10 Best Smart Band For Workout – Reviews In 2020

Xiomi Mi Band 2 and Huawei Band 2 Pro are the two most popular models of smartbands currently available on the market. These devices are very practical and due to the number of functions they are perfect for training. 

The model that came first in our ranking – the Xiomi Mi Band 2 – is a smartband compatible with Android and iOS 7. It has a long-lasting battery, which after charging works for almost 3 weeks.

 The equipment has the function of a heart rate monitor and a pedometer. It measures the distance traveled, the duration of the exercises and their intensity. 

It also has a built-in sleep monitoring system and an alarm clock that includes our biological clock. Because this equipment is waterproof, we can use it even in harsh weather conditions. You also can’t forget that the device is easy to use.

 However, if you are looking for something different, then you can stock up on Huawei Band 2 Pro . It is a smartwatch that can be used not only on land, but also under water. 

The watch is comfortable and does not slip from your hand during training. On his screen there are accurate data that describe not only training, but also health.


6 Best smartbands For Workout- Reviews In 2020

Smartband is a product that is worn on the hand (looks like a watch). His initial function was counting steps, later the model was equipped with further options. 

The data collected by this equipment is transferred to the application on a mobile device, i.e. a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to analyze the daily steps and calories burned. 

The market offers a wide range of such products with additional functions. Our smartband ranking will show you the most interesting models available on the market.

Rank #1: Xiaomi MGW4024GL Mi Band 2 Miband

 In the first place of our list is the Xiaomi MGW4024GL Mi Band 2 Miband . During the run this good and cheap smartband will inform you about the distance traveled. During exercise, you can use it to check your pulse and exercise with the intensity that is right for you.

This information will allow training analysis and statistics to be performed. At the same time, the band is equipped with a sleep monitoring function. Thanks to it you can check its phases on the charts. In addition, the band is equipped with an alarm clock that will wake you up with vibrations at the right time.

The device is compatible with Android 4.4 and newer as well as iOS7. Connects to them via Bluetooth 4.0. The product was made of high quality plastic that provides it with water resistance, temperature resistance and shock resistance.

The adjustable strap will allow you to adjust it to any hand. This model is equipped with a functional battery with a capacity of 70 mAh, which works without charging for 20 days. This equipment will also work as a regular wrist watch. This best smartband is especially appreciated for its convenient display and battery life.

Xiaomi MGW4024GL Mi Band 2 Miband  is a good smartband up to PLN 150, compatible with Android (above 4.4) and iOS 7. It is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication system. The device has a built-in battery with a capacity of 70 mAh, which lasts for about 20 days.




Smartband has many interesting functions – it measures pulse, exercise time, distance traveled, training intensity. It allows you to analyze our statistics. It also has the function of monitoring our sleep and a built-in alarm clock that, by analyzing our circadian rhythm, starts at the right time.

Compatibility with systems:

The device is compatible with various devices that have Android 4.4 and newer and iOS 7. After installing the appropriate application and connecting the smartband with the phone, we can also view our results from the smartphone application.

Water resistance and more:

It is a waterproof product, and at the same time resistant to various temperatures and vibrations arising during exercise.

Adjustable strap:

Because the smartband has an adjustable strap, it allows us to adjust it to our hand.


The problem of many such devices is the low battery. Fortunately, the manufacturer took care of this element and on a charged battery the smartband works for about 20 days.



Problems with measuring heart rate:

Unfortunately, the device is not very accurate when it comes to measuring pulse during exercise.

 Huawei Band 2 Pro is a smartwatch that will be useful for you during any sport, including swimming, because the watch is waterproof. No problem, you dive with him suddenly. The weight of the watch is 21 g, which makes it one of the lightest models. The maximum working time of the gadget is 21 days.

The dimensions of the smartwatch are 44 mm x 20 mm x 10 mm. It has a GPS function so you always know where you are. During training, he measures many parameters. You know exactly what your pulse is, how many calories you have burnt, what distance you have traveled, etc. The device also reminds you that breathing is important during training.

