10 Best Sports Bras –Reviews In 2020

A sports bra should be in the wardrobe of every active woman. Thanks to it, training becomes more comfortable, which results from good breast support. Which model among those available in stores is the best in 2020? According to the ladies, it is a Bixtra clima cool bra made of microfiber and breathable fabric. It provides a push-up effect, thus optically enlarges the breasts and allows you to feel more confident during exercise. Bra works out while jogging, practicing yoga or training in the gym. It allows the skin to breathe, and excess moisture quickly wicks away, which prevents discomfort. The model also has the advantage of being flexible. The bra adapts perfectly to the figure and is recommended for women wearing underwear with a cup from A to C. We also encourage you to check other products described in the ranking, in particular the Model boxer bra top . It is made almost 100% cotton. The addition of elastane makes the bra more stretchy and thus more comfortable to wear.


The best sports bras in 2020

Our ranking of sports bras will help you choose a product. We have described in detail 5 models that are worth paying attention to. We chose them taking into account the features contained in the guide.


Rank #1: Bixtra clima cool

 For women looking for a sporty, seamless bra with a push-up effect, we recommend the Bixtra clima cool model. It is available in black and looks extremely stylish. You can wear it under a T-shirt or alone to tight-fitting leggings. Bra is suitable for women wearing everyday underwear with cups A, B and C.

The dimensions of the model are: height – 31 cm and width – 29 cm. Bra is made of flexible microfiber and double, breathable fabric, so it can stretch. This means that it adapts well to the body and does not cause excessive pressure. If necessary, the push-up pads can be removed to ensure greater exercise comfort.

Bra is very popular among active women, because it looks fashionable, is comfortable to wear and well supports the bust during exercise. A bra allows the skin to breathe and quickly wicks excess moisture away. In addition, the presented model works well for many different activities. You can wear it for fitness, aerobics, jogging or training in the gym.

Bixtra clima cool bra is made of microfiber and double, breathable fabric. This is a good sports bra up to PLN 20 with dimensions: 31 cm x 29 cm (without stretching).



Stylish look:

The model has a black color. It’s a fashionable-looking bra that doesn’t have to be worn.

Adapts to the body:

Due to the universal size and elasticity, the bra adapts very well to the body. It is suitable for ladies wearing bras with cups A, B and C.

Push-up effect:

The model has stiffening inserts that lift the bust up and make it look fuller optically. The bra provides a push-up effect.

It allows the skin to breathe:

The bra guarantees air circulation at the appropriate level, which is why the skin does not sweat excessively during training.

Not only for fitness:

The model is perfect for fitness exercises, as well as for aerobics, jogging and during intensive training in the gym.



Not suitable for larger breasts:

This is not an ideal choice for women with larger breasts wearing underwear with a D, E and larger cup.


Rank #2: Model boxer top

 Model boxer top is a bra in a universal size. It is suitable for ladies who wear underwear with a cup from A to C. It is a model sewn from a combination of two materials – cotton (95%) and elastane (5%). The bra is pleasant to touch and does not irritate the skin, and it guarantees air circulation. In addition, it adapts well to the body due to its stretch.

The product is available in black, white straps on the straps. Bra has dimensions: length – 30 cm, circumference under the bust – 70 cm and width of the rubber under the bust – 36 cm (without stretching). This model has been carefully trimmed, no threads stick out. There is no risk that the material will accidentally tear when making sudden movements.

The bra looks fashionable and also slightly raises the breasts, as a result of which they look fuller. Many women are very positive about the product. It appealed to ladies practicing yoga, fitness, as well as strength exercises.

Model top boxer is a bra in size S / M / L with dimensions: 30 cm x 70 cm x 36 cm. The materials used to make the product are cotton and elastane.



Soft and pleasant to the touch:

Considering what the bra is made of, we can be sure that it won’t irritate the skin. It is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Push-up insert:

The model has a push-up pad responsible for optical breast enlargement. If we feel discomfort during exercise, we can remove it.

It is stretchy:

There is no fear that the bra will over tighten and will not provide comfort. It is so stretchy that it will undoubtedly adapt to the figure.

Good build quality:

Bra is carefully trimmed, no threads stick out. For this reason, it is resistant to tearing and we can wear it without any obstacles for a long time.



