, which translates into faster burning of unnecessary calories and reduction of body fat.

According to specialists, properly conducted training will strengthen the calves and thighs, as well as sculpt the muscles. The same will apply to arms and forearms. In addition, the safety pin is increasingly used for rehabilitation and work on muscle recovery.


Material made

If you want to find good quality equipment, be sure to use what materials it is made of. Let’s look at the bars first. The low-cost versions use plastic or low-quality steel. However, such devices will only work for people who are just starting training and do not have too much strength. However, with frequent use, the model will be more and more susceptible to damage. That is why we recommend buying a durable steel or metal rod from time to time, which will not break even if you use a lot of force.

The second element are covers that are wrapped in a layer of material. Almost all models on the market use a sponge. Make sure the sponge is thick. Thanks to this, your hands will not come into contact with the rod. Not only will you not get them dirty, but you will also protect them from injury.



Many people, not knowing which training pin to choose, decide on equipment that they like visually. Of course, appearance is important, but security should focus our attention. Make sure that the bar covers are covered with a non-slip layer as it guarantees a firm grip and prevents the device from slipping.

In addition, find out if the safety pin has passed the tests and has the necessary certificates. This is very important, otherwise a serious injury may occur during training. If the device loosens too quickly after pressing it can be cut. For this reason, make sure that the product has been previously tested.



Even the best safety pin gets stained during training. Sweat affects the cover material, and many people forget to wash their hands before exercising. Consequently, after several trainings, our safety pin is dirty and needs to be cleaned. For this reason, make sure that the covers can be removed quickly and conveniently, and then just as easily attached.

If you have already removed the material, please check if it can be machine washed. The alternative is hand washing. However, many fabrics require the use of special methods, for example, the rubber does not tolerate contact with water, so you can remove the unpleasant smell of sweat with a vinegar solution.




The weight of the device

Before you make your final purchase, check how much the safety pin weighs and whether you can lift it. Remember that it is thanks to the special construction that you can strengthen and shape the muscles of the body. However, if it turns out that the device is too heavy, performing tasks correctly may prove to be quite problematic. The weight of a well-constructed product should not exceed 0.5 kg. However, heavier devices weighing 3 kg or more are available on the market. However, they are dedicated to professional athletes who want to increase their strength during training. This type of exercise is especially popular among bodybuilders.


Safety pins for good prices

Fortunately, finding the right safety pin will not be too expensive. Depending on the quality of the material from which the device was made, prices range from PLN 15 to PLN 100.

Naturally, items with soft sponges will be more expensive because they are more durable. In turn, safety pins with thin rod guards are much cheaper. This is because the material does not cover the housing well. Consequently, after several minutes of exercise, it may be uncomfortable or even painful.

The material used to make the housing also matters. Steel safety pins are slightly more expensive than their less durable counterparts, which are made using plastic. PVC and aluminum are very popular, cheap substitutes for steel and metal. These materials look very good and will definitely work in beginner’s safety pins. However, strong bodybuilders will break them quickly.


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