Users really like the fact that the watch is comfortable and quickly put on the wrist. The internal memory is 16 Mb. The screen diagonal is 0.9 inches and the numbers are large enough to read the results freely. Users appreciate this and are happy to choose a product.

Huawei Band 2 Pro is a watch measuring 44 mm x 20 mm x 10 mm. Its weight is 21 g. The equipment strap is made of plastic. The smartwatch display has a 0.9 inch diagonal.




The screen resolution is 128 x 32. Its diagonal is 0.9 inches, which is so much that anyone can read the information on the screen.


The Li-ion battery is one of the most modern on the market, thanks to which the watch can work without interruption almost 21 days.


The presented watch has many interesting functions, among them: measuring heart rate, speed, showing location, calories burned and a stopwatch. The watch, of course, also shows the time.


Plastic gently surrounds the hand and holds well on it. It is worth mentioning that the equipment weighs only 21 g, so it will not disturb during training.




The memory of the smartwatch is only 16 Mb. Therefore, we cannot put songs or documents into the system.


Rank #3: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartwatch Fitness Band

 Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is a watch that you can take with you for any workout. It is a model that has a very good data synchronization system. Just download the application to your mobile phone. The results of our trainings are regularly sent to her. The watch prepares special training analyzes that allow you to exercise better.

This sports watch has a design that can be worn in a variety of situations, not just training. It looks very nice, so don’t hesitate to wear it with your official costumes. The shield can be personalized according to the user’s needs. The advantage of the device is that it allows you to listen to music, which is valued by many people.

The device has a built-in barometer, heart rate monitor, timer, stopwatch and accelerometer. In addition, the equipment is equipped with GPS, a gyro sensor and a media controller. Thanks to all these functions, the watch can be used for many tasks, and therefore it is chosen by many athletes.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is a 34 g smartwatch. Its memory is 4 GB. The equipment can be used on a charged battery for up to 4 days. Then connect it to the docking station. The screen’s diagonal is 1.5 inches.




Unlike most devices of this type, the watch has a large memory, and it is up to 4 GB. You can easily download songs to it that you can listen to at any time.


It is a smartwatch that allows you to thoroughly analyze workouts and heart rate, distance traveled, route traveled, calories burned, and the display will show personalized information.


The watch is constructed in such a way that it will not be damaged under any conditions (even when underwater). The strap bends accordingly and does not form any cracks when worn.



Working time:

The operating time of the device is not too long, so the watch must return to the docking station after a maximum of 4 days.


Rank #4: Garmin vívosmart 3 Activity Tracker

 Garmin VivoSmart HR + is a smartband with a purple strap. The manufacturer’s offer also includes models in other colors. Everyone has a chance to adapt the equipment to their preferences. The band is waterproof (up to 50 m), which means that you can take a bath or swim in it. The product weighs 31 g.

The device has a touch screen. It is readable even in full sun. The smartband counts the steps taken, determines the number of calories burned and the number of floors climbed. In addition, it measures distance, training intensity and heart rate. The equipment is compatible with the Garmin Connect Mobile application. It was created to allow easy monitoring of activity. The application contains valuable tips so that you can get even better results of exercise. 

The smartband is valued by consumers for its robust design and easy operation system. The advantage is that the model checks your heart rate accurately. So you don’t have to buy additional devices for measuring your heart rate.

The Garmin VivoSmart HR + smartband has a waterproof case (50 m). The strap is made of plastic. The product weighs 31 g.




Many people ensure that the device has a high-quality screen. The information displayed on it is legible. An additional advantage is that even in bright sunlight reading the data from the screen is not a problem.

Possibility of improving results:

After determining the current level of activity, the band sets goals. As they are implemented, the device identifies further challenges so that the user can gradually improve their condition and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Phone notifications:

If we pair a smartband with your smartphone, the band screen will display information about incoming calls, as well as notifications from social networks installed on your phone. This will allow you to be up to date.




Some people claim that the band could be made of better quality materials. Few consumers have experienced minor irritation associated with wearing a watch.