Only one color:

The model is only available in one black color. This does not suit women who prefer underwear in brighter colors.


Rank #3: Adidas Committed Chill

 We present the Adidas Committed Chill bra, which is perfect for intense gym training and more. Because it has stiffened cups, it perfectly supports breasts, so you can easily jump or run. The materials used to manufacture the model are polyamide (71% composition) and elastane (29% composition).

The bra is elegant, you can even wear it without a shirt, thus exposing a great figure. Mesh elements increase air circulation, while the Climachill system is responsible for removing excess sweat and heat to the outside. Under the bust line there is rubber for better fit of the bra to the body.

One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of the Adidas model is the lack of underwires. The bra is well profiled, so we will not feel uncomfortable wearing it instead of the usual bra. Interesting colors also deserve attention. The product looks fashionable, and consumers wearing it think that thanks to it they can feel much more confident in the gym.

The Adidas Committed Chill bra has padded cups. The materials used for its production are 71% polyamide and 29% elastane.



Stylishly presented:

We conducted a sports bra test to see which model looks the most stylish. It turned out that this bra looks fashionable and can be worn freely without a T-shirt in combination with exercise leggings.

Prevents excessive sweating:

Even during intense training, there is no risk that we sweat excessively. The bra has mesh inserts to improve air circulation, as well as a Climachill system that quickly wicks excess moisture away.

Body fit:

The model adapts well to the figure, which results, among others with the use of wide rubber under the bust. You don’t have to worry that the bra will be too loose and won’t support your breasts.



Too wide straps:

Bra has relatively wide straps, which does not suit owners of small breasts.


Rank #4: Model thin straps

 The product Model thin straps has a size S / M, which is why it suits ladies with smaller breasts. It has a universal cup (A, B, C). Bra works very well during running, fitness exercises, as well as during yoga. Bra made of polyamide (92%) and elastane (8%), so it is stretchy and adapts to the figure.

It is worth noting that the presented model is available in several colors. There are 5 versions to choose from: white, black, cornflower, neon yellow and neon pink. This gives you the opportunity to choose a bra in a shade that matches the type of beauty and individual preferences. Bra dimensions are: length – 29 cm, circumference under the bust – from 65 cm to 75 cm and width of the rubber under the bust – 29 cm.

Women who bought this bra think that it is much more comfortable to exercise than in a regular bra. It does not restrict movement, but it supports breasts well. In addition, the model described above guarantees constant air circulation and dries quickly.

Model bra thin straps has a size S / M. It was made of polyamide (92%) and elastane (8%). The bra stretches, its circumference under the bust covers a range of 65 cm to 75 cm.



Dries quickly:

If we sweat excessively during exercise, we should not feel discomfort because of it. The bra dries quickly.

Does not restrict movement:

Although the bra adheres well to the body and supports the breasts, it does not restrict movement. So we can exercise freely. It’s a good model for jogging, yoga, aerobics, fitness and training in the gym.

Interesting colors:

Bra is available in 5 colors: cornflower, black, white, neon yellow and neon pink.



Missing push-up pads:

Women who think that small breasts are their largest complex complain about the lack of inserts providing a push-up effect.


Rank #5: Top double boxer model

 Sports bra Model boxer top double supports breasts very well during intense exercise, because it has double straps (one pair is thin and the other is much thicker). This model is equipped with a removable push-up pad, so it can also optically enlarge the bust. The product has the size S / M.

The materials used to make the bra are nylon (80%) and spandex (20%). You can choose from three bra colors, namely: pink-gray, blue and pink. The model does not cause skin irritation, we can wear it even every day, and not only during training. It is important that the bra does not absorb too much moisture, but quickly drains it outside.

As it results from the opinions about the presented product, it ensures wearing comfort. Ladies thinking that they have a small bust, they are happy to put on a bra because it provides a push-up effect. It is worth noting that the bra is not damaged due to frequent washing, does not fray and does not lose intense colors.

Top double boxer model is a bra made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. It is available in size S / M. There are three color versions to choose from: blue, pink and pink-gray.



You can wear it every day:

Bra is so comfortable that you can wear it not only during training, but also every day. It has two pairs of straps and great support even larger breasts. What’s more, the model has a removable push-up pad.