Rank #5: Fitbit Alta Hr Smartband

 We present Fitbit Alta HR, a functional smartband for demanding consumers. The band is available in several sizes to choose from: S (13.9 cm – 17 cm), L (17 cm – 20.5 cm) and XL (20.5 cm – 23.6 cm). As a result, everyone can choose a model ideally suited to the circumference of the wrist.

The device is equipped with a capacious battery that lasts up to 7 days from full charge. The touch screen is relatively large, which makes it easier to read the results. Just touch the display to check activity on a given day. The equipment has an accurate heart rate monitor. Fitbit Alta HR counts the distance traveled, the number of steps taken and calories burned during exercise. 

People who decided to buy a smartband confirm that it was a good investment. The product is light, so it is comfortable to wear. It has an aesthetic design, so it suits many stylizations. The device has many interesting features that allow you to accurately monitor your daily activities. The advantage is the option to set notifications.

The Smartbit Fitbit Alta HR is available in several sizes: S (13.9 cm – 17 cm), L (17 cm – 20.5 cm) and XL (20.5 cm – 23.6 cm). The model has a black color. 



Detection of exercise type:

The device has the function of automatically detecting the type of exercise e.g. running, cycling or exercising on an elliptical device. So you do not need to set your smartband before starting exercise.

Sleep monitoring:

As you know, sleep is very important. Therefore, the manufacturer made sure that the equipment thoroughly tested the quality of sleep. As a result, we know if we provide our body with enough rest.


Due to the fact that the product has a classic design and universal color (black), both women and men like it.



Need to reset settings:

In some reviews you can read that from time to time the smartband loses the ability to sync with the smartphone. Then you need to reset the settings, which takes time.

Belt clip:

Few people say that making a belt clip is not the best. This element is not solid.


Rank #6: Lintelek Fitness Tracker

 Our ranking closes the Lintelek Fitness Tracker. It is an elegant device in black. The set comes with 3 colors of bands, which gives you the option of matching the gadget to your everyday outfit. This model has a large, 0.91-inch display that allows comfortable use.

The product is great for athletes because it has the option of counting steps. In addition, the band gives you the opportunity to check the distance traveled and informs you about the amount of calories burned. In addition, the user can check notifications about messages and calls, without distracting themselves from the exercises.

Connectivity is via Bluetooth 2.1. The device is equipped with the antilost function, which when lost allows you to check its location on a mobile device. Materials used for production ensure comfort. In addition, they also guarantee water resistance.

The product is equipped with a 75 mAh battery, which is enough for many hours of use. Consumers positively evaluate the ratio of product quality to its price.

 Lintelek Fitness Tracker  is an elegant equipment with a large display. The device has a battery with a capacity of 75 mAh. This model is equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity.




This is one of the cheaper models in our ranking. Its attractive price meant that many people decided to buy this particular product.

Wearing comfort:

The device has a very comfortable band that adapts to our wrist. The material used to manufacture this equipment is very pleasant to the touch, does not irritate the skin and does not slide on it when it is wet.



Problems reading SMS:

Although the hardware has the function of notifying the user about sms messages, it should be noted that in this case the messages are not displayed very well.

A small number of functions:

Unfortunately, this is a very basic smartband, with no functions that prove very useful during training.


Ambcol for Fitbit Alta Bands

The device that will help you better control the course of the day is the Sony 2 SWR12 smartband. The task of the equipment is to track all our activity, which consists of pulse, movement and sleep. The model is also able to catch when our moments of relaxation and arousal fall.
Thanks to the fact that the device measures our pulse, it is able to help us find situations that are stressful for us. This will help us to eliminate them successively. The big advantage of the equipment is that we can connect it to our phone, thanks to which gentle vibrations will inform us about upcoming messages and conversations. Another advantage of the smartband is its appearance, which resembles a fashionable accessory, so it will go well with your wardrobe. Product dimensions are: 40.07 mm x 15.3 mm x 9.4 mm, while the weight of the device is 26 g.
The reason why smartbands are becoming more and more popular is that they register our activity even when we sleep. This will allow us to estimate the quality and length of sleep, which will facilitate making changes in the organization of the day.

The tasteful and very elegant Meliya Metal Loop Bands is a device that we would like to recommend to all physically active people. The device looks like a fashionable accessory that will go well with your wardrobe.
The presented model works with Android, which facilitates the transfer of all collected data to the application on the phone. This will definitely help you analyze the collected information that will help you lead a more hygienic lifestyle. A great convenience that will surely satisfy people who want to live in a modern way is that the band will inform us about an incoming call or text message. What’s more, vibrations will inform us when we move away from the phone at a distance of more than 100 m. The advantages of the product include a continuous record of the course of our lives, not only in terms of physical activity, but also interaction with the world.
According to many people, this Meliya Metal Loop Bands at a good price is a device that all athletes should have if they want to control the course of the day. The band will allow you to assess when you are the most productive and how long you actually sleep. Many users have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of life since purchasing the model.

The AK Bands Compatible for Fitbit Alta/Fitbit Alta HR  is a recommendable model that will not only collect information about our day, but will also serve as an interesting addition.
The purpose of the device is to record how we spend the day, both when we exercise and when we relax.

The display shows information about heart rate, calories burned and distance traveled. A very interesting advantage is talking without using a phone. This is achieved by synchronizing the band with our camera, and makes us be informed about incoming calls or messages. To start a conversation, just press the screen and a friend’s voice will come out of the microphone. It is worth emphasizing that the display is so large that we can easily read the text message.

The main reason why so many people invest in smartbands is that they enable us to analyze our sleep. During the rest a thorough analysis of its length and quality is carried out. In turn, the application on the phone will show us some useful tips about what we can change to live more hygienically.


How to connect a smartband with a phone?

Smartband, or smart band, is extremely useful during training. This electronic gadget worn on the wrist monitors our physical activity on an ongoing basis, which is why we can more effectively develop our exercise plans and track progress. You know the smartband that athletes recommend through the previous sections of the article. Below, we have included step-by-step instructions on how to connect equipment with a smartphone.

Preparation for configuration

We can connect the smartband to your phone in two ways, i.e. via Bluetooth or the NFC module. If we decide on the first option, it is necessary to download and install the appropriate application on the smartphone. Information on what software is needed to configure and use the band can be found in the user manual (a different application is usually dedicated to each operating system). To use the NFC module, we also need the right programs, which the configuration wizard will inform us about. It is also important to connect the wristband to the charger for a minimum of 30 minutes before connecting so that it does not discharge when attempting to establish communication.

Bluetooth configuration

When we installed or updated the smartphone application indicated by the manufacturer, we can proceed to the attempt to connect via Bluetooth. To do this, start the program on your phone and activate the smartband. After activating the wireless communication module on your smartphone, a list of visible devices will appear. So we have to choose the name corresponding to our band. Then, detailed instructions will be displayed on the screen – the application will lead us through the configuration process. It is important that the phone is connected to the Internet at all times.

Connection via the NFC function

The first step to configure the devices when you select the NFC module is to enable this feature on your phone. When trying to connect, the smartphone screen must be unlocked and active at all times. Place the device over the smartband so that the NFC areas are in contact with each other. After detecting the device in the phone, the application with the wizard will activate, which will guide us through the further stages of configuration. This operation should take us a few to a maximum of several minutes.

When devices suddenly lose connectivity

Sometimes it happens that despite pairing, the phone and smartband suddenly lose connectivity. In this situation, you must first turn both devices off and on again, and then try to connect them again. If this did not help, we need to make sure that the Bluetooth module in the phone is turned on, and also check that the band did not accidentally switch to airplane mode. Sometimes the reason for connection problems is the lack of internet access.

When all the basic methods fail, we should cancel pairing the smartband with the smartphone, looking for the “forget” function in the phone (in Bluetooth settings). It is also necessary to restore the band’s factory settings. Remember, however, that this leads to the loss of all saved data. After that, all you have to do is pair the devices again, following the instructions described above.