The bra doesn’t fray and doesn’t fade as a result of frequent washing. It follows that this is not a bra for only one season.



The need to control the washing temperature:

Bra cannot be washed together with other sports clothes at very high temperature. This should be observed so that after removing from the washing machine it does not turn out that the bra suddenly shrunk.

May be pilling:

Although there is no risk that the bra will accidentally tear, but the surface may appear lumps. It’s best to remove them with a sweater shaver.

Ab Ovo Ultimate Run Bra S5044BN

 Physical activity is very important because it allows us to properly take care of our figure. Unfortunately, a badly selected bra can ruin all the fun. That is why we recommend the Ab Ovo Ultimate Run Bra S5044BN model, which will be suitable for large breasts. 

The presented model is dedicated for year-round use. Due to the push up technology, it will also perform well in everyday use. Full comfort and holding our bust provides a fastening at the back that holds the whole structure well. The materials used to make the model are polyamide (81%), polyester (10%) and elastane (9%). The use of such fabrics provides us with great flexibility, a good fit to our body and figure, and high resistance to tearing. In addition, after intensive training, the presented model dries quickly, which increases the comfort of use.

Consumers have appreciated that thanks to strong materials, this sports bra can be washed many times without worrying about its appearance and durability. In addition, the product holds breasts very tightly during exercises, which allows us to train more vigorously.


Adidas GT Supernova S90389

 The Adidas GT Supernova S90389 model is a product that we recommend to physically active women. The product has a large size, so it works well for ladies with slightly larger breasts.

The biggest advantage of the model is the climacool ventilation system, which provides adequate ventilation during exercise, which guarantees comfort. The material dries quickly thanks to innovative technology. In addition, the fabric is very elastic, and the bra itself is very supportive. The special cut with shoulder straps crossing over the back provides users with comfort and great freedom of movement. All seams in the model and the lining itself are soft, so they do not irritate the skin. The materials used to make the product are polyester (89%) and elastane (11%). This makes the bra is resistant to tearing and threading. At the same time, the fabric not only breathes, but also wicks sweat away.

Many consumers appreciated the elegant design of the product and its durability. This makes it suitable for use during intense workouts. According to the users, this is a good and cheap sports bra that can be recommended to any sportsman.


Asics Sea Wave

 Many women who are passionate about sports have decided to buy Asics Sea Wave. It is a colorful bra, which was decorated with waves in purple, blue, pink, yellow, green and white. Due to its design, the product will definitely appeal to people who like colorful clothes.

The model is suitable for running and other intensive sports, because it stays stable on the body. Special rubber, located under the bust, well holds the breasts still, so our movements are not limited. The materials used to make the product are viscose (84%) and elastane (16%). The use of such fabrics guarantees high resistance to tearing and abrasion. What’s more, the design is very flexible, so it adapts to both small and larger breasts and any type of figure. All seams are very soft, so they won’t irritate our skin. In addition, the material guarantees high breathability and is resistant to sweat.

Opinions about the sports bras of this brand are very flattering. High quality of fabrics used for production was appreciated. In addition, the product itself is very simple to clean, because it can be machine washed at 30 degrees C.


Nike Performance Pro Rival

 A poorly selected bra during exercise can significantly reduce our movements, which will prevent you from doing your favorite activity. Therefore, if you are looking for a good quality underwired model, we recommend investing in Nike Performance Pro Rival.

This well-known manufacturer used high-quality materials to make the product, thanks to which the bra is resistant to abrasion and tearing. The fabrics used in the production are nylon (70%) and elastane (30%). They are characterized not only by high durability, but also sweat resistance. Thanks to this, after training, our bra will not be soaked. The whole model is in white with a discreet manufacturer’s mark on the front. In turn, the back of the product is cross-shaped. This design guarantees comfort and keeps our breasts in one position.

A large group of users appreciated the high quality of the presented model. Due to the special profiling, the product looks good on almost every figure. It is noteworthy that the bra works well for large breasts.


Reebok Hero Electric Paradise Sports B45281

 If you are looking for a comfortable and elegant sports bra for women, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Reebok brand. Hero Electric Paradise Sports B45281 deserves special attention. Due to its contoured design, this product is suitable for wearing during intense exercise.

Strong and durable fabric absorbs all shocks, and the material with Speedwick technology is resistant to sweat. The back in this bra was made of mesh, which guarantees a large airflow. In turn, the lining is very soft, so you don’t have to worry about skin irritation. The materials used to make the model are nylon and elastane, which are very resistant to abrasions and tearing. Cleaning the product is also very easy, because we can machine wash it at 30 degrees C.

The biggest advantage of the presented model is that it fits all ladies with A, B and C cups. In addition, high-quality material means that the bra will serve you for a long time.


Shopping guide

Playing sports is nowadays quite a popular way of spending free time. There is nothing better for a tired and tense body than evening running or a moment of effort in the gym. Unfortunately, many women give up these pleasures because of the terrible breast pain that occurs when practicing any form of physical activity. Seeking a solution, they try to find the answer to the question which sports bra to choose to eliminate painful ailments to a small extent. They often find expensive underwear models, which, apart from the labels of a well-known designer, have nothing else that could meet their expectations. For this reason, we have prepared a guide in which we will describe what to suggest when shopping, so that running or yoga become our daily ritual.




Type – which sports bra is the best?

Currently, on the store shelves you will find a lot of models of sports bras. They differ in terms of sewing, design and materials used in production. Nevertheless, taking into account the overall shape, bras can be divided into those supplemented with cups and compression models.

The first type, as the name suggests, is built in such a way as to protect each breast individually. This is a great variant for women with large breasts, who strongly feel each of their jumps or other fast moves. Due to the fact that the bust is encapsulated exactly on each side, it perfectly supports the weight, reducing skin tension as much as possible.

Due to the fact that a well-chosen bra raises our breasts, we can use it not only while playing sports, but also every day. If your work requires a lot of physical effort from you, it is worth getting a comfortable bra that will improve your circulation, it will not hurt or crush you. Breathable materials will make you sweat less, which will further increase the comfort of your work.

The second popular bra model among women is the so-called compression underwear. It is usually used by ladies with smaller breasts, who mainly care about stabilizing their breasts. For this reason, the producers have created a product that looks like an ordinary, very short boxer, ending above the height of the bridge. This type of bra does not separate the breasts, so they are not visible and raised. Its basic task is to mask protruding nipples and immobilize the bust.



Earlier, the most commonly used material in the production of sports bras was cotton. Consumers valued it for its air permeability and high sweat absorption capacity. Unfortunately, it was not very stiff, so the bust was practically not protected at all.

Today in stores you will find models made of synthetic materials or a cotton blend with this type of material. They are completely safe for our skin, and advanced technology makes them more comfortable to wear. Breathable raw materials absorb moisture and support even very heavy breasts. In addition, they do not cause allergies and wash very well so that we can easily keep them clean.



The best sports bra is one that will perfectly control the movement of your bust. For this reason, it is very important to buy the right size bra. The model with cups is chosen similarly to the classic underwear. Compression elements should also completely cover your breasts, avoiding excessive compression. In a word, you should feel comfortable above all in the new bra. So try to jump a few times, make a few energetic moves.

If you feel that a particular model is not able to hold the bust at all, try a different bra. Exercises do not last 3 minutes, but very often an hour or more. All this time, your breasts should be well protected.

Remember that the worst time to buy a bra is during your period or a few days before or after it. Then the bust is much larger, so we can make the wrong choice. If you can’t imagine that you could stop your exercise for a few days, stock up on two sizes of underwear.





Quite an important element of any sports bra are its straps. Just like in a classic bra, the wider the more it stabilizes the bust. Considering the fact that the exercise bras are devoid of wires, consumers propose to opt for models in which the straps are not narrower than 2 cm.

For women who have a bust with a C cup or larger, the manufacturers have prepared much more stable models. With shoulder width it is difficult to overdo it, so if you want to feel confident, find a more built-up model.


Sports bras at good prices

Currently on the market you will find many models of bra. Each of them is made of a different material or has a different typeface. Depending on these factors, you can buy them at very different prices. The value of the product is also significantly influenced by its brand. Famous designers value their products even at 600 zlotys. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a high-quality bra. The cheapest mid-range models cost around PLN 40. You can buy a good category of bras for less than PLN 100.


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