Please note that a smartband connected to one phone cannot be simultaneously paired with another. To configure the band with another smartphone, we must first end the connection with the previous device. Smartband manufacturers recommend that you do not use the pairing and disconnection function too often, as this may lead to the appearance of errors in the internal memory of the equipment. By reconfiguring the band with any phone, it often turns out to be difficult and takes a lot of time.


Shopping guide – Which smartband to buy?

An intelligent wristband is becoming increasingly popular. It is to replace us not only with the watch, but also other useful devices. Its main function is to collect data on our daily activities and analyze them. From a smartwatch, it is distinguished by the fact that there is no clear division between the band and the envelope. Due to the large number of models available on the market, we have prepared this guide in which you will find the answer to the question – which smartband to choose.

Types – which smartband is the best?

Due to the growing interest in smart wristbands, manufacturers release more and more models every year. They have new technology and differ from each other in terms of parameters. The basic types of this type of equipment are smartbands:

Classic – the most popular model of the smart band. It has all the most necessary functions and modes. Such a smartband is made of durable plastic that is very flexible and resistant to any mechanical damage. What’s more, it has no clear division between the band and the envelope in which all the electronics are located, thanks to which it has a characteristic and dynamic shape. It is also worth remembering that this type of equipment does not have a display,

Watchband – this variant differs from a smartband in that it has a display. Although the shape resembles an earlier version, the band is slightly wider and the envelope is also more expressive. Some watchband models have physical buttons, although they are increasingly being replaced by a touch panel.


Regardless of whether we choose the classic smartband or its improved version – watchband, both of these devices have interesting features. Depending on the manufacturer and the price shelf, we will find options such as:

GPS – is available only in selected, latest models of smartbands and watchbands. GPS will definitely be useful when setting out on a tour of an unknown area. Thanks to it we can easily locate our location,

Heart rate monitor – a very useful function for those who train demanding sports and burn fat intensely,

Sharing data – if you like to share your results with friends, this is the function just for you. Thanks to the sharing option, your data saved on the device will be sent and published on the social network of your choice.


Whether our equipment should be waterproof depends entirely on our preferences and expectations for the model. If we have no problem exercising in difficult conditions, regardless of whether the sun is shining or it is raining, the waterproof smartband is perfect for us. Water resistance is determined on an 8-point IPX scale or according to OverBoard. It is IPX that is responsible for determining the waterproof properties of a given equipment, including backpacks, flashlights and cases. It should also be remembered that the higher the value on the scale, the greater the waterproofness of our device. That is why it is worth choosing a model whose value starts with IPX 4.


The best smartband is a device that fully meets our expectations. To accommodate all consumers, manufacturers offer a variety of models with a different style. That is why in stores you will find devices in any color or pattern.


When buying equipment, remember about the size of the display, although smartbands do not have one. I am talking about an envelope, on which data are shown using special diodes. It is worth remembering that the device will be used primarily during physical activity in the form of all kinds of exercises. While moving, reading information written in small fonts or from a small display can be simply uncomfortable and cumbersome. Newer watchband devices have an OLED display.

It is characterized by a touch panel, which does not have any buttons. This is very important because in the case of keys we often have a problem with flooding the equipment when it is not waterproof.


The smartband is made of high quality plastic. It is resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage, and additionally has a high strength. For this reason, it is perfect for exercising, running, hiking and even swimming. This plastic is also very easy to maintain. In case of dirt, simply wipe it gently with a damp cloth to get rid of the dirt.

Operating system

When choosing this type of equipment, remember that it works with one of three operating systems: IOS, Windows or Android. It is best to choose a model whose operating system is compatible with our smartphone. Then we will be sure that the smartband or watchband we choose will be 100% compatible with our device.

Smartbands at good prices

The price of smartbands and watchbands depends primarily on the functions of the model and manufacturer. We will pay about PLN 50 for the cheapest models. However, they are equipped with the most basic modes, such as clock and time measurement. We will pay at least PLN 150 for models of a known brand. For this amount, however, we have a guarantee that our equipment is made of the best quality materials and is very functional.

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